EIDR Power Users Group to Hold Nov. 29 Vote

On Nov. 29, the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) will be holding a vote of Promoter members in to make the following changes to the EIDR Registry, which may be impactful to some members:

  • Implement rate limiting on un-authenticated API transactions
  • Prevent registration of Edit or Clip records as children of Compilations (only Manifestations)
  • Ensure child records are valid when accepting a parent record modification (required flags and Release/End Date restrictions)
  • Changes to abilities of Alt ID Writer
  • Enhance Edit Use Controlled Vocabulary to include Airline and Streaming.
  • Change Edit Use Controlled Vocabulary from General to Multiuse
  • Add an optional DOI identifier to people (directors and actors)/talent
  • Change Alt ID resolution so that only EIDR members may make this API call
  • Updates to DeDupe API to disallow record submissions which are missing Resource Name
  • Add an optional ShortDOI field and auto-populate it on Create/Modify transactions
  • Provide backward compatibility for any changes made
  • Changes to Video Service registration – details available by request to EIDR members.

EIDR is also planning updates to the Read Only Web UI, for which no vote is required. The updates will replace outdated technology, allow a better user experience, and provide the site with better security.  Wireframes and functional requirements are available upon request to EIDR members.

For more details before the vote, contact EIDR executive director Hollie Choi at [email protected] or director of technical operations Richard Kroon at [email protected] for details.