What Is EIDR?

  EIDR is a universal unique identifier system for movie and television assets. From top level franchises, titles, edits, and collections, to series, seasons, episodes, and clips –  EIDR provides global unique identifiers for the entire range of singular and serial audiovisual object types that are relevant to both commercial and non-commercial works.

The Registry’s flexible data model supports complex relationships that exist between various assets and is interoperable with other standard and proprietary identifier schemes.

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How Does EIDR Work?

  The EIDR Registry is built on industry standard Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology that is flexible and extensible to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The Registry is backed by a sophisticated de-duplication module that guarantees uniqueness of all registry entries. Registrants may use one of many interfaces to interact with the Registry.

International DOI Foundation

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Is EIDR For You?

  If your organization is involved in movie and television production, post-processing, distribution or provides services to the entertainment industry, or in archival curation of works of cultural and historical significance,  you could reap significant benefits from joining the non-profit EIDR Registry.

EIDR is an industry non-profit operated on a cost recovery basis.  It is open to all industry participants.  A variety of membership options are available.

EIDR IDs for non-members may be obtained in small numbers through service companies. Click here for more information.

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EiDR News

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EIDR 2.5 Deployment to Swap Existing De-Duplication Subsystem

EIDR is pleased to announce the schedule for the deployment of EIDR 2.5. This release will swap out our existing de-duplication subsystem for a completely new one. There will be no change to the API, but de-duplication results will change. The date for this release has been delay... More

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