Hollywood Before There Was Hollywood

The American motion picture industry evolved from a novelty into a business at the turn of the 20th century in New York City. From its silent start all the way through the Studio Era, New York remained the financial center of the American motion picture industry. As the industry outgrew its New York roof-top stages,[1] it looked to the west for outdoor locations – but not all the way west to California and Hollywood.[2] Instead, it first stopped in New Jersey and settled for a time in the area in and around Fort Lee and the New Jersey palisades.

Cecil B. DeMille’s The Squaw Man (1918) is generally considered the first feature film shot in Hollywood. By that time, production in Fort Lee had been going on for 15 years. At its heyday, Fort Lee was the home to 11 different film studios, beginning with Champion in 1910[3] and including Éclair America, Peerless Studio (home to World Pictures), Willat Studio (used by Fox), Universal Studio (also used by Goldwyn), the Paragon (used by Famous Players-Lasky, later Paramount), and Solax studio (also used by Metro). Fort Lee gave us the first movie “cliffhanger,” featuring Pearl White literally hanging from the cliffs of the New Jersey palisades. Fort Lee was also the location for the “eastern westerns” – early film westerns shot “on location” in New Jersey before filmmakers sought out more authentic locations in Utah, Arizona, and California.

Famous stars of the day commonly moved from the Broadway stage in New York City across the Hudson River to the film sets in New Jersey before the long train ride to the west coast and Hollywood. D.W. Griffith launched his film career as an actor before gaining fame as a director. His first starring role was in Edison’s New Jersey-based production of Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest (1907). Other Fort Lee notables included Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Theda Bara (the first “vamp”), Lionel and Ethyl Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks, Dorothy and Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford (dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” even though she was born in Canada), Will Rogers, Mack Sennett (the king of slapstick, credited with the “pie in the face” gag), and Rudolph Valentino (cinema’s first heartthrob).

By 1918, the tide was turning and production was flowing west. The combined pressures of the need for year-round sunshine (we are talking about New Jersey, after all), WWI,[4] and general over-crowding (Fort Lee was only so large and the growing film industry needed more room), pushed filmmaking out of Fort Lee and over to Hollywood. Eventually, the Fort Lee studios were abandoned and the local production companies closed or re-located. Even so, Fort Lee’s contribution to cinema history is enduring in the many works produced there during its heyday – works that you can now find listed in the EIDR Content ID registry.

[1] Early black and white motion picture film required quite a bit of light to expose properly, so early movie studios were built with glass roofs so they could be lit by the sun. Edison’s Black Maria, the first purpose-built movie studio, had a hinged roof that could let in natural light and was constructed on a giant turntable so it could always point directly at the sun.

[2] Really, Los Angeles, California and the surrounding areas. The Hollywood “Studio Zone” (the area within which filming locations are considered “local” to the Los Angeles studios) extends for 30 miles from the southwest corner of Beverly and La Cienega Boulevards, the one-time location of the headquarters of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

[3] The subject of The Champion: A Story of America’s First Film Town (2017).

[4] The combined effects of WWI and WWII, more than any other single factor, led to the dominance of Hollywood in the global motion picture production industry. While European production centers were shuttered, damaged, or destroyed during the two wars, American film production was uninterrupted, allowing it to fill the global entertainment vacuum.

The Silent Films of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Title Year EIDR ID
What Happened in the Tunnel 1903 10.5240/52D5-0E2F-FA01-C760-2DAD-2
The White Caps 1905 10.5240/181D-1C94-9E02-5C5D-5308-X
Fenton of the 42nd 1907 10.5240/7C8F-E7EF-C376-B229-A57B-O
Rescued form the Eagle’s Nest 1907 10.5240/8EE6-91E1-465E-08F7-F1A4-W
A Rual Elopement 1908 10.5240/F5B5-76FD-E73C-D2F9-AEE4-G
A Tragic Love 1908 10.5240/CDD1-C57F-3386-8529-28C9-5
Balked at the Altar 1908 10.5240/5C01-37E5-6868-5D68-48FF-M
The Call of the Wild 1908 10.5240/EF63-BEE4-F40E-1DA8-C983-D
The Curtain Pole 1908 10.5240/8A88-C454-3AB4-879D-D40A-8
The Fatal Hour 1908 10.5240/C1CE-070C-F750-C139-3454-T
The Girl and the Outlaw 1908 10.5240/91BD-68FD-BE32-63A8-BE66-W
The Guerrilla 1908 10.5240/0BCA-A8BC-1048-6B17-4945-P
The Hindoo Dagger 1908 10.5240/F1B5-D2C3-2A5F-8305-9BBB-3
The Man and the Woman 1908 10.5240/474A-4ED2-8F31-D4F3-2FF3-E
The Salvation Army Lass 1908 10.5240/DA25-183A-FC1A-9E59-190C-P
The Taming of the Shrew 1908 10.5240/22CF-09C9-1960-0E0C-2076-8
The Welcome Burglar 1908 10.5240/E7F3-87D6-4126-30E1-DCCF-K
A Child of the Forest 1909 10.5240/CAC3-91CC-365F-44FC-C2DD-W
A Convict’s Sacrifice 1909 10.5240/5125-1617-B706-7FDA-3F27-W
A Dash to Death 1909 10.5240/939B-112B-02AC-30AA-9D58-H
A Sound Sleeper 1909 10.5240/D3A7-338B-760F-01CA-8090-V
A Trap for Santa Claus 1909 10.5240/FA0D-8713-40E3-0A00-4C66-8
A Troublesome Satchel 1909 10.5240/F9D7-D928-7DDD-2F09-1B3B-8
Davy Crockett in Hearts United 1909 10.5240/24DC-F96F-A2DE-B563-30BF-4
Eradicating Aunty 1909 10.5240/B91C-11A7-4664-9BB8-6D5A-V
Her Terrible Ordeal 1909 10.5240/2E5E-A9FE-B9FE-303A-188D-6
In Little Italy 1909 10.5240/B90F-F551-530F-C059-2E4C-T
In the Great Big West 1909 10.5240/62A6-09D9-4E20-76EE-6F8E-L
In the Window Recess 1909 10.5240/CBDA-C76D-C3EC-4AAB-FFC6-Q
Jealousy and the Man 1909 10.5240/F380-F0DC-83B8-AA06-ABF4-V
Lady Helen’s Escapade 1909 10.5240/0807-6B6B-F7BA-1702-BAFC-J
Lochinvar 1909 10.5240/22E7-3475-1DA2-D0D2-E513-E
Mr. Jones’ Burlar 1909 10.5240/FAD7-925C-F04C-5626-C3D8-T
One Busy Hour 1909 10.5240/C42A-34A3-5CB2-5F21-3919-7
Tender Hearts 1909 10.5240/3B57-1594-0956-3821-1C1F-X
The Better Way 1909 10.5240/AEF9-59EF-6DA9-B9A0-1516-N
The Call 1909 10.5240/BB4E-E005-68D3-3854-F283-G
The Cap of Fortune 1909 10.5240/2EB2-0DC9-BDAB-F3CF-19D7-B
The Cord of Life 1909 10.5240/BE6C-5316-563B-113D-70B0-D
The Cricket on the Hearth 1909 10.5240/1467-5A52-C05B-700E-B376-U
The Death Disc 1909 10.5240/4DB4-427A-88D0-6C14-230E-6
The Driver for Life 1909 10.5240/7311-E22D-D765-8538-279B-Z
The French Duel 1909 10.5240/EA9A-858C-3FA7-F101-36E1-K
The Girls and Daddy 1909 10.5240/F07E-0C7C-F367-0B34-705D-N
The Honor of His Family 1909 10.5240/71ED-E8BD-B7D9-8644-A6C1-N
The Light that Came 1909 10.5240/B3F4-DE06-A48A-A8BC-9D9D-Y
The Little Teacher 1909 10.5240/D7DC-130F-ADA6-36E9-C189-6
The Lonely Villa 1909 10.5240/1A35-4D23-3062-B6EF-7C83-R
The Lure of the Gown 1909 10.5240/E01E-011B-88DD-3FE3-C980-2
The Open Gate 1909 10.5240/5F1E-A41E-AB8C-785F-6291-R
The Peachbasket Hat 1909 10.5240/DF59-2BC3-F185-30A6-64CF-S
The Son’s Return 1909 10.5240/6134-9CC0-A163-3CCE-794E-S
The Test 1909 10.5240/EDB9-DF89-372C-1819-2C12-D
The True Heart of an Indian 1909 10.5240/4BE1-39F3-B7B0-0350-AD3F-6
To Save Her Soul 1909 10.5240/B404-AA95-51E2-339E-8FF8-U
Trying to Get Arrested 1909 10.5240/AD0C-0B86-B8CC-B0B7-51FA-1
Two Women and a Man 1909 10.5240/F17D-6AEE-FD8D-8BBF-B3D2-Y
What Drink Did 1909 10.5240/EAEC-0B81-C44C-F989-0C60-P
What’s Your Hurry? 1909 10.5240/16EA-0494-19D2-3F02-D102-T
A Cowboy’s Pledge 1910 10.5240/A0B5-EBC6-2E25-04B2-688C-Z
A Half-Breed’s Courage 1910 10.5240/B056-79A7-BAE6-E204-2CEC-2
A Midnight Cupid 1910 10.5240/F884-2DBC-E842-C772-FC41-E
A Tale of the Anvil 1910 10.5240/9C44-5B8D-8B84-59DB-5560-Y
A Western Girl’s Sacrifice 1910 10.5240/3B92-2777-27A2-8E07-572E-C
A Wild Goose Chase 1910 10.5240/0771-13CA-179B-C8D1-BF96-T
Abernathy Kids to the Rescue 1910 10.5240/7ED4-20EE-F10F-7020-1E7D-Y
Caught by Cowboys 1910 10.5240/DEEF-7AD1-FA51-0876-04AF-R
Colonel E.D. Baker – First California 1910 10.5240/2345-2870-66EB-DA68-0423-V
Doings at the Ranch 1910 10.5240/32AC-74D5-CE67-E8AD-AFF7-9
General Meade’s Fighting Days 1910 10.5240/9F8E-0823-3541-1DA7-1F81-T
Greater than Fame 1910 10.5240/CEB9-8CDF-C787-F951-0F98-9
Hearts of the West 1910 10.5240/A490-D98B-85CA-FC04-29D8-J
Her Father’s Pride 1910 10.5240/94A1-A30F-77C5-BC4B-09D5-X
His Indian Bride 1910 10.5240/3B4B-0AA8-52CE-A567-A37A-C
His Last Burglary 1910 10.5240/2E01-C16B-66EF-E94A-0C5B-5
His Mother 1910 10.5240/04BD-AA9B-3394-21FD-DDA7-2
His Trust 1910 10.5240/8302-0699-B69A-4F92-73E9-2
His Trust Fulfilled 1910 10.5240/008A-B294-D5C7-2AF4-1176-B
How He Redeemed Himself 1910 10.5240/A858-64FC-ED66-BA71-3B8F-4
How the Tenderfoot Made Good 1910 10.5240/5206-CA19-016B-1099-7BAA-4
In Life’s Cycle 1910 10.5240/BC47-9F33-B8BE-1F5E-E00B-R
Let Us Give Thanks 1910 10.5240/8E57-8DBB-618B-77BA-2155-P
Simple Charity 1910 10.5240/A497-058F-B0F2-A80F-9B36-F
Stolen by Indians 1910 10.5240/DF66-4C95-CB89-CD3F-3932-F
The Cowboy and the Easterner 1910 10.5240/5AF2-1ED5-3A0B-9DD6-E4FC-U
The Cowboy and the Squaw 1910 10.5240/CDB4-2E9D-CE84-0760-41C5-0
The Cowboys to the Rescue 1910 10.5240/22A8-3560-DA49-6C8B-A530-4
The Final Stettlement 1910 10.5240/0955-6042-19A5-187C-4465-W
The Golden Gates 1910 10.5240/C0AB-B2C1-6B32-F57F-F588-2
The Hermit of the Rockies 1910 10.5240/7794-9A3A-199A-7D1F-86B2-K
The House with Closed Shutters 1910 10.5240/687C-5355-8F3A-92AB-6424-E
The Indian Land Grab 1910 10.5240/B61A-63BB-1B7A-FE5B-D713-3
The Italian Barber 1910 10.5240/AEF3-E84F-E23E-9BC5-AA0B-H
The Lesson 1910 10.5240/D466-1023-3068-FD56-726A-H
The Ranchman and the Miser 1910 10.5240/D286-C462-4F80-D44B-E0E1-3
The Sheriff and His Son 1910 10.5240/B9DE-12F1-2EC8-E024-6D9B-Z
The Sheriff and the Detective 1910 10.5240/3EAC-6CA4-A9D6-DE1F-BA8E-D
The Way of the West 1910 10.5240/458D-3590-ACB4-1644-E66C-J
The White Princess of the Tribe 1910 10.5240/E5F1-41FF-544F-59DB-939D-9
What Shall We Do with Our Old? 1910 10.5240/FC15-2841-F89C-6EEC-87D3-W
A Daughter of Dixie 1911 10.5240/5695-0482-CAF5-654C-51DE-9
A Miser’s Heart 1911 10.5240/DBAC-C3EB-844D-221E-05D2-N
A Question of Seconds 1911 10.5240/2B20-F10F-4B02-EB25-4D09-W
A Tale of the Wilderness 1911 10.5240/2982-27E5-EFD8-2DFB-D64D-S
A Woman Scorned 1911 10.5240/40B0-59EE-207E-49F5-2574-L
At Double Trouble Ranch 1911 10.5240/14DE-0238-4C60-1D40-8097-W
Bill’s Widow 1911 10.5240/54CF-37AE-0605-F2C9-EC91-Z
Billy’s Strategem 1911 10.5240/BE1C-F1C6-77F2-A899-EF83-B
Bobby the Coward 1911 10.5240/60F4-BCEA-EC8A-7A0B-D55F-7
Circle C’s New Boss 1911 10.5240/38E1-DAFB-11DC-2253-5E3E-Y
Dan, The Dandy 1911 10.5240/87C0-398A-8140-19D0-98A8-3
Days of the Early West 1911 10.5240/45AA-0B0A-0B74-C2EF-E313-R
Her Awakening 1911 10.5240/AFC7-B83C-79A7-80BC-0B12-4
Her Three Proposals 1911 10.5240/B419-B705-32B3-5727-BF7D-S
Judged by a Higher Power 1911 10.5240/639D-EE37-3902-32DF-4AB9-1
Lead Kindly Light 1911 10.5240/F3F2-4721-8BE6-ED2B-9B3B-V
Love and Hatred 1911 10.5240/EC90-5D09-84ED-1874-8C04-5
Lucky Jim 1911 10.5240/6153-5FB3-0800-C0D0-2908-R
Sunshine through the Dark 1911 10.5240/BB1F-F5DD-8083-F2E3-1C7C-C
Swords and Hearts 1911 10.5240/ECB2-C79F-DD3B-0D8B-F778-K
The Adventures of Billy 1911 10.5240/6C7D-84B9-5701-A32F-E39B-8
The Battle 1911 10.5240/DF28-0791-B9A0-1494-2C89-Y
The Daisy Cowboys 1911 10.5240/0037-142E-CA5B-9AC3-EE91-C
The Eternal Mother 1911 10.5240/1447-83F7-D0DA-7357-4F9D-K
The Long Road 1911 10.5240/E664-55AE-0C0E-DBAB-E74E-Q
The Making of a Man 1911 10.5240/3AC8-237B-4518-7DA5-0750-I
The New Editor 1911 10.5240/E4BD-12CD-F360-B1FB-BE0C-D
The Old Confectoiner’s Mistake 1911 10.5240/446E-BB77-A456-E604-666E-H
The Rose of Kentucky 1911 10.5240/DB33-4317-4BB4-B04D-674F-Z
The Sorrowful Example 1911 10.5240/C194-69BD-E03D-22CE-7B15-T
The Terrible Discovery 1911 10.5240/1FC5-11B6-D866-3AD7-E858-Y
The Trail of the Books 1911 10.5240/FAEC-0486-75CC-92AB-B66B-N
The Voice of a Child 1911 10.5240/81D5-12B7-2481-2CAB-03AA-6
The Will of a Western Maid 1911 10.5240/1237-5A6A-58C6-6ECF-8274-L
Through Darkened Vales 1911 10.5240/5D2B-C738-518F-65F3-63CF-T
Why He Went West 1911 10.5240/3A86-7848-49BA-7904-3746-O
A Change of Spirit 1912 10.5240/68F9-D09E-88A5-0405-96BE-6
A Cowboy’s Strategem 1912 10.5240/0D25-59FB-D0F2-E7A9-6BE1-F
A Feud in the Kentucky Hills 1912 10.5240/0CD5-59AF-0125-0388-C322-A
A Traitor on the Staff 1912 10.5240/0FDE-F208-CC25-5BE5-8D1B-W
Alcohol, or the Poison of Humanity 1912 10.5240/23DF-5D38-3F00-F1AB-972D-Z
An Aviator’s Success 1912 10.5240/E77C-D761-7271-D850-6B8D-X
An Italian Romance 1912 10.5240/3EDB-FC69-0DDC-646B-6EBF-J
At the Phone 1912 10.5240/394E-E175-BB57-0DC1-B069-I
Brothers 1912 10.5240/7C10-0EED-4C99-6E03-1698-N
Camille 1912 10.5240/CA5E-7DCD-AE29-C054-A4F5-7
Cohen Collects a Debt 1912 10.5240/7747-FE13-1459-3A2D-C960-X
Filial Love 1912 10.5240/1A0F-1253-F4F0-F524-9A1D-4
Five Evenings 1912 10.5240/1309-896A-D6C8-2371-0A3A-P
Flesh and Blood 1912 10.5240/7952-0688-7CF2-46C7-4F28-0
For Home and Honor 1912 10.5240/C523-2BD7-0DE4-FC40-6E93-S
Fra Diavolo 1912 10.5240/D62E-DEB7-949B-E23C-9CAA-Y
Friends 1912 10.5240/7FDC-F667-D71F-F699-667A-T
Getting Dad Married 1912 10.5240/9B35-080A-F2FA-E5F1-A546-1
Getting Mary Married 1912 10.5240/D5C2-D0C6-CFAF-6574-2373-D
Hands Across the Sea 1912 10.5240/BC49-ECC0-9A88-F1FE-A62A-W
Her Cousin Fred 1912 10.5240/82F8-4203-5BA6-5641-3961-V
Heredity 1912 10.5240/F9A5-0746-E166-23DE-5A0A-8
How the Boys Fought the Indians 1912 10.5240/042E-99A5-EFCC-F894-5A50-2
In Swift Waters 1912 10.5240/6C2A-57B7-4CB1-8044-F55B-0
Ireland and Israel 1912 10.5240/F633-98FF-343F-ED62-28A4-5
Making Uncle Jealous 1912 10.5240/2930-4337-7B27-5FEC-376D-Y
Mother Goose 1912 10.5240/949C-EA55-10B5-8A94-8EE5-C
My Hero 1912 10.5240/AB4A-1288-6066-4421-5280-A
Not Like Other Girls 1912 10.5240/08EC-0ABE-1B8E-60FB-E9E6-A
Oh, You Ragtime 1912 10.5240/CDB3-7A16-60D7-DDC8-4D5E-V
Redemption 1912 10.5240/4E76-9C8A-FF0C-868E-D786-5
Riley and Schultz 1912 10.5240/396B-7A06-C99E-6F0E-CA1B-A
Robin Hood 1912 10.5240/E50C-869A-F531-D141-DC89-4
Saved from the Titanic 1912 10.5240/C4C3-4C3F-94D9-1029-1B7B-H
Souls in the Shadow 1912 10.5240/FF0C-ADBC-F3D0-7838-4E46-O
The Advent of Jane 1912 10.5240/CEBD-4BBA-18EA-5E4C-2FAF-K
The Angel of the Studio 1912 10.5240/5AEC-C911-D3B1-C42D-D095-X
The Animated Bathtub 1912 10.5240/F5BD-6A9D-30A6-5CEC-BF38-R
The Aviator and the Autoist Race for a Bride 1912 10.5240/004A-5207-D862-9317-E925-E
The Bloodstain 1912 10.5240/16D1-9D80-4CB3-F205-5A1D-H
The Darling of the Mounted 1912 10.5240/CF53-1716-1A16-2A2E-B547-Q
The Equine Spy 1912 10.5240/81FF-678C-E638-8243-9B81-N
The Face at the Window 1912 10.5240/951D-5972-F58E-2C3E-140A-A
The Fateful Diamond 1912 10.5240/4197-CDAA-317A-987C-A371-3
The Fugitive 1912 10.5240/B0F6-7E40-694E-09E5-2207-U
The Girl in the Armchair 1912 10.5240/CDB2-E657-9BD7-7037-FF49-I
The Guardian Angel 1912 10.5240/33A5-686A-9DEE-3BE2-76D3-U
The High Cost of Living 1912 10.5240/A790-5CC1-1079-EDD8-575B-X
The Idol Worshipper 1912 10.5240/A285-0658-1180-F424-FA42-U
The Life Story of Kid Canfield 1912 10.5240/1385-6F43-BF62-05B0-EEBA-4
The Massacre 1912 10.5240/1CE5-6F24-A206-390F-CB65-5
The Miser’s Heart 1912 10.5240/21AA-9BB8-43C0-2155-87FD-Z
The New Neighbor 1912 10.5240/2694-620F-4102-4DE7-A9DD-3
The New York Hat 1912 10.5240/B6BB-8A70-9A47-7D2C-6723-N
The One She Loved 1912 10.5240/A5AE-9F02-4F8F-3827-1F60-A
The Paralytic 1912 10.5240/C642-8624-4CC0-65E6-3BDF-M
The Perkins-Jenkins War 1912 10.5240/A823-785D-45D2-1B0F-D1E7-1
The Power of Destruction 1912 10.5240/BEB6-2CCB-4C31-54D1-BB3B-F
The Raven 1912 10.5240/F77A-983B-B59E-54A4-C500-M
The Requital 1912 10.5240/C360-BFC3-57ED-B2FB-5C92-X
The Robbery at the Railroad Station 1912 10.5240/EFCD-865A-38C1-10D9-5C1D-Q
The Saving of Don 1912 10.5240/8B2F-4F57-CBEC-AF04-DB01-N
The Two Browns 1912 10.5240/DD9E-B944-C4E5-9F3F-D8BD-3
The Water Nymph 1912 10.5240/6C96-5A27-9D12-EE3D-D50D-5
The World of Honor 1912 10.5240/054C-827B-55E5-C89F-222B-G
Two Little Rangers 1912 10.5240/5ABA-C193-284E-02BF-C399-9
Wanted, a Wife in a Hurry 1912 10.5240/5C9A-B6E3-EF2D-1998-322B-2
Wrongly Accused 1912 10.5240/5718-13CA-4AF2-2742-3CA2-W
A Prisoner in the Harem 1913 10.5240/07A1-B385-185B-13AD-D07B-L
A Puritan Episode 1913 10.5240/2132-1BAF-A060-DF9C-E7E2-B
A Terrible Night 1913 10.5240/29E0-C86D-DDD6-ABEB-AF52-S
Ben Bolt 1913 10.5240/6C17-7F40-D1FB-091C-5546-K
Big Hearted Jim 1913 10.5240/40FE-96EB-F953-3ABC-8BB4-I
Blood and Water 1913 10.5240/8425-95AF-1A64-7249-76C4-O
Brennan O’ the Moor 1913 10.5240/75E2-2751-7676-67AE-9990-O
Burstup Homes, Detective 1913 10.5240/DE82-A259-A4F0-EB45-2F5D-X
Cynthy 1913 10.5240/CD6B-70FF-872F-9ED3-3789-R
Dick Whittington and His Cat 1913 10.5240/E2F5-081F-1479-74E3-0A20-G
Faith Healer 1913 10.5240/C4D1-EF10-FD9C-C524-7FAD-X
Flo’s Discipline 1913 10.5240/FB72-F369-D770-3B35-CF58-U
Four Fools and a Maid 1913 10.5240/F93D-716A-3C2D-FD0F-6FBF-X
From the Beyond 1913 10.5240/0FAC-1638-A72D-C30D-3EAF-W
From the Beyond 1913 10.5240/A05C-21E9-CF1D-3C03-F42D-M
Jacques the Wolf 1913 10.5240/6EFC-735A-B484-CA0C-D0C2-F
Kelly from the Emerald Isle 1913 10.5240/7B6A-8841-4B71-FF9A-9B11-5
Retribution 1913 10.5240/C65A-CB6C-2BC8-02C7-8467-C
Rogues of Paris 1913 10.5240/A70D-8CBC-AC83-49C1-BCF5-H
Soul to Soul 1913 10.5240/0892-9C44-AF35-FD4C-4516-K
Steel 1913 10.5240/2B19-4B6B-8C08-EF13-7994-S
Sunny Smith 1913 10.5240/21C6-7E7D-FE3B-7181-BA74-D
The Beasts of the Jungle 1913 10.5240/3762-8B22-DDCC-7DAC-2F45-5
The Beaten Path 1913 10.5240/4326-68AB-274B-0F51-98D2-D
The Better Father 1913 10.5240/8CBC-EA04-CF3A-FECE-A08C-S
The Closed Door 1913 10.5240/E255-AED6-DD78-5AAC-BABD-W
The Coat that Came Back 1913 10.5240/EE15-FFFD-88C5-FCE1-FA1C-3
The Coming of Sunbeam 1913 10.5240/F568-857F-2DFC-4D51-C353-Y
The Eyes that Could Not Close 1913 10.5240/1EB6-5CB6-B82A-3374-4A6A-V
The Fortune Hunters 1913 10.5240/5EFB-E447-8AE5-8646-FACA-Z
The Girl O’ the Woods 1913 10.5240/87FA-35DE-44B9-8172-EA95-3
The Heart of a Jewess 1913 10.5240/E0A8-99B3-2480-1BB0-BC0D-I
The Honor of Lady Beaumont 1913 10.5240/B007-7E67-0956-CB15-764F-J
The Nihilist’s Revenge 1913 10.5240/4BF6-8142-50C1-AFA1-35AC-G
The Pit and the Pendulum 1913 10.5240/31B6-7B3F-FFF1-9660-C103-H
The Professor’s Dilemma 1913 10.5240/419D-59AF-C972-F2F9-1FF3-A
The Return of Lady Linda 1913 10.5240/3B80-2E10-BFAB-B8AE-E20B-5
The Shadows of the Moulin Rouge 1913 10.5240/43DC-11DE-E54E-43F7-55DB-Z
The Sorrows of Israel 1913 10.5240/89DE-2243-A8E0-B7CA-6E57-I
The Specter Bridegroom 1913 10.5240/DC01-8E66-652A-18AE-CCBA-B
The Star of India 1913 10.5240/2543-605A-73E5-7B53-E639-O
The Thirst for Gold 1913 10.5240/DC0F-9561-E490-84A3-E4D9-V
Trail of the Hanging Rock 1913 10.5240/FEF7-3FE6-4D8C-EAEA-A508-2
Unto the Third Generation 1913 10.5240/7F13-E058-E643-A8D8-4CE8-H
Western Love 1913 10.5240/F5CB-1708-45E3-8DE8-FD13-Q
When Light Came Back 1913 10.5240/89E8-4B6C-761D-F816-A402-2
When the Tide Turned 1913 10.5240/B311-BC13-8631-5ACC-2370-L
A Daughter of the Sea 1914 10.5240/F1C7-67B3-6559-8907-87C3-N
A Marriage for Money 1914 10.5240/7A3E-2AE1-A964-2E9E-8E1C-4
Absinthe 1914 10.5240/C059-5AE7-2083-F720-0E3E-1
Across the Pacific 1914 10.5240/3944-BBCD-AA92-27C8-6043-R
Adventures in Diplomacy 1914 10.5240/FC27-3330-0CEA-64CF-734E-9
As Ye Sow 1914 10.5240/F776-B761-C8BD-AF5C-E081-K
Beneath the Czar 1914 10.5240/6F27-3D81-52F9-6E25-6190-X
Boy 1914 10.5240/7703-440B-42F7-79BB-608A-X
By Power of Attorney 1914 10.5240/6914-F621-0ABE-80BD-8FF2-R
Dollar Mark 1914 10.5240/71D0-3076-3883-FD93-4CFD-0
Firelight 1914 10.5240/C6D2-84DE-7644-65EE-E0EC-G
Forgotten Woman 1914 10.5240/19BD-16C9-7380-7310-F00C-9
Hook and Hand 1914 10.5240/13E6-816A-6242-CF36-8AB6-B
In a Persian Garden 1914 10.5240/3066-E3FE-902E-F827-9BBF-O
In the Toils of the Web 1914 10.5240/CF94-BB8F-6755-DA68-69C9-L
Incognito 1914 10.5240/E05B-8C14-A81F-2B1E-6F2E-R
Man of the Hour 1914 10.5240/97BF-7BE7-1DC0-BB1A-DCE8-J
Mephistophella 1914 10.5240/B143-6DFD-C168-4AA0-04C0-1
Michael Strogoff and the Courier to the Czar 1914 10.5240/F719-96A0-AEF4-C531-4D9C-8
Mother 1914 10.5240/F5B8-ACF9-A517-42BF-82C6-J
Neptune’s Daughter 1914 10.5240/BDC9-A55A-3EAD-DF4E-1924-R
On the Chess Board of Fate 1914 10.5240/DE21-029D-A3C3-0169-A44F-U
The Barrier of Bars 1914 10.5240/7A72-9C00-D8A3-1C1C-DFB7-I
The Character Woman 1914 10.5240/850B-2E53-A30D-9639-150A-V
The Cricket on the Hearth 1914 10.5240/130F-FD6F-F1FF-DE94-7BD8-E
The Dread Inheritance 1914 10.5240/E6B6-9637-398D-5746-CC71-Y
The Dream Woman 1914 10.5240/F49F-D013-47BB-B7D3-A454-P
The Dupe 1914 10.5240/DFDC-BE57-B67E-AF28-7D39-U
The Gentleman from Mississippi 1914 10.5240/2629-F616-BB27-871A-F859-Y
The Hidden Fear 1914 10.5240/F98F-B8A1-4020-EDF4-B2E1-D
The Highwayman’s Shoes 1914 10.5240/4DC4-B1CD-010D-7B58-2FE0-3
The Influence of Sympathy 1914 10.5240/197A-2434-A1E2-CC3C-68D0-L
The Jack Pot Club 1914 10.5240/4DE4-A94D-F4D0-D8B0-52E7-5
The Link in the Chain 1914 10.5240/4019-62AF-0E6B-9261-BFE5-P
The Lure 1914 10.5240/BF53-40D1-ADAB-2380-FB38-I
The Million Dollar Robbery 1914 10.5240/258A-45DD-2763-FBFC-8B54-Q
The Monster and the Girl 1914 10.5240/64CD-9E83-9961-0A83-B135-D
The Perils of Pauline 1914 10.5240/55DD-3DFE-7A32-1BB5-04A2-7
The Pit 1914 10.5240/BA17-01DA-74E7-E7DE-0C9B-J
The Tigress 1914 10.5240/AD53-1A0D-8BF4-5CE0-A019-P
The Wishing Ring 1914 10.5240/706E-211A-C293-59F0-7E3A-7
The Woman of Mystery 1914 10.5240/C62B-95E8-D394-5DDB-0665-R
The Yellow Traffic 1914 10.5240/E38A-3EFB-F4BE-BB60-C66C-L
Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1914 10.5240/7FEE-8564-402A-0E20-6EA8-L
When Broadway Was a Trail 1914 10.5240/F11C-ED94-99F1-1034-3031-M
When Pierrot Met Pierrette 1914 10.5240/2758-D0B1-B9F5-7EAC-3E32-X
When Thieves Meet 1914 10.5240/437A-FC67-3D8C-B6EC-8270-A
Wife 1914 10.5240/EF83-C629-D78D-2274-E07A-N
Your Girl and Mine 1914 10.5240/97E7-83DF-8800-CCEF-B1A5-U
A Face in the Moonlight 1915 10.5240/A686-E2F8-6F10-B640-ECC3-H
A Fool there Was 1915 10.5240/4FF0-9778-F801-25ED-AFA3-E
A Soldier’s Oath 1915 10.5240/BF01-7ADB-AD93-C9DA-B2C5-9
Alias Jimmy Valentine 1915 10.5240/446C-6AA2-B368-749B-5BCD-O
Barbara Frietchie 1915 10.5240/1000-6EC2-F4B6-822E-9A26-7
Camille 1915 10.5240/0498-7C16-111D-CDD1-5D6A-7
Cancelled 1915 10.5240/F61E-B48C-B9EA-61EF-35EB-5
Carmen 1915 10.5240/5AB2-DA1E-A428-3BB5-A839-S
Daughter of the Gods 1915 10.5240/2113-FFC3-25BC-4C08-492D-K
Greater Love Hath No Man 1915 10.5240/C614-B28F-ACF2-BE95-7BF6-A
Hearts in Exile 1915 10.5240/7BC7-39E5-C1DB-AA56-8862-O
Her Mother’s Secret 1915 10.5240/2EF8-0932-0B5F-EEE8-0D05-7
Imposters 1915 10.5240/EBDC-B2F1-D96A-3327-055D-6
Kreutzer Sonata 1915 10.5240/6737-67D0-E0B9-E026-D543-7
Lady Audley’s Secret 1915 10.5240/142F-5EE3-14D4-25AB-242E-N
Little Miss Brown 1915 10.5240/95C1-3178-0C94-E0F5-A6D4-M
Madam of the Slums 1915 10.5240/075C-02E9-14F5-AE9A-9F77-Z
Madame Butterfly 1915 10.5240/0707-6275-C567-B269-6036-A
Mignon 1915 10.5240/63A3-496C-57BC-03EB-A002-9
M’Liss 1915 10.5240/924C-E203-4CD5-DF94-008B-C
My Madonna 1915 10.5240/79DD-A26C-B449-8CCF-59E4-K
Old Dutch 1915 10.5240/0E40-60CB-29CB-2D1D-3818-T
Overnight 1915 10.5240/3D35-BF81-6885-0E07-F9A0-K
Silver Fox 1915 10.5240/41C0-EFD8-BB91-25AD-2DAD-G
Sin 1915 10.5240/C741-9E1B-3BFD-9B15-7EF6-E
The Bludgeon 1915 10.5240/2359-18F4-CA81-3A45-0D91-B
The Boss 1915 10.5240/C04D-C88A-C121-32CB-258C-O
The Broken Law 1915 10.5240/30E8-48FA-FD01-B27C-2844-J
The Butterfly 1915 10.5240/BADE-100A-200C-6079-D83D-0
The Butterfly on the Wheel 1915 10.5240/62A9-753F-0610-2031-4911-G
The Clemenceau Case 1915 10.5240/084B-1C04-72B0-CEC8-47E7-G
The Collingsby Pearls 1915 10.5240/B99A-612C-B214-84D9-2C90-6
The Cup of Chance 1915 10.5240/1BF0-5522-74E0-4C6B-4EFA-R
The Deep Purple 1915 10.5240/B99D-887E-5C68-5B3F-14EC-S
The Devil’s Daughter 1915 10.5240/2B4D-35BC-6D40-34FC-3F8C-K
The Family Cupboard 1915 10.5240/E9FB-67CA-FB58-3419-1815-E
The Flash of an Emerald 1915 10.5240/FC13-72AB-4C86-B0E0-2E32-X
The Galley Slave 1915 10.5240/62F8-3F6E-A193-1B11-EADF-B
The Heart of a Hero 1915 10.5240/CB5F-5B92-A530-FD39-8FC5-Q
The Heart of a Painted Woman 1915 10.5240/9C03-0E77-7031-F652-A063-G
The Heart of the Blue Ridge 1915 10.5240/5111-9BE8-1971-55E0-202F-J
The House of Fear 1915 10.5240/4C6E-5826-BCA9-C326-B1C0-Z
The Ivory Snuff-Box 1915 10.5240/E61B-696A-4240-7D5E-FD14-T
The Little Dutch Girl 1915 10.5240/3A1A-9867-3DD6-E0CC-9F01-K
The Lure of Woman 1915 10.5240/7366-91E5-2239-7635-3AED-R
The Marked Woman 1915 10.5240/82A6-F83B-8B30-07B1-F559-X
The Nigger 1915 10.5240/8894-D2F0-11C1-E740-C802-3
The Price 1915 10.5240/5CC8-D137-2FA0-1781-8FCF-A
The Regeneration 1915 10.5240/D57B-BAE1-7D18-D444-A1A8-5
The Two Orphans 1915 10.5240/E4ED-074E-05BA-56EE-C010-6
The Unfaithful Wife 1915 10.5240/7670-7E6D-FEE7-507A-5CF8-N
The Vampire 1915 10.5240/0112-4F8F-48BA-ABA5-D679-R
Trilby 1915 10.5240/FB85-3ADD-D9B8-E408-F55D-C
Two Lives 1915 10.5240/9D49-6540-6287-40B1-F8F3-N
Wildfire 1915 10.5240/5D51-3FD6-9D04-F95A-49AB-P
A Case of Identity 1916 10.5240/DAF6-A23F-2417-9373-EA8C-X
A Circus Romance 1916 10.5240/3B69-1CF1-4664-A1CF-F184-H
A Modern Thelma 1916 10.5240/3E29-BEF2-4104-AE88-7DCB-7
A Wife’s Sacrifice 1916 10.5240/DD31-30C9-D54E-FBA0-5F48-9
A Woman’s Power 1916 10.5240/AE28-F3D3-C1B2-CE46-BE39-3
A Woman’s Way 1916 10.5240/733B-CA66-EA50-8488-B76A-7
All Man 1916 10.5240/DB8B-87AC-5748-17B8-D9D9-Y
Ambition 1916 10.5240/C779-9EED-7191-6DC6-F96E-G
As in a Looking Glass 1916 10.5240/CB08-D46C-00F3-84F1-53EC-X
Battle of Hearts 1916 10.5240/A7E0-4086-8A3B-7031-A06C-B
Blazing Love 1916 10.5240/04ED-C1EE-C63B-43DE-8736-D
Bought and Paid For 1916 10.5240/03B6-F053-F42F-D0E6-7A79-S
Broken Chains 1916 10.5240/511C-B413-3051-B5A8-2270-D
By Whose Hand? 1916 10.5240/563C-F06D-FBE4-4944-0CFF-1
Caprice on the Mountains 1916 10.5240/6F38-84D1-B1EC-7A8D-0999-F
Destruction 1916 10.5240/57B1-99BF-1DA4-4508-0812-3
East Lynne 1916 10.5240/9E44-6E34-106A-9F81-8F54-I
End of the Trail 1916 10.5240/CFBF-2A96-8ED6-782B-883A-8
Fatty and Mabel Adrift 1916 10.5240/ADAD-8A0C-621D-11CD-2D13-I
Feud Renewed 1916 10.5240/0BB0-0936-25D0-0014-B66A-E
Gold and the Woman 1916 10.5240/0E3A-920B-1B6B-B2B8-5715-U
He Did and He Didn’t 1916 10.5240/DA04-8152-A340-1985-FA53-X
Her Double Life 1916 10.5240/193B-84D2-B972-65F4-FE15-4
His Picture in the Papers 1916 10.5240/9DA6-F3C2-D6F8-8269-2028-4
House of Cards 1916 10.5240/6E75-D3AF-0DCC-0672-8A15-0
Human Driftwood 1916 10.5240/D7CB-A690-4EC1-7F85-60B8-8
Husband and Wife 1916 10.5240/1EA2-A84C-A175-21FA-F7ED-5
Hypocrisy 1916 10.5240/AA0A-64A0-59A5-03A6-A398-X
Jealousy 1916 10.5240/9BB0-B0D4-2B65-B877-3586-3
Judith Belgrove 1916 10.5240/9F8B-A068-BBE7-B783-FA37-H
La rosa di Granata 1916 10.5240/D5DC-D6AD-66F6-768B-B2C7-R
La Vie de Boheme 1916 10.5240/FFE9-60AC-DD7D-09C6-0107-A
Life’s Whirlpool 1916 10.5240/372C-17E9-A40F-D67F-E421-I
Little Miss Happiness 1916 10.5240/905F-72F0-A5F6-C51E-072F-X
Lola 1916 10.5240/9DD3-B831-5DD1-214F-EA39-I
Love and Hate 1916 10.5240/6BAB-06F3-F870-99CF-03AD-E
Love’s Crucible 1916 10.5240/8B9A-2D4F-6EAE-3654-02F6-4
Man of Sorrow 1916 10.5240/80FD-EB60-D668-DB0D-0DB6-9
Marrying Money 1916 10.5240/76AC-9C13-76FC-AC15-FA80-8
Masks 1916 10.5240/11F0-97B7-D3DA-666E-D8F8-R
Miss Petticoats 1916 10.5240/3C83-AD07-1EAF-4CF1-6BCE-J
On Dangerous Ground 1916 10.5240/CF31-1C48-CB3C-DF3B-68B9-O
Paying the Price 1916 10.5240/9538-3748-FCAA-9AD4-73F1-W
Rolling Stones 1916 10.5240/C4C6-C3C9-1B38-8424-AC4A-O
Romeo and Juliet 1916 10.5240/8ADC-8E8C-A087-3C43-C1A6-H
Seventeen 1916 10.5240/07BF-CA77-A658-7BE7-CEBA-K
Slander 1916 10.5240/7DC3-0424-17CB-298E-9771-P
Sudden Riches 1916 10.5240/AF64-00CA-7B4A-F2A3-5B16-R
Tangled Fates 1916 10.5240/5FB8-A207-866B-6E58-8DC4-J
The Almighty Dollar 1916 10.5240/54B6-3064-B21C-57A7-1483-O
The Angel of the Attic 1916 10.5240/49D9-DC28-295B-581F-2CB7-Q
The Awakening of Helena Richie 1916 10.5240/9604-33D3-AD67-0731-387D-O
The Ballet Girl 1916 10.5240/529A-CAA9-84A2-B377-0ED6-3
The Black Butterfly 1916 10.5240/51F8-1D87-F77E-F3A0-545E-Y
The Bright Lights 1916 10.5240/7153-0E48-4748-7B35-7F5B-C
The Closed Road 1916 10.5240/7584-F12B-4CC9-9222-4FBE-J
The Common Law 1916 10.5240/7696-57E8-C7A8-758B-642C-X
The Crucial Test 1916 10.5240/C4C9-DA3F-21AB-DEF8-90A9-5
The Dark Silence 1916 10.5240/06F0-768F-2DAD-B049-6EA3-D
The Dead Alive 1916 10.5240/8778-FF0A-E219-145B-FF3C-P
The Easiest Way 1916 10.5240/73FD-6058-BA92-0C48-AC0F-T
The Eternal Question 1916 10.5240/0817-90FE-1571-1E15-F293-C
The Eternal Sapho 1916 10.5240/256A-1478-3AED-B20D-D14D-8
The Feast of Life 1916 10.5240/C6BE-304A-F606-8CD9-0BCF-1
The Foolish Virgin 1916 10.5240/AA7B-E1F6-5D41-CECF-12F0-Z
The Fool’s Revenge 1916 10.5240/D507-437E-CD29-8E02-A622-I
The Fourth Estate 1916 10.5240/4D6F-CF6B-A45F-AA92-68F6-P
The Gilded Cage 1916 10.5240/F9F9-1969-C4B3-41A4-1F2B-E
The Girl with the Green Eyes 1916 10.5240/784B-12B2-D41E-D14B-15DC-N
The Green-Eyed Monster 1916 10.5240/CBB2-113F-649D-C829-6ECE-6
The Grey Mask 1916 10.5240/9D7A-8790-33A1-D224-B8D9-8
The Habit of Happiness 1916 10.5240/CFF2-B733-2070-B30F-EBED-9
The Hand of Peril 1916 10.5240/579B-8E63-CBB0-B6F8-D9E4-B
The Hidden Scar 1916 10.5240/5D64-CC2E-B693-3844-6C59-E
The Highest Bidder 1916 10.5240/ABA3-8217-D068-66BE-6621-V
The Honor System 1916 10.5240/A88D-52A7-CEE2-D48C-20B0-P
The Kiss of Hate 1916 10.5240/D0CB-7A2D-25B9-4E7D-9EAF-O
The Moonshiners 1916 10.5240/F564-0F4A-3597-9B03-4A3F-J
The Ocean Waif 1916 10.5240/01C2-5B48-E56F-8FDC-3EBF-E
The Pawn of Fate 1916 10.5240/E956-FFF8-0071-21C8-5E6E-C
The Price of Malice 1916 10.5240/A9EE-BADF-B671-31BA-6EDC-4
The Primitive Soul 1916 10.5240/D947-BC2C-50AD-6C1C-4F2A-0
The Professional Clubman 1916 10.5240/C841-FD81-3024-35E0-F8DB-L
The Rack 1916 10.5240/9EFE-99D4-6EE5-FF35-7A49-9
The Ragged Princess 1916 10.5240/FE81-5D3E-AB3E-8339-BFBD-1
The Rail Rider 1916 10.5240/A99E-0EF4-40DA-1436-38FC-M
The Revolt 1916 10.5240/0E3A-EA8A-2983-658E-1111-1
The Rise of Susan 1916 10.5240/F778-84E0-30FD-9013-E883-X
The Serpent 1916 10.5240/A47D-21C8-FDA4-BE26-950A-E
The Social Highwayman 1916 10.5240/DE2B-9859-C954-35AB-A214-M
The Soul of Broadway 1916 10.5240/0CD4-BF45-3C93-C886-B930-R
The Spider and the Fly 1916 10.5240/5D29-B7F2-8AED-B060-DD98-G
The Straight Way 1916 10.5240/9CF3-6A1A-7A8C-044F-0286-0
The Summer Girl 1916 10.5240/0D31-1BD9-C98B-4F1C-2D50-F
The Underlying Flame 1916 10.5240/0DD4-E194-354E-A6B0-2890-U
The Unpardonable Sin 1916 10.5240/C308-D80D-4A5A-09B1-DE74-6
The Unwelcome Mother 1916 10.5240/9B6C-974A-30C0-CF18-9F9C-M
The Urchin of the Sands 1916 10.5240/985A-BCB2-F5AD-E475-A6A9-K
The Velvet Paw 1916 10.5240/4E0D-C0E2-27F6-3769-5C55-5
The Victim 1916 10.5240/B011-43F5-AF12-DFE1-3C3E-Q
The Vixen 1916 10.5240/E5DB-57E9-89FD-24F7-8494-O
The War Bride’s Secret 1916 10.5240/91EA-3849-0691-6187-DE6F-S
The Witch 1916 10.5240/C69A-B373-FA1F-F993-0D35-M
The Witching Hour 1916 10.5240/1F8A-B7CF-BB75-F1D4-D70A-6
The Woman in 47 1916 10.5240/9999-E9E1-B315-2ABF-F678-W
The Yellow Passport 1916 10.5240/AD64-EF12-0CAF-93C4-DAC2-L
Then I’ll Come Back to You 1916 10.5240/6C23-F128-4905-FCC5-FE7B-F
Tillie, the Scrublady 1916 10.5240/863D-DA1A-6AA7-B167-D044-9
Under Two Flags 1916 10.5240/0ED4-85F6-D72C-19D5-C52B-V
What Will People Say? 1916 10.5240/F177-8C62-7716-36E3-A19D-L
Where Love Leads 1916 10.5240/08FA-E2CE-DBD4-B8FB-0F77-J
A Child of the Wild 1917 10.5240/ADFB-E3E1-6BAD-31FE-B0DD-5
A Corner in Smith’s 1917 10.5240/CCCE-E352-2012-1120-7F76-6
A Creole’s Revenge 1917 10.5240/B408-738E-6600-7155-E881-B
A Girl’s Folly 1917 10.5240/7FF8-ED2E-3E1F-1D92-BEF7-5
A Maid of Belgium 1917 10.5240/3236-DD76-1D96-8C85-0F2A-6
A Man and a Woman 1917 10.5240/78E9-CFA9-0836-5E26-2FBE-E
A Modern Cinderella 1917 10.5240/E1A2-7F32-2529-A311-BD0A-3
A Movie Romance 1917 10.5240/84FB-A17F-9E71-5333-C8A9-K
A Rick Man’s Plaything 1917 10.5240/F071-B0F1-6F24-E2EF-C052-Z
A Self-Made Widow 1917 10.5240/25B8-97D0-F014-C17B-BFA1-O
A Small Town Girl 1917 10.5240/94D8-044F-DA0B-804B-4E64-J
A Square Deal 1917 10.5240/F3F0-8814-5FFA-7D01-A74B-J
A Stolen Paradise 1917 10.5240/1797-1733-0CCE-9AA1-682B-B
A Woman Alone 1917 10.5240/3F45-2C57-0420-B1ED-D95A-1
Adventures of Carol 1917 10.5240/5EFD-DC91-5E54-E5DC-CD11-3
Almost a King 1917 10.5240/402E-C2A7-1164-0F5D-CE1C-3
As Man Made Her 1917 10.5240/7477-3DFD-DC7F-6D45-AC57-G
Baby Mine 1917 10.5240/DB66-9969-7212-C9E5-4D2F-J
Barbary Sheep 1917 10.5240/6DC5-36A1-01C7-73BC-A6B0-1
Behind the Mask 1917 10.5240/C223-D57A-7A82-793C-BF6D-Y
Betsy Ross 1917 10.5240/FD75-F0FC-5737-3666-0BF9-G
Broadway Jones 1917 10.5240/49B6-86FD-6C7A-BCF3-DE87-0
Camille 1917 10.5240/E561-C8D9-7CAB-945B-6448-G
Darkets Russia 1917 10.5240/2D07-A7CC-7A52-3ADE-ADBD-2
Diamonds and Pearls 1917 10.5240/95CF-E4CB-5F37-39E2-9DEE-4
Easy Money 1917 10.5240/00FB-BB63-50B0-8124-9788-C
Enlighten Thy Daughter 1917 10.5240/90B0-CD81-B649-8BFB-0071-8
Every Girl’s Dream 1917 10.5240/3950-A3F2-FFAB-24A2-1270-N
Exile 1917 10.5240/D7FE-469E-2F94-D101-7B4D-L
For the Freedom of the World 1917 10.5240/286D-0C3D-CD68-DC78-DE99-G
Forget-Me-Not 1917 10.5240/F57B-3D48-33F9-3313-48A5-R
Friday the 13th 1917 10.5240/726B-D628-706B-9024-FDC6-O
Heart and Soul 1917 10.5240/CD08-81A3-7C7D-2D21-3934-F
Her Greatest Love 1917 10.5240/1FE2-3348-7710-D007-9D8D-G
Her Hour 1917 10.5240/259D-2612-EB72-0ADE-BB62-2
High Finance 1917 10.5240/BC3B-3658-81F5-CCF9-7BCE-O
Love’s Law 1917 10.5240/62BB-03F0-8EE1-3C4E-BE52-P
Magda 1917 10.5240/FAC0-E9B5-C923-6B07-CEB2-Q
Making a Man Pay 1917 10.5240/D6E7-F10D-B6F0-DE46-634B-A
Man’s Woman 1917 10.5240/8503-B430-AA73-D6CD-8496-T
Maternity 1917 10.5240/96E6-C5BA-9EDF-F52A-B8EC-9
Miss U.S.A. 1917 10.5240/2A64-0F0E-3BDB-4CA4-8F41-4
Moral  Courage 1917 10.5240/15D7-16ED-8D5D-8426-767D-9
Music Hath Charm 1917 10.5240/E56C-6D30-2076-0B11-4EAE-K
Nearly Married 1917 10.5240/3B42-9097-27D7-A976-7C79-C
Patsy 1917 10.5240/4D9C-DCBA-65E7-0F99-8EB5-U
Polly of the Circus 1917 10.5240/B7F9-8D8D-E0A9-22F7-4DE5-D
Pretty Polly Pollard 1917 10.5240/62B0-9FA3-A4E4-92B0-94A8-N
Rasputin, The Black Monk 1917 10.5240/3686-DE43-DD79-F78E-C327-J
Redemption 1917 10.5240/F27B-6F25-4340-8525-C027-U
Royal Romance 1917 10.5240/91EF-0064-1F48-8706-C231-2
Shall We Forgive Her? 1917 10.5240/842D-8687-F44B-7629-982E-0
Shirley Kaye 1917 10.5240/666E-4A6B-A23D-BD7E-C618-8
Sister Against Sister 1917 10.5240/9D5E-1ADB-8B85-DE82-E677-8
Stolen Hours 1917 10.5240/468F-DB51-D090-AE59-878E-Y
Sunday 1917 10.5240/1CE8-E842-CB42-A98F-5DA2-N
Sunshine Alley 1917 10.5240/AFD3-3036-2E5F-2717-3275-4
Sunshine Maid 1917 10.5240/98C5-C028-D172-B500-690A-3
Tangled Lines 1917 10.5240/729D-96F3-4DBF-19A4-9C01-8
Thais 1917 10.5240/A765-79A8-EDAC-141C-50E6-W
The Advenurer 1917 10.5240/CB4A-54F6-DBA5-19FC-EEC7-Q
The Argyle Case 1917 10.5240/D89E-6020-4C64-F5A9-40C1-A
The Auction Block 1917 10.5240/B59D-504F-0DBB-553C-9DE3-N
The Awakening 1917 10.5240/54F3-E8F9-D36A-906A-533E-0
The Belgian 1917 10.5240/F2F2-88CE-7119-47E1-E7B4-D
The Beloved Adventures 1917 10.5240/7190-CC16-FDCC-1662-6A58-H
The Bitter Truth 1917 10.5240/FED6-79D6-C439-7AB8-D02D-A
The Blue Streak 1917 10.5240/C7AC-197C-A936-A852-6C0C-3
The Brand of Satan 1917 10.5240/91A2-E67E-BD1B-F9FA-F6FA-4
The Burglar 1917 10.5240/6821-ED83-324A-1CD4-C747-8
The Cinderella Man 1917 10.5240/F0EB-497F-381E-86FF-4440-W
The Corner Grocery 1917 10.5240/AB71-9945-E998-7D4A-E782-K
The Crimson Dove 1917 10.5240/9A0E-0162-DEE0-0078-4690-R
The Cub 1917 10.5240/724A-3FA7-5D7D-9EB1-DF5E-B
The Dancer’s Peril 1917 10.5240/D909-0EDD-EAD5-6D00-60FD-N
The Darling of Paris 1917 10.5240/756B-D130-04CC-AB25-692E-9
The Derelict 1917 10.5240/1710-8A1A-A548-48BB-5253-Z
The Devil’s Toy 1917 10.5240/9945-23CB-DE51-DB05-3931-F
The Divine Sacrifice 1917 10.5240/FE98-9D7D-037E-F3B0-3C56-6
The Divorce Game 1917 10.5240/C88E-98B0-DB61-D311-B430-K
The Dormant Power 1917 10.5240/5E22-952C-A269-9436-CFAB-A
The Empress 1917 10.5240/D1B4-65CC-405A-E9AB-DF21-3
The Eternal Temptress 1917 10.5240/8070-4085-BAC3-DF0F-4CD5-X
The Evil Eye 1917 10.5240/5C62-E5AC-9C80-7F64-92D8-B
The Family Honor 1917 10.5240/9F50-B667-3692-9DA8-4FE2-Y
The Fighting Odds 1917 10.5240/7EFD-9A42-C25B-A8DD-AB4D-I
The Good for Nothing 1917 10.5240/2218-9BD5-28FD-0396-4B55-O
The Hungry Heart 1917 10.5240/AF63-AFD0-F511-39FC-1EDB-B
The Iron Ring 1917 10.5240/E400-AD6F-5C08-5C0F-C3DB-V
The Land of Promise 1917 10.5240/EA4A-3E3E-07B1-8E0F-E2B1-5
The Latch String 1917 10.5240/36B4-BC4C-C98C-2B49-6BE1-T
The Law of Compensation 1917 10.5240/47E5-F2CB-C406-B336-C1D9-V
The Law of the Land 1917 10.5240/E98A-E070-334A-D5CC-58F3-T
The Little Duchess 1917 10.5240/50EB-544B-E1C3-35DD-4C9D-7
The Little Patriot 1917 10.5240/3DAE-5380-3373-5E10-F8C6-R
The Mad Lover 1917 10.5240/C8C5-60EA-3C47-3261-CD74-C
The Man from Painted Post 1917 10.5240/2C96-8620-E766-B65C-A53E-U
The Marriage Market 1917 10.5240/F281-B347-1A2C-EE1C-2F67-U
The Moral code 1917 10.5240/7EE5-17ED-0F7A-2DC9-3F4E-9
The New York Peacock 1917 10.5240/BC81-C785-6B00-DFA7-8F41-N
The Page of Mystery 1917 10.5240/4DEA-0A91-80A6-31B0-7FA0-Z
The Painted Madonna 1917 10.5240/EBB0-1E37-9F55-381A-EBEE-V
The Poor Little Rich Girl 1917 10.5240/699B-9D92-FE38-ADD3-184B-O
The Price of Pride 1917 10.5240/52D1-B902-23F5-7CCA-F9C9-E
The Price She Paid 1917 10.5240/762F-6E3D-2A37-DE13-B17A-0
The Pride of New York 1917 10.5240/40BB-CE50-3CC1-D876-DE04-5
The Pride of the Clan 1917 10.5240/B60B-5D43-CF8C-CD03-DEB4-N
The Primitaive Call 1917 10.5240/9301-10C9-EA4D-13C9-7EAC-G
The Rise of Jenny Cushing 1917 10.5240/A600-464C-6E2F-87AD-7A21-T
The Scarlet letter 1917 10.5240/6E6E-3280-2F6D-56B8-3250-7
The Scarlet Pimpernel 1917 10.5240/4835-8108-91A5-3D04-AF5A-M
The Siren 1917 10.5240/598A-4967-52A9-1CE9-719D-V
The Slave 1917 10.5240/455D-63D6-4ACB-6139-9271-X
The Social Leper 1917 10.5240/0A68-288B-184F-7A19-3EEA-F
The Soul of a Magdalen 1917 10.5240/E142-3A31-80B8-320B-BE4D-V
The Spreading Dawn 1917 10.5240/8756-A1AB-B9D4-86C2-606A-0
The Tenth Case 1917 10.5240/281D-B793-64E6-60BF-CB40-Q
The Tiger Woman 1917 10.5240/281F-B070-6D11-9028-CE29-E
The Two Little Imps 1917 10.5240/C2A6-3741-B734-9B3C-3F93-B
The Volunteer 1917 10.5240/22F3-C23F-FA74-08D3-4942-D
The Waiting Soul 1917 10.5240/D231-DCC0-2BE1-1692-6FB7-V
The Way of the Strong 1917 10.5240/F4BA-F973-F163-A999-78B4-C
The Weakness of Man 1917 10.5240/158F-76EC-AACD-1B65-9DF4-D
The Web of Desire 1917 10.5240/542A-31F2-DEAD-DED6-F25B-X
The Whip 1917 10.5240/E289-4190-75E2-3F71-9F00-V
The Wild Girl 1917 10.5240/1815-C94F-6C65-53D5-B327-D
The Wit of a Woman 1917 10.5240/B1C9-D0DE-9D39-273B-3278-6
Thou Shalt Not Steal 1917 10.5240/5B93-6BFA-6305-61D1-7AD2-S
Tides of Fate 1917 10.5240/0C55-B646-AE8A-50AF-3EF9-M
Tillie Wakes Up 1917 10.5240/3A03-781C-219F-76BE-CFFF-P
Vera the Medium 1917 10.5240/BB60-0F83-1EB0-97A8-EC14-X
When False Tongues Speak 1917 10.5240/2CD2-3317-D847-E5AB-C1B2-G
When You and I Were Young 1917 10.5240/B569-0449-8463-0195-FAAA-3
Whoso Findeth a Wife 1917 10.5240/E6DE-A848-8E1C-DA91-2702-W
Wife Number Two 1917 10.5240/EA98-3530-EFCD-76E9-114C-V
Wild and Woolly 1917 10.5240/5684-031D-0A21-4372-4194-S
Wrath of Love 1917 10.5240/59D1-4FEC-ED03-16FE-1DB6-N
Yankee Way 1917 10.5240/156D-21A3-BA38-8FD7-11D5-4
Youth 1917 10.5240/4CDD-A7E1-BFFD-11BA-15C6-4
A Camouflage Kiss 1918 10.5240/9709-FAAD-C918-7A05-DB46-E
A Daughter of the Old South 1918 10.5240/6BB5-0236-39E7-4E47-2ACF-P
A Doll’s House 1918 10.5240/F92B-4A3B-70EB-D426-6742-4
A Man’s World 1918 10.5240/3CF9-51E4-74E6-1514-2CA1-9
A Perfect 36 1918 10.5240/34E5-5A4E-4DFA-1978-062E-G
A Perfect Lady 1918 10.5240/23BD-AF17-BD21-0BEC-9DC0-Y
Agonies of Agnes 1918 10.5240/F7D3-428A-B200-9ADB-6883-I
All Woman 1918 10.5240/EC99-F780-DCB3-8D8B-5F54-R
American Spirit 1918 10.5240/5337-4E31-EBF5-71FF-7A35-M
Appearance of Evil 1918 10.5240/261B-D30E-0F3D-FB0A-B214-R
At the Mercy of Men 1918 10.5240/4EB6-D68C-8623-FF79-0EDC-D
Back to the Woods 1918 10.5240/39FD-CEF0-B560-076D-002F-F
Beloved Blackmailer 1918 10.5240/2D64-378B-7325-BCCD-E357-2
Blue Blood 1918 10.5240/5859-B890-C141-74A6-00E4-B
Blue-Eyed Mary 1918 10.5240/2281-BCA2-A977-896E-75EA-0
Broken Ties 1918 10.5240/6285-7E39-B069-58B9-8A71-1
Brown of Harvard 1918 10.5240/EEC2-5444-0C47-64BE-94E9-V
By Hook or Crook 1918 10.5240/7B9D-442A-BE60-4999-15B7-1
Courage for Two 1918 10.5240/5649-499E-5E08-533A-BC4D-O
Dad’s Knockout 1918 10.5240/584D-4B39-22C4-628A-5D9A-3
Day Dreams 1918 10.5240/0ECF-4EBB-1B1D-D80C-9B69-Y
Dodging a Million 1918 10.5240/8D32-02C2-B7A7-5F4E-3A67-5
Doing Our Bit 1918 10.5240/4264-B85A-0A07-C351-303A-Q
Eye for an Eye 1918 10.5240/E700-2D39-C147-597B-519C-8
Fields of Honor 1918 10.5240/960E-FA4A-86E8-53EB-D0D9-F
Friend Husband 1918 10.5240/DB50-AA43-83AF-99AA-23C2-O
Gates of Gladness 1918 10.5240/B80A-35B7-E6D2-54C6-F33B-N
Glorious Adventure 1918 10.5240/1D22-2E6F-B0F6-C293-0D86-9
Go West Young Man 1918 10.5240/DE9C-523A-F3C2-2562-CAEF-2
Heart of Ezra Greer 1918 10.5240/16FA-1BA4-AB93-AA39-0043-I
Heart of the Sunset 1918 10.5240/7E71-44DB-9993-D2C4-BF16-1
Her Final Reckoning 1918 10.5240/61B0-4E4A-51E0-08FD-E8E2-Y
Her Great Chance 1918 10.5240/FDA5-D22E-F4A9-DBBA-7180-M
Her Man 1918 10.5240/746D-4FF5-190D-C636-BB7D-V
Her Price 1918 10.5240/ED05-6388-8F23-2C0A-E59F-I
Her Silent Sacrifice 1918 10.5240/D218-E29B-2BFB-1F39-191B-L
Heredity 1918 10.5240/36D3-AE85-E3ED-701E-912D-1
Hidden Fires 1918 10.5240/6C32-617B-E76A-2E3E-ED7B-E
His Brother’s Wife 1918 10.5240/521E-6926-8803-33D1-E86F-Q
His Royal Highness 1918 10.5240/F70E-69E4-0DAC-A43F-315E-1
Hitting the Trail 1918 10.5240/7BFE-1642-F89D-8D0C-887B-G
I Want to Forget 1918 10.5240/8F5F-97B7-A306-5DD4-BE8A-W
In the Hollow of Her Hand 1918 10.5240/8CFE-433D-E920-D1B1-6331-E
Inside the Lines 1918 10.5240/F26F-7FE8-6ADB-E59B-A783-9
Joan of Plattsburgh 1918 10.5240/CE5A-717D-FBC3-861F-F439-M
Joan of the Woods 1918 10.5240/2D41-2C9B-DE89-2CFA-322B-8
Journey’s End 1918 10.5240/88D4-C371-025B-9575-7D50-M
Jubilo 1918 10.5240/A310-5FD2-6629-E295-3EA3-3
Just for Tonight 1918 10.5240/F061-7D44-E20B-FC60-5646-L
Just Sylvia 1918 10.5240/6820-6048-F2B4-460F-694C-E
Lafayette! We Come! 1918 10.5240/E6F2-37A0-8B78-EF8A-132B-O
Laughing Bill Hyde 1918 10.5240/65C4-BD50-3ED8-17B6-E20D-T
Leap to Fame 1918 10.5240/4705-094C-4D71-D5F3-7BAE-U
Les Miserables 1918 10.5240/E704-F0B5-4C0F-33BF-A39E-1
Little Women 1918 10.5240/F505-4EC1-32F5-2C07-E4CE-L
Loaded Dice 1918 10.5240/B5AD-A020-DBF8-F78B-7F99-V
Love’s Conquest 1918 10.5240/5086-0234-88B0-30F9-2A45-N
Merely Players 1918 10.5240/BEEF-2356-D9A9-BEC4-DDBB-Y
Miss Innocence 1918 10.5240/0455-3C08-21DE-D50B-ECE2-7
Money Mad 1918 10.5240/8C7A-6E22-946A-887E-2565-0
Morgan’s Raiders 1918 10.5240/B09F-0E6D-4A0C-F813-A3FF-G
Neighbors 1918 10.5240/94EB-0773-B31E-3D02-50BA-C
Our Little Wife 1918 10.5240/A692-1FF6-8BB7-6D96-0BB2-H
Our Mrs. McChesney 1918 10.5240/DE78-B05C-69B7-CED9-D1E5-T
Peck’s Bad Girl 1918 10.5240/48E1-C41D-4837-F39F-C985-2
Prunella 1918 10.5240/59FD-2898-D025-6351-1273-2
Queen of the Sea 1918 10.5240/E772-D635-086B-07FC-9000-5
Racing Strain 1918 10.5240/F6C9-B7F5-52E4-5A51-C7BD-S
Rose of the World 1918 10.5240/97FE-9DD3-B5E6-1676-0D04-S
Service Star 1918 10.5240/40D0-D743-9356-618A-9C16-T
Social Ambition 1918 10.5240/C139-A455-63E1-4D92-1946-4
Some Job 1918 10.5240/D1D0-2C8B-32F5-44C9-48B8-F
Soul without Windows 1918 10.5240/BECF-8A17-DDFE-D8C7-960F-Y
Stars of Glory 1918 10.5240/2164-F7AB-76EC-2415-485F-X
Stolen Orders 1918 10.5240/A3E5-69E8-3169-87ED-12F3-H
Swat the Spy 1918 10.5240/3771-6718-8670-976C-74F3-6
Tell It to the Marines 1918 10.5240/8BC9-C981-797D-4F0F-7100-V
The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds 1918 10.5240/E2CA-C96B-9FBD-4438-4A49-B
The Beloved Traitor 1918 10.5240/457B-6FE3-7051-26A4-67FB-T
The Better Half 1918 10.5240/D5F6-9FE8-DD79-0147-B2F7-P
The Blue Bird 1918 10.5240/E78A-7BA6-B202-8122-18AD-U
The Cabaret 1918 10.5240/C200-90DC-5750-402A-80AA-0
The Claw 1918 10.5240/4D52-3654-E169-199C-C55A-J
The Cross Bearer 1918 10.5240/FEB9-A498-E2EC-9B38-2917-0
The Danger Game 1918 10.5240/FEAD-0B79-0E0E-5445-143B-F
The Death Dance 1918 10.5240/1808-8AE3-898B-EE04-4CA3-6
The Face in the Dark 1918 10.5240/F59F-1D0E-ECBD-C9A8-3EC8-6
The Fair Pretender 1918 10.5240/73F2-5090-A1C7-A698-894C-H
The Floor Below 1918 10.5240/78FA-EC93-4E18-3C73-F950-3
The Golden Wall 1918 10.5240/893B-18F9-138D-0D9E-6487-U
The Great Adventure 1918 10.5240/0970-3798-0E65-4AFF-5DB8-C
The Grouch 1918 10.5240/0633-42FB-F877-4B7C-0E30-6
The Heart of a Girl 1918 10.5240/5398-D0D6-983F-1D0A-637F-5
The Heart of Romance 1918 10.5240/4EAD-1A4F-EBEA-A2E1-01A5-Z
The Hell Cat 1918 10.5240/732F-147E-1CE0-FCCF-F52E-2
The House of Glass 1918 10.5240/2800-40B7-0BC1-944D-A61B-I
The House of Hate 1918 10.5240/98BA-C095-786F-A12E-9F18-U
The Interloper 1918 10.5240/1874-0209-2653-3DF1-0502-N
The Kingdom of Youth 1918 10.5240/59EE-AE67-EC68-6AC5-654C-O
The Knife 1918 10.5240/5AF8-9D6E-9F07-F888-09E5-9
The Little Church Around the Corner 1918 10.5240/65D5-4585-F96A-79BE-1D39-M
The Man Hunt 1918 10.5240/929F-6D9E-14FF-D3FE-0F42-I
The Marionettes 1918 10.5240/74F3-52F0-D703-31D5-5E98-9
The Master Hand 1918 10.5240/3529-2486-3363-F97C-9C04-P
The Oakdale Affair 1918 10.5240/2BD4-CD98-1662-4C00-C9C0-H
The Oldest Law 1918 10.5240/FD6E-C397-4781-1025-F46F-B
The Ordeal of Rosetta 1918 10.5240/815B-2C4F-D02B-D0FB-A2CE-O
The Purple Lily 1918 10.5240/5BAC-DED7-5C10-3F79-2444-N
The Reason Why 1918 10.5240/5D22-106C-DBE2-513D-A1EE-2
The Red Cross Nurse 1918 10.5240/A87A-474C-8266-D725-6173-J
The Road Through the Dark 1918 10.5240/D5DF-CBC1-7095-49F8-E334-L
The Road to France 1918 10.5240/43DD-E819-DE70-8A6A-A9A9-0
The Savage Woman 1918 10.5240/A17E-BDDA-48B2-3BCC-EB72-L
The Silent Master 1918 10.5240/0397-4F6F-2D7D-B5D1-42DF-H
The Splendid Sinner 1918 10.5240/A93E-F7A0-53D6-1464-36FE-R
The Spurs of Sybil 1918 10.5240/218D-BE31-744F-E8B8-466B-H
The Traitor 1918 10.5240/C52A-46FC-248B-E728-A676-M
The Trap 1918 10.5240/A8C2-6092-8DE0-27CF-93D5-U
The Venus Model 1918 10.5240/5C6B-2187-8F63-EAE1-E474-Y
The Wasp 1918 10.5240/320E-D1FC-C6F6-0F4D-1585-B
The Way Out 1918 10.5240/CA58-5A80-1A18-1CEE-7458-B
The Whirlpool 1918 10.5240/A422-A9D8-4D43-41ED-9511-F
The Witch Woman 1918 10.5240/4AF9-36EA-8323-779B-D24B-S
The Woman Beneath 1918 10.5240/02D0-7B6C-26A9-A2E1-AC1A-4
The Woman Who Gave 1918 10.5240/F8AF-B31F-7CAF-8303-4EE1-V
Thirty a Week 1918 10.5240/A1E2-AEFF-DFD9-CE35-9CAC-T
Tinsel 1918 10.5240/10F2-16E0-1071-4945-8894-B
To Him that Hath 1918 10.5240/6C63-F3C5-D5D0-F6CB-D0A6-H
Too Fat to Fight 1918 10.5240/DD3D-3B6F-B1BC-F851-5DFA-0
T’Other Dear Charmer 1918 10.5240/BAFC-51E3-E449-0BD2-3965-1
True Blue 1918 10.5240/57D4-78E0-3F64-1C5D-E2F2-X
Turn of the Wheel 1918 10.5240/E9C5-0F67-F3A5-441D-BBE3-L
Under the Greenwood Tree 1918 10.5240/CA6A-E169-C7FC-218D-6E4F-1
Unknown in 274 1918 10.5240/614E-B398-5CDA-EC1C-FB19-J
Venegeance 1918 10.5240/69F1-6F55-DC72-7CA2-7F06-R
Wanted, A Mother 1918 10.5240/624E-A61C-7DC9-83E8-6581-T
We Should Worry 1918 10.5240/C103-6976-655C-2A27-78EF-E
Whims of Society 1918 10.5240/AE6B-8DAF-DD3A-A2E9-A388-1
Woman and Wife 1918 10.5240/A2D8-9B14-E6E1-81AD-EDB7-M
Woman of Redemption 1918 10.5240/F370-5E32-198F-2FC1-93D8-4
Zero Hour 1918 10.5240/96F6-37BD-659D-55CD-D5A9-Q
A Broadway Saint 1919 10.5240/C154-DB58-7447-1EE2-FD44-Q
A Man and His Money 1919 10.5240/A17A-D20D-81EA-DA0D-0479-M
A Soul Adrift 1919 10.5240/C02A-8CBA-2606-78DE-03B7-T
Almost a Husband 1919 10.5240/2D26-F21F-2277-F971-3FA8-E
An Amateur Widow 1919 10.5240/2C44-7A2B-099F-6A1D-1DBB-V
Bondage of Barbara 1919 10.5240/F696-988F-A801-A9D6-D7F7-B
Bonds of Love 1919 10.5240/A4EE-D58D-0524-6E8D-BFC7-M
Bringing up Betty 1919 10.5240/C9FC-561C-B87D-5105-EF45-U
Cheating Cheaters 1919 10.5240/E856-E942-493B-D221-A7C1-E
Cheating Herself 1919 10.5240/415B-AABE-0BC6-56E5-0117-8
Coax Me 1919 10.5240/614A-03C2-E3FB-1979-52A3-7
Crook of Dreams 1919 10.5240/F254-11FD-CBEA-FD2D-9B8C-Y
Daughter of Mine 1919 10.5240/3BB0-DD03-719A-9FC6-D57D-3
Dust of Desire 1919 10.5240/A226-02D1-3481-26FC-3557-6
Eastward Ho! 1919 10.5240/8DD7-7BCF-4F0C-866D-1C0E-O
Flame of the Desert 1919 10.5240/CD30-6D99-27C9-15E3-1FF3-5
Forest Rivals 1919 10.5240/D7FC-EA49-5A68-570A-963F-U
Ginger 1919 10.5240/0238-E4D4-78C0-B8E9-F125-Y
Girl Alaska 1919 10.5240/3A9F-9CE2-23A2-15D4-7FCD-O
Heart of Gold 1919 10.5240/60C7-5F65-40C0-45B4-DB3D-L
His Bridal Night 1919 10.5240/3D6A-92E8-5C22-6BB0-AE16-6
His Father’s Wife 1919 10.5240/9185-4310-8CE7-9D91-C805-5
Hit or Miss 1919 10.5240/B409-6DB8-C0D7-DE48-8592-2
Home Wanted 1919 10.5240/9064-2D88-23D0-A0D9-5118-N
Jinx 1919 10.5240/9A72-E13F-C249-7A09-1249-P
Leave It to Susan 1919 10.5240/B370-2C72-FE36-FDB5-13A9-C
Little Intruder 1919 10.5240/A4F1-8859-DD36-76E7-52BA-P
Lord and Lady Algy 1919 10.5240/0BF1-0AEE-98C6-AEDF-D778-N
Love and the Woman 1919 10.5240/87D8-8DCD-5F69-4034-F9B3-L
Love in a Hurry 1919 10.5240/CD68-5C28-0EE2-3E80-4B22-Z
Man of Bronze 1919 10.5240/0655-2DA7-BCC4-D31F-47A6-F
Marie, Ltd. 1919 10.5240/2BF0-CFBC-5210-2291-48EB-S
Me and Captain Kidd 1919 10.5240/A5AF-DC81-1932-985D-E812-N
Miss Crusoe 1919 10.5240/20E9-9441-08F3-9485-D2AD-3
Moral Deadline 1919 10.5240/7EDC-B925-8E74-627C-C154-8
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1919 10.5240/1A2B-A906-1F38-27DE-63C0-1
Mystery of the Yellow Room 1919 10.5240/C24D-327E-BAB9-ECB8-84F6-8
Oh! Boy! 1919 10.5240/C9A2-419C-9714-0E2F-AC33-K
One of the Finest 1919 10.5240/93F4-373C-D83F-59A8-6863-O
One Week of Life 1919 10.5240/BD2D-E859-C635-9654-8A59-3
Out of the Fog 1919 10.5240/FB1F-E915-81A9-3200-AB89-X
Out of the Shadows 1919 10.5240/FAE0-F7A5-5564-646A-E483-M
Paid in Full 1919 10.5240/2D6E-32B8-4D2C-A3E6-83B7-C
Phil-for-Short 1919 10.5240/53CA-13A5-9ED8-6F60-693C-5
Praise Agent 1919 10.5240/1830-0525-7AE1-827A-737F-C
Sea Waif 1919 10.5240/1CF2-6C18-594D-57B7-45D7-R
Shadows 1919 10.5240/CDFB-FDCB-8D5B-630A-B5DF-I
Sis Hopkins 1919 10.5240/D334-A547-22D0-B8A0-30AD-F
Smiles 1919 10.5240/293E-A3C6-EDBD-76B5-0D76-F
Social Pirate 1919 10.5240/3A84-A00C-F693-F72A-AE03-C
Spotlight Sadie 1919 10.5240/999D-5F7A-8513-3F36-FEB0-S
Strictly Confidential 1919 10.5240/264F-5825-D6A3-19A6-7A21-F
The Allies 1919 10.5240/0B5F-A8D6-5873-430E-ABCB-T
The American Way 1919 10.5240/7D7A-DA06-94D0-5255-8FDD-3
The Arizona Cat Claw 1919 10.5240/BB38-3F66-4B66-3FD1-4D61-P
The Battler 1919 10.5240/D664-780B-DF68-7592-2445-I
The Better Wife 1919 10.5240/3F01-0EFC-DF06-1516-A8EC-G
The Black Circle 1919 10.5240/F7CB-5E51-40EA-1A16-0B1D-8
The Bluffer 1919 10.5240/9D24-3C02-4698-F71F-F575-4
The Brand 1919 10.5240/ABED-3DC8-53A8-D1A5-3969-O
The Brat 1919 10.5240/368E-8A5A-CC55-FEE8-8859-J
The Carter Case 1919 10.5240/CB08-3674-B760-9D5F-9CF1-N
The City of Comrades 1919 10.5240/0A3F-BB03-5ED9-6D3C-0DA8-1
The Clouded Name 1919 10.5240/87C9-2580-1BFD-9705-9479-F
The Country Cousin 1919 10.5240/F094-9FEA-D1B6-2B91-6E28-G
The Divorcee 1919 10.5240/6812-E97C-61A7-AD20-5A16-7
The Eternal Magdalene 1919 10.5240/6B7E-45FA-B654-B217-AD0B-W
The Fear woman 1919 10.5240/3294-234B-7B22-350E-A05C-Q
The Firing Line 1919 10.5240/C84A-261D-81C0-A676-CA5D-9
The Hand Invisible 1919 10.5240/D28A-9A03-ECA7-E97A-EE19-D
The Indestructible Wife 1919 10.5240/BDCB-52C2-7D62-70A8-A253-J
The Love Auction 1919 10.5240/2216-3C12-915C-2B2D-FF79-P
The Love Cheat 1919 10.5240/CB0A-F5C6-1FA0-F53E-55A5-B
The Love Net 1919 10.5240/02B8-31CD-B246-C284-E804-R
The Mandarin’s Gold 1919 10.5240/2833-703D-E17B-6E19-9E32-U
The Misleading Widow 1919 10.5240/67E9-6817-9510-4645-223A-W
The Peace of Roaring River 1919 10.5240/D685-41AD-D6E6-91EB-E222-N
The Perfect Lover 1919 10.5240/5DC5-1244-08D7-62DD-F680-D
The Pest 1919 10.5240/3A7E-82EF-3362-B527-B2A6-C
The Poison Pen 1919 10.5240/B62D-AFD9-415B-DC07-7C46-V
The Power and the Glory 1919 10.5240/CEC6-F460-BFF1-B7ED-32A3-X
The Quickening Flame 1919 10.5240/AB58-058E-F4D3-49EF-A974-S
The Redhead 1919 10.5240/0322-2913-AAB8-25BD-F283-S
The Roughneck 1919 10.5240/C166-8BDF-96D5-6BCA-964E-V
The Scar 1919 10.5240/4602-F869-E910-040D-D39C-R
The Sneak 1919 10.5240/B4B2-A01B-4F25-820A-E79E-0
The Snug Harbor 1919 10.5240/4440-6EEF-E50A-94E9-8F71-7
The Steel King 1919 10.5240/6984-C765-C025-D214-865C-Y
The Stronger Vow 1919 10.5240/405C-9838-FE84-087E-DA49-2
The Unveiling Hand 1919 10.5240/30B0-D537-FDA5-3F25-C7DE-9
The Vengeance of the Fakir 1919 10.5240/C7B2-BD35-0994-46E4-5F26-3
The Virtuous Model 1919 10.5240/5783-6354-108B-3F22-A330-Z
The Woman Next Door 1919 10.5240/876A-969F-E02B-FF15-F17C-6
The Woman on the Index 1919 10.5240/2559-A123-3F79-8F2E-5524-R
The World and Its Women 1919 10.5240/23C5-0470-EA4F-B74B-72B9-6
The World to Live In 1919 10.5240/FB99-D429-AEC0-D3BF-DE61-Q
Thou Shalt Not 1919 10.5240/2434-87C3-108E-1EB1-6CCE-T
Three Green Eyes 1919 10.5240/7ABA-6D8C-A398-9798-4E0A-S
Through the Toils 1919 10.5240/5833-A9E1-75E3-0AEE-9331-I
Through the Wrong Door 1919 10.5240/1F96-7F9C-7831-5970-05EA-9
Toby’s Bow 1919 10.5240/577E-2268-4CC1-700E-3565-S
Trimmed with Red 1919 10.5240/496B-DE5F-4B6A-06A4-5F27-Q
Under Four Flags 1919 10.5240/6BD9-C1E7-B0BA-351C-91CD-2
Unknown Love 1919 10.5240/67CE-75A5-00C4-D591-BC2D-0
Unwritten Code 1919 10.5240/2264-E19A-31AB-40ED-F838-F
Upstairs and Down 1919 10.5240/7A7B-CB66-462B-0CEE-E2C4-R
What Love Forgives 1919 10.5240/2636-9D61-1AFA-E43F-78A5-3
What Shall We Do With Him 1919 10.5240/CA73-7941-B327-3198-AE94-H
Where Bonds are Loosed 1919 10.5240/2A8D-1855-9101-4A74-1FB4-0
Wild Primrose 1919 10.5240/0E3E-0E6B-1B3E-BC22-C0A7-U
Winning Her Way 1919 10.5240/F91E-DB33-A946-5FAC-1CD2-A
Woman of Lies 1919 10.5240/3F58-EAC7-0195-5053-FE55-6
Woman, Woman 1919 10.5240/EF84-7B82-F26F-79EC-F98E-X
You Never Know Your Luck 1919 10.5240/3A08-1948-8149-F1FE-5439-9
A Modern Salome 1920 10.5240/1209-8A70-297A-78E7-973D-2
Black is White 1920 10.5240/AD1D-B88D-96F4-932F-A254-8
Blooming Angel 1920 10.5240/913D-C644-1BB9-4276-385D-D
Dollars and Sense 1920 10.5240/8E4E-902D-62C7-4087-00D6-O
Everybody’s Sweetheart 1920 10.5240/712F-ED12-A174-C6CD-6C8A-9
Footlights and Shadows 1920 10.5240/14DD-0A0F-A61A-8FFA-0CB9-2
Glorious Youth 1920 10.5240/5F91-B22E-CE19-BB19-40AC-Z
Half an Hour 1920 10.5240/2170-1255-44C2-6853-BE91-S
His Wife’s Money 1920 10.5240/66BC-4453-D6E7-4142-8D6F-C
Just a Wife 1920 10.5240/44AC-4765-AFBD-8DB0-0660-X
Love without Question 1920 10.5240/C575-DDB1-8C7E-BDF4-9B33-Y
Nothing a Year 1920 10.5240/0372-1D37-EF10-BF6B-C97F-C
Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes 1920 10.5240/DC30-B45D-AF63-8A8D-748E-D
Stronger than Death 1920 10.5240/E316-B87D-58DF-4336-FA3A-I
Tarnished Reputations 1920 10.5240/646F-DA12-3879-874F-35B7-N
The Bait 1920 10.5240/D6C0-2257-FC39-4FE0-2D18-H
The Blue Pearl 1920 10.5240/69E3-DE4F-A32B-272A-180C-R
The Flapper 1920 10.5240/014E-1F00-0F1B-2DA5-3C10-U
The Forbidden Thing 1920 10.5240/677A-15F5-ABF9-D7CA-2307-X
The Truth 1920 10.5240/677D-FC25-3C6C-C904-96C4-7
The White Moll 1920 10.5240/87B7-E17B-7DD3-585D-ECAA-Q
The Woman God Sent 1920 10.5240/B5A1-B610-2A47-6948-3D08-7
Devotion 1921 10.5240/FDAB-F665-6AAA-6C14-D7D0-C
Love’s Penalty 1921 10.5240/1120-1FBA-2CA4-5221-4A0D-2
The Devil 1921 10.5240/7FB0-4B43-B860-92C7-A982-Z
Determination 1922 10.5240/566F-5EB3-2E66-C3CA-3C18-S
Peacock Alley 1922 10.5240/E3A8-F1C4-C866-AC36-A2D2-4
The Man from Beyond 1922 10.5240/2AC0-D925-5E34-A0C0-8FDD-7
The Town That God Forgot 1922 10.5240/8139-8F70-D20D-0809-C732-C
Rupert of Hentzau 1923 10.5240/9E7B-DE24-7101-8AC1-DA71-S
The Fighting Blade 1923 10.5240/3D03-0C67-11B2-E351-9696-C
Classmates 1924 10.5240/4B62-61CD-8437-43A0-D6E2-9
The Enchanted Cottage 1924 10.5240/FD50-3081-940C-A3BF-88A1-X
The Pinch Hitter 1925 10.5240/6760-8044-FBE6-00C7-0092-P
The White Monkey 1925 10.5240/90C4-EDFC-D1E2-3BE9-7144-E
Bluebeard’s Seven Wives 1926 10.5240/B224-AFDA-8929-9A8D-7662-2
Babe Comes Home 1927 10.5240/F914-1AD4-183A-68FB-4E70-7