EIDR Hosts ‘Busted Pilots’ Discussion Group June 27

On June 27, join the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) for a discussion on best practices around so-called “busted pilot” registrations.

The EIDR registry contains records for many “busted pilots,” pilot programs produced in anticipation of a series that never came to be, leaving them on their own. Depending on when they’re registered, they could be listed as the only episode of a series (during development, production, or sales) or as a standalone TV program (if the series is not sold). This does not affect the EIDR ID that is issued for the program, but it can cause confusion when someone searches for these shows, particularly if they’re registered one way in EIDR, but appear a different way in a third-party database.

EIDR is aiming to develop a EIDR best practice for how these programs will be registered and maintained in the EIDR registry. Possibilities include:

  • Always register them as Pilot Episodes of a Series (and convert any standalone programs that are encountered)
  • Always register them as standalone TV programs (and un-wind any that are registered as Series Episodes)
  • Allow either registration form, with de-duplication practices to avoid issuing multiple IDs (our current, un-documented practice)

EIDR will then need to develop published guidance for users so they understand what these shows are and how they will be treated in the EIDR Registry.

EIDR invites all interested parties to join in for an initial conversation on this topic. Attendees will review the issue and options and determine the best path forward for EIDR.

The meeting will take place Thursday, June 27, 8-9 a.m. PT. Contact [email protected] for a meeting invitation.