The Engineer’s Room: Happy Lateran Treaty Day

As you all well know, February 11 is celebrated each year as Lateran Treaty Day in Vatican City, marking, as it does, the anniversary of the 1929 treaty between the Italian state and the Holy See that established Vatican City as a sovereign state, situated entirely within the city of Rome. When the Western Roman Empire collapsed c. 476, the Italian peninsula fractured into a series of independent and rather contentious states. They were not reunified until the Risorgimento (“Resurgence”), a process that began in 1848 and continued until Italy’s borders were finally fixed by the Armistice of Villa Guisti that ended fighting on the Italian Front at the end of World War I in 1918.

A side effect of the nationalization of Italy was that the Papacy lost control of the Papal States it had held on the Italian peninsula and was reduced to holding only the Vatican itself. The Papacy refused to recognize the Kingdom of Italy and the status of the Vatican within Italy became known as the “Roman Question.” This question was not answered until 1929 at the Lateran Palace in southeast Rome by which the Papacy formally recognized the state of Italy with Rome as its capital and in return Italy recognized papal sovereignty over Vatican City.

Today, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world in terms of both size and population, covering only 0.44 square kilometers. Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, is more than 4.5 times larger at a whopping 2 km2. Even so, Vatican City is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. With an estimated population of 799 in 2019, that works out to 1,816 people per square kilometer. For comparison, Japan has a population density of 333 people/km2, while Australia has only 3 people/km2.[*]

Over the years, Crisis Magazine (“A Voice for the Faithful Catholic Laity”) has published several different lists of the best Catholic movies of all time. The most recent list of 50 films was compiled in 2009. Most of the entries on the list “deal with Catholic characters, Catholic society, and the Bible in ways that are not hostile to the Church.” At the other end of the spectrum was the National Legion of Decency (later the National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures), which operated in the United States from 1933 to 1980 and rated 16,251 feature films according to their suitability for viewing. From 1936 to 1978, the LOD rated films as either A: Morally unobjectionable, B: Morally objectionable in part, or C: Condemned by the Legion of Decency.[†] In the years since, Turner Classic Movies has programmed a festival of “Movies Condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency” featuring some of the (critically) best of the (morally) worst films of their time.

EIDR’s mission is to provide unique identification for all audiovisual works, regardless of their individual merits (or demerits). So, you will find all of the movies from both lists with their individually-assigned, globally-unique identifiers in the EIDR registry.

Films from across the Moral Spectrum

Movie List EIDR ID
¡Ay qué tiempos señor don Simón! Banned 10.5240/EBD1-0272-6DFB-4059-EAEF-P
Banned 10.5240/D4DA-0A2E-A2E5-3DBF-DD5A-P
A Clockwork Orange Banned 10.5240/DDA3-C587-D252-DF5F-E8C7-A
A Cold Wind in August Banned 10.5240/BB27-2935-75E0-6603-9A77-L
A Man for All Seasons Best 10.5240/C6A4-D089-65FA-1194-077F-3
A Question of Adultery Banned 10.5240/E1A2-7FB3-6B0B-AA89-5956-M
A Royal Affair Banned 10.5240/7E14-1221-CBBF-E778-DFB2-K
Adolf Armstarke Banned 10.5240/DDE1-E8F9-BBA6-3AC2-0DFE-0
Adorables créatures Banned 10.5240/B0C7-9950-AFA6-08C2-47BC-P
Agioupa, to koritsi tou kampou Banned 10.5240/DE2B-EB26-80F0-209A-4E20-J
And God Created Woman Banned 10.5240/67D8-371A-4196-1575-4951-X
Anders als du und ich Banned 10.5240/4B97-5199-5268-3BD5-CEBB-8
Angels with Dirty Faces Best 10.5240/EF6A-EA7F-6E4F-6DB6-96F6-3
Assassin of Youth Banned 10.5240/8D28-817D-5863-D171-A1A9-Z
Au Revoir, Les Enfants Best 10.5240/C741-FF79-04DA-C4B0-6BFA-3
Au royaume des cieux Banned 10.5240/F918-F74E-5A84-EBCC-96CB-9
Babette’s Feast Best 10.5240/643A-96D6-8BF9-D777-27B1-X
Baby Doll Banned 10.5240/D54D-13AE-B733-7CF9-62AE-5
Bachelor Mother Best 10.5240/6B20-59DF-ECEA-2AE2-2753-7
Bagarres Banned 10.5240/3139-580E-0A04-5C35-3FE5-F
Barbarella Banned 10.5240/9792-4CC4-ED9B-1790-4D6A-O
Behind Closed Shutters Banned 10.5240/2512-4D68-96FF-2007-1857-X
Ben Hur Best 10.5240/4DDF-A111-8543-E67B-58F6-2
Billy Jack Banned 10.5240/717B-FD1B-3A1D-FD61-D6B3-F
Birds in Peru Banned 10.5240/93B4-3A4B-F824-6217-590E-2
Black Narcissus Banned 10.5240/908F-BD9E-8B91-CE9F-47A3-A
Blowup Banned 10.5240/0E81-2B8B-52CF-EE16-B0B1-7
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Banned 10.5240/F7E3-B9D3-4D30-BA53-42A3-V
Boccaccio ’70 Banned 10.5240/BA4F-3334-2FAA-0963-93E3-C
Breathless Banned 10.5240/5A08-8CCE-5EF9-8AFE-0D7A-7
Bullet for Stefano Banned 10.5240/08F8-0B8B-C4BE-DA6C-BED0-Q
Carnival in Flanders Banned 10.5240/B100-6DD1-1475-D23E-1D68-B
Carrie Banned 10.5240/2A14-47AB-BC21-D34C-3FB9-W
Casablanca Best 10.5240/85FE-AC4A-178F-C32D-0CF1-0
Cech panen kutnohorských Banned 10.5240/8E75-CC3B-33BE-77F2-B374-S
César Banned 10.5240/DB89-0373-4810-D466-635F-W
Chariots of Fire Best 10.5240/79BC-BC65-2766-8CE7-92F2-Z
Child Bride Banned 10.5240/0AED-F587-6979-2C9F-5E88-4
Children of the Sun Banned 10.5240/5901-1751-A081-7488-76E6-Y
City Lights Best 10.5240/E2B0-5587-26CD-CE41-628F-N
City of Sin Banned 10.5240/FBFC-A0BE-F3BE-CD66-BFE0-U
Club de femmes Banned 10.5240/051E-9652-FF5A-4941-5279-B
Confessions of a Vice Baron Banned 10.5240/951E-F6D9-9ACA-35A8-7F7D-I
Contempt Banned 10.5240/7200-EC16-6638-E94D-71B9-G
Damaged Goods Banned 10.5240/FAA2-8698-E2A6-42E8-C55D-E
Damaged Lives Banned 10.5240/E4C7-F5A3-A44C-FC9B-FE37-B
Dark of the Sun Banned 10.5240/2AC0-DF1D-AA00-424C-AACA-X
Dawn of the Dead Banned 10.5240/2A83-1326-9730-0514-2432-F
Deadfall Banned 10.5240/77DF-C124-78E7-5A9F-0B51-1
Dedee Banned 10.5240/482E-1101-A606-022C-ED53-8
Devil in the Flesh Banned 10.5240/351A-0C01-E33C-F212-0F18-L
Diary of a Country Priest Best 10.5240/62F5-D7A4-A1DC-31E2-E45D-F
È primavera… Banned 10.5240/6E88-907B-1048-EF4B-F24C-7
El Cid Best 10.5240/E39B-69B2-C894-5452-BD2F-U
Extase Banned 10.5240/E485-37BF-A327-6FC8-2993-2
Female and the Flesh Banned 10.5240/EB8A-4D87-194F-D3E1-BEA7-P
Fighting the White Slave Trade Banned 10.5240/8605-ABBF-FF74-64F0-8748-O
Flesh Will Surrender Banned 10.5240/C6E6-B6FE-E005-9113-CE13-X
Forever Amber Banned 10.5240/006A-D32B-D2CC-6E65-695E-5
Fric-Frac Banned 10.5240/1693-E72D-C7F5-4659-7D34-2
Fruits of Summer Banned 10.5240/1C44-D976-2A9B-E766-19F6-X
Gambling with Souls Banned 10.5240/CC1B-D3DB-06CC-3947-4429-O
Garden of Eden Banned 10.5240/EA30-9D52-FBA9-E5FA-F826-I
Germany, Year Zero Banned 10.5240/1A5F-6917-A7BB-B329-D063-Q
Gigi Banned 10.5240/9780-762E-BA42-6F3D-ED6D-X
Girls Marked Danger Banned 10.5240/E459-F2CF-A8C8-81BF-B812-Q
Going My Way Best 10.5240/19EC-7338-C073-C25C-48FE-G
Grand Illusion Best 10.5240/1709-684E-DA44-499C-19E0-V
Groundhog Day Best 10.5240/44D2-396A-6638-B599-2DFE-H
Heroes and Sinners Banned 10.5240/7849-16E0-3757-BBB6-DB73-6
Hets Banned 10.5240/858E-873F-30E0-B374-AB36-R
High Plains Drifter Banned 10.5240/CF60-5720-6DE2-7B1A-FB55-F
Hollywood Burlesque Banned 10.5240/025E-F833-8591-C645-D71E-5
Hôtel du Nord Banned 10.5240/89EC-5B83-BD5B-CF88-DB68-1
Human Wreckage Banned 10.5240/CAA6-7AF7-6311-7177-BB4F-6
Hurry Sundown Banned 10.5240/8319-C64C-D675-E060-1F1E-3
I Am a Camera Banned 10.5240/4158-E574-7DDE-8AC9-A507-V
I Am Curious (Yellow) Banned 10.5240/D83C-4C11-E340-C448-36B8-C
Ice Castles Banned 10.5240/8D71-F3FE-0109-5373-92AA-9
If He Hollers, Let Him Go! Banned 10.5240/422F-DE61-72F7-50FC-0428-1
Ikiru Best 10.5240/CC03-E27D-0FB5-AE3D-B7B6-3
Indiscretions Banned 10.5240/1520-07EA-6471-1FF4-1B7C-2
It Happened One Night Best 10.5240/396E-2CAC-0F24-317F-FAD2-1
It’s a Wonderful Life Best 10.5240/FFC3-D95E-B31B-A6B8-19B7-8
J.D.’s Revenge Banned 10.5240/0F29-8BDC-1258-A28D-9AC1-W
Joanna Banned 10.5240/4E47-0362-9921-C7CA-1011-J
Jofroi Banned 10.5240/B211-D36D-2111-2473-B90E-U
Jules and Jim Banned 10.5240/E78B-7101-AB74-BEDA-8E46-T
Jungle Stampede Banned 10.5240/7FBE-BF31-3F8F-712E-269F-9
Karamoja Banned 10.5240/4BE0-BBB0-BDC2-3DEB-6FBA-Y
Kiss Me, Stupid Banned 10.5240/892D-592E-0F1A-327A-4002-C
La Bête Humaine Banned 10.5240/1FDC-3376-F143-A65B-B7D5-Z
La Isla de la Pasiòn Banned 10.5240/ABD6-2E11-1BDF-058C-9AFD-K
La Marie du port Banned 10.5240/5EFA-57EB-9C92-2D95-2611-G
La neige était sale Banned 10.5240/64F5-8C40-A926-0176-A112-G
La resa di Titì Banned 10.5240/8A5E-0B78-D987-20FA-A8B0-H
La Ronde Banned 10.5240/7B53-D879-67C7-6E0C-9BCA-F
La última cena Best 10.5240/D11F-88F3-9F5A-3A05-EC30-B
La valse de Paris Banned 10.5240/6DA0-C8C2-192B-5EA3-B0D3-G
Ladri di biciclette Best 10.5240/E862-7C1D-3B31-1139-D103-4
Lady Chatterley’s Lover Banned 10.5240/D3BD-1089-FF4A-9DCA-FF31-V
Lady in Cement Banned 10.5240/A20E-9BBA-0364-16F7-670E-1
Lash of the Penitentes Banned 10.5240/BB69-B780-1F05-B11A-2FBC-1
Last Tango in Paris Banned 10.5240/6C95-E12F-8F81-3682-EE01-6
Late Spring Best 10.5240/9EE6-31F9-3ADC-B938-3FA6-C
Latuko Banned 10.5240/3F06-D62D-C4DB-BC2D-260B-P
L’Avventura Banned 10.5240/3044-FADC-69F0-9F61-3087-L
Le blé en herbe Banned 10.5240/68C0-52E8-A329-1A81-14AD-L
Le Corbeau Banned 10.5240/3142-2D77-D3D0-F570-5566-V
Le garçon sauvage Banned 10.5240/02C3-FF25-5637-0B1B-CA98-I
Le Jour Se Lève Banned 10.5240/4BE2-4CD9-40B6-74A3-10AB-V
Le mensonge de Nina Petrovna Banned 10.5240/AB1B-BEBB-1650-E2E0-C0BC-D
Le Plaisir Banned 10.5240/A565-F1BC-61E3-95C1-AB79-T
Le Roi Banned 10.5240/B17C-4E98-62F7-9EF1-5843-W
Lemora, A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural Banned 10.5240/0D58-EC9A-EFAC-A0E2-8DA0-R
Les amants de Vérone Banned 10.5240/C259-61CF-B207-178B-D59C-G
Les Amours de Toni Banned 10.5240/2775-B1B8-B2EF-E649-E091-P
Les gueux au paradis Banned 10.5240/C574-4ABE-B764-A5F3-9E82-W
Les sept péchés capitaux Banned 10.5240/4969-F24C-2A03-3646-B00C-J
Letters from My Windmill Banned 10.5240/3F8B-9DBB-6A3A-1214-4DDF-4
Liane, Jungle Goddess Banned 10.5240/F71D-C6D6-0E41-C6AB-CA3C-L
Living Dangerously Banned 10.5240/2DD0-65D4-6C8D-C2A4-F0D6-C
Love is My Profession Banned 10.5240/D65D-6287-6FE1-D959-5003-2
Lucrèce Borgia Banned 10.5240/4E81-288F-C21D-9FCA-B4AD-M
Lucrezia Borgia Banned 10.5240/DE2A-9397-9AE3-00B7-4CAF-Z
Mad Youth Banned 10.5240/E111-480C-3BA1-48EF-447C-F
Mademoiselle Gobete Banned 10.5240/6F4B-E757-90BC-98C5-24D9-M
Mademoiselle Striptease Banned 10.5240/0C5E-76E2-6A10-3DD0-3F06-C
Maid in Paris Banned 10.5240/538B-1051-04CC-BDB0-B2AF-B
Manon Banned 10.5240/C2E7-2A19-1152-6854-BF7D-L
Maria Malibran Banned 10.5240/9705-6451-990E-4BC2-0C98-U
Marihuana Banned 10.5240/7D3E-41A6-FACB-7BE5-ADB8-T
Marlowe Banned 10.5240/8D0A-E253-FED7-FD89-FFB6-A
Martin Roumagnac Banned 10.5240/B84E-DD55-9426-CA9E-FCC5-I
Miss Julie Banned 10.5240/BFA3-6512-2757-77B2-3076-N
Mitsou Banned 10.5240/897A-C6FF-E59B-1A28-A2EA-T
Mom and Dad Banned 10.5240/81DD-E8C5-4E79-C677-C266-B
My Night at Maud’s Best 10.5240/5765-745D-367F-17A4-76E5-F
Nais Banned 10.5240/7B06-4B5F-2BF1-4B75-2684-I
Nana Banned 10.5240/B68D-CB4C-48C3-5D5E-723A-N
Never on Sunday Banned 10.5240/20AA-3ED6-C3FE-5E21-EAC8-P
Nine Bachelors Banned 10.5240/EFD6-A309-093C-24E7-53E6-D
No Greater Sin Banned 10.5240/EA80-1D11-DBAF-7A80-1E4E-D
No Orchids for Miss Blandish Banned 10.5240/34C1-6819-FEA9-D0F7-D2DF-Z
North by Northwest Best 10.5240/6F97-0EA5-B406-1B29-4C38-K
Of Human Bondage Banned 10.5240/9CD0-86D5-E7F3-A6C4-0134-F
Of Love and Bandits Banned 10.5240/B34C-C11B-998F-A6DF-75CF-W
Oh, Amelia Banned 10.5240/E9ED-330A-4BAF-B83D-0645-5
On the Waterfront Best 10.5240/85E1-3720-5EA3-6F9D-44D0-E
One Summer of Happiness Banned 10.5240/C918-699C-FC92-D58D-24DF-T
Orage Banned 10.5240/3929-03D5-9711-56FE-6C3D-9
Oscar Wilde Banned 10.5240/1672-0914-B53A-932D-7C14-W
Paris Nights Banned 10.5240/7BB7-4A02-2BDD-6CFF-E4D6-V
Partie de campagne Banned 10.5240/4B9F-67F9-8F75-A9C7-5356-E
Passionate Summer Banned 10.5240/B148-8956-5B9C-88DF-188A-V
Pépé le Moko Banned 10.5240/3EB9-D8EB-798C-6ED3-9FC9-5
Pickpocket Best 10.5240/139A-9EF3-51E4-FAB6-289C-Q
Pink Flamingos Banned 10.5240/7909-6139-FCB0-C217-C923-T
Pinocchio Best 10.5240/4CA2-9923-CF41-ABB3-5766-O
Pot-Bouille Banned 10.5240/3F2E-C96A-927D-9440-78B8-9
Pour une nuit d’amour Banned 10.5240/E1D8-1975-18B1-7F4F-3263-E
Pretty Baby Banned 10.5240/9522-D6C5-EBAD-7F11-F9FF-U
Quai de Grenelle Banned 10.5240/6BD9-9DF5-68EA-5DBC-2F48-W
Quiz Show Best 10.5240/5B5E-3DF1-BC3F-9B85-00CC-J
Race Suicide Banned 10.5240/306C-8F8A-8358-2D17-FAF3-K
Rasputin Banned 10.5240/0867-423E-D440-D7E3-8631-W
Reflections in a Golden Eye Banned 10.5240/D00C-757E-6419-DD3D-D5F9-J
Remous Banned 10.5240/2C97-0F6C-4E1B-CB86-B293-8
Rififi Banned 10.5240/4158-1B23-DFC3-AC7B-19B7-0
Riso Amaro Banned 10.5240/37C0-97DC-34F0-1A6B-08AE-D
Rome, Open City Best 10.5240/4321-5DDF-A218-CC2E-EA95-9
Rosemary’s Baby Banned 10.5240/7C58-3BF4-62BD-BE12-5FB1-F
Rossana Banned 10.5240/51D6-AB2F-0D8C-CF26-E6D3-P
Rötägg Banned 10.5240/D2D9-0B1F-6DCB-43B0-FAF7-Z
Rozina sebranec Banned 10.5240/D694-B55C-07F0-601E-0AA9-S
Saint Joan Best 10.5240/89FA-671A-90DF-3EEB-3C48-O
Same Time, Next Year Banned 10.5240/1BD5-5403-03BD-500D-D5FA-X
Samson and Delilah Best 10.5240/614E-913D-84E0-F46C-3033-6
Scandals of Clochemerle Banned 10.5240/1ADE-E86A-00D8-79AF-0184-M
Scarred Banned 10.5240/FA23-23DB-3A6F-305A-FC2F-T
Schindler’s List Best 10.5240/81A5-9F3A-3BB1-0C42-0901-X
Sensualità Banned 10.5240/E141-9669-8183-ED37-FD6B-I
She Shoulda Said No! Banned 10.5240/862A-9ACC-7D1B-793F-991F-S
Sinful Daughters Banned 10.5240/81B5-F41E-A67C-E922-FF9A-6
Sins of the Fathers Banned 10.5240/6E5D-77D1-EB66-5B31-1EF3-I
Slaves in Bondage Banned 10.5240/F68F-1A7C-7FAA-E822-7D17-5
Smashing the Rackets Banned 10.5240/3F79-9CD6-41BF-CD7C-E608-O
Smiles of a Summer Night Banned 10.5240/2D21-C672-3293-09C5-B499-5
Son of Sinbad Banned 10.5240/7022-B7DC-A449-1F5A-54AD-A
Souls in Pawn Banned 10.5240/49B0-A0CF-098A-7A9E-A8F3-K
Stella Banned 10.5240/DCDF-5BA4-DA24-8698-9A31-E
Stolen Paradise Banned 10.5240/4893-F489-7FB7-EEA7-C6E9-4
Strange Cargo Banned 10.5240/B4FD-C76A-E158-A14A-028E-H
Street Corner Banned 10.5240/6C2F-B64A-0063-9B93-5E13-5
Summer Interlude Banned 10.5240/E1E1-D67A-B395-64BB-CBBE-4
Taxi Driver Banned 10.5240/9B1F-544E-C8F8-3B13-58B2-5
Tell Your Children Banned 10.5240/9975-557D-919A-0958-3AF1-S
Tentaciòn Banned 10.5240/8003-95F4-DBEC-FD4F-8194-N
The Age of Innocence Best 10.5240/7E44-D3A0-63F2-F3AA-0EEF-B
The Anniversary Banned 10.5240/60AB-E8D9-1786-8672-4EEF-N
The April Fools Banned 10.5240/3CC0-ED45-7782-20BF-6091-T
The Assisi Underground Best 10.5240/4D1F-8A4B-C367-00A3-CFBB-5
The Awful Truth Best 10.5240/6A33-7A9B-C9E8-656B-7D2E-N
The Bandit Banned 10.5240/79E4-351E-5B07-2733-91B9-K
The Bed Banned 10.5240/9006-98FD-615B-13D6-E024-W
The Blue Angel Banned 10.5240/B798-912E-0C8F-7AD1-7CAE-P
The Boston Strangler Banned 10.5240/6D6E-17F0-8F45-8F2A-BB5D-J
The Carey Treatment Banned 10.5240/165B-29E7-F57D-D5A6-4D25-Z
The Champ Best 10.5240/BFBF-33D7-5A04-C2D6-D9F8-1
The Desperate Women Banned 10.5240/C3A1-EDFB-CCFD-B11D-7D14-4
The Devils Banned 10.5240/674A-55C9-620E-B9BA-0467-Y
The Devil’s Sleep Banned 10.5240/C1A0-CC17-A3DE-13D0-5FF1-5
The Flesh is Weak Banned 10.5240/A151-FC54-9622-1D8E-B791-C
The French Line Banned 10.5240/53A3-E9DC-05C5-7231-5989-X
The Girl from Maxim’s Banned 10.5240/D13C-2C4A-7759-AF5D-4D97-X
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Banned 10.5240/D6B6-AB10-EFEB-7528-9A7D-X
The Gospel According to St. Matthew Best 10.5240/7D62-1D63-864D-CB87-FB4E-M
The Grapes of Wrath Best 10.5240/FE81-7109-81B0-A824-E6D6-3
The Killing of Sister George Banned 10.5240/0AE3-9713-E446-C107-52E9-3
The Last Picture Show Banned 10.5240/5F24-2035-423C-25F5-4BD3-A
The Legend of Lylah Clare Banned 10.5240/CA3F-7BF7-FC53-CF04-1E62-I
The Magus Banned 10.5240/1215-E8BC-9EF1-1C12-6B6F-X
The Miller’s Beautiful Wife Banned 10.5240/D65E-9C54-CA3B-E182-3D13-Q
The Miracle Banned 10.5240/1F13-856A-AC83-F036-AFCF-P
The Miracle Worker Best 10.5240/7F66-1C08-19DD-CC04-C17E-B
The Moon Is Blue Banned 10.5240/8B1B-6C91-9006-452B-CB0A-T
The Naked Night Banned 10.5240/CD1C-32AE-E583-1C1D-13ED-4
The Nazarin Best 10.5240/EA14-4246-FF6F-48CF-B5B8-B
The Night Heaven Fell Banned 10.5240/005E-A33D-BF5E-1178-687E-V
The Omen Banned 10.5240/A7A7-E995-6893-C76B-8C97-I
The Outlaw Banned 10.5240/8B51-7612-2997-3CD0-3A17-T
The Outlaw Josey Wales Banned 10.5240/4702-E47A-DE40-C1C0-DB24-R
The Pace That Kills Banned 10.5240/0BB4-7DD7-9C69-1317-8E16-7
The Passion of Joan of Arc Best 10.5240/A38D-AF19-A013-41DC-B886-2
The Pawnbroker Banned 10.5240/F4D0-D60B-DDBA-6666-55C9-G
The Penthouse Banned 10.5240/A880-E23A-CA4A-CBFF-0213-5
The Private Life of Henry VIII Banned 10.5240/6F1A-DA91-EC76-64F1-34F5-1
The Producers Banned 10.5240/AA2C-84A6-0619-0811-F78B-U
The Puritan Banned 10.5240/536B-C935-25F3-62CC-8EA5-A
The Quiet Man Best 10.5240/8252-B1AE-4C7B-184D-724F-I
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Banned 10.5240/D115-D919-520C-B063-7806-C
The Scarlet and the Black Best 10.5240/034F-7ECA-709E-1F45-E602-A
The Secret Life of an American Wife Banned 10.5240/5C26-8069-688B-D59D-2323-A
The Sign of the Cross Best 10.5240/8B55-9B3D-7D4A-7433-AF0E-X
The Song of Bernadette Best 10.5240/A118-3D10-707E-595A-6EAB-D
The Story of Bob and Sally Banned 10.5240/9286-4FE4-7EAC-1FEE-1215-S
The Sweet Ride Banned 10.5240/3384-FDF8-3279-CEE3-B72C-S
The Trials of Oscar Wilde Banned 10.5240/3175-4D2D-70D0-107D-BC3C-L
The Wages of Sin Banned 10.5240/EA9C-69C2-9B66-34CE-9794-7
The Wicker Man Banned 10.5240/A0B7-940B-6DA2-D726-7420-E
The Young and the Damned Banned 10.5240/6B68-8B40-280E-D5FF-AD70-O
Thérèse Best 10.5240/0C7F-A0E8-682E-24FF-E699-P
This Thing Called Love Banned 10.5240/47E8-4F01-03B7-EBE8-C7D8-S
Three Forbidden Stories Banned 10.5240/0FC5-1D04-68F6-D76D-CD90-9
Three Godfathers Best 10.5240/DAF7-073C-0B94-0707-9EEC-3
Time in the Sun Banned 10.5240/74FE-6642-A089-F4EF-8993-P
Times Gone By Banned 10.5240/6696-E20F-A723-8EE3-E886-U
Trois couleurs: Bleu Best 10.5240/679E-6DD8-1E0F-DB95-3E9B-9
Two-Faced Woman Banned 10.5240/CB9B-C22F-C21C-CE92-74EA-7
Ultima giovinezza Banned 10.5240/4B72-250A-4EFC-48AC-2391-M
Un Condamné à Mort S’est Échappé Best 10.5240/A700-954D-9FF3-8499-C4F7-3
Un marito per Anna Zaccheo Banned 10.5240/885C-0956-EF18-FB25-D2E8-V
Un revenant Banned 10.5240/F9D5-9FF8-74C9-A12F-2E8E-J
Une Baiser de Feu Banned 10.5240/AF56-0DB0-2B30-AB1C-8E85-N
Une grande fille toute simple Banned 10.5240/145F-6C06-2646-6053-074C-A
Untamed Youth Banned 10.5240/780F-1E13-5CEE-C901-5A6B-8
Valley of the Dolls Banned 10.5240/01D6-91BC-0179-E198-1A70-4
Vertigo Best 10.5240/39FE-B96B-01BE-453E-64D7-E
Vi vil ha’ et barn Banned 10.5240/A989-923F-465F-FFFC-8828-J
Viaggio in Italia Best 10.5240/4D9B-F6CC-AC0C-4E3E-2B69-0
Violated Banned 10.5240/6518-B4BE-2921-F80E-DAAD-9
Viridiana Banned 10.5240/29DF-DE49-112F-A271-84B9-M
Volpone Banned 10.5240/3DA1-54EB-7081-4CF4-659E-V
Weekend Banned 10.5240/DA72-4120-D8EB-54AC-1BA3-E
When Love Calls Banned 10.5240/3403-B2F9-9427-BDE0-0E62-E
White Cargo Banned 10.5240/B017-0845-AA05-AF9B-EA82-F
With a Smile Banned 10.5240/78B5-BD97-66E0-C1E7-6852-5
Woman of Rome Banned 10.5240/BBD9-5E23-FFCC-D42E-629F-D
Women Without Names Banned 10.5240/4B90-A543-BBA2-829A-77DF-F
You Can’t Take It With You Best 10.5240/259B-400D-341A-0056-327F-3


[*] Fun fact: Vatican City is the only country in the world where women do not have the right to vote.

[†] Fun fact: Several different directors have films appearing on both lists.