December Milestones

Dec. 17 is principally known for three things:

  1. Pope Clemens VII establishes the Inquisition in 1526
  2. The first sustained motorized airplane flies at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903
  3. The EIDR Content ID registry is launched in 2010[1]

The Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) was conceived in 2009; gestated for a bit as the best and the brightest within the media & entertainment industry developed its structures, rules, and processes; and then went live on December 17, 2010. At eleven years old, EIDR is officially a tween.[2] As concerned parents, this makes us wonder which of the 2.5 million audiovisual programs identified in the EIDR Content ID registry would be appropriate for EIDR to watch without adult supervision. For advice on this matter, we turn to Common Sense Media.

Common Sense Media was established in 2003 to provide trustworthy, independent, age-based ratings and reviews for everything families want to watch, read, play, and learn. The Common Sense Media editorial team takes the guesswork out of media selection for families with kids ages 2 to 18 by reviewing entertainment – including movies, TV shows, books, games, apps, and Web sites. The editors evaluate titles through a family lens, going well beyond the traditional “big three” of sex, violence, and language to also include educational value, positive role models, and diverse representation.[3] All of their work is research-backed, so families can feel confident in their choices. And with over 40,000 reviews, there’s something for every kid to enjoy.

In addition to age appropriateness, Common Sense Media also evaluates the overall quality of each program, asking the important question, “Is it any good?” scored on a scale of one to five stars. These two factors can be combined to create “best of” lists by age range. For EIDR’s after-school viewing, this means lists of the “Best Tween Movies” and “Best Tween TV Shows.”

The programs in Common Sense Media’s tween-approved viewing lists also identified in the EIDR Content ID registry. Each EIDR record includes basic descriptive metadata plus links to other organizations for more information, including Common Sense Media’s age advisory ratings.

[1] Oh, sure, and the Beatles first appearance on British TV, Superstation WTBS goes national, The Simpsonspremieres on television, etc., but surely such events pale in comparison to EIDR’s birthday.

[2] An abbreviation of “between” applied to children of approximately 10-12 years of age. There is no official age span for a tween (some sources include children as young as 8), but it is generally considered to be a developmental stage spanning the transition from childhood to teenager and young adult.

[3] Please see “Behind the Common Sense Media ratings system” for more information.

Programs for Tween-Friendly Viewing
Title Type Year EIDR ID
100 Things To Do Before High School Series 2014 10.5240/06AA-49B0-790C-FAB1-CE16-S
13 Going on 30 Movie 2004 10.5240/77EC-4E93-1735-78CD-97C6-7
2001: A Space Odyssey Movie 1968 10.5240/5240-AEED-91B0-86C7-1CF3-7
A Christmas Story Movie 1983 10.5240/639B-28F7-DE40-F323-66A8-U
A Hard Day’s Night Movie 1964 10.5240/17F5-0286-CCF8-DAB5-586F-I
A Series of Unfortunate Events Series 2017 10.5240/6E46-7F84-B7C9-9B2D-6A2C-K
Adventure Time With Finn & Jake Series 2010 10.5240/BBA5-429A-BA1A-1BFE-5317-D
Andi Mack Series 2016 10.5240/6611-E375-397F-2708-2457-3
Anne of Green Gables Series 1985 10.5240/56EB-B7AF-595F-5284-685F-D
Apollo 13 Movie 1995 10.5240/CF46-E8CD-0F91-6771-B1A4-N
Arrival Movie 2016 10.5240/631C-EC64-EDBA-8D0F-D3A1-8
Bacheha-Ye Aseman Movie 1999 10.5240/ED74-D91D-36EA-285E-7639-H
Back to the Future Movie 1985 10.5240/09A3-1F6E-3538-DF46-5C6F-I
Beauty and the Beast Movie 2017 10.5240/01E8-FE28-6370-886C-6193-T
Being You Series 2016 10.5240/D60D-63A9-193B-9EEB-FC01-G
Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever. Series 2018 10.5240/6D28-9CE4-16DE-97BF-627F-7
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Movie 1989 10.5240/D325-83DE-6998-A62D-140B-P
Black-ish Series 2014 10.5240/32D0-C2FC-3D43-A903-0C19-Q
Boy Meets World Series 1993 10.5240/65FB-F44E-B883-B852-AB8C-0
Brainchild Series 2018 10.5240/5948-0476-D3CA-5CB1-8709-V
Bravest Warriors Series 2012 10.5240/E992-9B9E-C638-BA7B-C221-H
Bringing Up Baby Movie 1938 10.5240/414A-8FAB-B03F-9A3E-2747-9
Casablanca Movie 1942 10.5240/85FE-AC4A-178F-C32D-0CF1-0
Cash Cab Series 2005 10.5240/716B-B7C7-E6C9-732C-3B1E-O
Catch Me if You Can Movie 2002 10.5240/8E57-0D3B-5F01-A9B2-0172-H
Citizen Kane Movie 1941 10.5240/BC23-A1B4-5875-7A94-303F-P
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Movie 1977 10.5240/FCE5-BE93-73F4-666E-B962-0
Cosmos: Possible Worlds Series 2020 10.5240/1D8E-4830-D87C-1A37-532D-A
Cosplay Melee Series 2017 10.5240/2589-CA74-8833-E4C8-D779-0
Costume Quest Series 2017 10.5240/C882-3DFB-D583-BEA2-EB3C-Q
Craftopia Series 2020 10.5240/656C-F454-512C-0A7E-AF46-5
Detention Adventure Series 2019 10.5240/6967-5A3F-FE1C-9E3A-21B4-U
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie 2010 10.5240/1191-10F7-4C4B-F8BF-A2EA-J
Disney High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Series 2019 10.5240/D74D-3CC3-F851-E8F3-7519-A
Disney Secrets Of Sulphur Springs Series 2021 10.5240/AE75-4302-A538-2D71-E888-W
Disney The Owl House Series 2020 10.5240/81B6-D0E0-5BA3-3756-81EA-5
Doctor Who Series 1963 10.5240/FE4D-3898-7072-0277-730A-Z
Dogs Series 2018 10.5240/235C-D195-7F6C-FBDF-2DBA-4
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Movie 1982 10.5240/695E-0287-7504-F026-EEFD-Z
Emma. Movie 2020 10.5240/1389-FB29-72CE-79B7-70EA-E
Encore! Series 2019 10.5240/42D8-A1B3-52BA-00AC-3D8E-C
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie 2016 10.5240/E3D7-995B-36CA-B212-43E3-L
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie 1986 10.5240/6CEA-3D99-F65D-3DC9-D651-N
Fiddler on the Roof Movie 1971 10.5240/C9E3-4484-AC10-2A60-8F61-7
First Day Series 2020 10.5240/5D16-8518-562B-8A3E-38C9-Y
Fly Away Home Movie 1996 10.5240/052A-26E1-823B-031A-B7F7-T
Frankenstein Movie 1931 10.5240/0D1B-689D-5865-AD1B-0F89-L
Fresh Off the Boat Series 2014 10.5240/4D01-ECD3-72B5-CEE7-B2A1-R
Gandhi Movie 1982 10.5240/32A0-350A-59E4-4DBD-8385-J
Ghostwriter Series 2019 10.5240/3347-9C50-1732-CC47-7C2D-V
Glitch Techs Series 2020 10.5240/7DA6-D0E2-D59E-FB19-FF71-0
Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street Series 2014 10.5240/05CA-9DCE-4241-7723-3028-Y
Greatness Code Series 2020 10.5240/DBE5-EA92-1E76-D8C5-BDC9-H
Gremlins Movie 1984 10.5240/C205-A812-46FC-2B77-BD52-A
Groundhog Day Movie 1993 10.5240/44D2-396A-6638-B599-2DFE-H
Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 2014 10.5240/327D-78F8-6DE8-14F2-1D37-Q
Hairspray Movie 2007 10.5240/2793-E330-72BB-756B-549C-Z
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Movie 2001 10.5240/B404-D60D-FEE9-0ACF-EABB-O
Hauru no ugoku shiro Movie 2004 10.5240/47F8-44A5-C97F-86B9-04FF-N
He Named Me Malala Movie 2015 10.5240/4608-013F-7CD5-2967-34A8-R
Hidden Figures Movie 2016 10.5240/CFF2-F7A0-766C-6824-0886-W
High School Musical TV 2006 10.5240/ADCC-5B00-8D87-AF30-F182-Q
Holes Movie 2003 10.5240/F40E-983E-8F9D-8318-09C7-X
Home Before Dark Series 2020 10.5240/E78F-AC3D-DE53-371B-765B-T
Hoosiers Movie 1986 10.5240/8BF8-759D-48F1-FD44-8636-D
Hugo Movie 2011 10.5240/B7CB-D35F-010D-75E7-E7A3-C
I Am Jazz Series 2015 10.5240/52A2-9B85-4706-039D-1581-8
Infinity Train Series 2019 10.5240/D44E-E62D-E331-7FD0-55F0-Y
It’s a Wonderful Life Movie 1946 10.5240/FFC3-D95E-B31B-A6B8-19B7-8
Julie and the Phantoms Series 2020 10.5240/36C4-531B-C823-9D4C-174A-Q
Jumanji: The Next Level Movie 2019 10.5240/00C3-8EE2-69EC-FFD3-8F04-K
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Movie 2017 10.5240/868A-00B0-E31C-1E40-F077-T
Just Kidding Series 2015 10.5240/284D-3D00-4764-5091-B8CC-Q
Karma Series 2020 10.5240/B8F6-E7EA-4AC0-2315-F200-C
Kid Cosmic Series 2021 10.5240/42DD-9143-2F28-EA44-B628-S
Kid President: Are We There Yet? Series 2019 10.5240/E4E6-8CC0-FF86-2266-F9A5-L
Kimi no na wa. Movie 2016 10.5240/777C-1AE5-FFB1-1912-595F-T
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Series 2020 10.5240/39B2-F2F3-86D2-A17B-BF9D-7
Kubo And The Two Strings Movie 2016 10.5240/5E9B-808E-AE57-3490-3F74-F
Legally Blonde Movie 2001 10.5240/5954-C921-C677-53C1-10F9-G
Legendary Dudas Series 2016 10.5240/2B4A-BD6D-955E-09FC-DF73-K
Lego Masters Series 2020 10.5240/DACC-F911-0459-5BAE-0F89-H
Life, Animated Movie 2016 10.5240/FAAA-0E2D-3556-3013-0479-N
Little House on the Prairie Series 1974 10.5240/BDFE-C421-C1B8-3724-E5F2-W
Little Lunch Series 2015 10.5240/5CCC-F630-E954-10DA-4928-X
Little Mosque on the Prairie Series 2007 10.5240/5824-8ADB-689D-3528-3CB9-G
Little Women Movie 2019 10.5240/3C87-4906-5868-A350-3F7C-1
Mad Hot Ballroom Movie 2005 10.5240/B59A-22A0-F95E-32DA-F45F-S
Man vs. Wild Series 2006 10.5240/C0F4-01BC-1204-2DAB-23B7-O
Marvel’s Agent Carter Series 2014 10.5240/2205-02CF-CB85-8B3B-183D-E
Marvel’s Hero Project Series 2019 10.5240/907C-D379-6971-F2B2-0C3C-L
Men in Black Movie 1997 10.5240/363F-76F4-D9AB-85DE-F68B-Y
Middle School Moguls Series 2019 10.5240/2921-019E-B742-3C41-389A-H
Mighty Med Series 2013 10.5240/064E-15B4-0B2B-4C5A-BE63-X
Millions Movie 2004 10.5240/B4C3-8647-3913-23B2-EB3C-V
Milo Murphy’s Law Series 2016 10.5240/C9BA-90C8-F62C-60C3-5731-K
Mononoke-hime Movie 1997 10.5240/45D0-68B8-46E3-7E42-6D26-X
Muppets Now Series 2020 10.5240/D11E-B0A0-20B2-8B4E-CDBE-P
MythBusters Series 2003 10.5240/19A6-9A0B-F262-7608-767D-G
Nadiya’s Time To Eat Series 2019 10.5240/EFBA-B48B-2C89-FDE6-8F63-Q
Napoleon Dynamite Movie 2004 10.5240/BC5F-6ED1-C370-E251-3EF6-X
Naruto: Shippūden Series 2007 10.5240/0E02-B365-C750-B02A-7619-O
Nowhere Boys Series 2013 10.5240/2E21-C910-30DD-E8C3-3FBD-W
October Sky Movie 1999 10.5240/5498-DBE8-3DC1-3047-5A20-Z
Odd Squad Series 2014 10.5240/262F-3A6B-DAEE-2102-F92D-M
Old Yeller Movie 1957 10.5240/D94B-9E1B-8493-D60F-798A-G
Phantom Boy Movie 2015 10.5240/08CF-5CC9-5BC8-272D-3988-T
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie 2003 10.5240/0B62-BEA1-BE5E-277E-425F-J
Project Mc² Series 2015 10.5240/517E-0B91-958A-E88F-44FD-C
Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie 1980 10.5240/0B6D-5AFE-E468-B51F-AEFD-X
Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made Movie 2016 10.5240/CC27-3433-077C-1CF3-F0B9-3
Raising Dion Series 2018 10.5240/9BB7-4470-A6F4-CF22-FBE9-N
Rilakkuma & Kaoru Series 2019 10.5240/F805-A8C0-1C73-DC81-FC12-A
Rocky Movie 1975 10.5240/B939-40E1-5BEA-C661-EA64-5
Roman Holiday Movie 1953 10.5240/94BA-A369-2513-E4DA-8586-K
Rudy Movie 1993 10.5240/FD0E-CDAE-9CEA-65D0-F2C0-R
Sailor Moon Crystal Series 2014 10.5240/E71C-823A-F0A5-FB5A-5B17-V
Savage Builds Series 2019 10.5240/7484-E050-A1BB-64E5-A0AE-B
School of Rock Movie 2003 10.5240/4E8E-3AE0-839B-16F8-BC17-1
SciGirls Series 2010 10.5240/A474-885B-C9BD-20CE-5B70-S
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi Movie 2001 10.5240/5AAB-C605-4684-C7E9-4BC2-4
Sense and Sensibility Movie 1995 10.5240/9064-BBD5-81E6-660C-105D-O
Shazam! Movie 2019 10.5240/AF13-DD67-BCFA-082C-F783-Z
Shop Class Series 2020 10.5240/F3F9-B57C-3C57-8441-32A6-B
Some Like It Hot Movie 1959 10.5240/E547-F495-69F5-6319-377A-4
Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2019 10.5240/B71D-E836-73E6-9C8F-3700-I
Speechless Series 2016 10.5240/2993-C94E-67AB-1C18-BC32-T
Spellbound Movie 2002 10.5240/7A37-CF35-E829-A7D7-AA22-T
Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie 2019 10.5240/C0A2-80E8-E197-76D7-B852-2
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Movie 2018 10.5240/6250-1289-CDCA-6FFB-1A13-C
Spies In Disguise Movie 2019 10.5240/3D6C-E1F1-72AA-E2FC-129F-N
Star Trek Movie 2009 10.5240/E65C-7B6E-EA5D-73D6-B47A-0
Star Wars Rebels Series 2014 10.5240/B3EE-ED8F-C750-6515-897C-T
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie 2015 10.5240/BF71-F98C-596D-652C-AC59-5
Steven Universe Series 2019 10.5240/1FCF-0119-D3AC-495E-B20E-Q
Supergirl Series 2015 10.5240/409E-D4F8-6ADE-0B05-6EAC-5
The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie 1938 10.5240/F4D5-D342-B5BD-1399-391E-5
The Age of A.I. Series 2019 10.5240/D45E-96B7-0C95-4735-C50F-0
The Baby-Sitters Club Series 2020 10.5240/29E5-5E61-C6DF-DFEB-85BF-9
The Black Stallion Movie 1979 10.5240/2F48-2BCB-7C61-F7FA-EB8D-W
The Call of the Wild Movie 2020 10.5240/6B0D-47C1-0097-E1F3-8F0F-R
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Series 2019 10.5240/8197-4377-DA33-394A-199B-A
The Goonies Movie 1985 10.5240/AF91-6630-A6C6-1338-C0CB-7
The Great Gilly Hopkins Movie 2015 10.5240/89CC-8DF5-D526-C863-588D-J
The Help Movie 2011 10.5240/94C8-FDAF-DBDE-C574-A028-6
The Jungle Book Movie 2016 10.5240/129B-B879-8F0D-894E-68F9-2
The Karate Kid Movie 1984 10.5240/8380-78F4-137D-A4DE-DFAF-4
The Kids Are Alright Series 2018 10.5240/1CA8-9CDE-AFEB-B0F2-D6A5-9
The Letter for the King Series 2020 10.5240/EFB6-FC31-5827-7BF3-C7C7-F
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Movie 2001 10.5240/E030-107B-C08A-BF93-AC79-B
The Loud House Series 2016 10.5240/8431-BFF8-EEA5-EF6A-FB62-H
The Mandalorian Series 2019 10.5240/728F-936D-32C8-19FA-6D02-B
The Next Step Series 2013 10.5240/239D-64E0-28EA-F930-9EEF-P
The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie 1993 10.5240/7F83-5D50-BC21-D072-CC4C-1
The Perfect Date Movie 2019 10.5240/2134-E941-689E-57B0-0C3C-H
The Princess Bride Movie 1987 10.5240/CD39-409D-1F11-C404-A4B7-7
The Princess Diaries Movie 2001 10.5240/1F0C-0E6C-F159-B25E-E56D-B
The Queen of Katwe Movie 2016 10.5240/DA6C-8405-2BFA-1652-9541-P
The Sandlot Movie 1993 10.5240/9F8C-F216-BA70-B14D-188A-0
The Simpsons Movie Movie 2007 10.5240/7485-77EB-D187-3CEB-3928-M
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Movie 2005 10.5240/890F-55D4-615D-B6C0-1EF0-1
The Twilight Zone Series 1959 10.5240/DF2E-752D-4B28-7147-3B6B-9
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie 1962 10.5240/A2A5-A03D-B436-F47D-B1A5-Z
Tout en haut du monde Movie 2015 10.5240/4FF0-A016-8B3D-E2F3-7D76-F
Trollhunters Series 2016 10.5240/9EF0-7327-68D2-58A0-9AD5-8
Twelve Forever Series 2019 10.5240/758F-11FA-F52A-AC93-A060-3
Voltron: Legendary Defender Series 2016 10.5240/CF31-3F67-EB96-D79E-1599-T
Wadjda Movie 2012 10.5240/DA4E-8388-D42A-9027-8D10-H
Wan pîsu: One Piece Series 1999 10.5240/22D4-5D11-56CE-C31A-CA71-X
We Bare Bears Series 2015 10.5240/BAE1-EF0C-4F98-6A31-914B-5
West Side Story Movie 1961 10.5240/012E-0B69-FC6D-62C6-7DEA-7
Who Do You Think You Are? Series 2010 10.5240/150F-73B0-9CAA-BD71-FEFE-X
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Movie 1971 10.5240/C585-85BE-7CA2-FC1F-2420-Q
Wò hǔ cáng lóng Movie 2000 10.5240/5D7B-C695-C27F-E175-8455-K
Wolfblood Series 2012 10.5240/FCE1-2273-FDAA-7905-01A7-9
World of Dance Series 2016 10.5240/3A51-1945-5449-739A-BEAD-X
Young Frankenstein Movie 1974 10.5240/CD3E-8A7D-C9DD-DBB8-EEDC-M
Zarafa Movie 2012 10.5240/D8AD-702D-3827-728D-BF4A-E
Zoe Valentine Series 2019 10.5240/6252-63E8-748E-184B-BC78-F
Zootopia Movie 2016 10.5240/C081-63CC-2A03-77FA-B9A3-L