EIDR in “Licenses for Europe” Recommendations

Final Plenary Meeting of the “Licences for Europe” stakeholder dialogue

November 13, 2013 – Brussels, Belgium, The Communication on “Content in the Digital Single Market” (18 December 2012) announced a final plenary meeting to conclude the “Licences for Europe” stakeholder dialogue. This meeting was held on 13 November 2013. It provided an opportunity for the Working Groups to report-back to the plenary on the conclusions they have reached as a result of their discussions, focusing on the practical solutions that were identified.

1. Cross-border portability of subscription services: joint statement by the audio-visual industry – “Joint Statement on Cross-border Portability of lawfully-acquired Audiovisual Content” (ACT, CEPI, Europa Distribution, EUROVOD, FERA, FIAD, FIAPF, IFTA, IVF, MPA, SROC, SAA)

2. Improved availability of e-books across borders and across devices: a Roadmap by the e-book sector – “Book sector’s roadmap to enhance cross border access, interoperability and discoverability of ebooks in the Single Market” (EWC, EBF, STM, FEP, EPC)

3. Easier licensing for music: commitments by the music sector – GESAC statement, IFPI announcement

4. Easier access to print and images: a toolkit by the print industry – “Toolkit for licensing, including micro-licensing in text and image works” (EPC, EVA, EWC, FEP, IFRRO, IFJ, STM)

5. Enabling the identification of your work and rights online: an industry roadmap – “Building the rights data network – enabling user access” (LCC)

6. More active reader involvement in the online press: a declaration on improving the user experience – “User-generated content, press publishers engaging with their readers” (EMMA, ENPA, EPC)

7. More heritage films online: an agreement on principles and procedures – “Statement of Principles and Procedures for facilitating the digitisation of, access to and increased interest of European citizens in European cinematographic heritage works” (ACE, FERA, FIAPF, SAA)

8. Freeing up TV footage archives through digitisation: discussions between public broadcasters and rightholders

9. Improving identification and discoverability of audio-visual content online: a declaration by the audio-visual industry – “Declaration on Audiovisual Work Identifiers” (Adami, BFI, CEPI, CineRegio, EIDR, Eurocinema, EuroCopya, EFP, FERA, FIAPF, INA, ISAN-IA, SAA)

10. Easier text and data mining of subscription-based material for non-commercial researchers: a commitment by scientific publishers – “A Statement of Commitment by STM publishers to a roadmap to enable text and data mining (TDM) for non commercial scientific research in the European Union” (American Chemical Society, British Medical Journal Publishing Group Ltd, Brill Publishers, Elsevier BV, Georg Thieme Verlag KG, Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Institute of Physics / IOP Publishing Ltd, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, New England Journal of Medicine (Massachusetts Medical Society), Oxford University Press, Springer Science + Business Media Deutschland GmbH, Taylor and Francis Ltd, Wolters Kluwer Health (Medical Research) Ltd)

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[Declaration on Audiovisual Work Identifiers]