Hammer Films

Today, the UK’s Hammer Films is still best known for its string of gothic horror films from the 1950s through 1970s (thanks in large part to their frequent appearance on television), but there was so much more to Hammer Films than just genre films and quota quickies. Hammer Films had its origins in 1913 when Enrique Carreras, a Spanish immigrant to the UK,[1] opened a two-screen cinema in London’s Hammersmith neighborhood. He soon expanded from there to create the Blue Halls theater chain. Then, in the late 1920s, Carreras established Exclusive Films as a theatrical distributor. Meanwhile, Will Hinds was performing in vaudeville as the Hammer portion of the “Hammer and Smith” act.[2] In 1932, Hammer (née Hinds) joined Carreras’ distribution business. Then together, in 1934, they established Hammer Films to produce low-budget features to feed Exclusive Films as their primary distributor.[3]

Hammer’s first film, The Public Life of Henry the Ninth (1935) was a comedy followed by the melodrama The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (1936). Hammer produced five films before a production hiatus from 1937-1946. The company was re-formed and production began again in 1947. Over the years, Hammer produced a wide variety of films including action/adventure, comedy, detective, drama, film noir, mystery, period pieces (from dinosaurs to pirates), science fiction, war films, etc. The Quatermass Xperiment (1955), a science fiction drama, was the company’s first film with a horror element and first international success. To capitalize on that success, the studio produced its first gothic horror film The Curse of Frankenstein, in 1956 (released in 1957). The film starred Peter Cushing (a Hammer regular) as the good doctor with Christopher Lee (predating Lee’s more famous role as Dracula) as the Creature. The Curse of Frankenstein grossed nearly 30 times its production cost, ensuring a long string of horror films to follow.

The Hammer treatment, which included full color and lurid detail, was eventually given to all the classic black-and-white gothic horror staples, including Dracula (plus numerous off-brand vampires), the Fantom of the Opera, Frankenstein (and his monsters), Jack the Ripper, Jekyll and Hyde, the Mummy, Twins, Voodoo, and Werewolves. The most famous of these was the series of nine Dracula films[4] starring Christopher Lee as the Count and Peter Cushing as Dr. Van Helsing, beginning with the eponymous Dracula in 1958 and continuing through The Satanic Rites of Dracula in 1974. Along the way, Hammer seemed to run out of ways to revive – and then kill off – the Count. In Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972), they brought the Count to modern times. That may have reduced the costume budgets, but it didn’t help the story telling, and Lee refused to make any further Dracula films after Satanic Rites. Still, the series did give us my all-time-favorite TV plot synopsis: “The vampire count bites a tavern waitress and a monsignor’s niece, then falls on something sharp.[5]

Hammer focused most of its efforts on theatrical feature films.[6] Their only television series was the anthology program Journey to the Unknown (1968). In the early 1970s, as their theatrical business began to wane, they attempted to break into American television. They produced several failed pilots (released theatrically in Brittan), but none were picked up as series. Hammer released its last horror film, To the Devil … A Daughter in 1976 and its last film of all, The Lady Vanishes, in 1979 (produced in 1978).

Hammer was revived in the 1980s and produced two television anthology series, Hammer House of Horror (1980) and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense (1984) with a total of 26 episodes before going quite once again. Much like its famous Dracula series, Hammer has once again risen from the grave, this time in 2007, releasing eight feature films between 2008 and 2019.

Assembling a Hammer filmography is complicated by its close association with Exclusive Films (nominally a distributor, but credited as the producer of a number of films during the classic Hammer era), its many co-production and co-financing deals, and the American fondness for re-cutting Hammer films to make them fit into a double-bill,[7] with the American distributor claiming a production credit along the way. Many Hammer filmographies leave out The Bank Messenger Mystery (1937), an early Hammer film now lost, and include Chase Me, Charlie (1951), a film that we cannot verify was ever produced.[8] We have done our best to assemble a compressive list of every feature film, theatrical short, serial, and television program that could be reasonably credited to Hammer Films, each referencing its associated EIDR ID.

[1] Following a similar pattern taking place in the United States at the time, where many of the early motion picture empresarios were immigrants.

[2] Hinds later changed his name to Hammer.

[3] Again, following a pattern common to the major US studios that progressed from exhibition to distribution to production.

[4] Hammer also released seven Frankenstein films between 1957 and 1974.

[5] For Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968).

[6] Their one theatrical serial, The Adventures of Dick Barton (1955), was actually re-cut from their three earlier Dick Barton features.

[7] Despite what that may do to the plot.

[8] The only Chase Me, Charlie we can find is a 1918 Charlie Chaplin comedy.

The Hammer Films Filmography


Hammer Feature Films

Title Year EIDR ID
The Public Life of Henry the Ninth 1935 10.5240/3A64-C1E2-9F52-3128-0C13-M
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste 1935 10.5240/C630-71E3-DB50-1395-0200-Q
Song of Freedom 1935 10.5240/38F4-6D3D-DCDC-577B-6D2A-2
The Bank Messenger Mystery 1936 10.5240/FF2B-5F0B-4773-325F-7EEB-W
Sporting Love 1936 10.5240/6F80-008A-80BF-F32C-88C7-1
Death in High Heels 1947 10.5240/613C-4202-B6B1-787E-9ED7-A
The Dark Road 1948 10.5240/8162-3F36-0A23-8592-C178-E
Dick Barton, Special Agent 1948 10.5240/9D02-E583-1852-8198-E692-M
River Patrol 1948 10.5240/0DCB-E67D-6A3E-1788-145B-R
Who Killed Van Loon? 1948 10.5240/6886-87A9-A9FB-222A-A8E9-L
The Adventures of PC 49 1949 10.5240/4DC3-BC59-DAEA-CFD6-6301-L
Celia—The Sinister Affair of Poor Aunt Nora 1949 10.5240/1F88-D2B7-D2B2-C0B3-6845-S
Dick Barton Strikes Back 1949 10.5240/30CC-95A2-67CF-C8B4-CAFB-8
Dr. Morelle—The Case of the Missing Heiress 1949 10.5240/4A16-8B27-6EB5-6463-CB0F-A
The Jack of Diamonds 1949 10.5240/ABD7-CE28-15D0-A819-61FC-2
Dick Barton at Bay 1950 10.5240/8D85-46D5-BBE4-C053-0757-2
The Lady Craved Excitement 1950 10.5240/5697-4E8F-547B-BEBC-D1F1-I
The Man in Black 1950 10.5240/42C8-6988-9EA1-A482-9212-3
Meet Simon Cherry 1950 10.5240/894B-30B9-DFCC-342D-9474-W
Room to Let 1950 10.5240/0D0D-AE2C-F548-A6D8-1AA8-B
Someone at the Door 1950 10.5240/74FD-EF86-158B-AE65-ACB5-H
What the Butler Saw 1950 10.5240/23D9-54FF-DDAB-7F8E-1B29-4
A Case for P.C. 49 1951 10.5240/ACBA-A586-820C-E376-5D12-H
The Black Widow 1951 10.5240/3AFB-6625-D4D0-845F-6E94-O
The Dark Light 1951 10.5240/1FC1-45DD-92FC-75E1-76CA-2
The Rossiter Case 1951 10.5240/DF98-9623-123F-4A70-6369-4
To Have and to Hold 1951 10.5240/E98E-A0A8-7D5C-FB57-B6E8-R
Cloudburst 1952 10.5240/7C09-649D-99E6-497C-B9F2-4
Death of an Angel 1952 10.5240/7874-77DD-A656-9996-9065-C
Lady in the Fog 1952 10.5240/6D5A-1D92-8584-5DEF-95B3-V
The Last Page 1952 10.5240/7E18-0D8E-7F6C-1627-9F88-T
Never Look Back 1952 10.5240/5F80-28B5-1AE1-A9FC-A3ED-4
Stolen Face 1952 10.5240/7480-7BBA-54BE-8DED-8EA4-M
Whispering Smith Hits London 1952 10.5240/FCF4-82AF-EF36-A644-06DA-M
Wings of Danger 1952 10.5240/53A6-435D-2282-6E7F-AD19-V
36 Hours 1953 10.5240/E9BE-01E5-AE47-83FC-D62B-G
Blood Orange 1953 10.5240/E339-9741-64AE-E3F6-1BDE-Z
The Flanagan Boy 1953 10.5240/20F0-9AC3-8EEC-3912-2D93-E
The Four Sided Triangle 1953 10.5240/AC3D-583F-78AA-8562-F880-N
The Gambler and the Lady 1953 10.5240/9BA0-E4FE-AAC5-556C-71A2-I
Mantrap 1953 10.5240/82D0-17DA-C6A1-58C2-AF20-V
The Saint’s Return 1953 10.5240/2E13-0590-E1BD-8F74-9A31-E
Spaceways 1953 10.5240/71FA-886B-C03B-3812-339C-X
Face the Music 1954 10.5240/5CA0-8519-11E0-0751-F2C2-Z
Five Days 1954 10.5240/3A5C-67E2-0676-4FF7-8489-F
The House Across the Lake 1954 10.5240/C3D0-C6C4-DB08-D709-2692-T
Life with the Lyons 1954 10.5240/634A-A25A-3AFD-A726-FE80-K
Mask of Dust 1954 10.5240/E9B6-50F2-FE05-F8A8-9414-U
The Men of Sherwood Forest 1954 10.5240/C6E1-3502-38EF-84B9-796E-Z
Murder by Proxy 1954 10.5240/90E0-237E-2B12-39A9-DCC7-7
The Stranger Came Home 1954 10.5240/1CC9-45FA-02BD-1B59-AD29-0
Break in the Circle 1955 10.5240/AB22-0EED-4AA8-4530-0E8D-V
The Glass Cage 1955 10.5240/CADA-262B-F3D1-B65E-6D4C-K
The Lyons in Paris 1955 10.5240/7177-9198-1677-E27F-5091-Y
The Quatermass Xperiment 1955 10.5240/CE0C-BB98-FCB6-E05A-67C9-E
Third Party Risk 1955 10.5240/08E2-6C38-C289-BFEF-1A02-K
Quatermass 2 1956 10.5240/0003-1892-207B-1789-6669-7
The Steel Bayonet 1956 10.5240/0F17-DC8F-0AD9-FC57-3CE2-S
Women Without Men 1956 10.5240/E46B-D055-3FA7-263E-DA52-B
X—The Unknown 1956 10.5240/B6A1-1A6A-C505-1627-D984-4
The Abominable Snowman 1957 10.5240/7CDA-91D4-2F11-DA22-7415-E
The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 10.5240/41A4-C793-042C-8C4F-0893-M
The Camp on Blood Island 1958 10.5240/BB42-C095-C3B5-6E58-C0DD-U
Dracula 1958 10.5240/733F-3478-FC8A-007A-DC91-3
Further Up the Creek 1958 10.5240/8EA0-60F6-FF54-28E2-2A01-9
The Revenge of Frankenstein 1958 10.5240/9C57-9DCC-D6D5-2336-F2D8-R
The Snorkel 1958 10.5240/5733-6DC5-2FF0-9044-E0A1-8
Tales of Frankenstein 1958 10.5240/CFA2-56AD-3580-B53D-3FB3-6
Up the Creek 1958 10.5240/E900-E9C2-2DD0-91B2-DA5E-2
The Hound of the Baskervilles 1959 10.5240/BA28-5C49-31B2-E985-3413-B
I Only Arsked 1959 10.5240/A601-7CD2-5676-8039-82D4-M
The Man Who Could Cheat Death 1959 10.5240/3D97-2969-622A-7E2F-50FB-U
The Mummy 1959 10.5240/8A54-1639-C3F2-9D1B-2B0C-V
Ten Seconds to Hell 1959 10.5240/5F3E-C141-BBA9-EA42-F7A5-3
The Ugly Duckling 1959 10.5240/A20A-C812-2C47-424E-502E-H
Yesterday’s Enemy 1959 10.5240/40CE-72A6-ED43-D8A3-C078-Q
The Brides of Dracula 1960 10.5240/8C37-DC3C-2FFC-1AE7-B86D-M
Don’t Panic Chaps! 1960 10.5240/0D62-35C8-DCB0-6B00-503D-I
The Full Treatment 1960 10.5240/8250-E684-01ED-7AF0-00A5-R
Hell Is a City 1960 10.5240/027C-7302-C6F7-48E5-853B-1
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger 1960 10.5240/E601-A71D-540A-AB78-3688-5
The Stranglers of Bombay 1960 10.5240/BBF3-F7D0-DBAC-9D14-ABD7-M
Sword of Sherwood Forest 1960 10.5240/4A74-B9A6-6DAF-BB32-04C1-N
The Terror of the Tongs 1960 10.5240/A2A0-1445-874F-8F99-0328-7
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll 1960 10.5240/DB88-9050-0660-5D97-0050-V
Visa to Canton 1960 10.5240/B8DE-3A93-4E22-A3A0-3BCB-4
A Weekend with Lulu 1961 10.5240/EFA0-39AB-9FA4-76B5-5361-I
Cash on Demand 1961 10.5240/7A97-9CA4-C312-73BD-6406-3
The Curse of the Werewolf 1961 10.5240/1990-F422-4EC5-6749-35A9-3
The Shadow of the Cat 1961 10.5240/6983-A05F-6B52-D961-5067-Z
Taste of Fear 1961 10.5240/766F-3607-F49B-0FEB-2FC5-I
Watch It, Sailor! 1961 10.5240/F6F6-798C-8CF7-718B-2D7C-X
Captain Clegg 1962 10.5240/0805-8B51-5567-1DBC-F05D-H
The Phantom of the Opera 1962 10.5240/A0E0-25D3-9B3A-3C7F-8F1D-S
The Pirates of Blood River 1962 10.5240/8CEB-1817-A8BD-5BD7-CD0A-W
The Damned 1963 10.5240/5353-6FA3-033B-99B9-93F0-Y
Kiss of the Vampire 1963 10.5240/F6B0-1D99-FBC6-3E4F-5315-L
Maniac 1963 10.5240/23FB-BFF9-8D10-DCEE-404C-H
Nightmare 1963 10.5240/46E5-FD76-ED26-B6F9-97C7-Z
Paranoiac 1963 10.5240/47D4-7E39-272D-6179-0433-R
The Scarlet Blade 1963 10.5240/B2EE-7FD1-76F5-AEEA-4E9F-J
The Devil-Ship Pirates 1964 10.5240/BF50-0F85-BB96-6361-5332-A
The Evil of Frankenstein 1964 10.5240/D7A0-A4EF-80AA-0326-401A-2
The Gorgon 1964 10.5240/4739-4802-52AA-1112-B82F-N
The Brigand of Kandahar 1965 10.5240/1322-8D81-96A9-BBF2-173F-H
The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb 1965 10.5240/DDB5-CE5D-3304-9F2F-C6E9-G
Fanatic 1965 10.5240/FFF4-3B49-296A-8499-971C-V
Hysteria 1965 10.5240/C0F2-8586-A1D4-330A-6440-K
The Nanny 1965 10.5240/1178-667B-4227-C441-5409-G
The Secret of Blood Island 1965 10.5240/F4D8-9405-9C98-D30D-ABDA-9
She 1965 10.5240/5550-4633-12C8-EE98-AE68-0
Dracula—Prince of Darkness 1966 10.5240/3DCF-7519-E770-517A-006A-5
The Old Dark House 1966 10.5240/D61F-8C1D-7194-B6F8-A1C2-C
One Million Years B.C. 1966 10.5240/F0FD-FA1B-2177-9DF2-4C81-F
The Plague of the Zombies 1966 10.5240/6CCF-6F74-7E42-CBC7-7B20-4
Rasputin—The Mad Monk 1966 10.5240/4CD4-B2D1-916B-C191-3AAD-N
The Reptile 1966 10.5240/18C6-554D-B758-DEAC-4476-O
The Viking Queen 1966 10.5240/1333-5103-05CC-6ECF-4AE8-Z
The Witches 1966 10.5240/0A0D-1159-0B5E-75F9-02B3-F
A Challenge for Robin Hood 1967 10.5240/9223-1657-8C96-A3DD-7CC8-J
Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 10.5240/E333-E52D-DD9A-EB4C-F724-D
The Mummy’s Shroud 1967 10.5240/C63B-2B5D-0415-BC54-8F42-3
Quatermass and the Pit 1967 10.5240/4882-5E94-B895-7799-DB16-C
The Anniversary 1968 10.5240/60AB-E8D9-1786-8672-4EEF-N
The Devil Rides Out 1968 10.5240/0BDE-55D7-9BE9-6C0A-1A35-Q
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 1968 10.5240/26DB-DA39-12F2-9D02-2C6E-F
The Lost Continent 1968 10.5240/6045-5E9D-9FCD-AFBC-97F7-E
Slave Girls 1968 10.5240/AB72-A0A4-FB18-CD80-36B6-N
The Vengeance of She 1968 10.5240/D4F9-9A7E-A2F1-642E-C813-A
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 1969 10.5240/43F1-7146-718E-D021-0EC3-C
Moon Zero Two 1969 10.5240/ED73-A2AE-B547-7425-30CC-W
Crescendo 1970 10.5240/F3B9-2CA2-44AD-3BA7-55D2-U
The Horror of Frankenstein 1970 10.5240/A8BC-9957-AF44-547F-C280-A
Scars of Dracula 1970 10.5240/83B6-6A01-5B03-BE76-9A3B-U
Taste the Blood of Dracula 1970 10.5240/8DF8-5F7A-384A-CC17-33C1-E
The Vampire Lovers 1970 10.5240/054E-000F-BB85-62F2-4630-0
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth 1970 10.5240/DC05-E42A-F565-DE1F-6642-4
Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb 1971 10.5240/CDEF-6033-E08E-BF2F-341B-M
Countess Dracula 1971 10.5240/9DD2-6816-7155-5CC1-B108-F
Creatures the World Forgot 1971 10.5240/900F-2E2E-9122-AE0D-209A-1
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde 1971 10.5240/5EB4-75FD-F033-4D10-3E28-2
Hands of the Ripper 1971 10.5240/C588-7C18-FC3D-7C8C-AB16-Z
Lust for a Vampire 1971 10.5240/E968-6474-6036-43AC-174F-A
On the Buses 1971 10.5240/550E-B9A6-BC7F-44C9-0A9A-W
Twins of Evil 1971 10.5240/89FC-1CC3-B53F-7C11-5B90-L
Demons of the Mind 1972 10.5240/930C-C8E8-68B8-3C2F-FD91-T
Dracula A.D. 1972 1972 10.5240/CB6A-DD9B-56F2-6880-2CFB-0
Fear in the Night 1972 10.5240/3ED7-D293-77E0-94FD-D256-G
Mutiny on the Buses 1972 10.5240/F7F5-0B57-BA68-478C-7C0C-W
Straight On Till Morning 1972 10.5240/BDF8-99DC-A1C5-EB62-3A60-O
Vampire Circus 1972 10.5240/69AA-FA76-04FD-8D01-AB80-E
Holiday on the Buses 1973 10.5240/AFA1-A6E1-B934-3162-0C58-P
Kronos 1973 10.5240/08BB-C6B3-6275-14E6-6B69-3
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires 1973 10.5240/4BD9-B094-8CE0-D531-85DF-P
Love Thy Neighbor 1973 10.5240/3520-BC79-60E9-09B0-AC44-8
Man at the Top 1973 10.5240/DC45-534F-7435-DC49-3D3F-Z
Nearest and Dearest 1973 10.5240/B247-0894-69CC-FC13-262B-5
That’s Your Funeral 1973 10.5240/8CF0-BDA6-5E49-1244-413C-W
Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood 1973 10.5240/D2D1-FE9C-A79E-AF59-E523-K
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell 1974 10.5240/63C4-83B2-DB7D-A842-E407-T
Man About the House 1974 10.5240/146F-055B-DDD7-6913-1A2E-9
The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974 10.5240/8DA8-81DC-CBC9-4174-5B90-7
Shatter 1974 10.5240/BF64-0C43-1976-8B8D-375B-0
To the Devil … A Daughter 1976 10.5240/D5F0-77F8-4908-A622-882B-0
The Lady Vanishes 1979 10.5240/61C4-6591-2E78-DCF4-F225-Y
Beyond the Rave 2008 10.5240/7F72-5D32-3464-844E-5A34-K
Wake Wood 2009 10.5240/E41A-460A-6AC6-BD61-7FC6-D
Let Me In 2010 10.5240/1B4F-8FCF-68A6-B2FA-AD30-T
The Resident 2011 10.5240/A5E8-866F-2452-B7A1-1A15-9
The Woman in Black 2012 10.5240/2961-9825-2D64-6265-6EEA-4
The Quiet Ones 2014 10.5240/B7DC-BCDD-3C72-AB7C-5286-N
The Woman in Black: Angel of Death 2014 10.5240/57D6-A8BB-075B-5752-D808-C
The Lodge 2019 10.5240/9482-E1B1-83C3-0263-756B-7


Hammer Short Films

Title Year EIDR ID
Polly’s Two Fathers 1935 10.5240/C719-ECD9-A3CE-1E75-DF1C-I
Musical Merrytone No. 1 1936 10.5240/5CA7-8761-52D5-18AA-7009-5
Old Father Thames 1945 10.5240/1686-EC4D-F8A3-1579-D780-E
The Peke Speaks 1945 10.5240/766B-C5B5-6EFA-62AD-52BC-Z
An Englishman’s Home 1946 10.5240/598D-27A9-8964-4172-22CE-H
Bred to Stay 1946 10.5240/AF3F-6AC2-B19E-F9E3-801C-R
Candy’s Calendar 1946 10.5240/3EA6-CA60-88CF-76CB-5EFD-X
Cornish Holiday 1946 10.5240/44BC-8251-9959-7590-4607-E
Crime Reporter 1946 10.5240/D919-4A26-A8D3-5133-3C04-6
It’s a Dog’s Life 1946 10.5240/E934-1B47-CC8C-1123-ED61-K
Pekes Sold a Pop 1946 10.5240/DA71-2F82-462D-1717-C6F0-M
Perchance to Sail 1946 10.5240/4F0A-AD59-7CB2-7C08-93D6-Y
Skiffy Goes to Sea 1946 10.5240/BFA1-469A-8CDD-FD13-D906-M
Tiny Wings 1946 10.5240/31FB-AF16-3FFC-8E66-5204-E
We Do Believe in Ghosts 1946 10.5240/EF15-8350-964E-25F3-40F1-D
Birthplace of Fame 1947 10.5240/2615-8403-25DE-E403-D2E7-P
Life Is Nothing Without Music 1947 10.5240/1A68-2544-601B-F6B5-937F-J
Material Evidence 1947 10.5240/3A33-0442-87FA-CF24-F7F8-S
Paddy’s Milestone 1947 10.5240/288F-BB0E-1A74-9037-0089-B
What the Stars Foretell 1947 10.5240/B40B-9E63-4E98-5131-7FAB-Q
Emerald Isle 1948 10.5240/5006-4F34-CE69-1B03-F823-4
The End of the Bridge 1948 10.5240/3D51-8FA5-28F4-9952-FE62-3
Highland Story 1948 10.5240/D029-C334-B310-917B-DC6D-I
Tale of a City 1948 10.5240/826C-B79F-385C-392A-248E-5
Monkey Manners 1950 10.5240/48B1-2F34-5342-53F9-30AD-I
Queer Fish 1950 10.5240/619C-064A-7BDE-00F2-174F-P
Village of Bray 1951 10.5240/5CFC-2D0E-B5A5-004D-31C2-G
Call of the Land 1952 10.5240/B7DC-DAFA-7FB2-167B-7CA5-5
Giselle 1952 10.5240/5E10-D39E-3436-7E18-9AE9-N
Made for Laughs 1952 10.5240/6D10-D355-D29A-A270-5E82-S
River Ships 1952 10.5240/DA52-0726-87E9-2192-956B-8
A Day in the Country 1953 10.5240/19AE-6B2A-DAA5-8A94-C88C-M
Between Two Frontiers 1953 10.5240/E943-615A-B989-78BC-A9E2-2
Cathedral City 1953 10.5240/4DAF-1651-7D0E-D063-12EA-J
Sky Traders 1953 10.5240/8B01-6997-CC54-F324-FB26-2
Valley of Peace 1953 10.5240/6B10-84A9-75AA-81E2-BBAE-P
The World’s Smallest Country 1953 10.5240/6914-B794-4CAB-D251-B1B0-8
Denis Compton 1954 10.5240/3E7E-690B-56CE-1446-444E-B
Holiday on Skis 1954 10.5240/CEE1-0FB2-E88A-6C2A-3E1E-U
The Mirror and Markheim 1954 10.5240/5879-275C-16D0-1771-5642-5
Polo 1954 10.5240/C01B-278E-DDFF-2CE7-EDE1-B
A Body Like Mine 1955 10.5240/CF31-F06E-A4FA-88C3-6A11-U
A Man on the Beach 1955 10.5240/2D81-15A8-5BF0-3331-1A38-X
Archery 1955 10.5240/B12F-C4DF-7FF3-1BA0-B388-4
Cyril Stapleton and the Show Band 1955 10.5240/D66E-68F9-4870-0805-B237-3
Dick Turpin—Highwayman 1955 10.5240/1B2B-B045-F097-BEA9-4B03-9
Eric Winstone’s Stagecoach 1955 10.5240/9EA7-C876-98A9-9862-08CF-C
Just for You 1955 10.5240/6EAE-2314-F073-410A-C5C2-V
Parade of the Bands 1955 10.5240/384F-0A48-D4E6-C5DE-0C88-Q
The Right Person 1955 10.5240/2662-1102-F5DC-DAF3-6AB1-Q
Setting the Pace 1955 10.5240/DF1B-0D07-0E88-399F-A04A-Z
Belles on Her Toes 1956 10.5240/7CC5-5CE4-72C0-9180-143B-M
Copenhagen 1956 10.5240/0399-B733-418C-274C-8EF1-2
History Repeats Itself 1956 10.5240/14AC-7174-C7F2-AEE8-5B87-1
The Magic Carpet 1956 10.5240/5365-2855-E0A8-DFD8-D033-S
Pleasure Hunt 1956 10.5240/2F09-2836-BD3F-A059-2324-6
Danger List 1957 10.5240/5384-8E66-51AC-CF71-E73B-O
Dangerous Drugs 1957 10.5240/A7C6-B0DA-E0EA-D815-E50F-9
Day of Grace 1957 10.5240/4A0D-77E9-EE0E-308E-BF2A-X
The Edmundo Ros Half-Hour 1957 10.5240/05FE-1576-90A4-7B02-9599-6
Enchanted Island 1957 10.5240/7B7F-9008-48B1-DA03-1C47-U
Italian Holiday 1957 10.5240/3665-3C05-4784-2518-56DE-H
Keeping Fit with Yoga 1957 10.5240/FC71-8A43-673E-4FDC-6F8C-D
Man with a Dog 1957 10.5240/4E93-B4DB-3C01-CEB2-FC50-W
Seven Wonders of the World 1957 10.5240/B6AC-CBAC-805F-F40A-454F-X
Sunshine Holiday 1957 10.5240/E660-2319-CC0B-4151-D43E-6
Yoga and the Average Man 1957 10.5240/538B-1ACB-F7AA-39B0-BA45-U
Yoga and You 1957 10.5240/08D5-45FC-1D97-52BC-3F85-W
Blue Highway 1958 10.5240/B9BA-6264-18D1-A03B-F00C-D
Cathay Pacific 1958 10.5240/A94E-EA03-5A3F-0937-1D1C-M
Clean Sweep 1958 10.5240/587A-2281-F32C-1880-609C-3
Riviera Express 1958 10.5240/0EE2-258D-DF5F-6792-BC63-S
Operation Universe 1959 10.5240/BDB2-8858-C042-8812-1DA9-U
Ticket to Happiness 1959 10.5240/2BE5-28B1-D8F1-572F-065C-H
Highway Holiday 1961 10.5240/6EB6-1408-7117-5FD3-A68F-Z
Land of the Leprechauns 1961 10.5240/BEC8-B028-928F-F90E-3D30-I
Modern Ireland 1961 10.5240/5F62-FA53-1A84-E52F-41DB-N
National Sporting Club 1961 10.5240/EC2C-DF22-4670-517D-38EA-I
O’Hara’s Holiday 1961 10.5240/E43F-331A-1278-6E36-5343-B


Hammer Series

Title Year EIDR ID
The Adventures of Dick Barton 1955 10.5240/1B03-EC19-E0D6-C9D9-555E-0
“The Poison Dart” 10.5240/FE03-29D3-2CD0-0DFF-617F-6
“The Smugglers’ Cove” 10.5240/0DD8-2F5B-7BFC-6BFB-E7AF-4
“Trapped” 10.5240/1703-CB74-9194-D518-2F85-J
“Plan For Revenge” 10.5240/A2CC-393A-9F09-7BAC-BE00-C
“Fight To The Finish” 10.5240/F9BE-1A9B-484B-A96D-3794-9
“Sudden Death” 10.5240/0CF9-CE01-D755-5355-6687-5
“Yellow Peril” 10.5240/0849-70D9-A1BD-DE26-8758-L
“The Fiendish Experiment” 10.5240/5E55-54F0-D948-6A89-C84A-X
“Fight For Life” 10.5240/9438-61E4-D9F4-E000-E0C2-P
“The World At Stake” 10.5240/9EAF-1D15-EAEA-C33E-A2F2-S
“The Wail Of Fear” 10.5240/5926-55D9-E58E-FD12-0655-H
“Foiled Again!” 10.5240/1C72-DFD7-05C4-5005-0309-M
“Trapped In The Snake House” 10.5240/BC0E-C9F4-52AC-83BE-52F0-2
“The Tower Of Terror” 10.5240/0778-7802-4833-5662-DA20-V
Journey to the Unknown 1968 10.5240/5F44-65D6-32EC-4D26-4672-Z
“Eve” 10.5240/8DEB-5B53-0147-1319-475E-I
“The New People” 10.5240/9070-AFE8-672F-6AB0-437C-Y
“Jane Brown’s Body” 10.5240/EF2B-368A-4818-4E2B-08A9-W
“The Indian Spirit Guide” 10.5240/4FAA-7FC2-281A-0FFC-032D-H
“Miss Belle” 10.5240/6D92-314D-197E-FF34-C128-P
“Do Me a Favor and Kill Me” 10.5240/5EE1-7804-C704-19A5-AD2B-B
“Somewhere in a Crowd” 10.5240/1F44-1E91-EC5F-1987-370D-E
“Paper Dolls” 10.5240/4AAA-E6DC-6847-F12F-7572-5
“Matakitas Is Coming” 10.5240/28D4-5055-B253-FFD5-1E8C-W
“The Beckoning Fair One” 10.5240/37FC-8D8A-D3EF-86EF-6350-8
“One on an Island” 10.5240/93CA-30FB-9FD4-2523-2401-0
“Girl of My Dreams” 10.5240/2F7B-4918-D5BF-AF50-65EA-3
“The Last Visitor” 10.5240/8DF7-4A54-1CF2-861C-DDEF-I
“Poor Butterfly” 10.5240/1619-65B9-3ACA-7B17-2C6C-1
“Stranger in the Family” 10.5240/DD01-580E-DF48-54D4-9DC4-B
“The Killing Bottle” 10.5240/DEDF-2C25-847C-7B4F-726B-O
“The Madison Equation” 10.5240/3FB4-2EB6-D753-90BD-18AF-7
Hammer House of Horror 1980 10.5240/0C4C-C4F8-3F92-D079-A0E0-M
“Witching Time” 10.5240/08C3-6457-D189-6FB4-E01E-7
“The Thirteenth Reunion” 10.5240/94E9-5E5D-C697-99B6-855D-2
“Rude Awakening” 10.5240/131E-268F-5909-2FBA-8F07-K
“Growing Pains” 10.5240/C820-9979-1842-F03D-DD37-1
“The House That Bled to Death” 10.5240/6D9D-83F0-6EFB-EA99-6A2B-6
“Charlie Boy” 10.5240/6912-26BB-E2F8-EE21-6E7F-3
“The Silent Scream” 10.5240/5B19-B145-B0BF-74A1-FF6F-4
“Children of the Full Moon” 10.5240/C831-BD8F-F917-7BEF-1386-9
“Carpathian Eagle” 10.5240/039C-B556-07F5-A259-66E7-Z
“Guardian of the Abyss” 10.5240/F530-7E89-DBEB-A977-1F68-C
“Visitor from the Grave” 10.5240/7AF6-2261-066B-F4DD-1C77-6
“The Two Faces of Evil” 10.5240/E974-2D9D-EF68-6BF7-F8A2-H
“The Mark of Satan” 10.5240/72F3-0A8C-6185-F29F-F8CC-F
Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense 1984 10.5240/93C7-DE5C-93CB-526B-BBFD-O
“Mark of the Devil” 10.5240/3785-43C0-84A0-CD56-2333-9
“Last Video and Testament” 10.5240/57C3-9D0C-8825-154F-09FA-W
“Child’s Play” 10.5240/331B-F00D-3611-723E-E3DB-K
“A Distant Scream” 10.5240/FD9F-B580-7225-00BD-938B-O
“Black Carrion” 10.5240/D445-803C-6497-26A0-75C3-3
“The Sweet Scent of Death” 10.5240/83A2-E533-DDA4-DF18-5430-G
“And the Wall Came Tumbling Down” 10.5240/85E5-6F76-F822-6A54-5747-9
“In Possession” 10.5240/2989-E53C-77E2-AED0-DED0-F
“Czech Mate” 10.5240/F083-11E5-52E7-079C-3BA8-J
“The Late Nancy Irving” 10.5240/5215-29FB-EA03-533F-A40D-P
“Paint Me a Murder” 10.5240/7044-4C93-8228-1CF2-695C-P
“Tennis Court” 10.5240/A254-6274-4D80-CB3E-AD6A-P
“The Corvini Inheritance” 10.5240/DAB4-4490-E4FE-0834-FBBC-9