Google Makes EIDR-Enabled Assets More Visible

There are all sorts of benefits to having your content registered with an ID from the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR): eliminate costly translations between proprietary ID systems, lower risk of misidentification caused by duplication and lack of ID uniqueness, improved internal asset tracking, better matching of assets and metadata from different databases.

Now, thanks to the work of engineers at Google, EIDR-enabled assets have another benefit: more visibility in search results.

More than 2.5 million pieces of EIDR-enabled content registered with the system now show up top when those titles are searched for by Google users, and all future EIDR-registered titles be included immediately after they are registered, Google told the EIDR Report.

Google said the benefits include transactional reporting, better speed to publish, improved search and discoverability, and faster, more accurate data reconciliation.

The benefits for content owners are huge, according to Hollie Choi, managing director of EIDR. “Registering content with EIDR can help with identifying and tracking content across different platforms and systems, but this change in how Google utilizes EIDR will increase the likelihood that search users will be directed to the content they are trying to find,” she said.

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