Automation, Interoperability Headline March 10 EIDR Participant Meeting

An update on automating EIDR registration with executive director Hollie Choi, the status of industry standards around identifier interoperability, and a discussion around how EIDR is helping companies make smarter content decisions by predicting what to license next.

Those topics and more are shaping the agenda of the Mar. 10 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting. (APM), which returns to Los Angeles as a combined in-person/virtual “hybrid” event, being held in conjunction with the annual Smart Content Summit.

Here’s an early look at what’s on the agenda:

  • “Automate your EIDR (pt.1) – Triggered”: EIDR registration doesn’t have to be a manual process. Title management and version management workflows have natural triggers to automated EIDR registrations.
  • “Streaming Goes International”: As streaming services spread into international markets, the teams making it happen face unique challenges and solutions. Some are foreseeable, some are not.
  • “Identifier Interoperability – The Future of Standards”: Industry standards tend to be specific to workflow and business segment. Advertising uses one ID, while distribution uses another. Registries developed around their corresponding workflows with little to no collaboration with the others. Different standards groups have been working behind the scenes to simplify and align with one another to standardize themselves, to benefit the industry.
  • “Smart Supply Chain: Investing in the Links”: The digital transformation that our industry is experiencing is driving investment in end-to-end efficiencies inside our supply chain. But with the increased investment there is a growing expectation from every link in the chain to provide better insight in the process, that ultimately culminates in the end-user of the platform. As data and processes become more efficient, more reliable, and more transparent, the opportunities to expand the linkage to the audience increases the bottom line. Experts discuss our renewed investments in evolving our supply chain into a software development-driven environment that keeps up with the increasing demand across business units for access to critical data that drives well informed decisions.
  • “Smart Rights: Universal Headaches to Ensuring Smart Rights”: As a plethora of rights management and sales solutions proliferate through our industry, content creators need to balance their need to analyze and control their intellectual property with an increased need to make this content easily purchased and delivered to their 3rd-party distributors. As the holy grail for rights management emerges through this platform approach to content management, this session brings together the providers, creators, and distributors to discuss their monumental achievements (and some of their collective challenges), in building a seamless marketplace for global content distribution.
  • “Make Smarter Content Decisions by Predicting What to License Next”: Today’s entertainment companies must understand how consumers are engaged in content, and anticipate what’s next, to optimize their licensing strategies. Internal data and gut instinct must evolve to incorporate new inputs to the data stack to make smarter content choices to ensure service success and competitive differentiation to attract and retain viewers. What this means is consumer insights, deep engagement data, and predictive performance metrics become integral to the data modelling process. This must also go hand-in-hand with a faster way to fulfillment in a dynamically changing environment. Join our conversation as we talk about the modern-day consumer and how to best predict content performance before money exchanges hands, complemented by seamless delivery without the headaches.
  • “Streamlining Media Accessibility with AI/Auto-Generated Transcript Metadata”: Accelerate your Avid media production by leveraging intelligent metadata! MetadataIQ, an AI & ML solution that enriches Avid media assets by generating and indexing real-time transcripts with live and/or historical media content. This solution automates the generation of real-time speech-to-text (STT) and video intelligence metadata: accelerating the identification, search, and retrieval of critical media assets while reducing the time, effort, and complexity of producing finished content. This session will show you how you can improve the media accessibility, and the creation process, within Avid using MetadataIQ. We’ll also discuss how metadata locators within the Avid Interplay MAM help editors and producers quickly identify and retrieve content, saving valuable time and effort.
  • “Store, Manage, and Build with Qumulo’s File Data Platform”: From animation and remote production to distribution, Qumulo helps major studios and networks capture, collaborate, and distribute file data globally. Demands have never been greater — content needs are at an all-time high, deadlines are tighter than ever, and the rapid shift to remote work deeply changed how creative organizations work. This session introduces Qumulo’s file data platform as well as the Qumulo Studio Q solution, a postproduction platform for creative teams that replicates collaborative editorial production in the cloud, enabling Adobe Premiere Pro-based workflows on AWS with Teradici. You’ll find out how you can move terabytes and petabytes of video across on premises data centers and the cloud, edit video easily with your favorite Adobe tools, connect your files to AWS cloud services, manage your video files, and secure your most important file data. With Qumulo, media and entertainment organizations can deploy new ways to produce content quickly by harnessing the power of a global talent pool, rapidly deploy workstations, and leverage remote workflows in the cloud.
  • “Managing Personal Data within Localization”. Are you complying with the law?: As the use and value of technology and the availability of talent databases continue to develop at a rapid pace, it is vitally important that global stakeholders within localization understand exactly what constitutes personal data and how best to protect, process and share it in a manner compliant with relevant legislation. The increased levels of sophistication in localization workflows are creating a focal point for EU GDPR Data Protection Regulators, further highlighting how important it is to acknowledge the risks to reputation, finance, and contractual relationships this subject brings. This Q+A session will give insights and valuable advice, on this often-overlooked subject, from a vendor, legal and technologists’ perspective.The most-recent edition of the EIDR APM saw the group set its roadmap for the year, with industry stakeholders sharing how EIDR is progressing in Europe, providing crucial M&E insights, and making it easier to discover content. The 2022 EIDR APM will be held in conjunction with the Smart Content Summit.

EIDR APM will be presented by Whip Media, produced by MESA in association with the Smart Content Council and EIDR, and sponsored by BeBanjo, Qumulo, Alteon, Digital Nirvana, and Slalom.

For regular program updates, visit the event website here . To register, click here. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Evie Silvers at [email protected], or Garrett Finley at [email protected].