EIDR Newsletter .vol #1

November 25, 2013

Volume 1; Issue 1


EIDR Links

EIDR in the News
In “No Asset ID – No Monetization”, experts discuss EIDR role in content measurement.  Click here for full article.

New “Recipe” Document for EIDR in UV
EIDR has released a detailed FAQ on the use of EIDR in the UltraViolet work flow.  This document is a hands on, step-by-step operational guide, building on previously established best practices.  Click here to read more.

Free Admission to 2nd Screen Event
EIDR has available two free admissions to 2nd Screen Society event at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Please contact Don Dulchinos at [email protected].


12/4-6/13:    DOI Asian Briefings including EIDR
1/8/14:           CES EIDR Reception/Briefing,

1/16/14:         Annual Face-to-Face Member
                          Meeting and Board Meeting

Welcome New EIDR Members!!


EIDR membership ramped up quickly in the last month, with 5 companies coming into the fold.  Welcome to these industry leaders:

Netflix – the groundbreaking digital video distribution platform.

Cinram – one of the largest providers of supply chain solutions to the home entertainment, telecommunications and retail industries

Verizon – the first non-cable multichannel provider to join EIDR, and also a digital distributor through its RedBox portal.

Adobe – a diversified technology company, offering solutions for the cable industry and the broader digital media space.

Orchestra Networks – intending to integrate EIDR into their multi-domain Master Data Management systems and products.


EIDR Registry Hits Half Million Record Milestone


As of November 19, the number of records in the EIDR Registry stands at more than half a million.  The size of the registry has just about doubled in the last 11 months, signaling the arrival of a mature and comprehensive data base of movie and television assets.  More detail can be found at EIDR.org.


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