EIDR Annual Participant Meeting Arrives April 13

Mark your calendars, EIDR community: the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting arrives April 13, this time as an all-digital event.

The 2020 edition of the EIDR gathering was host to a slew of news and presentations, from the official launch of EIDR 2.5, to an update on the Language Metadata Table, to a celebration of EIDR’s first decade of existence.

For 2021, the theme of the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting will revolve around adoption of EIDR across enterprises and streaming platforms, with discussions centered on ubiquitous coverage, new adoption paths, and user engagement. Studios, streaming giants, EIDR’s board and more will be on hand to celebrate what EIDR’s accomplished to date, and what’s on the horizon.

Here are just a few program items to expect at the EIDR Participant event:

• “Setting the Stage for EIDR’s Annual Participant Meeting (and Beyond)” will see executive director Kip Welch and EIDR’s board of directors outline the strategic vision for 2021, addressing the role of EIDR in the growth of streaming platforms, the goal of ubiquitous coverage of new film and TV content, and the continuing plans for platform refresh.

• Richard Kroon, technical operations director for EIDR, will update attendees on the state of EIDR’s continuous improvement programs, launched in 2020 to increase EIDR’s value throughout the M&E supply chain with initiatives focused on systems, process, and metadata. His presentation — “Under the Hood: Registry Improvements and Roadmap” — will highlight the measurable improvements that have already been delivered in registry de-duplication (starting with the release of EIDR 2.5) and record data quality.

• “Power User Group and User Engagement” has Sarah Nix, EIDR board member and senior director of archives and global data governance for ViacomCBS, stressing the impact of EIDR’s Power User Group, which meets monthly to discuss use cases and leverages member knowledge and influence to advance EIDR adoption. The session will stress the need to have users serve as product managers, alpha/beta testers and creators of user stories, in order to drive the continued evolution of the registry platform.

• “EIDR Spotlights” will provide attendees with a collection of 10-minute case studies from EIDR board companies illustrating the unique capabilities of EIDR, and how it’s benefited different workflows and business units.

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