Here’s a listing of some the of the studio technology executives who will be in attendance at this year’s show.

Company Title
Amazon Studios Video Workflow Manager
Warner Bros. Vice President, Worldwide Theatrical Market Research
Warner Bros. Vice President, Worldwide Theatrical Distribution, Marketing & Production
Paramount Vice President, Worldwide Product Fulfillment
Warner Bros. Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services
Sony Pictures Vice President, Worldwide Marketing & Brand Strategy
Warner Bros. Vice President, WB Technology
Warner Bros. Vice President, Warner Bros Technology
NBCUniversal Vice President, TV Distribution
Disney Vice President, Technology Security and Risk Management, Information Security Officer
Walt Disney Attractions Vice President, Technology Business Management
Sony Pictures Imageworks Vice President, Systems Engineering
Fox Vice President, Systems Development
Warner Bros. Vice President, Supply Chain Planning & Data Governance, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
DC Entertainment Vice President, Sales Planning & Trade Development
Dreamworks Vice President, Research and Development
D.E.C.E. Vice President, Program Management
Universal Vice President, Production Finance
Fox Vice President, Production & Special Ops
ABC Entertainment Marketing Vice President, Production
NBCUniversal Vice President, Product Development & Strategy at Digital Distribution
Sony Pictures Entertainment Vice President, Media & Content Security
20th Century Fox Vice President, Legal Affairs
Sony Pictures Vice President, IT Business Relationship Manager, Worldwide TV Distribution
Sony Pictures Vice President, IT
Warner Bros. Vice President, IP Licensing Solutions
Warner Bros. Vice President, Innovation & Initiatives
NBCUniversal Vice President, Information Technology
Sony Pictures Vice President, Information Technology
NBCUniversal Vice President, Human Resources
NBCUniversal Vice President, Global Television Distribution Technology
Warner Bros. Vice President, Global Product Marketing
Blizzard Vice President, Global Insights
Fox Vice President, Global Enterprise Operations
Twentieth Century Fox Vice President, Global Digital Services
The Chargers – NFL Vice President, External Affairs
Warner Bros. Vice President, Enterprise Technology Service Options
Sony Pictures Vice President, Enterprise Architecture
Dreamworks Vice President, Engineering and Operations
Paramount Vice President, Digital Distribution
Universal Pictures Vice President, Content Security Post Production
TNT/TBS Vice President, Content Ops & Post Production
Fox Vice President, Consumer Research, International Theatrical Distribution
Warner Bros. Vice President, Client Solutions
Sony Pictures Vice President, Client Production Services
Warner Bros. Vice President, Category Management
Warner Bros. Vice President, Business Systems and Resources, WW Theatrical Distribution and Marketing
Fox Sports Vice President Operations
The Africa Channel Vice President of Post & Operations
mOcean Vice President of IT & Security
NBCUniversal Vice President
Sony Vice President
Sony Pictures Vice President
Warner Bros. Vice President
Netflix Vendor Relations Manager, NPV Program
Netflix Vendor Relations Manager
Creative Artists Agency Technology Analyst
Warner Bros. Technicalntegration Executive
20th Century Fox Systems Engineer
Disney Supervisor
Netflix Studio Information Security
Sony Pictures Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager, Marketing
Walt Disney Studios Sr. Manager, Product Development
NBCUniversal Sr. Director IT – Global TV Systems
NBCUniversal Software Developer
The Walt Disney Company Social Media and Communications Rep
Creative Artists Agency SIEM Engineer – ArcSight & Splunk Integration Specialist
NBCUniversal Service Delivery Manager
Paramount Senior Vice President, World Wide Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning
Broad Green Pictures Senior Vice President, Technical Services – Home Entertainment
Lionsgate Senior Vice President, Solutions Information Technology
Sony Pictures Entertainment Senior Vice President, Production Operations Global Mastering and Servicing
NBCUniversal Senior Vice President, Production Finance
Open Road Films Senior Vice President, Post Production
Fox Senior Vice President, IT Finance & Admin
Paramount Senior Vice President, IT
Warner Bros. Senior Vice President, International Distribution
20th Century Fox Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Lionsgate Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics
Warner Bros. Senior Vice President, Digital Media
Lionsgate Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing
Paramount Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution & Business Development
Hearst Senior Vice President, Corporate Technology
Sony Pictures Senior Vice President, Corporate IT Systems
Ellen Degeneres Show Senior Vice President, Brand Content
Paramount Senior Vice President Worldwide DVD Production
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Senior Vice President Technology Solutions
HBO Senior Vice President Post Production, West Coast
20th Century Fox Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
20th Century Fox Senior Technology Analyst
The Walt Disney Company Senior Sourcing Specialist
HBO Senior Software Engineer
Lionsgate Senior Security Engineer
The Walt Disney Company Senior Project Manager
Lamps Plus Senior Product Manager
Fox Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition
The Walt Disney Company Senior Manager, Research
The Walt Disney Company Senior Manager, Product
NBCUniversal Senior Manager, Digital Products
Warner Bros Senior Manager, Data Governance
Disney Senior Manager, Content Protection
Warner Bros. Senior Manager, Client Relations & Operations
Disney/ABC Senior Manager Post Production Finishing
Universal Pictures Senior Financial Analyst, Budgeting & Estimating
NBCUniversal Senior Director, Network & Distribution Television
Sony Pictures Senior Business Analyst, SPMP/HE IT
Sony Pictures Senior Business Analyst
Warner Bros. Senior Business Analyst
Disney Senior Branded Content Strategist
Warner Bros. Senior Analyst Client Solutions and Operations Strategy
Lionsgate Senior Account Service Representative
Irvine Technology Center Senior Account Executive
Starz Security Engineer
Sony Pictures Right Management Relationship Manager
Disney Research Analyst
Netflix Project Manager, Production Operations – Content Acquisition
NBCUniversal Project Manager Theatrical Film Operations & Technology Services
NBCUniversal ‎Project Coordinator
ETCenter Program Manager, VR/AR Initiative
NBCUniversal Program Manager, Technology Business Operations
Warner Bros. Production, Creative Services
Warner Bros. Production Technology
Magic Stone Productions Producer
Mr. Lucky Consulting Principal Consultant
Sony Pictures Television Marketing Manager Crackle
Sony Pictures Television Marketing Manager
Microsoft Managing Director, Worldwide Media & Cable
NBCUniversal Manager, Voice Operations
Warner Bros. Manager, Theatrical
Warner Bros. Manager, Technology
NBCUniversal Manager, Tech Business Engagement
Disney ABC Television Group Manager, Studio Content Protection
Warner Bros. Manager, Sales Systems
Sony Pictures Manager, Production, Post & Distribution Sourcing
The Walt Disney Company Manager, Product Operations
Disney Manager, Product Development, Studio Technology
20th Century Fox Manager, Product & Promotion Management
NBCUniversal Manager, Proactive Maintenance & IT
Disney Manager, Platform Delivery Operations
Warner Bros. Manager, New Media & Delivery Systems
Warner Bros. Manager, Mastering Quality Management & Digital Content Assurance
Paramount Manager, Market Intelligence
Sony Pictures Manager, IT Security
Sony Pictures Manager, IT
Warner Bros. Manager, IT
NBCUniversal Manager, Global Title Management
NBCUniversal Manager, Enterprise Collaboration
Paramount Manager, Digital Archiving, Mastering and Restoration
Paramount Manager, Digital Archive
Warner Bros. Manager, Business Tech & Workplace Solutions
Sony Pictures Manager, Business Relationship Management
NBCUniversal Manager, Business Initiatives
NBCUniversal Manager, Business Analyst – Global Television Distribution
Netflix Manager of Production Technology
AMC Manager of Production
Fox Manager of Media Services
NBCUniversal Manager of Finance Technology
NBCUniversal Manager Marketing
NBCUniversal Manager – IT Film & Music Systems Operations
NBCUniversal Lead Developer
Creative Artists Agency IT Support Analyst
Disney IT Senior Manager Integrated Supply Chain Management
Fox IT Project Manager
Disney IT Lead
Creative Artists Agency IT Executive, Business Intelligence
NBCUniversal IT Director, UPHE Global Marketing & Sales Technology
Creative Artists Agency IT – VIP Specialist
Creative Artists Agency Information Security Professional
Warner Bros. Information Security Engineer
Dreamworks Head of Production Tech
Jaunt Head of Business Development
Disney Global Public Policy Associate
The Walt Disney Company Global Public Policy Associate
Wunderman Global Chief Marketing Officer
NBCUniversal Global Brand Marketing Manager
Golden Door Properties General Manager & Chief Operating Officer
Paramount Pictures Futurist in Residence
B~STEM Project Founder & Executive Director
RK Entertainment Consulting Founder
Fox Former Vice President IT
NBCUniversal Facilities Director
Creative Artists Agency Executive, Information Security Program Management
Creative Artists Agency Executive, Business Technology Solutions
Paramount Executive Vice President, Worldwide Tech Ops
Warner Bros. Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Chief Data Strategist
Fox Executive Vice President, Technology & Creative Services
Fox Executive Vice President, Insight
NBCUniversal Executive Project Coordinator
Sony Pictures Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Sony Pictures Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing
Warner Bros. Executive Director, Operations Strategy & Client Solutions
Fox Executive Director, Media Services
Fox Executive Director, IT Intellectual Property Management
Fox Executive Director, IT
Fox Executive Director, Digital Marketing IT
Fox Executive Director, Development and Architecture
Sony Pictures Executive Director, Content Licensing and Metadata
Sony Pictures Executive Director, Business Relationship Management
Warner Bros. Executive Director of Digital Media
Time Warner Executive Director Global Sourcing Marketing
Entertainment Technology Center, USC Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Sony Pictures Executive Director
UCLA Anderson School Center of Management Executive Director
Disney Event Representative
Sony Pictures Divisional Chief Information Officer
3800 W Alameda Ave Disney Channels World Wide
Paramount Director, Worldwide Market Intelligence
NBCUniversal Director, Technology Solutions
Disney Director, Technology – Consumer Products and Interactive Media
ABC Television Director, Technology
Disney Director, Technology
McBeard Media – Fullscreen Director, Technology
The Walt Disney Company Director, Technology
Disney Director, Sourcing & Strategy
Sony Pictures Director, Solutions Architect
Entertainment Partners Director, Product Management
Walt Disney Studios Director, Product Development
Warner Bros. Director, Operations
Sony Pictures Imageworks Director, Network Services
Walt Disney Company Director, Multi-platform Research & Strategy
Sony Pictures Director, Motion Pictures & Television Production Application Services
Warner Bros. Director, MIS OTC/RIM/Brazil Global CRM
Al Roker Productions Director, Marketing & Digital Strategy
NBCUniversal Director, IT TV Entertainment
Lionsgate Director, IT Security
20th Century Fox Director, IT
Fox Director, IT
Sony Pictures Director, IT
The Walt Disney Company Director, Investor Relations
CBS Director, International DVD Production
20th Century Fox Director, Intellectual Property Management Technologies
Disney Director, Insider Threat Mitigation
20th Century Fox Director, Innovation
Sony Pictures Director, Information Technology, Television Marketing
Sony Pictures Director, Information Technology
Warner Bros. Director, Indirect
Universal Studios Director, Home Entertainment
Legendary Pictures Director, Feature Post Production Technology
NBCUniversal Director, Enterprise Technology Business Engagement
NBCUniversal Director, Digital Vault Operations
NBCUniversal Director, Digital Platforms
HBO Director, Digital Media Workflow
Warner Bros. Director, Digital Media
Warner Bros Director, Data Process & Quality
Entertainment Technology Center, USC Director, Data & Analytics Project
NBCUniversal Director, Creative, Scheduling & Research Technology
Paramount Director, Content Technology Standards
NBCUniversal Director, Content Security
Paramount Director, Content Security
Sony Pictures Director, Content Protection and Compliance
NBCUniversal Director, Content Operations Strategy
Warner Bros. Director, Competency Center
Entertainment Technology Center, USC Director, Cloud Project
Warner Bros. Director, Client Solutions, Consumer Products
Warner Bros. Director, Client Solutions Home Entertainment Market Management & Board Member
Warner Bros. Director, Client Relations
Warner Bros. Director, Business Technologies and Workplace Solutions
Warner Bros. Director, Business Planning & Admin
Warner Bros. Director, BT&WS
Warner Bros. Director Special Features, Kids and Family, and TV on DVD
Disney/ABC Director Post Production
Disney/ABC Director of Technology
Turner Director of Production
Warner Bros. Director of Operations
Disney Director Client Engagement
Laughing Raven Productions Director
Silver Lake Partners Director
SIM Digital Director
NBCUniversal Digital Sales Planner
Creative Artists Agency Digital Marketing Analyst
Paramount Digital Archive Deliverables
NBCUniversal Creative Coordinator
ABC Craft Editor
LA Clippers Corporate Partnerships
ABC Entertainment Coordinator of Current Programming
Disney Content Protection Specialist
Netflix Content Distribution Manager, Originals Series
Entertainment Technology Center, USC Consultant, Narrative Project
BIM Solutions Consultant & Founder
Sony Pictures Consultant
Warner Bros. Chief Technology Officer
SecondScreen Chief Product Officer
Golden Door Chief Operations Officer, General Manager
Amalgamated Digital Research Chief Executive Officer
Present Company Excepted Chief Executive Officer
Threshold Entertainment Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Disney/ABC Television Group Business Technology Partner (Marketing), DATG Media IT
NBCUniversal Business Operations Manager
Lionsgate Business Intelligence Developer
NBCUniversal Business Analyst, Filmed Entertainment Technology
20th Century Fox Business Analyst, Enterprise IT
Disney/ABC Television Group Assistant Manager, Program Administration
Disney ABC Television Group Analyst, Technology & Operations, Creative Services
Warner Bros. Analyst, Business Technologies Workplace Solutions
Sony Pictures Account Coordinator

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