EIDR, ISAN-IA Announce Joint Registration Service

The Entertainment ID Registry Association (EIDR) and the International Standard Audiovisual Number International Agency (ISAN-IA) launched a dual registration service April 16, a result of the European Commission’s Audiovisual Standard ID policy aimed at boosting opportunities for audiovisual arts, entertainment, information, and archival management.

Audiovisual standard IDs will highly enable the production and distribution of such content at the best cost, facilitate its exchange, and enhance its discoverability by professional and fans alike. EIDR and ISAN have been identified by the European Commission as appropriate candidates for the systematic registration of EU’s Creative Europe MEDIA program funded projects. Under the monitoring of the commission, all parties have worked to implement a fully interoperable system that allows content creators, owners and distributors to obtain identifiers from both organizations with a single application. Both ISAN-IA and EIDR operate as non-profit, cost-recovery organizations to the benefit of the industry. The registered IDs will be exchanged between the organizations, allowing ID users willing to do so to work with either organization while accessing many of the benefits of both registration systems.

“We are glad that interoperability between the two major audiovisual identifiers has become a reality,” said Régis Flad, ISAN-IA’s managing director. “This initiative does not only benefit to current ID users, but it lays the foundations for a broad adoption of interoperable audiovisual standard identifiers by the whole industry.”

“We are delighted to be part of the Standard ID initiative,” said Will Kreth, EIDR’s executive director. “EIDR’s DNA is deeply rooted in the betterment of the audio-visual industry. We cannot think of a better way to expand both IDs benefits to the entire community from independent movers and shakers to established players.”

More details about the program and the registration method can be found at