EIDR Ready Initiative Announced

Branding initiative seeks to elevate awareness of companies that currently support EIDR ID’s throughout the media & entertainment supply chain

Redwood City, California, April 9, 2018. – The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) announced their new “EIDR Ready” program. The awareness and branding campaign is designed to bring a spotlight to some of the top media and entertainment supply chain companies throughout the world.

From workflow management, rights and Avails scheduling software companies, to media processing labs and subtitle and closed captioning companies, to audience measurement companies, and many more—these EIDR member companies have qualified as being “EIDR Ready” by demonstrating their active support of EIDR ID’s in their toolsets, metadata feeds, and workflows.

“In talking with vendors across the media ecosystem, we realized that the support of EIDR ID’s, from a systems and tools perspective, was not always well known,” said Will Kreth, Executive Director of EIDR. “To change that, we’ve launched the EIDR Ready initiative, where qualified vendor member companies can signal their support of EIDR ID’s by using our newly designed ‘EIDR Ready’ logo in their promotional and marketing materials, both online and offline.”

“We want to recognize our member companies (from the vendor community) who support EIDR, thank them for doing so, and amplify the message of their support within the M&E supply chain to a wider audience,” said Kreth. “We want all the customers and clients of these vendors to know they can rely on EIDR ID support being there when they need it and ask for it. The value of the EIDR Ready program will be driving the ubiquitous adoption and end-to-end usage of EIDR IDs throughout the M&E ecosystem by EIDR member companies, vendors, partners, and customers.”

The initial debut group of qualified EIDR Ready member companies (with more expected in 2018) are: Allociné / Webedia, Crown Media, Eurofins Digital Media Services, FilmTrack, ITV plc, Mediamorph, Orchestra Networks, Rightsline, The Title Registrar, V2Solutions, Verance, and Viaplay.

Complete details about EIDR Ready (and how to qualify) can be found on the EIDR website.

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About EIDR:
EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) is a universal identifier system for movie and television assets. From top level titles, edits and DVDs to encodings, clips and mash-ups, EIDR provides highly curated, globally unique identifiers for the entire range of audiovisual object types that are relevant to entertainment commerce. For more information about EIDR, please visit eidr.org.

EIDR Contact:
Will Kreth
Executive Director
[email protected]
+1 917-714-4532