The Engineer’s Room: Remember November

Remember November
Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Now that the Type 2 diabetes-inducing sugar-fest that is Halloween, has been celebrated in the United States and those parts of the world that have finally succumbed to American cultural imperialism, we turn our attention to Guy Fawkes Day, commemorating the failed 1605 assassination plot against King James I of England involving a plan to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament in protest over England’s Penal Laws and the treatment of Catholics following the Protestant Reformation.
Guy Fawkes Day is typically celebrated with a combination of bonfires (the holiday is also known as Bonfire Night), fireworks (a.k.a., Fireworks Night), and Guy Fawkes effigies (along with the occasional wearing of Guy Fawkes masks). There’s even a tradition of children panhandling for the holiday – Halloween has its Trick-or-Treating for candy while Guy Fawkes Day as its “Penny for the Guy,” where children collect money to buy fireworks.
While Halloween is featured in a wealth of movies and television programs – and may also be observed by watching anything in the horror genre, from Le Manoir du Diable (The House of the Devil) onward[1] – Guy Fawkes Day and the underlying Gunpowder Plot are relatively underrepresented in audiovisual programs.

BBC America did its bit to support the efforts of many in England to preserve Guy Fawkes Day against the growing tide of Halloween with its list of five movies “to get you in the mood for Bonfire Night”: V for Vendetta, The Wicker Man, Die Hard, Braveheart, and Revenge of the Pink Panther, but only V for Vendetta actually makes direct reference to Guy Fawkes (and it’s the only film primarily set in England – The Wicker Man and Braveheart mostly take place in Scotland).

Now, we’re doing our bit with what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of somehow-related Guy Fawkes, Gunpowder Plot, and Fireworks Night movies, shorts, and TV shows.

All Things Guy Fawkes

[1] Considered the first horror film, and possibly the first vampire film. It was produced by Georges Méliès in 1896. Oddly, it was originally released on Christmas Eve.

Title Year Type EIDR ID
A Taste of Honey 1961 Movie 10.5240/C9DF-70F0-1B6B-FDAA-12D7-0
A Touch of Frost 1992 Series 10.5240/ED74-CC3A-EA7A-138F-5315-L
Attack the Block 2011 Movie 10.5240/9049-4368-CFA7-3FC1-A4EF-K
Cigarettes and Matches 1979 Short 10.5240/8B7D-829B-2B5D-BA26-6B5A-G
Der Mann nebenan 1991 Movie 10.5240/6AA3-8FAB-D492-8B04-4E7C-W
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – The Gunpowder Plot 2011 Game 10.5240/7BEC-32C8-BF90-9934-3649-5
EastEnders 1985 Series 10.5240/7881-4862-7CDD-0427-F39D-2
Flame in the Streets 1961 Movie 10.5240/9845-5E1A-1245-8715-FA56-U
Gunpowder 2017 Series 10.5240/8362-65FC-6183-3B28-19ED-B
Gunpowder 5/11: The Greatest Terror Plot 2014 TV 10.5240/78DD-4CF8-FF83-1B35-8619-1
Gunpowder Guy 1953 TV 10.5240/E351-712B-C088-D157-24FE-D
Gunpowder, Treason & Plot 2004 Series 10.5240/F1B6-6151-FB32-292D-3270-R
Guy Fawkes 1907 Short 10.5240/212E-5BAF-AEE5-AD56-05C9-W
Guy Fawkes 1923 Movie 10.5240/9DB2-133C-5F29-435A-6E66-R
Hangover Square 1945 Movie 10.5240/EC46-71BC-6E42-7C46-C6A7-D
History Buffs 2015 Series 10.5240/801D-5448-6D78-6ED3-8376-S
Imagine Me & You 2005 Movie 10.5240/7D42-C03F-5651-825B-6CC3-3
Impossible 2017 Series 10.5240/2758-26B0-8389-BD2B-2D04-7
Inside Information 1957 Short 10.5240/76D6-A241-CC93-7E82-CBD0-L
London Fields 2018 Movie 10.5240/5E46-94B7-5242-D818-FBF5-5
London: The Modern Babylon 2012 Movie 10.5240/14A3-0806-4DFB-FA35-F667-D
Poirot 1989 Series 10.5240/1567-0ABE-F56B-FA57-B2AB-T
Salome’s Last Dance 1988 Movie 10.5240/6A99-9F6B-DAA0-A3AE-E138-U
Shakespeare: The King’s Man 2012 Series 10.5240/CF40-56FC-092A-3143-498C-K
Sherlock 2010 Series 10.5240/030D-AF57-7B5D-D48B-8C03-W
She-Wolf of London 1990 Series 10.5240/A19C-3518-B556-A8A4-38CA-U
Spirit Cooking: Evil in Government – Mike Cernovich, Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux 2016 TV 10.5240/75F8-5C10-8425-3102-8B31-T
The Gunpowder Plot 1968 TV 10.5240/15D4-DA6C-3F7E-BA30-8832-1
The King James Bible: The Book That Changed the World 2011 TV 10.5240/AFF0-33E8-4243-D436-E595-5
The Last Days Of … 2015 Series 10.5240/7703-A221-60A4-818F-F206-B
The Only Way Is Essex 2010 Series 10.5240/E534-F72C-3A66-B099-613B-V
The Oxford Murders 2008 Movie 10.5240/D21F-2A83-ED2D-FD51-FB3E-0
The Secret Agent 2016 Series 10.5240/8E12-7419-9B50-EC2C-4BBB-0
The Tower 2004 Series 10.5240/1EA9-ACF0-6616-C4A1-5740-9
Tribunal 1963 Series 10.5240/BD74-377C-1D88-AFFF-F603-6
TURN 2014 Series 10.5240/8E48-0D79-4537-7F16-2886-C
V for Vendetta 2006 Movie 10.5240/B2B3-B219-2512-550D-F692-Q
Who Knew? 2010 Series 10.5240/7ACE-1E84-85FA-11DC-40AF-8
Witchfinder General 1968 Movie 10.5240/6865-E7A3-D210-C52F-6F70-I
Wonderland 1999 Movie 10.5240/7266-11B0-9314-4EB8-A191-6