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Warner Bros – Darcy Antonellis

Benefits of Membership

If your organization has a strategic interest in identifying, developing and utilizing EIDR, why not become a member of EIDR?

  • Strategic Influence – Members have the opportunity to influence specification development to align with and facilitate the strategic direction of their own organization.
  • Advance Insight – Members gain a competitive advantage through advance awareness of technology developments aimed at addressing emerging requirements.
  • Access to Expertise – Members have direct access to EIDR experts, who can educate them fully on the benefits of utilizing EIDRs as industry solutions.
  • Access to Exclusive Information – All EIDR members have access to privileged information. This information is not available to the general public and includes technical documentation, access to the registry, meeting minutes, advance meeting materials and both internal and external presentations.
  • Networking Opportunities – Members gain access to an expansive network of industry contacts, providing networking and business development opportunities and an unrivalled resource pool of industry expertise surrounding the entertainment industry.
  • Industry Positioning – Members become part of a thought-leading community, demonstrating their commitment to the development of trusted end-to-end solutions serving multiple actors and supporting several business models.
  • Marketing Support – Members benefit from joint marketing and PR opportunities initiated and managed by EIDR.