EIDR Members at NAB: Whip Media, Ateliere, RSG Media Make Waves

Here’s what some of EIDR’s members had to share at the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Ateliere Creative Technologies

Ateliere and its COO Bill Admans used NAB to debut Connect/Parcel, a new, targeted product powered by Ateliere Connect’s cloud-native digital supply chain platform, one designed to simplify the workflow for packaging and delivering content.

Aimed at customers with lower-scale content delivery requirements looking to operate and manage their own media delivery, saving time and money. Ateliere Connect/Parcel builds on the Ateliere Connect platform’s recently announced support for Apple iTunes packages via Apple Transporter using the ITMSP format and is indicative of Ateliere Connect’s evolution into a “truly modular” SaaS platform, one that grows and scales with customers as find new ways to manage, distribute, and monetize their content.

“At NAB we’re showing how we’re constantly updating for the media supply chain, offering new enhancements, particularly with Apple,” Admans said. “Ateliere Connect/Parcel simplifies and automates delivery and is especially for customers that don’t have large requirements to be able to do packages and deliver to services in a simple and automated way.”

Connect/Parcel enables customers to deliver content in three clicks (upload content, select destination, QC and deliver), and the simplified workflow integration with Apple allows users to populate a minimum set of requirements through a pre-formatted CSV file. Once the content is uploaded with a CSV file, Connect/Parcel validates the media and metadata before delivering the content, removing the burden of performing the necessary checks to ensure all assets and metadata are correctly formatted.

Ateliere plans to expand Connect/Parcel to support simplified workflows for all major digital platforms.

RSG Media

RSG Media made waves at NAB with the debut of RSG Rights v4, touting it as the only comprehensive rights and rights finance system for media, entertainment, and licensing industries. Featuring a combination of both content and merchandising rights, the system brings together rights and rights finance, programming, talent payments, and real-time avails reporting.

RSG Media’s rights management solution aims to enable media entertainment and licensing companies with the ability pinpoint what they can do to fully exploit the rights of what they own, handling all aspects of content and brand licensing in one system, providing full understanding of each asset’s value and opportunities, from movies to merchandise to NFTs.

“Rights v4 is critical as companies go through M&A, spin up new services, launch new platforms, such as SVOD or FAST, and enter other new lines of business, such as NFTs and digital merchandise,” Mukesh Sehgal, president and GM at RSG Media, said in a statement. “They need a comprehensive system that lets them know what they have to use or sell across every opportunity. That is the only way they can maximize their value-chain.

“RSG Rights v4 provides our customers with critical actionable information in real-time. By automating rights management and rights finance, companies no longer need to worry about an overwhelming sea of options and can identify what viewers want before they know it. It also gives Finance the chart-of-accounts insight they need to identify new and missed opportunities—to hold the organization accountable.”

RSG Rights prides itself for acting as a subledger for major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, allowing companies to fill in critical missing media and licensing functionality, enabling finance groups to automate monthly, quarterly, and annual closes. And when combined with RSG Audience, the company’s machine learning technology, clients can utilize predictive and prescriptive analytics to further discover ways to grow their business.

Whip Media

With more than 250,000 titles in the Whip Media Exchange system to date, the company continues to refine the global licensing and research platform for film and TV content, with new data inputs, new ways to refine the dashboard, and news ways to search and compare titles.

To pull off what Whip Media has accomplished with Exchange, Sherry Brennan, EVP and GM of the service, credits, with a smile: “Gigantic computers and really smart people.”

“There’s so much information available around titles, it results in lots of flexibility in terms of sorting and comparing,” she said. “It’s pretty dynamic as a research tool, and let’s you do deals in ways you may not have considered before.”

Coming into NAB, Whip Media announced a slew of new partnerships, with Plint, Digit, Limecraft, and NexSpec providing Whip Media Exchange customers with localization, content delivery and workflow automation software services. They join existing partners Bitmax, Giant Interactive and OD Media, with the program offering content buyers and sellers access to a network of partners to support frictionless content distribution and accelerate deal making.

“As the amount of streaming content available has exploded and spread to more global markets, we’ve developed an ecosystem of leading partners that help facilitate the entire content licensing process as content distribution models rapidly evolve,” said Alisa Joseph, SVP of business development and strategy for Whip Media, when the partnerships were announced. “We’re thrilled to add Plint, Digit Limecraft and NexSpec to this growing roster of partners and provide our Exchange clients the ability to more efficiently distribute their content and grow their audiences worldwide in an integrated and frictionless manner.”