EIDR Executive Director Offers Updates on Power User Group, 2020 Goals

A message from EIDR Executive Director Kip Welch —

I hope that you are well and staying safe in the current situation.

Our Annual Participant Meeting on March 3 seems a very long time ago given all that has happened. During the intervening weeks, EIDR has moved forward with the development and launch of EIDR 2.5, and after a one-month delay, the new de-duplication platform launched. Congratulations and thanks to the EIDR, PDS, and TiVo teams that have made this happen!

We also are now pushing ahead with other 2020 plans from the Annual Meeting. A foundational component of those plans is the reboot of the Power User Group initially launched last year. As you heard from the Board at the Annual Meeting, the success of EIDR depends on the success of EIDR members, and EIDR’s future depends on our ability to tap into the knowledge of members who interact closely with the Registry. To that end, we announced plans to reconvene our member experts and empower all of you to serve as virtual Product Managers for EIDR.

We expect the Power User Group to be an interactive forum for discussion of a broad range of issues around the future of EIDR, including:

  • Roadmap of new features, e.g., Talent ID, de-duplication as a service, ISAN interoperability, UI improvements, API improvements, upgraded core registry
  • Feedback on user experience with the current system and new features
  • Strategies for achieving key EIDR goals
  • Presentations on member use cases and sharing of best practices
  • Formation of special interest groups led by EIDR members, e.g., a group to focus on archival needs and use cases, restart of a broadcast TV group, etc.

You will be receiving a calendar invite for a meeting of the Power User Group in the second week of May, along with an invitation to join a Slack channel for communication among the group. The agenda for the initial 2020 meeting will focus on:

  • Feedback on the launch of 2.5
  • Discussion of the output from the table discussions at the Annual Meeting
  • Strategies for achieving the goal of 100% registration of new release films and shows
  • Features to be included in 2.6 and 2.7

We expect the main group to meet bi-monthly for one hour. Agendas will be distributed in advance based on your requests, input from our Executive Sponsor Susan Cheng and other members of the Board, and input from EIDR Staff. Special interest subgroups will be convened by the members who chair those groups with agendas set by the chair.

If you would like to suggest and lead a special interest group, or have other agenda items to propose, please reach out to Richard Kroon or myself.

We look forward to an engaging conversation with all of you on building the future of EIDR and delivering benefits to the entire industry.

Thank you and stay safe,

— Kip Welch