EIDR Staff Contacts

Executive Director – Will Kreth
Engineering Director – Richard Kroon
Operations Director – Clint Richmond
Business Affairs – Paul Heim

Registry Support

EIDR Industry Promoters and Contributors are encouraged to utilize the EIDR Helpdesk to file support tickets, to learn about new policies and to keep track of the latest announcements. For additional questions regarding EIDR, please email us at [email protected], or call us at 1-877-620-EIDR. International callers can also reach us at: +1 610-293-6333.


Member-Only Organization Information

EIDR Member Technical and Business Group Webinar Archives

EIDR currently holds monthly all-member and quarterly European webinars. The webinars are comprised of updates from the Technical Working Group (TWG) and Business Working Group (BWG). Updates include:

  • Technical
  • Registry Operations
  • Tiger Team
  • Marketing Activity
  • Business Cases

The monthly webinar is scheduled to occur every 3rd Tuesday of the month and begins at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. For more information and to register for the webinar series, please contact Paul Heim.

Past Webinar Presentations:

2016 European Working Group Webinars

2016 All Member TBWG Webinars

2015 All Member TWG Webinars

2014 All Member TWG Webinars

2013 All Member TWG Webinars

2012 All Member TWG Webinars

Annual Participant Meetings

EIDR facilitates regular Annual Participant meetings to create a forum for direct feedback into EIDR of all interested member companies and industry partners. The Annual Participant meetings will occur at least once a year and will rotate between member company locations.

Annual Participant Meetings:

6th Annual Participant Meeting – Venice – January 19, 2017


Bulk Download: Annual Participant Meeting Materials

5th Annual Participant Meeting – Culver City – January 21, 2016

4th Annual Participant Meeting – Sherman Oaks – January 22, 2015

3rd Annual Participant Meeting – Burbank – January 16, 2014

2nd Annual Participant Meeting – Burbank – January 16, 2013

1st Annual Participant Meeting – Burbank – January 18, 2012


Additional Member Meetings

Additional face-to-face member meetings may be scheduled. Meeting locations will rotate between member company locations. The member meetings will follow a similar structure and flow as the Annual Participant meeting. Topics that were intended for discussion during a monthly webinar session will be presented and discussed at the member meeting when a meeting of this type is scheduled, and the respective webinar session will be cancelled.

An announcement to the members will be made when preliminary planning begins for an event of this type. Event logistics and details will be provided as they become available.

EIDR Member Meeting – New York City – March 16, 2016

  • Hosted by: EIDR at The Microsoft Technology Center
  • Meeting Presentations:

EIDR Member and Outreach Meeting – New York City – November 14, 2014

EIDR Member Meeting – Universal City – May 21st, 2013


EIDR Board of Directors

Industry Promoters are eligible for annual EIDR Board of Directors elections. If you are interested in upgrading your EIDR membership, please contact EIDR Membership.

  • CableLabs – Jud Cary
  • Comcast – Steve Heeb
  • Disney – Mark Arana
  • Google – Bill Kotzman
  • ITV – Clive Bishop
  • MovieLabs – Kip Welch
  • Netflix – Casey Wilms
  • Rovi – Todd Dietz
  • Sony – Ellen Goodridge
  • Warner Bros – Jeff Stevens


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