EIDR Ready

Member Companies

This is a listing of companies who are “EIDR Ready” members, have full programmatic access to the registry, and have been helpful to other member companies in working with EIDR in:

  • Helping member companies with data model alignment and data preparation pursuant to content registration in the EIDR Registry.
  • Handling content registration on behalf of member companies, both in small batches or bulk catalogs or libraries.
  • Working with EIDR on manual resolution of issues as part of registration efforts.
  • Finding and resolving data quality issues.
  • Developing EIDR Registry integrations.


PRODUCT: Database


PRODUCT: Content Pulse
DESCRIPTION: Content Pulse surveys Movies and TV Shows Streaming Availability Database, capturing available titles across 153 countries and over 2,400 streaming services. Once the titles are surveyed, they are matched to several external IDs, like EIDR, IMDb, TMDb, TheTVDB, etc. EIDR is one of these key universal identifiers. BB’s clients use Content Pulse for competitive analysis and content intelligence.


DESCRIPTION: My Eye Media STORM allows clients to ensure their content is promoted with accurate and correct titles, descriptions, prices, and release dates. In addition, STORM can monitor digital store placements and create live snapshots that can be used to diagnose data discrepancies.


PRODUCT: Multi-service Provider
DESCRIPTION: FilmTrack’s company’s cloud-based platform streamlines the complex intellectual property lifecycle, providing the necessary tools to manage mission-critical data, including contracts, rights, financials, royalties, and related assets. Enabling clients to easily retrieve EIDR numbers associated to the content contained within their contracts and financials further helps to streamline their work processes by removing some of the ambiguity in financial reporting, contract creation and maintenance. This dovetails with larger initiatives within the media and entertainment community around de-duplication and round-trip reporting.


PRODUCT: Multi-service Provider


PRODUCT: Studio Connect; Track
DESCRIPTION: EIDR is a key Alternate ID field in our system and is available throughout as any other field. In addition, Mediamorph completes look-ups of EIDR for their EMA Avails publishing product — Studio Connect.


PRODUCT: Multi-service Provider
DESCRIPTION: The standards-led, configurable data cloud uniquely enables the streamlined management of Film & TV content catalog metadata – editorial, technical, rights, compliance & more – for linear channels, non-linear platforms, devices, business models, territories & countries. Meta Control provides brilliant tools for you to manage, fix & clean your metadata, create definitive centralized standards, and design & manage your data estate & integrations. Permissions, ID & Filename Conventions, XML exports, Data & Integration Mapping, batch fixing and much more are managed effortlessly through accessible tools & processes.
– Centralised QA & Distribution Capability & rapid delivery of changes.
– Easily intercept and replace metadata for compliance purposes.
– Upload or ingest & manage your own asset metadata catalogue.




PRODUCT: Available
DESCRIPTION: Rightsline is aggregating EMA Avails on behalf of many customers, and are being asked to register avails on behalf of providers that don’t use EIDR.


PRODUCT: Multi-service Provider
DESCRIPTION: V2Solutions has a long history working with EIDR systems, processes and tools. We work on behalf of Hollywood Studios, TV Networks and Global Distribution Platforms to help strengthen workflow and assets ready for international distribution including EIDR-readiness, ongoing maintenance and registration of assets and a wide variety of other Alternative ID’s.


DESCRIPTION: Aspect 3.0 provides audience measurement and metadata delivery.


PRODUCT: Multi-service Provider
DESCRIPTION: Viaplay builds custom User Interfaces to match VOD and Linear content.


Retail Providers of EIDR IDs

This is a listing of companies who are members of EIDR, have full programmatic access to the registry, and offer retail registration services to those seeking small volumes of EIDR IDs, and are not themselves member companies of EIDR.

PRODUCT: Universal Registrar
DESCRIPTION: FlickShow is a gateway for Content Producers and Distributors to ‘register’ their contents on multiple sites at the same time. A One-stop registrar for Universal Movie & TV Show IDs and Leading Marketplaces Worldwide.


PRODUCT: Title Manager
DESCRIPTION: The Title Manager allows users (both EIDR members and non-members) to create and manage EIDR registrations through a web user interface. Ancillary services include catalog matching and gap registration, and a fast JSON/XML-based REST resolution API.


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