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HITS 2024: Identifiers Can Help the Supply Chain Integrate AI, EIDR Says

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly becomes an agitator for complexity within media and entertainment industry contracts, and as intellectual property (IP) rights are bein... More

EIDR APM: How NBC Universal is Leveraging EIDR for its Title and Version Strategy

NBC Universal has been harnessing the power of the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) to automate its collection of title and version identifiers, as well as metadata, in... More

EIDR Annual Participant Meeting Co-Locates with HITS May 23 in L.A.

EIDR’s Annual Participant Meeting (APM) is coming to Los Angeles May 23, co-located with the Hollywood Innovation & Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event. Past EIDR APM ... More

Meta CEO: How to ‘Turbocharge’ EIDR Workflows

The Meta Data Systems EIDR matching and registration module is effectively “turbocharging” the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) workflows of some of the world’s largest studi... More