Everybody Loves Bacon

On July 8, 1958 Ruth and Edmund Bacon welcomed their sixth child, Kevin, into the world. Perhaps knowing that he was destined to become the center of the universe, they stopped there.

Kevin Bacon’s early acting career showed initial promise, but failed to deliver. His first film role, as Chip Diller in National Lampoon’s Animal House, did not immediately lead to bigger things. He followed that with roles in two television soap operas (Search for Tomorrow and Guiding Light) and smaller parts in other movies (such as “2nd Teenager” in Hero at Large). Then, he was cast as the lead in Footloose where he was given a chance show his mettle in game of low-speed tractor chicken[1] and he hasn’t looked back since. By the mid-1990s, he’d earned supporting and starring roles in She’s Having a Baby, Tremors, Flatliners, JFK, A Few Good Men, and Apollo 13.[2]

In a January 1994 interview with Premiere magazine, Kevin Bacon said that he’d either worked with everyone in Hollywood or with someone who had. This led to a Usenet message thread entitled “Kevin Bacon is the Center of the Universe”. Later that same year three Albright College students were inspired to create “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,”[3] a game linking any actor to Kevin Bacon via intermediate screen performances in the fewest steps possible. Kevin Bacon is the only person with a Bacon Number of 0. Everyone who has appeared in a film with him has a Bacon Number of 1. Anyone they have worked with has a Bacon Number of 2 (unless they also worked directly with Kevin Bacon, when their Bacon Number would be 1). And so on.

In a 1996 competition sponsored by the Oracle of Bacon, the highest Bacon Number found was 7. The person who is credited as having the highest ever Bacon Number[4] is William Rufus Shafter, an American Major General who fought in the Spanish-American War and later appeared (as himself) in two silent shorts (each < 1 minute long) in 1898. When first calculated, his Bacon Number was 10.[5] When Kevin Bacon appeared in Frost/Nixon, this created a new path to Major General Shafter, bringing his Bacon Number down to 7. In 2013, it was calculated that of the 1,605,485 actors credited in IMBb, only 329 had Bacon Numbers above 6, and the average for everyone was below 3. Since then, Kevin Bacon hasn’t stopped acting so the numbers keep coming down. Personally, I have a Bacon Number of 2[6]: I was a stunt assistant on Resonance, starring John Laughlin who played Woody in Footloose (1984) with Kevin Bacon.[7]

The Oracle of Bacon currently calculates Bacon Numbers using Wikipedia feature film credits only, so it is not as complete as it once was when it used IMDb credits (including shorts, television, non-acting appearances, etc.), but it remains the baseline reference for calculating Bacon Numbers.[8]

Today, in honor of Kevin Bacon’s 64th birthday, we offer the following list of all of his feature film acting credits, cross-linked through the EIDR registry to multiple metadata providers where you can obtain complete credits to help verify your own Bacon Number.

[1] That, and a lot of dancing.

[2] He now has more than 100 screen acting credits, including film and television, plus additional credits as a writer, director, and producer, and more than double that number of personal appearances on television (talk shows, etc.).

[3] The game takes its name from “six degrees of separation,” a social network concept first appearing in Chains(Láncszemek), a 1929 short story by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy that was later popularized by the 1990 play Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare, and its 1993 film adaptation.

[4] Among those who have acting credits in European and North American movies.

[5] See

[6] If you use full IMDb credits, including cast and crew, and don’t just limit yourself to acting roles in feature films.

[7] My wife also has a Bacon Number of 2, but hers is achieved as an actor: she had a featured (but uncredited) role in When Harry Met Sally, starring Meg Ryan who was in In the Cut with Kevin Bacon.

[8] For the math behind the Bacon, and an overview of the algorithms used in a Bacon search, see

The Bacon-ography

Title Year EIDR ID
National Lampoon’s Animal House 1978 10.5240/E599-4859-88C5-5B02-ADAC-M
Starting Over 1979 10.5240/B006-E09A-C363-1ADF-4C6A-D
The Gift 1979 10.5240/2A32-3A3D-52A9-8561-EB22-P
Friday the 13th 1980 10.5240/7544-6FCA-F299-ECD8-BE4D-A
Hero at Large 1980 10.5240/0164-6A5C-969C-4E6E-A761-1
Only When I Laugh 1981 10.5240/6771-B863-BB45-1943-1618-G
Diner 1982 10.5240/D470-360C-B0E9-8742-CA0A-K
Forty Deuce 1982 10.5240/0307-CF2D-86A7-5B9F-5981-0
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute 1983 10.5240/1D81-1A6C-924C-8E48-DBC2-M
The Demon Murder Case 1983 10.5240/AD02-9DBF-A84D-D3DB-B990-A
Footloose 1984 10.5240/8FC3-FB31-3151-0669-CC3C-V
Mister Roberts 1984 10.5240/2917-1B77-CFF8-A085-3CFC-A
The Little Sister 1985 10.5240/F945-C8A1-A0D9-E9C3-8ABF-C
Quicksilver 1986 10.5240/A8E3-C97D-2FF8-583E-FD57-E
End of the Line 1987 10.5240/02D2-362D-BA86-0683-133C-M
Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1987 10.5240/57C5-C7E3-EC61-9AA0-B4EB-B
White Water Summer 1987 10.5240/785B-52FB-F5C4-FB96-E457-J
Criminal Law 1988 10.5240/5937-B368-F4AC-9B4E-C088-P
Lemon Sky 1988 10.5240/DA7B-3868-7B7D-2C10-D09A-0
She’s Having a Baby 1988 10.5240/12B1-3A5D-E717-1BFA-4C19-J
The Big Picture 1989 10.5240/A0B1-295F-3955-F8F7-B72B-I
Flatliners 1990 10.5240/D3C5-9726-0BF7-47DB-DDB4-7
Tremors 1990 10.5240/01D9-E8BC-D5CE-38F4-8C92-B
He Said, She Said 1991 10.5240/DE04-31DC-FC6C-EC54-6F1C-Z
JFK 1991 10.5240/56A3-DD59-7449-8572-5DA5-8
Pyrates 1991 10.5240/CFFF-25D6-23DA-4559-1DB5-U
Queens Logic 1991 10.5240/FBA9-027F-33A0-7AC8-4346-3
A Few Good Men 1992 10.5240/A31E-F86F-A60F-5070-CBE3-X
The Air Up There 1994 10.5240/DD7A-EF36-75E6-AEE0-49FF-M
The River Wild 1994 10.5240/3E31-AFFD-991D-5CFC-930D-2
Apollo 13 1995 10.5240/CF46-E8CD-0F91-6771-B1A4-N
Balto 1995 10.5240/ABA3-267F-8213-BC6B-6E68-F
Murder in the First 1995 10.5240/493A-72B8-CD5B-CF63-1FE0-8
Sleepers 1996 10.5240/CB2C-3B6A-BF56-7637-C8D7-0
Destination Anywhere 1997 10.5240/C607-E377-9322-82B6-F0B5-R
Digging to China 1997 10.5240/1A02-8FDF-8954-A143-D57F-U
Picture Perfect 1997 10.5240/DBAD-0D5E-7EEB-8806-B754-D
Telling Lies in America 1997 10.5240/6065-7609-EB11-9719-CBCE-J
Wild Things 1998 10.5240/634E-B37A-36A9-B561-1E9E-Z
Stir of Echoes 1999 10.5240/8E34-AD5C-F3D0-F5CB-6759-M
Hollow Man 2000 10.5240/4808-3FAC-627C-C086-FDE8-Y
My Dog Skip 2000 10.5240/8E6C-7402-4C66-07CC-9FDB-K
We Married Margo 2000 10.5240/1960-2B06-7674-3326-2385-R
Novocaine 2001 10.5240/CD78-9F71-05F1-5811-2CAA-Q
Trapped 2002 10.5240/6E2B-253F-770B-3B40-262A-4
In the Cut 2003 10.5240/C3CA-DCDF-1688-569F-A3F6-Y
Mystic River 2003 10.5240/FF1F-8BBF-B72E-CB9B-90E9-U
Where Are They Now?: A Delta Alumni Update 2003 10.5240/FA9A-3BAC-4501-7875-669E-Q
Cavedweller 2004 10.5240/DEE5-46B9-7209-B0A1-5547-B
The Woodsman 2004 10.5240/8B7F-64E6-3930-4780-9172-X
Beauty Shop 2005 10.5240/3F2E-6463-1D27-D61C-A405-R
Loverboy 2005 10.5240/05CC-4233-BD31-69A6-4113-0
Where the Truth Lies 2005 10.5240/DC19-4FEB-A7B3-C937-EA3B-U
Death Sentence 2007 10.5240/148E-972F-97B4-F3AE-3087-O
Rails & Ties 2007 10.5240/86BC-8CAB-6406-9844-C835-P
Saving Angelo 2007 10.5240/35D9-D5ED-88E8-1923-1BC5-G
The Air I Breathe 2007 10.5240/BD3A-6D22-E226-1517-93B3-B
Frost/Nixon 2008 10.5240/EBCF-DBAC-02A8-74C8-2CD9-8 It’s A New Day 2008 10.5240/9ED8-232E-4140-B726-95F6-I
Beyond All Boundaries 2009 10.5240/23EE-AA3B-3E33-FE02-D688-N
My One and Only 2009 10.5240/BC8A-7FE6-A85E-F4F2-925A-H
Taking Chance 2009 10.5240/493E-982E-DFEB-C0B9-AEE0-G
The Bellamy Brothers: Guilty of the Crime 2009 10.5240/3705-774C-902A-2B4D-481A-D
These Vagabond Shoes 2009 10.5240/133B-7897-3512-1AB1-203A-O
Super 2010 10.5240/D794-70C9-111C-D36B-0E29-D
Crazy, Stupid, Love. 2011 10.5240/7EE2-0DBA-F131-6460-112C-W
Elephant White 2011 10.5240/699F-B3CB-8BA2-8A73-6909-P
X-Men: First Class 2011 10.5240/5E93-1AD8-215D-F1BC-A55A-B
8 2012 10.5240/6092-3C42-98B4-633D-9311-J
Jayne Mansfield’s Car 2012 10.5240/837B-BD5A-C118-54B4-A77D-O
R.I.P.D. 2013 10.5240/CECD-027E-775C-4377-3B68-T
Tough Day 2014 10.5240/C018-8DF4-A3E8-C466-B76F-D
Black Mass 2015 10.5240/1CFE-4FFF-9308-0A14-0AAF-7
Cop Car 2015 10.5240/26FE-AE93-6B1C-5645-49F9-T
Patriots Day 2016 10.5240/E2D8-96AD-BDD4-AFE3-5CE5-U
The Darkness 2016 10.5240/38A6-6DCB-6C3B-21EE-565B-Z
Story of a Girl 2017 10.5240/25A4-E974-FBBC-06E6-A753-N
Tour de Pharmacy 2017 10.5240/606B-AC9F-A8E4-9360-E6F2-L
Duck: A Film by Kevin Bacon 2018 10.5240/DBC2-3F32-AEB2-205D-22BB-N
Tremors 2018 10.5240/EA46-7576-7309-0CDA-5459-B
EE 5G. Stream Even When It’s Busy 2019 10.5240/FB3D-9CD6-EF3F-B983-F4D9-S
You Should Have Left 2020 10.5240/D80E-EB1B-0907-97FF-FF33-9
North Star 2022 10.5240/6F85-9906-2383-8126-E595-4
One Way 2022 10.5240/9477-ED37-8B6E-9263-C719-J
Space Oddity 2022 10.5240/F34D-B578-D78B-E2F2-4940-P
The Toxic Avenger 2022 10.5240/490C-DEC3-BAD6-360F-017E-6
They/Them 2022 10.5240/1D39-C2AA-3767-94D4-6DB3-S
Leave the World Behind 2023 10.5240/B7B0-090E-8ABD-67E4-8B16-B