EIDR to Weigh in on AAIS Project Nov. 19

During a Nov. 19 webinar, EIDR’s Richard Kroon will be among the expert panelists weighing in on the importance of the Addressable Asset Identification Standard (AAIS) project for next-generation content distribution.

AAIS seeks to resolve issues around content replacement in live linear programming, to better serve consumers on their mobile, desktop and big screen devices. AAIS would create a standards process to include the registration of advertising and program assets using Ad-ID and EIDR services to quickly and accurately identify material assets; share and update live logs made by operations with listing services and content replacement engines; and create a common process and nomenclature for reconciliation down to the client application.

Kroon will join experts from TitanTV, News-Press & Gazette Co., Freewheel and more as they walk through the AAIS process, from scheduling, to air, to the reconciliation of client activity in addressable media, examining how standardizing naming, signaling and the reconciliation process across all media platforms can benefit the M&E industry.

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