EIDR APM: Red Bee, EIDR Talk Metadata Accuracy

At the May 7 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Culver City, Calif., Jason Marchese, head of sales, market area Americas for global media services provider Red Bee Media, spoke about a partnership with EIDR that has global implications.

Red Bee Media enriches both linear and on-demand content with essential metadata and its integration with EIDR offers a method to validate programming and link data from multiple providers and IDs.

EIDR’s unique ID structure supports a variety of Red Bee services, including data migration and customer onboarding. Paired with Red Bee’s unique identifiers, the EIDR ID enables the highest level of data integrity and flexibility, allowing Red Bee to quickly manage updates from multiple sources and offer a globally recognized standard ID to customers.

The EIDR mapping process that Red Bee employs has been integrated into various third-party data provider workflows to ensure that Red Bee’s program database is as complete and consistent as possible. It’s a model EIDR hopes to repeat with others.

“We talked earlier about how EIDR is expanding into international markets, and you can imagine the issues that come with that for an organization as small as we are,” said Hollie Choi, managing difrector of EIDR. “We don’t necessarily have all the coverage in the territories and languages that we support. Red Bee is helping us with a pilot program we hope to duplicate elsewhere.”

Closed captioning, audio description, subtitling, Red Bee works internationally with a ton of clients on localization services, Marchese said, and for 20-plus years the company has built up a database of enriched program metadata and imagery for more than 10 million TV and movie programs. The company’s business has evolved to support FAST, OTT, VOD, Universal Search, and other industry services, and the partnership with EIDR has seen more than 1.7 million EIDR IDs successfully mapped to content in Red Bee’s database.

Going forward, the Red Bee and EIDR partnership should see advancing content management practices through global standardized identification and metadata enrichment, enabling EIDR members to expedite catalogue onboarding and registration in the EIDR database, while gaining access to Red Bee’s resources, guidance, and support.

To access the full Red Bee Media EIDR APM presentation click here. To access the presentation slide deck click here.