The Title Registrar to Unveil New EIDR APIs

It has developed two APIs—one for EIDR resolution, and the other for full EIDR registration, matching, and editing.

Both are JSON-based, simple to use, and designed to ease EIDR integration for both large and small shops.   The Resolution API will have a free tier, which permits 20,000 resolutions per month, with additional paid tiers available for higher numbers.

These make it simple to write simple programs or scripts to look up an EIDR ID, determine its parent, children, ancestors, title-level record, or even entire title family with a single API call.  Additional calls are available to do EIDR Party resolution, find EIDR records using an Alt IDs, or look for potentially matching titles.  Helper classes are available for Python and JavaScript, so that’s it’s possible to write a fully functional script in just a few lines.

Here’s an example script to determine whether an EIDR ID received from an outside source is performance level:

import sys
import title_registry as ttr

def isPerformanceTitle(eidrid):
    response = ttr.get(eidrid)
    if (response.responseType == ttr.ResponseType.Error):
        print(f'Response error: {response.error}, EIDR ID "{eidrid}')
        return False
    else: return (response.recordType in ["Edit", "Manifestation"])

That’s it!

The Registration API will provide a gateway to The Title Registrar’s registration services, and will allow simple creation, registration and modification of EIDR records through its own back end.   Extensive real-time validations are done as title objects are created, so re-work can be minimized.  Titles submitted will go through the Title Registrar’s own gateway (which requires payment for registrations), but can provide an easy path towards process and software integration that can be put in place  in days instead of months, whether an EIDR member or not.

The Title Registry will be making free trial Resolution API keys available to EIDRfest attendees, so they can try it out.   For more information, contact Sylvester Lan at [email protected].