Red Bee Media Signs Up to the Entertainment Identifier Registry


Media management firm backs initiative to standardise unique content identification

19/3/2012 – Red Bee Media, one of the world’s leading media management companies providing multi-platform technology and creative solutions to broadcasters, content rights holders, platform operators and brand owners, today announced its participation in Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR). Red Bee Media joins the global B2B registry for unique identification of movie and TV content alongside other major industry names such as Warner Bros, Universal and Walt Disney Studios.

The entertainment Identifier Registry is an industry body established with the goal of creating a single ID system for every piece of movie and TV content, in order to streamline and facilitate smart searches, improve personal recommendations and streamline the digital supply chain workflow. EIDR manages the allocation of unique identifiers to TV shows and movies and it will allow Red Bee Media to improve its usage tracking and integration of different systems and data sets related to those programmes. EIDR will also aid the organisation of rich metadata throughout Red Bee Media’s content discovery proposition, RedDiscover™, as it provides easy access to external sources of metadata for recommendations, organises a depth of metadata from multiple sources, and automatically links metadata to relevant IDs.

EIDR is built on the International Digital Object Identifier (DOI) ISO approved standard, and tracks all commercial content down to the product and SKU level, as well as edits, clips, composites, and encodings. The system includes an SDK and APIs for integrated and consistent browse, filter, and search for unique content, while allowing EIDR value add providers like Red Bee Media to supplement EIDR with full credit lists, uniform genre values, image support and other metadata across all platforms.

Steve Plunkett, Director of Technology and Innovation, Red Bee Media commented: “Rich metadata is becoming an increasingly fundamental part of today’s multi-platform TV environment and is crucial to creating a connected, engaging viewer experience. Having a single ID system for identifying unique content assets is therefore necessary, and EIDR will enable the delivery of clear, consistent content identification across multiple platforms and devices. We are delighted to join EIDR, and look forward to others in the industry adopting this important industry-wide standard.”

“One of the key goals of EIDR is to enable partners like Red Bee Media to deliver rich metadata to customers across multiple platforms, easily linking that data to content and applications from studios, broadcasters, and other content creators and distributors. Adoption of EIDR worldwide is essential to delivering these benefits, and we look forward to working with Red Bee Media to support its many customers across the global media ecosystem,” said Kip Welch, President of the Entertainment ID Registry Association.



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