Rachelle Byars-Sargent, PBS

Rachelle Byars-Sargent,
Senior Director, Information and Knowledge Management,

When human beings experience technology, it is not uncommon for adoption to become a primary barrier. Rachelle’s great passion is supporting professionals through technology change and transforming concepts into tangible products. Rachelle now leads the enterprise Metadata Program at PBS which acts as a co-operative using non-invasive governance practices. In this role, Rachelle is an ambassador for consistent metadata management practices so as to enable content discovery. Rachelle understands there is no single approach to technology, so she uses an arsenal of certifications in Product Management, Business Process Engineering, and Change Management for technology adoption.

Outside of the office, Rachelle is married to Lamont, her spouse of 16 years, and has 3 children: James, Bella, and Carrington. If you challenge her to frisbee, she will win!

Rachelle’s educational background includes an M.A. in Communications Technology and Adult Education and a B.S. in Human Resources Management from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.