EXCIPIO, A German Based Copyright Intelligence Solution Provider, Joins the EIDR Consortium

Paris, France, June 7, 2016. – EXCIPIO, a German IT-company, highly specialized in piracy data analytics, just joined the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), the consortium promoting the use of a unique, global identifier of entertainment assets including films and television episodes. The EIDR consortium is organized as an industry non-profit, and is comprised of key stakeholders from content owners, video post-production houses, content distributors, retailers, entertainment services and technology provider companies.

“EXCIPIO provides highly scalable copyright infringement solutions to media and entertainment companies”, said Norbert Türbach, CEO of EXCIPIO. “Understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior is key to taking successful business decisions. With the EXCIPIO Reporter and Piracy API, we provide our clients with an important tool to reveal global content trends, uncover market dynamics and assess market potentials”.

“We’re delighted to welcome EXCIPIO as our new copyright intelligence member” stated Don Dulchinos, Executive Director of EIDR. “The automation of this step of the content distribution workflow is also an integral part of the business case for EIDR: rights owners can benefit from connecting digital distribution to infringement reporting, thus accelerating the processes, and thus stemming issues a bit faster also”.

“The EIDR registry will help us match existing identifiers to EIDR identifiers used in digital distribution”, said Nikolai Gleich, EXCIPIO CTO. “This helps our clients to better integrate piracy data analytics into internal reportings and work flows”.

The EIDR content identifier and related platform APIs, tools, and solutions, can be used efficiently by all the actors of the digital video value chain. Advertising, multiplatform distribution, measurement and tracking, are only a few of the digital workflows that can be enhanced by EIDR identifiers.

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About EIDR
The EIDR Organization is a nonprofit industry association managing universal identifiers for a broad array of television and film assets. EIDR maintains management and technical support personnel in Europe and North America. For more information, please visit www.eidr.org. The registry is manually and openly searchable at https://ui.eidr.org/search.

EXCIPIO is an IT company specialized in building scalable solutions to accurately track and analyse worldwide copyright infringements on the internet, e.g. BitTorrent networks. EXCIPIO provides detailed piracy data analytics for a variety of use cases, like content acquisition and market analytics for distribution. EXCIPIO also documents and archives forensic evidence used against film- tv- music, games- and software-pirates in a form acceptable for legal proceedings. For more information, please visit http://excipio.de or http://excipio.de/en/about-us/.