Poverty Row’s Poster Child: PRC

Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC) is not a household name, but it played an important role in the U.S. theatrical market during its run from 1939–1947.[1] At the time, the Big Five[2] and The Little Three[3] dominated US theatrical production, distribution, and exhibition[4], while smaller studios and independent producers turned out a significant number of B-movies[5] and theatrical serials. The smaller companies were collectively known as the “Poverty Row”[6]producers. Among these, PRC was one of the four largest and most successful during its time, along with Monogram Pictures (1931–1953), Republic Pictures (1935–1967), and Grand National (1936–1939).

Like its Poverty Row brethren, PRC ran on a very tight budget. A typical production schedule only allowed five or six days of principal photography to shoot an entire feature film,[7] compared to an average scooting schedule of 106 days for a contemporary Hollywood theatrical feature.[8] As a result, PRC films were not what one would call high quality, but they still managed to find an audience. According to Don Miller[9] (who actually has a great fondness for PRC’s work):

Defects abounded in every department. Performances would rate with a high school dramatics society under stress. Direction would consist of pointing the camera in a particular area and shouting “Action!” and hoping for the best; and the camera, when pointed, might be out of focus. Sets would shimmy and shake if an actor slammed a door upon entering. … But the stories, or the titles, or something — there was always something to sell.

At the bottom of PRC’s barrel were its westerns. Unlike its other films, on which PRC might lavish six days of principal photography, many of its westerns were shot in two or three days. They were the shortest of PRCs films, typically 54 minutes long. Its longer films – mysteries, dramas, action films, and musicals – averaged 75 minutes with none longer than 87 minutes.[10] To save money, actors often read their lines from cue cards – which were not always off camera – and the first take was usually the only take. Their productions averaged a shooting ratio of 1.5:1. That is, only about 100 minutes of film were shot for a 60 to 80-minute feature. At the time, the typical shooting ratio for the majors was 10:1. Even Alfred Hitchcock, famous for his meticulous planning and low shooting ratios, still shot at around 3:1. For comparison, Gone Girl (2014) had a shooting ratio of about 200:1.[11]

One of the limiting factors for PRC was that it released its films on the “States Rights” basis. That is, they sold their films for a flat fee to local distributors who would then rent the pictures to exhibitors within an exclusive territory. This had the advantage of guaranteeing PRC a fixed income per film, regardless of how well or poorly the film did at the box office, but this meant that PRC’s total profit was also strictly limited. In the end, they only earned around $1,750 in profit per film.[12] This made it very hard for PRC to break out of the niche it had carved for itself.

In a certain respect, these restrictions also played to PRC’s advantage, setting its dramatic works apart from the slick productions of the Majors and giving them a particular sense of immediacy and realism not often found elsewhere, as evidenced by the film noir classics Bluebeard (1944), Strange Illusion (1945) and Detour (1945).

Just as PRC was starting to gain critical attention (it earned five Academy Award nominations for three different films in 1944 and 1945[13]), it was purchased by J Arthur Rank and folded into Eagle-Lion Films in 1947. Even so, its works live on in the EIDR Content ID registry where you will find permanent reference for the 276 motion pictures PRC produced or distributed during its nine-year run.

[1] Originally founded as Producers Pictures by Ben Judell. In relatively short order it became Producers Distributing Corporation, then Producers Releasing Corporation, and finally best known as simply PRC.

[2] Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, RKO Pictures, 20th Century-Fox, and Warner Bros.

[3] United Artists, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios.

[4] Until the “Paramount Decree” (United States vs. Paramount Pictures, Inc., 334 U.S. 131) broke up the Hollywood studio system c. 1948.

[5] Originally, the second half of a double-feature (together, the A- and B-movies), but more generically a low-budget, low-quality film with little or no redeeming value.

[6] Originally a reference to motion picture production and distribution companies with offices along Gower Blvd. in Hollywood, but later a generic catch-all for the smaller – and often short-lived – companies that turned out the low-budget movies that helped fill out the second half of theatrical double-bills. PRC’s officers actually were on Gower Blvd. before moving to Santa Monica Blvd. in 1943.

[7] Per Edgar G. Ulmer, a popular PRC director.

[8] See “How long does the average Hollywood movie take to make?” by Stephen Follows.

[9] Writing in Producers Releasing Corporation: A Comprehensive Filmography and History edited by Wheeler Dixon.

[10] Films destined for the second slot in a double-feature were often quite short.

[11] Part of the high shooting ratio has to do with the cost fundamentals of shooting on film vs. shooting digital. See “Shooting Ratios, From Hitchcock to ‘Fury Road’ to ‘Primer’ (and What They Mean to You)

[12] Or the equivalent of around $34,000 today, adjusted for inflation.

[13] Interestingly, all for music – score and song for Minstrel Man (1944), score for The Man Who Walked Alone (1945), and score and song for Why Girls Leave Home (1945) – despite the fact that most of PRC’s musicals were “glittering tacky packages of third-rate stars, with fifth-rate music.”

The PRC Film Library

Film Title Year EIDR ID
Accomplice 1946 10.5240/2648-BA6D-6286-CBFD-3C81-A
Along the Sundown Trail 1942 10.5240/3D66-DF09-7270-D652-9081-L
Amazing Mr. Forrest 1944 10.5240/6A03-A3A1-FFD2-11BD-D457-3
Ambush Trail 1946 10.5240/856D-8237-796B-8961-A716-4
Apology for Murder 1945 10.5240/A382-8095-1A55-A0CA-5214-P
Arizona Gang Busters 1940 10.5240/2EC8-07C6-1373-88BD-936B-Y
Arson Squad 1945 10.5240/14A7-2F4C-9DA7-2851-274E-G
Avalanche 1946 10.5240/C4D5-5CE1-8733-99A7-66C1-V
Baby Face Morgan 1942 10.5240/1392-08B4-D1DA-BEC4-609F-O
Bad Men of Thunder Gap 1943 10.5240/ABA5-758C-837A-3EB9-CE0A-9
Beasts of Berlin 1939 10.5240/3B96-9B22-EFB6-7815-B069-N
Behind Prison Walls 1943 10.5240/B3C8-E7DB-49BF-55CD-C9D8-G
The Big Fix 1946 10.5240/99B8-DF46-3B28-619F-4E97-D
Billy the Kid in “Blazing Frontier” 1943 10.5240/8D8B-FB9D-8F90-4DE6-4446-A
Billy the Kid in “Cattle Stampede” 1943 10.5240/8B4E-8B9F-C553-4BF1-2A2E-J
Billy the Kid in “Fugitive of the Plains” 1943 10.5240/9A8F-B81B-A74F-1DAD-9BDB-A
Billy the Kid in “Law and Order” 1942 10.5240/CB62-3C47-5482-BCCA-C34F-O
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe 1941 10.5240/3963-5CA3-E500-9F68-559C-3
Billy the Kid in Texas 1940 10.5240/BF25-C994-1B66-3A4E-0EC9-5
Billy the Kid in “The Kid Rides Again” 1943 10.5240/B8C8-B816-DDDD-7F1F-D751-A
Billy the Kid in “The Mysterious Rider” 1943 10.5240/B942-B157-1DB3-0805-7ED9-D
Billy the Kid in “The Renegade” 1943 10.5240/1686-4FD9-E63E-936B-CBAE-H
Billy the Kid in “Western Cyclone” 1943 10.5240/5292-C874-A630-2EBD-F409-K
Billy the Kid Outlawed 1940 10.5240/B8B8-A1D8-5D8B-6215-BC6B-V
Billy the Kid Trapped 1942 10.5240/ED91-51A9-1727-70E1-BF78-9
Billy the Kid Wanted 1941 10.5240/5573-AC5A-E497-B3CE-035F-2
Billy the Kid’s Fighting Pals 1941 10.5240/6EE1-AF8E-6397-F31B-2C50-2
Billy the Kid’s Gun Justice 1940 10.5240/659C-74CA-51EB-CC37-1056-S
Billy the Kid’s Range War 1941 10.5240/5E6E-7196-A65F-FB67-8D2A-D
Billy the Kid’s Roundup 1941 10.5240/EC5C-8E04-708A-9D71-5939-X
Billy the Kid’s Smoking Guns 1942 10.5240/C5CB-5360-3FF8-B37B-DBD9-C
The Black Raven 1943 10.5240/D8DC-639E-76EB-4775-F291-F
Blonde for a Day 1946 10.5240/FC5B-FBD7-E350-1CF3-88A1-Q
Bluebeard 1944 10.5240/A704-8758-C69B-3E49-4E74-R
Bombs Over Burma 1942 10.5240/E29B-DC8F-4A46-DE89-F25C-W
Border Badmen 1945 10.5240/D193-CEA6-EE10-FAB3-6FBD-N
Border Buckaroos 1943 10.5240/B4C9-4DEA-5692-7AF8-2516-D
Border Fued 1947 10.5240/0A1B-6D43-5D65-D6A2-9641-Q
Border Roundup 1942 10.5240/E076-D595-A9A2-A03F-B7B8-5
Born to Speed 1947 10.5240/CFF2-743D-446C-7FD7-4E4F-N
The Boss of Big Town 1942 10.5240/10FD-4F73-EDEB-5C7E-6C47-A
Boss of Rawhide 1943 10.5240/E23F-7527-AE85-92C3-F37B-Z
Brand of the Devil 1944 10.5240/C104-2613-77F8-EE74-8A7E-B
Broadway Big Shot 1942 10.5240/30D8-5980-2C31-5075-CDC6-G
Buried Alive 1939 10.5240/D904-F03E-851B-D360-ECB8-6
The Caravan Trail 1946 10.5240/A7B5-4CA4-6F65-47AF-B974-T
Career Girl 1944 10.5240/7552-B66B-51F0-4D3B-0AED-U
Castle of Crimes 1944 10.5240/0D1A-B66F-DE66-A39A-98B6-N
Caught in the Act 1941 10.5240/ED5A-A649-6EE8-4313-C10D-Z
Cheyenne Takes Over 1947 10.5240/D073-F369-23D0-AC1B-9019-L
City of Silent Men 1942 10.5240/7A68-FFE4-9BAC-AD99-5EB1-F
Club Havana 1945 10.5240/D6DE-8F0C-C4D7-A1E5-60CD-R
Colorado Serenade 1946 10.5240/6A06-43E5-E1FF-F39C-4800-7
The Contender 1944 10.5240/FD81-A0D6-9EE9-C138-361A-7
Corregidor 1943 10.5240/5A50-DE49-1C9B-289E-1AAF-A
Crime, Inc. 1945 10.5240/0419-63F0-9F35-02EE-C1C1-6
Criminals Within 1941 10.5240/C50C-03CE-80DC-56CA-935F-W
Danger! Women at Work 1943 10.5240/972C-8F2F-0E28-62CB-24EF-P
Dangerous Intruder 1945 10.5240/7DEE-E2D9-BA7D-D164-E78C-K
Dangerous Lady 1941 10.5240/21A4-C786-F984-0D97-6F5C-K
Danny Boy 1945 10.5240/1088-4729-6DBA-89F9-CA9C-E
The Dawn Express 1942 10.5240/552B-1453-BE36-E041-8460-F
Dead Men Walk 1943 10.5240/6B22-E7D6-2D86-E4F7-6204-E
Dead or Alive 1944 10.5240/49A4-2E32-0695-575C-E666-S
Deliquent Daughters 1944 10.5240/4AA1-48EB-6095-F63C-DEFC-X
Desperate Cargo 1941 10.5240/EFB6-DD9C-CE2B-D05E-5626-X
Detour 1945 10.5240/C81B-E08A-D52F-C74E-978A-V
The Devil Bat 1940 10.5240/55A3-3A9B-124A-C5A0-315F-T
Devil Bat’s Daughter 1946 10.5240/505C-FF3C-EA71-7941-359B-X
The Devil on Wheels 1947 10.5240/61A7-8F2C-C57C-FAA4-7500-8
The Devil Riders 1943 10.5240/5E39-512F-5974-FD74-6786-6
Dixie Jamboree 1944 10.5240/ED54-7C55-6A08-ECD9-AE69-P
Don Ricardo Returns 1946 10.5240/16D1-0A5E-3973-A0D6-C7F4-M
Double Cross 1941 10.5240/6D4D-F8C7-D635-A3A5-E9D4-Q
Down Missouri Way 1946 10.5240/5744-E2F2-2150-9992-11A0-X
The Drifter 1943 10.5240/6847-A98C-2712-8365-E9B3-4
Driftin’ River 1946 10.5240/5482-9787-CD9B-3F04-9C0A-U
Duke of the Navy 1942 10.5240/FECC-7057-C36C-D20B-0429-6
Emergency Landing 1941 10.5240/493A-D6C7-4359-6124-5EB0-2
The Enchanted Forest 1945 10.5240/395F-83F9-4A28-80BC-C115-1
Enemy of the Law 1945 10.5240/4AA1-D99D-02AF-3A35-2951-9
Federal Fugitives 1941 10.5240/1094-078B-0FBB-33E8-6D19-Q
Fighting Bill Carson 1945 10.5240/F967-1B95-D660-07C2-3972-0
Fighting Valley 1943 10.5240/72C9-75ED-0032-29BF-2087-1
Flaming Bullets 1945 10.5240/00E2-4B46-6DC5-BB12-AC49-E
The Flying Serpent 1946 10.5240/1B50-A953-CFDF-1AD8-DBF7-8
Fog Island 1945 10.5240/F2EA-8171-0243-569F-42EC-D
Fontier Crusader 1940 10.5240/0980-8363-A9DC-D357-8D73-F
Frontier Fugitives 1945 10.5240/1AAD-9DE8-184C-CB96-7551-6
Frontier Outlaws 1944 10.5240/1CA0-2435-02E7-E618-E867-P
Fuzzy Settles Down 1944 10.5240/B549-10E8-5F84-F25F-1132-K
Gallant Lady 1942 10.5240/6D3E-0CC8-7D15-E454-6651-U
Gambling Daughters 1941 10.5240/C9EB-7BF8-20C6-7AE1-A10A-H
Gangster’s Den 1945 10.5240/E7A8-13E1-0D0F-4A8D-F2E1-X
Gangsters of the Frontier 1944 10.5240/42B8-4721-6A99-006B-EF52-A
Gas House Kids 1946 10.5240/A4D9-6276-CCBD-FCD5-E9F6-P
Gas House Kids Go West 1947 10.5240/57BB-0176-C5A7-A435-3C9E-2
The Gas House Kids in Hollywood 1947 10.5240/D383-FFAA-91B6-D117-801C-D
Gentlemen with Guns 1946 10.5240/C5FB-00E3-24B5-B2F3-10AC-P
The Ghost and the Guest 1943 10.5240/BAF1-0CD0-5646-D526-635E-L
Ghost of Hidden Valley 1946 10.5240/132A-ED33-2D24-D0EF-151A-H
Ghost Town Renegades 1947 10.5240/57BB-7A3A-9563-F083-1E66-A
The Girl from Monterey 1943 10.5240/7A9E-3C6C-1DC6-B6C6-1088-K
Girls in Chains 1943 10.5240/C239-D902-7142-A903-A8DB-G
Girls’ Town 1942 10.5240/19EA-A5EA-F850-5F83-6396-C
The Great Mike 1944 10.5240/0B5A-A141-A6EC-BCD9-3CB1-V
Gun Code 1940 10.5240/352B-C63D-F9DF-B09D-D4B6-W
Guns of the Law 1944 10.5240/B454-6F9A-628C-3AAA-712C-P
Gunsmoke Mesa 1944 10.5240/85E0-9E35-4256-E2E0-328D-I
Hard Guy 1941 10.5240/8D63-BA03-5A44-4AA3-C132-R
Harvest Melody 1943 10.5240/BB9F-1F97-A904-2C7F-396E-4
Heartaches 1947 10.5240/A391-B3C3-D72E-6183-A4A6-3
Her Sister’s Secret 1946 10.5240/B2DD-CB7E-7F4A-7C56-9CAA-U
His Brother’s Ghost 1945 10.5240/9CD2-DB9B-C56C-C25B-909B-8
Hold That Woman! 1940 10.5240/0814-7AEA-3956-A19F-54FD-V
Hollywood and Vine 1945 10.5240/8568-24C0-FFB3-A377-2700-K
House of Errors 1942 10.5240/EB34-5AAB-08B2-F9F7-CDCB-0
How Doooo You Do? 1945 10.5240/26CB-C69A-5635-ED02-DFD7-P
I Accuse My Parents 1944 10.5240/B835-5CBB-CD2F-9560-5731-9
I Ring Doorbells 1945 10.5240/8AA6-4AFA-2716-F539-AA29-Q
I Take This Oath 1940 10.5240/AAE2-CDC0-8A4C-7D79-D124-U
I’m from Arkansas 1944 10.5240/D987-684C-D376-012E-3C7E-K
Inside the Law 1942 10.5240/891C-D737-61F0-86DC-FC53-Y
The Invisible Killer 1939 10.5240/A4CB-CB2F-A676-3C02-41D3-1
Isle of Forgotten Sins 1943 10.5240/9740-BBEF-CF0E-8F67-7C75-E
It’s a Joke, Son! 1947 10.5240/59ED-C853-6FE0-34BD-B9CF-5
Jive Junction 1943 10.5240/285D-001B-8F64-31E7-2AF1-8
Jungle Man 1941 10.5240/EC19-9092-D7EE-9C07-F2C2-K
Jungle Siren 1942 10.5240/2EC7-CB97-39C9-A48B-1654-2
The Kid Sister 1945 10.5240/3F21-BC4E-D031-65C5-0EAD-R
Killer at Large 1947 10.5240/9189-76AA-B6FF-FED4-53B9-N
Lady Chaser 1946 10.5240/1FC9-17C3-9509-AEB0-2A8D-1
The Lady Confesses 1945 10.5240/84D5-64BD-712C-FDA1-9BA5-H
Lady from Chungking 1942 10.5240/10B3-1498-E176-D7E3-8E3C-1
Lady in the Death House 1944 10.5240/182A-8ED1-B827-6182-628A-I
Larceny in Her Heart 1946 10.5240/5A15-6310-2B09-30D7-7D9D-I
Law of the Lash 1947 10.5240/5B9E-3777-3611-0720-F030-B
Law of the Timber 1941 10.5240/A6A6-8C3C-5D56-9712-5198-X
Lighthouse 1947 10.5240/48A6-B5EB-E6E4-9E30-CB07-3
Lightning Raiders 1946 10.5240/E997-1B8B-F5A4-D51F-AFDC-5
The Lone Rider Ambushed 1941 10.5240/C1DC-9DCB-1004-450C-3B27-W
The Lone Rider and the Bandit 1942 10.5240/5C26-BD48-2071-EAB6-3D90-S
The Lone Rider Croses the Rio 1941 10.5240/80B0-F925-0AA0-8B08-8C66-X
The Lone Rider Fights Back 1941 10.5240/6246-C2DC-77B4-91D2-06C8-L
The Lone Rider in Cheyenne 1942 10.5240/C5CA-F2D6-45E1-146D-84B9-M
The Lone Rider in “Death Rides the Plains” 1943 10.5240/E685-689B-F6C1-68E9-D0C3-N
The Lone Rider in “Frontier Fury” 1941 10.5240/6AA0-9179-DA8B-D9E4-6170-O
The Lone Rider in “Ghost Town” 1941 10.5240/3F7A-B247-2210-6A97-A445-D
The Lone Rider in “Law of the Saddle” 1943 10.5240/E2CB-377A-4252-BF5F-7D2A-R
The Lone Rider in “Overland Stagecoach” 1942 10.5240/5224-2B4A-23D3-27EF-66D2-U
The Lone Rider in “Raiders of Red Gap” 1943 10.5240/DCEA-4DFC-6F22-0A75-5096-2
The Lone Rider in “Texas Justice” 1942 10.5240/0E59-C3E8-5B9D-C672-38C8-O
The Lone Rider in “Wild Horse Rustlers” 1943 10.5240/72A0-0CD0-5B5B-C330-758A-X
The Lone Rider in “Wolves of the Range” 1943 10.5240/172F-7A30-3CE1-4C41-71B8-7
The Lone Rider Rides On 1941 10.5240/D03F-EB12-1978-EAEB-0592-K
Machine Gun Mama 1944 10.5240/16E3-9FD9-F13A-3779-88C9-J
The Mad Monster 1942 10.5240/26BD-6CAE-90B5-D907-AB78-B
Man of Courage 1943 10.5240/D527-6B6A-90C7-A3AF-C4DA-Z
The Man Who Walked Alone 1945 10.5240/42E3-0895-AEB8-BEE5-1C88-2
Marked for Murder 1945 10.5240/A193-01B0-237A-4DAF-8DB8-9
Marked Men 1940 10.5240/EAB1-ABA6-1F54-FFEE-10BD-X
The Mask of Diijon 1946 10.5240/B7AB-1720-90A2-4FA9-78B2-R
Men of San Quentin 1942 10.5240/CCC8-D5E4-C2A6-97B2-8E59-9
Men of the Sea 1944 10.5240/134A-A72B-592A-13E2-7838-E
Men on Her Mind 1944 10.5240/3C88-5389-0C91-9025-5123-9
Mercy Plane 1939 10.5240/21B6-5F8C-0253-E3E3-6873-4
Minstrel Man 1944 10.5240/0C55-DECA-0EA1-F4DA-07C4-K
The Miracle Kid 1941 10.5240/25B5-0981-C921-F078-440F-S
Misbehaving Husbands 1940 10.5240/519D-9F10-4DB1-7FBD-EF21-P
Miss V. from Moscow 1942 10.5240/9B4D-4C40-F908-A4F8-C9D8-2
The Missing Corpse 1945 10.5240/2681-3411-9DAA-89C1-2AF9-6
Mr. Celebrity 1941 10.5240/F8AC-771D-26C7-0AB8-1E12-1
The Monster Maker 1944 10.5240/DDFF-8498-AA4A-38AA-0D7C-L
Murder Is My Business 1946 10.5240/DFEF-5775-B868-549F-5C02-A
My Son, the Hero 1943 10.5240/85DE-46E5-EFD1-7B99-AE49-E
Nabonga 1944 10.5240/6706-05F3-4F07-BDBE-1A3C-3
Navajo Kid 1945 10.5240/4516-5E6F-B08A-44EA-EC08-3
A Night for Crime 1943 10.5240/9587-D307-467E-96DF-63E7-C
Oath of Vengeance 1944 10.5240/663B-FE65-8ECA-0BC8-D942-I
Out of the Night 1945 10.5240/1987-ED95-A155-0345-A15A-9
Outlaw Roundup 1944 10.5240/75B4-4BBA-E0FE-549A-5ADE-T
Outlaws of Boulder Pass 1942 10.5240/A3DD-F1E8-9CA7-E3BB-775C-Z
Outlaws of the Plains 1946 10.5240/8ED8-159E-9254-6686-A8E0-S
Outlaws of the Rio grande 1941 10.5240/5F2D-94B6-B2EE-6D67-D87A-P
Overland Riders 1946 10.5240/F956-E7FB-2EBB-5CBD-02A3-M
The Panther’s Claw 1942 10.5240/A437-4E8C-DC3C-CB8D-EA4E-F
Paper Bullets 1941 10.5240/D820-70AD-719C-5178-1478-F
The Payoff 1943 10.5240/A457-8FA0-1393-CD0C-EA58-A
Phantom of 42nd Street 1945 10.5240/E102-E8F1-5160-A8C1-641C-U
Philo Vance Returns 1947 10.5240/6D75-1D26-4354-64BA-28EE-7
Philo Vance’s Gamble 1947 10.5240/A310-9DAD-AFDB-883B-869F-U
Philo Vance’s Secret Mission 1947 10.5240/50A5-4E93-CC66-3DBF-C168-I
The Pinto Bandit 1944 10.5240/8FE0-4AB9-2CF6-242F-FB17-G
Pioneer Justice 1947 10.5240/E6CB-A0ED-275C-7481-1745-H
Prairie Badmen 1946 10.5240/6D83-9650-EF6B-D772-1A67-G
Pairie Outlaws 1948 10.5240/457F-D29E-0150-B559-7E8A-6
Prairie Pals 1942 10.5240/0C7E-5746-823F-60BE-606C-Y
Prairie Rustlers 1945 10.5240/7076-82B9-CA20-3CAD-2405-F
Prisoner of Japan 1942 10.5240/95B0-1850-A416-0BFE-C87D-3
Queen of Broadway 1943 10.5240/27E1-42F3-525A-7B4D-80CF-G
Queen of Burlesque 1946 10.5240/44EB-643C-4B90-B3A6-DC5F-K
Raiders of the West 1942 10.5240/A051-F03F-66A1-4142-5760-4
Range Beyond the Blue 1947 10.5240/EDF7-ACF6-ED62-67EA-CFDD-X
The Rangers Take Over 1942 10.5240/986E-EFE9-A5B9-A78A-A8D8-6
Reg’lar Fellers 1941 10.5240/045B-1B8F-87D9-8A16-A87B-A
Return of the Lash 1947 10.5240/8874-F4E8-FD19-B822-503B-M
Return of the Rangers 1943 10.5240/C6B4-115F-1FE3-AF83-C8C1-D
Riders of Black Mountain 1940 10.5240/4B40-7D63-A662-2970-DAFA-T
Rodeo Rhythm 1942 10.5240/48DE-7D09-F6FA-A711-019D-0
Rogues’ Gallery 1944 10.5240/4387-BF3E-5A14-FA55-DD55-P
Rolling Down the Great Divide 1942 10.5240/3892-A1EF-0BDD-B5E8-999D-W
Romance of the West 1946 10.5240/370B-811F-FB0A-B80D-3D11-H
Rustler’s Hideout 1944 10.5240/DD8A-741E-7563-1B75-FE8E-8
The Sagebrush Family Trails West 1940 10.5240/642B-D397-D6B1-6BB0-7DB7-8
Secret Evidence 1941 10.5240/ABB6-2212-4A80-BBEF-9668-J
Secrets of a Co-Ed 1942 10.5240/8B0C-7BEB-8559-04BC-3940-Z
Secrets of a Sorority Girl 1946 10.5240/F011-70EC-DD6A-8BC7-9AED-5
Seven Doors to Death 1944 10.5240/EF06-5AD4-5BCC-FA99-5D54-P
Shadow of Terror 1945 10.5240/0401-7B8D-14F5-32FF-F1D3-A
Shadows of Death 1945 10.5240/14ED-40C3-0734-5F66-40B5-L
Shake Hands with Murder 1944 10.5240/AF2C-4012-0F36-2C04-88B2-7
Sheriff of Sage Valley 1943 10.5240/7935-850B-9C3E-FBAD-48E9-3
The Silver Fleet 1945 10.5240/3D19-FB83-C249-D3D4-4E04-B
Six Gun Man 1946 10.5240/4009-6624-DC4B-FFAA-667E-T
Song of Old Wyoming 1945 10.5240/883A-72FB-BCAA-3208-5D66-T
South of Panama 1941 10.5240/B1EB-8D4F-BD81-4BD6-3EE7-1
Spell of Amy Nugent 1945 10.5240/A4CB-210C-D4AD-D4F9-E03C-E
Spook Town 1944 10.5240/E752-0A0A-6C77-6AA9-443F-S
Stagecoach Outlaws 1945 10.5240/1A1D-F8C5-C0FA-CCD1-678B-L
Stars Over Texas 1946 10.5240/0599-1ED9-E487-8850-1B2D-Z
Stepchild 1947 10.5240/4F57-F40B-6526-0B46-D6CA-M
Strange Holiday 1946 10.5240/BDD6-5F20-B998-1C08-C049-9
The Strangler 1942 10.5240/9FA4-7730-6BE2-787B-6936-M
Strangler of the Swamp 1946 10.5240/5805-3110-2231-1D5E-C417-X
Submarine Base 1943 10.5240/7CF2-EAF3-7926-A0B0-D6F5-3
Suspected Person 1943 10.5240/1C0A-2692-3AB2-5E1A-D3FF-1
Swamp Woman 1941 10.5240/422E-EDA2-21DC-0332-B23B-P
Swing Hostess 1944 10.5240/E360-D7E4-D9E3-D7D6-B737-5
Terror House 1943 10.5240/A0CC-22A2-EA8A-413A-35EE-A
Terrors on Horseback 1946 10.5240/A395-BA06-F624-D502-F673-O
Texas Manhunt 1942 10.5240/00B0-0BBE-D858-66FB-68AD-7
The Texas Marshal 1941 10.5240/DCDE-AFFA-0334-BA37-5D0F-Z
Texas Renegades 1940 10.5240/D882-F6A2-7ABA-0D87-3600-R
They Raid By Night: A Story of the Commandos 1942 10.5240/2150-0783-6674-1AC8-11CC-V
Three in the Saddle 1945 10.5240/37AF-B136-41CA-7D0C-056D-3
Three on a Ticket 1947 10.5240/6055-8131-3F5E-4EC4-0A3B-Z
Thunder Town 1946 10.5240/BF30-A850-E264-3DE5-0347-N
Thundering Gun Slingers 1944 10.5240/E266-79F6-462F-5C02-B838-B
Tiger Fangs 1943 10.5240/160D-B967-DA6F-DB6E-3E45-N
The Tioga Kid 1948 10.5240/A968-A404-329D-950B-7A74-9
Today I Hang 1942 10.5240/C355-E6D5-C61E-2441-F16C-4
Tomorrow We Live 1942 10.5240/320C-3592-C019-DE83-80B5-S
Too Many Winners 1947 10.5240/7369-6104-03B6-313B-8869-S
Too Many Women 1942 10.5240/5EC1-ABAA-C8A9-EDDE-0DC4-3
Torture Ship 1939 10.5240/31F0-7AD8-7CE8-C20B-AC39-W
The Town Went Wild 1944 10.5240/CAC3-78F6-DE6C-9AF7-049A-A
Trail of Terror 1943 10.5240/BAE7-5C13-107A-B1AB-5B02-G
Tumbleweed Trail 1946 10.5240/A8B1-6E8A-7785-55BF-73E9-H
Tumbleweed Trail 1942 10.5240/9BFC-90BB-CA13-D94A-75AC-K
The Underdog 1943 10.5240/5BC3-7892-DBB5-BA4E-6359-W
Untamed Fury 1947 10.5240/9E24-6A40-807D-C5F7-C14E-B
Valley of Vengeance 1944 10.5240/14C9-36A8-322F-F95F-F1E5-K
Waterfront 1944 10.5240/DE17-EE76-9CE8-6220-AFF1-B
West of Texas 1943 10.5240/A501-B57A-A86A-616F-3006-E
West to Glory 1947 10.5240/6D69-7F44-2E1C-A2B6-1CFE-C
The Westward Trail 1948 10.5240/137E-E7FD-2062-0DF7-7F2D-S
When the Lights Go on Again 1944 10.5240/F87B-F838-11DC-F8DC-0090-T
The Whispering Skull 1944 10.5240/5756-AB3E-A5F7-1C88-BD5E-D
White Pongo 1945 10.5240/ED40-0D95-E6E0-01A9-E2E0-A
Why Girls Leave Home 1945 10.5240/0CB3-124E-D25D-9296-F52B-1
The Wife of Monte Cristo 1946 10.5240/A024-7557-9866-3689-E7BA-H
Wild Country 1947 10.5240/0397-A366-21D3-93B3-6B3B-I
Wild Horse Phantom 1944 10.5240/3002-9131-33DA-D0EA-6A83-7
Wild West 1946 10.5240/457F-D29E-0150-B559-7E8A-6
A Yank in Libya 1942 10.5240/B9DE-8BE8-C390-AAB5-3C0B-3
The Yanks Are Coming 1942 10.5240/701A-3B1B-FE78-EF71-0E10-F