EIDR’s Got You Covered: 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards

On July 12, 2022 nominations for the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards were announced in a ceremony hosted by Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) with the Television Academy’s Frank Scherma. There were 200 separate nominations in 32 major different categories. The drama series Succession leads the pack with 19 major category nominations (25 overall), while Ted Lasso’s 13 major nominations (20 overall) lead the comedy series category. The 74th Emmy Awards ceremony will be broadcast live, Monday, Sept. 12, on NBC and Peacock.

Outstanding Drama Series
  “Better Call Saul” (AMC) 10.5240/E1E4-FA90-B70E-A4B2-71EE-X
  “Euphoria” (HBO) 10.5240/13C9-391E-F442-8A2B-64DD-Q
  “Ozark” (Netflix) 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  “Severance” (Apple TV+) 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
  “Squid Game” (Netflix) 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  “Stranger Things” (Netflix) 10.5240/34FF-5D79-E92A-86DB-0B99-K
  “Succession” (HBO) 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  “Yellowjackets” (Showtime) 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
Outstanding Comedy Series
  “Abbott Elementary” (ABC) 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon) 10.5240/5343-501D-18EF-AD1D-7B7D-G
  “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV+) 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  “Only Murders in The Building” (Hulu) 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  “Hacks” (HBO) 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  “Barry” (HBO) 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
Outstanding Limited Series
  “Dopesick” (Hulu) 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  “The Dropout” (Hulu) 10.5240/0BAD-6A7F-BC5A-8648-5B4F-F
  “Inventing Anna” (Netflix) 10.5240/471A-3E80-5AD4-D299-E23C-J
  “Pam & Tommy” (Hulu) 10.5240/28A2-273D-36B2-EA88-D5D4-L
  “The White Lotus” (HBO) 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  Jodie Comer, “Killing Eve” 10.5240/04D6-0A14-53D2-7284-2AB6-G
  Laura Linney, “Ozark” 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Melanie Lynskey, “Yellowjackets” 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
  Sandra Oh, “Killing Eve” 10.5240/04D6-0A14-53D2-7284-2AB6-G
  Reese Witherspoon, “The Morning Show” 10.5240/A7BA-BCC1-612F-1DD3-3D85-C
  Zendaya, “Euphoria” 10.5240/13C9-391E-F442-8A2B-64DD-Q
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
  Jason Bateman, “Ozark” 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Brian Cox, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Lee Jung-jae, “Squid Game” 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul” 10.5240/E1E4-FA90-B70E-A4B2-71EE-X
  Adam Scott, “Severance” 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
  Jeremy Strong, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
  Patricia Arquette, “Severance” 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
  Julia Garner, “Ozark” 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Jung Ho-yeon, “Squid Game” 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Christina Ricci, “Yellowjackets” 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
  Rhea Seehorn, “Better Call Saul” 10.5240/E1E4-FA90-B70E-A4B2-71EE-X
  J. Smith-Cameron, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Sarah Snook, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Sydney Sweeney, “Euphoria” 10.5240/13C9-391E-F442-8A2B-64DD-Q
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
  Nicholas Braun, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Billy Crudup, “The Morning Show” 10.5240/A7BA-BCC1-612F-1DD3-3D85-C
  Kieran Culkin, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Park Hae-soo, “Squid Game” 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Matthew Macfadyen, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  John Turturro, “Severance” 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
  Oh Yeong-su, “Squid Game” 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Christopher Walken, “Severance” 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  Quinta Brunson, “Abbott Elementary” 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  Kaley Cuoco, “The Flight Attendant” 10.5240/0741-5AA3-B775-99BB-D928-V
  Jean Smart, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Rachel Brosnahan, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 10.5240/5343-501D-18EF-AD1D-7B7D-G
  Issa Rae, “Insecure” 10.5240/011E-EB3F-7A57-2273-A2C4-3
  Elle Fanning, “The Great” 10.5240/8CF0-E828-8F07-F8FF-FCA5-X
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
  Donald Glover, “Atlanta” 10.5240/6433-B666-E925-7EFD-5E27-R
  Bill Hader, “Barry” 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Nicholas Hoult, “The Great” 10.5240/8CF0-E828-8F07-F8FF-FCA5-X
  Steve Martin, “Only Murders in The Building” 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Martin Short, “Only Murders in The Building” 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Jason Sudeikis, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  Alex Borstein, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 10.5240/5343-501D-18EF-AD1D-7B7D-G
  Hannah Einbinder, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Janelle James, “Abbott Elementary” 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live” 10.5240/52F4-B813-D880-CD5B-9414-P
  Sarah Niles, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Sheryl Lee Ralph, “Abbott Elementary” 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  Juno Temple, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Hannah Waddingham, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
  Anthony Carrigan, “Barry” 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Brett Goldstein, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Toheeb Jimoh, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Nick Mohammed, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Tony Shalhoub, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 10.5240/5343-501D-18EF-AD1D-7B7D-G
  Tyler James Williams, “Abbott Elementary” 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  Henry Winkler, “Barry” 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Bowen Yang, “Saturday Night Live” 10.5240/52F4-B813-D880-CD5B-9414-P
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
  Toni Collette, “The Staircase” 10.5240/8F2A-4991-004D-D655-E547-8
  Julia Garner, “Inventing Anna” 10.5240/471A-3E80-5AD4-D299-E23C-J
  Lily James, “Pam & Tommy” 10.5240/28A2-273D-36B2-EA88-D5D4-L
  Sarah Paulson, “Impeachment: American Crime Story” 10.5240/8682-D296-42D9-AE9A-7FC1-O
  Margaret Qualley, “Maid” 10.5240/AB43-6D5D-4217-782F-3928-5
  Amanda Seyfried, “The Dropout” 10.5240/0BAD-6A7F-BC5A-8648-5B4F-F
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie
  Colin Firth, “The Staircase” 10.5240/8F2A-4991-004D-D655-E547-8
  Andrew Garfield, “Under the Banner of Heaven” 10.5240/71C0-DC79-61A4-5203-30A5-D
  Oscar Isaac, “Scenes from a Marriage” 10.5240/D99D-346F-47B7-EC89-B62D-V
  Michael Keaton, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Himesh Patel, “Station Eleven” 10.5240/BA95-4C92-D927-0CFF-D8D3-8
  Sebastian Stan, “Pam & Tommy” 10.5240/28A2-273D-36B2-EA88-D5D4-L
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series Or Movie
  Connie Britton, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Jennifer Coolidge, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Alexandra Daddario, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Kaitlyn Dever, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Natasha Rothwell, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Sydney Sweeney, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Mare Winningham, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie
  Murray Bartlett, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Jake Lacy, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
  Will Poulter, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Seth Rogen, “Pam & Tommy” 10.5240/28A2-273D-36B2-EA88-D5D4-L
  Peter Sarsgaard, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Michael Stuhlbarg, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Steve Zahn, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series
  Hope Davis, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Marcia Gay Harden, “The Morning Show” 10.5240/A7BA-BCC1-612F-1DD3-3D85-C
  Martha Kelly, “Euphoria” 10.5240/13C9-391E-F442-8A2B-64DD-Q
  Sanaa Lathan, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Harriet Walter, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Lee You-mi, “Squid Game” 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
  Adrien Brody,”Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  James Cromwell, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Colman Domingo, “Euphoria”” 10.5240/13C9-391E-F442-8A2B-64DD-Q
  Arian Moayed, “Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Tom Pelphrey, “Ozark” 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Alexander Skarsgård, ”Succession” 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
  Jane Adams, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Harriet Sansom Harris, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Jane Lynch, “Only Murders in The Building” 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Laurie Metcalf, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Kaitlin Olson, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Harriet Walter, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
  Jerrod Carmichael, “Saturday Night Live” 10.5240/52F4-B813-D880-CD5B-9414-P
  Bill Hader, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 10.5240/9832-1CBD-FCBE-7BE0-313D-J
  James Lance, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Nathan Lane, “Only Murders in The Building” 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Christopher McDonald, “Hacks” 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Sam Richardson, “Ted Lasso” 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
  Jason Bateman, “Ozark” (“A Hard Way to Go”) 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Hwang Dong-hyuk, “Squid Game” (“Red Light, Green Light”) 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Karyn Kusama, “Yellowjackets” (“Pilot”) 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
  Mark Mylod, “Succession” (“All the Bells Say”) 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Cathy Yan, “Succession” (“The Disruption”) 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Lorene Scafaria, “Succession” (“Too Much Birthday”) 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Ben Stiller, “Severance” (“The We We Are”) 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series
  Lucia Aniello, “Hacks” (“There Will Be Blood”) 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Jamie Babbit, “Only Murders in the Building” (“True Crime”) 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Cherien Dabis, “Only Murders in the Building” (“The Boy From 6B”) 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Mary Lou Belli, “The Ms. Pat Show” (“Baby Daddy Groundhog Day”) 0.5240/08D3-AB2C-DF23-04C9-0D23-Q
  MJ Delaney, “Ted Lasso” (“No Weddings and a Funeral”) 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Bill Hader, “Barry” (“710N”) 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Hiro Murai, “Atlanta” (“New Jazz”) 10.5240/6433-B666-E925-7EFD-5E27-R
Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series
  Hiro Murai, “Station Eleven” 10.5240/BA95-4C92-D927-0CFF-D8D3-8
  Michael Showalter, “The Dropout” 10.5240/0BAD-6A7F-BC5A-8648-5B4F-F
  Francesca Gregorini, “The Dropout” 10.5240/0BAD-6A7F-BC5A-8648-5B4F-F
  Danny Strong, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  John Wells, “Maid” 10.5240/AB43-6D5D-4217-782F-3928-5
  Mike White, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
  Jesse Armstrong, “Succession” (“All the Bells Say”) 10.5240/14CE-FD61-3492-32A8-5920-A
  Dan Erickson, “Severance” (“The We We Are”) 10.5240/3E33-BDB1-12E0-865E-6D2C-1
  Hwang Dong-hyuk, “Squid Game” (“One Lucky Day”) 10.5240/F5CF-66B8-4110-C392-A46A-8
  Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, “Yellowjackets” (“Pilot”) 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
  Jonathan Lisco, Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, “Yellowjackets” (“F Sharp”) 10.5240/7C2A-2C9E-8FCD-519B-D8FE-C
  Chris Mundy, “Ozark” (“A Hard Way to Go”) 10.5240/710A-A8F3-538F-C329-AFE6-W
  Thomas Schnauz, “Better Call Saul” (“Plan and Execution”) 10.5240/E1E4-FA90-B70E-A4B2-71EE-X
Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
  Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jen Statsky, “Hacks” (“The One, the Only”) 10.5240/9075-EC9F-C6FD-5FA1-E368-Q
  Quinta Brunson, “Abbott Elementary” (“Pilot”) 10.5240/B5DE-AED6-5B3F-51CD-41E9-P
  Bill Hader and Alec Berg, “Barry” (“starting now”) 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Alec Berg and Duffy Boudreau, “Barry” (“710N”) 10.5240/929A-FFC6-1F4D-50E8-F0AE-1
  Steve Martin and John Hoffman, “Only Murders in the Building” (“True Crime”) 10.5240/A474-550C-00B1-7500-67DE-N
  Jane Becker, “Ted Lasso” (“No Weddings And A Funeral”) 10.5240/B165-88F7-1815-6720-171C-C
  Sarah Naftalis, “What We Do in The Shadows” (“The Casino”) 10.5240/392A-876F-78C0-35ED-1592-5
  Stefani Robinson, “What We Do in The Shadows” (“The Wellness Center”) 10.5240/392A-876F-78C0-35ED-1592-5
Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Drama Special
  Elizabeth Meriwether, “The Dropout” 10.5240/0BAD-6A7F-BC5A-8648-5B4F-F
  Sarah Burgess, “Impeachment: American Crime Story” 10.5240/8682-D296-42D9-AE9A-7FC1-O
  Molly Smith Metzler, “Maid” 10.5240/AB43-6D5D-4217-782F-3928-5
  Patrick Somerville, “Station Eleven” 10.5240/BA95-4C92-D927-0CFF-D8D3-8
  Danny Strong, “Dopesick” 10.5240/9964-7845-62AC-9CB1-0D03-V
  Mike White, “The White Lotus” 10.5240/A117-E884-C3EA-81AB-1F4A-Z
Outstanding Television Movie
  “Chip ’n’Dale: Rescue Rangers” (Disney+) 10.5240/4309-3126-1C0C-F3D3-E6B7-O
  “Ray Donovan: The Movie” (Showtime) 10.5240/38BE-B3E2-F966-6504-4F7F-A
  “Reno 911!: The Hunt For QAnon” (Paramount+) 10.5240/6D43-C0CD-09BD-12C2-610C-H
  “The Survivor” (HBO/HBO Max) 10.5240/9564-C6C2-C0A6-61A4-7A66-8
  “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas” (The Roku Channel) 10.5240/872D-D237-A630-3478-A3A2-5
Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special
  “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” (Netflix) 10.5240/4A5C-6C2C-1B7F-8A01-A749-A
  “The Problem with Jon Stewart” (Apple TV+) 10.5240/F98B-6D64-771C-BA17-30E6-Z
  “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” (CNN) 10.5240/8FD4-7BDE-4C12-0697-F0D4-O
  “VICE” (Showtime) 10.5240/E296-23F7-AD9B-7B6C-A329-3
  “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” (Disney+) 10.5240/2B45-D703-DD60-36D8-6B04-F
Outstanding Variety Talk Series
  “Late Night With Seth Meyers” 10.5240/4409-4D50-DCD1-DE5F-6C55-B
  “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” 10.5240/BE8E-B5BA-E323-D321-EFA7-9
  “Jimmy Kimmel Live” 10.5240/C9D4-AC67-387E-EF5E-6218-9
  “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” 10.5240/1F3A-D3AD-1E81-5C49-7265-E
  “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” 10.5240/E62B-00BD-50C4-6E89-725A-0
Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded)
  “Adele: One Night Only” 10.5240/3EF4-6F2A-4D8D-5C24-024B-2
  “Dave Chappelle: The Closer” 10.5240/3149-7127-65C0-D226-911C-F
  “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts” 10.5240/DCBD-6397-6EAF-8A92-48AB-K
  “Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special” 10.5240/4B0E-622A-7109-67D8-8FD6-3
  “One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga” 10.5240/5266-9658-CFCF-111D-81C6-Q
Outstanding Variety Sketch Series
  “A Black Lady Sketch Show” (HBO/HBO Max) 10.5240/AAEA-DB2E-6DCC-EEE8-E982-Y
  “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) 10.5240/52F4-B813-D880-CD5B-9414-P
Outstanding Competition Program
  “RuPaul’s Drag Race” 10.5240/0FFF-D495-9647-3DEB-7B87-G
  “The Amazing Race” 10.5240/F265-5E92-66DC-6EB2-7448-9
  “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” 10.5240/6AD3-0D69-782B-32EB-73F3-A
  “Nailed It!” 10.5240/D98A-75FF-B4E8-E5ED-3154-Y
  “Top Chef” 10.5240/36B4-D540-414B-21EF-34FE-K
  “The Voice” 10.5240/0B2B-436D-5D35-B44F-AF28-D
Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program
  Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, “Queer Eye” 10.5240/F607-8F04-464A-8A38-0A77-3
  Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, “Making It” 10.5240/EC89-56D2-3F66-18CA-838E-8
  Nicole Byer, “Nailed It!” 10.5240/D98A-75FF-B4E8-E5ED-3154-Y
  Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, “Shark Tank” 10.5240/4EFB-DEC2-FA3F-2C30-111D-I
  Padma Lakshmi, “Top Chef” 10.5240/36B4-D540-414B-21EF-34FE-K
  RuPaul, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” 10.5240/0FFF-D495-9647-3DEB-7B87-G