There’s Always Room for Pie

At a recent brunch, a friend used a slice of boysenberry pie as a waffle topping (with ice cream, of course). He liked it so much, he did it again. Personally, I like to keep my waffles and pies separate (both with ice cream, of course), but however you serve it, there’s nothing quite like pie.

Pies have been with us since ancient times. The Egyptians started it all with an early proto-pie.[1] Greeks created the first true pies, surrounding a filling in a baked pastry shell[2] and pies have been a staple of Western cuisine ever since. For most of their history, pies were savory (generally, meat pies[3]) and the crusts were not always eaten – they were often just the container that helped preserve the contents and make them more portable. According to the American Pie Council, the Romans published the first true pie recipe, featuring a rye flour crust with a goat cheese and honey filling. Fruit pies (called “pyes” at the time) were likely introduced in England in the 1500s. The first cherry pie is said to have been prepared for Queen Elizabeth. At the time, pyes were baked in rectangular pans and the shells were called “coffyns”. It was not until the American Revolution that pie crusts became “crusts.”[4]

I don’t know if anything is as “American as apple pie,”[5] but it’s certain that there’s nothing as American as a custard pie – in the face.[6] The first cinematic pie was delivered into the face of Ben Turpin in Mr. Flip (1909).[7] From there, throwing pies really took off (so to speak). Pieing (as it is apparently called) became such a comedy staple that the song “Make ‘Em Laugh” from Singin’ In The Rain (1952) includes the line, “And then you get a great big custard pie in the face!” The largest ever pie fight appears in The Great Race (1965): the four-minute fight cost $200,000;[8] consumed 4,000 pies and a 1,500 pound cake; and took five days to film.

While many a pie was thrown over the years by Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and The Three Stooges, the person most associated with pies to the face is silent comedy impresario Mack Sennett, famed creator of the Keystone Kops. For Sennett, pie throwing was serious business, and even had rules: “A mother never gets hit with a custard pie … Mothers-in-law, yes. But mothers? Never.” Over the course of his career, Mack Sennett was an actor, writer, director, producer, and studio executive responsible for more than 1,400 films – most of them silent comedy shorts. His entire filmography, with and without pie, can be found in the EIDR Content ID registry.

[1] A filling covered with a top crust, really more cobbler than pie.

[2] Pies are mentioned in the plays of Aristophanes, the “Father of the Comedy” (c. 446 – c. 386 BCE).

[3] There’s a recipe for Egyptian chicken pie that’s over 4,000 years old.

[4] Borrowing the term from bread.

[5] Apple pie was actually invented in England. According to Robert Greene, an Elizabethan dramatist writing in 1589, “Thy breath is like the steeme of apple pies.” The first apple pie recipe was published by Geoffrey Chaucer. It should be noted that apple pies of this time were unsweetened and served in inedible shells, so not quite the delight they are today.

[6] Also invented in England. Credited to Fred Karno, a British music hall performer of the 1890s also credited with creating slapstick comedy.

[7] Earlier weaponized pies include a pie to the head (rather than face) in Family Troubles (1900) and a slice to the face (rather than a whole pie) in The Coal Strike (1905).

[8] The equivalent of $1,737,000 today.

The Complete Works of Mack Sennett

Title Type Year EIDR ID
The Horse Thief Short 1905 10.5240/8E68-4E11-0B9B-092E-9B55-3
Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker Short 1908 10.5240/C272-2BF1-C1CA-A7CF-4654-H
The King’s Messenger Short 1908 10.5240/986D-5EC7-EA26-A71B-374B-6
The Sculptor’s Nightmare Short 1908 10.5240/DEFD-D808-7FE3-3985-998C-S
Thompson’s Night Out Short 1908 10.5240/7EBC-1103-8ED7-459F-9E74-N
The Invisible Fluid Short 1908 10.5240/2659-8A14-E595-FF29-54DD-Q
The Man in the Box Short 1908 10.5240/8845-6484-8610-3FC3-49BE-H
Over the Hills To the Poorhouse Short 1908 10.5240/BD71-4EB4-3C66-C636-2B19-L
The Kentuckian Short 1908 10.5240/3097-8299-ED0A-061A-DECC-X
The Stage Rustler Short 1908 10.5240/AC6A-23C6-131C-1015-AB07-I
The Black Viper Short 1908 10.5240/EB0E-C12E-E4F8-D2D6-D428-T
Deceived Slumming Party Short 1908 10.5240/7935-2CBF-1D32-B63C-DAFE-O
The Fatal Hour Short 1908 10.5240/C1CE-070C-F750-C139-3454-T
Betrayed by a Handprint Short 1908 10.5240/980D-12BF-4C19-D0AA-BDCB-G
Monday Morning in A Coney Island Police Court Short 1908 10.5240/B106-71DD-C514-7086-D5D3-Z
The Girl and the Outlaw Short 1908 10.5240/91BD-68FD-BE32-63A8-BE66-W
Behind the Scenes Short 1908 10.5240/6420-0F6F-87BC-EFBF-3FA5-K
The Red Girl Short 1908 10.5240/B85E-4930-DF53-2DDB-9B73-J
The Heart of O Yama Short 1908 10.5240/2021-3CFE-2681-E10D-D191-9
Where the Breakers Roar Short 1908 10.5240/9ABA-5249-7EEA-82CA-93FD-K
A Smoked Husband Short 1908 10.5240/4B0D-5E46-6E5F-CD12-6EE1-5
The Devil Short 1908 10.5240/857C-91E7-E54F-FCCF-4131-W
Father Gets in the Game Short 1908 10.5240/BCDF-9ABD-4887-0C3B-412A-O
The Barbarian – Ingomar Short 1908 10.5240/67AB-2AA9-08DB-37DE-82A0-T
The Vaqueros Vow Short 1908 10.5240/B090-D13C-E4EF-EC42-A0FD-R
Romance of A Jewess Short 1908 10.5240/354C-8D67-43BD-E756-E731-H
The Call of the Wild Short 1908 10.5240/EF63-BEE4-F40E-1DA8-C983-D
Concealing a Burglar Short 1908 10.5240/C377-D874-7815-49BB-BC3A-K
After Many Years Short 1908 10.5240/A6E1-65A8-3342-BA89-7BF4-R
The Pirate’s Gold Short 1908 10.5240/BBDE-EAFB-C8E5-D46C-097E-P
The Taming of the Shrew Short 1908 10.5240/22CF-09C9-1960-0E0C-2076-8
The Guerilla Short 1908 10.5240/0BCA-A8BC-1048-6B17-4945-P
The Test of Friendship Short 1908 10.5240/BFA3-E352-E382-83B2-BFB0-6
The Song of the Shirt Short 1908 10.5240/F389-75F4-2784-CD0D-56DC-V
The Clubman and the Tramp Short 1908 10.5240/3236-C75A-B3E5-2F85-16C5-Z
The Valets Wife Short 1908 10.5240/D452-2800-C387-6EF0-6296-U
Money Mad Short 1908 10.5240/5472-5F66-7BBA-E47D-BC4F-X
The Feud and the Turkey Short 1908 10.5240/305A-08DD-9043-7F33-5034-9
The Reckoning Short 1908 10.5240/AE5D-C37E-9166-C85A-5C62-4
An Awful Moment Short 1908 10.5240/59AC-DC56-59D9-703C-C4B2-X
The Christmas Burglars Short 1908 10.5240/5A34-06CC-777E-BE41-B0FA-W
Mr. Jones At the Ball Short 1908 10.5240/766A-484E-09B8-FE59-F54B-X
The Helping Hand Short 1908 10.5240/5B1A-39F1-EF1D-682B-882A-8
The Newlyweds Short 1909 10.5240/84FB-87B9-2729-4084-DD2D-7
One Touch of Nature Short 1909 10.5240/9352-77B3-72DC-B0F6-A8F0-L
The Maniac Cook Short 1909 10.5240/BAEB-B643-209D-EF98-ABBB-E
Love Finds A Way Short 1909 10.5240/FA97-404C-9B92-301B-AEA5-A
The Honor of Thieves Short 1909 10.5240/4BF3-6921-B625-1A74-3490-2
A Rural Elopement Short 1909 10.5240/F5B5-76FD-E73C-D2F9-AEE4-G
The Sacrifice Short 1909 10.5240/05DF-601F-A3F7-CEEE-D476-X
The Criminal Hypnotist Short 1909 10.5240/F0B2-F757-A8C6-6608-E4B9-I
Mr. Jones Has A Card Party Short 1909 10.5240/9DFC-A13C-389F-AAA7-57EB-0
The Fascinating Mrs. Francis Short 1909 10.5240/9A5A-E927-9C57-C9B1-32CC-S
The Welcome Burglar Short 1909 10.5240/E7F3-87D6-4126-30E1-DCCF-K
Those Awful Hats Short 1909 10.5240/B948-53B5-C878-F7BC-C0CB-6
The Cord of Life Short 1909 10.5240/BE6C-5316-563B-113D-70B0-D
The Girls and Daddy Short 1909 10.5240/F07E-0C7C-F367-0B34-705D-N
The Brahma Diamond Short 1909 10.5240/5E17-BC84-1548-5A65-532D-5
A Wreath in Time Short 1909 10.5240/ECB9-D35C-009D-6873-AA61-8
Tragic Love Short 1909 10.5240/CDD1-C57F-3386-8529-28C9-5
The Curtain Pole Short 1909 10.5240/8A88-C454-3AB4-879D-D40A-8
The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals Short 1909 10.5240/C4E7-41FC-ACBF-4427-FEFC-E
The Golden Louis Short 1909 10.5240/5900-4236-B172-646D-3835-2
The Politician’s Love Story Short 1909 10.5240/1DC9-54C3-7849-29C1-C372-M
At the Altar Short 1909 10.5240/1332-082A-DA42-EE11-D2C9-W
His Wife’s Mother Short 1909 10.5240/40B4-99AD-DAED-F25E-F678-U
The Prussian Spy Short 1909 10.5240/BA7C-70BF-6A28-E794-AB96-9
A Fool’s Revenge Short 1909 10.5240/C9FB-727B-245A-7604-D45A-C
The Roue’s Heart Short 1909 10.5240/F3BC-DE11-FBB2-0881-E209-0
The Wooden Leg Short 1909 10.5240/C91D-E739-D757-CB90-154C-6
The Salvation Army Lass Short 1909 10.5240/DA25-183A-FC1A-9E59-190C-P
The Lure of the Gown Short 1909 10.5240/E01E-011B-88DD-3FE3-C980-2
The Voice of the Violin Short 1909 10.5240/6116-1144-A2CF-BD03-932A-B
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them Short 1909 10.5240/9B88-5F96-07E3-406E-7F0E-J
The Deception Short 1909 10.5240/908B-C7A5-59E1-D524-91AF-K
A Burglar’s Mistake Short 1909 10.5240/D85D-B75E-3282-7070-9581-2
Jones and His New Neighbors Short 1909 10.5240/8B18-D4BA-B717-4419-0B3B-W
The Medicine Bottle Short 1909 10.5240/07FF-590E-17DD-C7FC-30EC-8
The Drunkard’s Reformation Short 1909 10.5240/BF28-49DC-EF7A-B3E0-A97A-I
The Road to the Heart Short 1909 10.5240/6793-B69A-2A5B-9190-D7C6-E
Trying To Get Arrested Short 1909 10.5240/AD0C-0B86-B8CC-B0B7-51FA-1
A Rude Hostess Short 1909 10.5240/50AA-A89F-577A-E1F3-B5BF-J
A Sound Sleeper Short 1909 10.5240/D3A7-338B-760F-01CA-8090-V
The Winning Coat Short 1909 10.5240/73E0-0B6B-4607-265A-DAE0-A
Confidence Short 1909 10.5240/B696-3704-E0DC-0772-66C0-M
A Troublesome Satchel Short 1909 10.5240/F9D7-D928-7DDD-2F09-1B3B-8
Lady Helen’s Escapade Short 1909 10.5240/0807-6B6B-F7BA-1702-BAFC-J
Lucky Jim Short 1909 10.5240/6153-5FB3-0800-C0D0-2908-R
’tis An Ill Wind That Blows No Good Short 1909 10.5240/EC9E-8FA4-B8D3-D889-CB38-G
The Suicide Club Short 1909 10.5240/92AD-DC14-0630-5F2F-78A6-Q
One Busy Hour Short 1909 10.5240/C42A-34A3-5CB2-5F21-3919-7
The Note in the Shoe Short 1909 10.5240/6999-AD54-3A6E-F238-9FAB-6
Jones and the Lady Book Agent Short 1909 10.5240/BA7D-A2FA-6BE1-A154-1DD6-I
The French Duel Short 1909 10.5240/EA9A-858C-3FA7-F101-36E1-K
A Baby’s Shoe Short 1909 10.5240/5E4A-D7FF-7B1C-A3AC-7142-X
The Jilt Short 1909 10.5240/CF1A-0ADC-2B24-2E17-8D14-N
Resurrection Short 1909 10.5240/AD8C-212B-E184-67F4-BC8B-J
Eloping with Aunty Short 1909 10.5240/A01B-82D9-FE66-7672-BA48-I
Two Memories Short 1909 10.5240/3231-D798-6401-8898-BFF3-M
The Cricket on the Hearth Short 1909 10.5240/1467-5A52-C05B-700E-B376-U
What Drink Did Short 1909 10.5240/EAEC-0B81-C44C-F989-0C60-P
The Violin Macker of Cremona Short 1909 10.5240/483F-1D78-F931-AEC6-8829-R
A New Trick Short 1909 10.5240/E4D5-2049-1D71-30A8-E056-1
The Lonely Villa Short 1909 10.5240/1A35-4D23-3062-B6EF-7C83-R
The Son’s Return Short 1909 10.5240/527E-8551-1460-C560-99C9-0
Her First Biscuits Short 1909 10.5240/1AA5-16EE-AFEF-611D-7734-3
The Faded Lillies Short 1909 10.5240/B79D-299F-300A-A25A-1896-Y
Was Justice Served? Short 1909 10.5240/2543-7210-ED4A-8903-5D60-0
The Mexican Sweethearts Short 1909 10.5240/AA8F-717B-9594-05FA-5EEB-O
The Peachbasket Hat Short 1909 10.5240/DF59-2BC3-F185-30A6-64CF-S
The Way of Man Short 1909 10.5240/A30B-0AC3-39D0-6397-72F9-F
The Necklace Short 1909 10.5240/F673-17E4-C0FA-0E6E-A353-7
The Message Short 1909 10.5240/BCBE-16C6-112B-7091-F1E0-A
The Cardinal’s Conspiracy Short 1909 10.5240/B0E1-010C-DDD3-5E29-13A0-A
Jealousy and the Man Short 1909 10.5240/F380-F0DC-83B8-AA06-ABF4-V
A Convict’s Sacrifice Short 1909 10.5240/5125-1617-B706-7FDA-3F27-W
The Slave Short 1909 10.5240/E475-3B7D-ED57-6515-1249-Y
The Mended Lute Short 1909 10.5240/1F42-A97D-7693-FEC9-82CB-N
Jones’ Burglar Short 1909 10.5240/FAD7-925C-F04C-5626-C3D8-T
They Would Elope Short 1909 10.5240/B62D-CF45-442A-E1FA-650F-6
The Better Way Short 1909 10.5240/AEF9-59EF-6DA9-B9A0-1516-N
With Her Card Short 1909 10.5240/154E-7892-88CB-98F4-FA0D-R
His Wife’s Visitor Short 1909 10.5240/45C0-56A8-BC32-211E-493E-0
The Indian Runner’s Romance Short 1909 10.5240/978C-18C2-ECD3-164C-252E-V
The Mills of the Gods Short 1909 10.5240/A6B1-7D7C-49BB-1246-286F-I
A Strange Meeting Short 1909 10.5240/DD88-6531-A441-2E02-B15D-8
The Little Darling Short 1909 10.5240/982D-A2C4-F83E-1D58-80CD-M
The Sealed Room Short 1909 10.5240/7A21-5E53-E28D-A125-1CA2-A
“1776” or, The Hessian Renegades Short 1909 10.5240/C09E-A598-473E-E49F-14A8-M
Getting Even Short 1909 10.5240/D3D8-FFA4-D824-6BB5-AA34-4
The Broken Locket Short 1909 10.5240/3809-2547-171E-F4A4-F83E-0
In Old Kentucky Short 1909 10.5240/FF4C-944B-FD08-181D-11AC-O
A Fair Exchange Short 1909 10.5240/6922-7453-D47B-641C-8AE7-0
The Seventh Day Short 1909 10.5240/4549-0233-D319-3BFC-9525-K
Leather Stocking Short 1909 10.5240/6BA6-C16F-EC96-DA92-E49B-R
The Awakening Short 1909 10.5240/FC26-4424-EF44-6A51-8FBA-K
The Heart of an Outlaw Short 1909 10.5240/0F37-C892-71BC-4E97-A8D1-C
Pippa Passes Short 1909 10.5240/0051-6983-BA45-DBA4-C7B3-O
A Change of Heart Short 1909 10.5240/923A-327A-BAFE-F712-EC88-M
His Lost Love Short 1909 10.5240/CE6E-CC86-D3DE-1CD4-6CD4-C
The Expiation Short 1909 10.5240/57C4-BFBF-5DAF-0B3F-5A8D-Z
In the Watches of the Night Short 1909 10.5240/71FD-CFA2-EEEE-0505-58B6-L
Lines of White On A Sullen Sea Short 1909 10.5240/C072-3ACB-6D20-1B73-8A90-U
The Gibson Goddess Short 1909 10.5240/8312-927E-9437-98F1-4C68-P
What’s Your Hurry? Short 1909 10.5240/16EA-0494-19D2-3F02-D102-T
Nursing a Viper Short 1909 10.5240/F0A1-85A4-84C5-9556-422C-E
The Light That Came Short 1909 10.5240/B3F4-DE06-A48A-A8BC-9D9D-Y
Two Women and A Man Short 1909 10.5240/F17D-6AEE-FD8D-8BBF-B3D2-Y
A Midnight Adventure Short 1909 10.5240/210B-4C0A-DF4A-3550-8ABA-D
The Open Gate Short 1909 10.5240/5F1E-A41E-AB8C-785F-6291-R
The Mountaineer’s Honor Short 1909 10.5240/0D7A-15DE-314D-98F7-7BEA-V
The Trick That Failed Short 1909 10.5240/21EB-7F22-7A25-0D76-2037-T
Through the Breakers Short 1909 10.5240/9997-A7E2-9BDC-A576-D6DB-P
The Red Man’s View Short 1909 10.5240/2EEC-C113-7B25-DE25-1E0C-M
A Corner in Wheat Short 1909 10.5240/5E95-74AC-CF2C-3B9C-30BC-7
In A Hempen Bag Short 1909 10.5240/26E2-4D22-7F54-65ED-E255-A
A Trap for Santa Claus Short 1909 10.5240/FA0D-8713-40E3-0A00-4C66-8
In Little Italy Short 1909 10.5240/B90F-F551-530F-C059-2E4C-T
To Save Her Soul Short 1909 10.5240/B404-AA95-51E2-339E-8FF8-U
Choosing a Husband Short 1909 10.5240/EF62-FFB8-CBB9-316A-CF04-1
The Day After Short 1909 10.5240/012A-8793-3816-8401-FB68-Z
The Dancing Girl of Butte Movie 1910 10.5240/DBC6-D6D4-71C3-EB5D-7E24-0
All On Account of the Milk Short 1910 10.5240/915B-27B6-B64D-33D7-A27D-O
The Call Short 1910 10.5240/BB4E-E005-68D3-3854-F283-G
The Last Deal Short 1910 10.5240/F394-B7DB-ECFE-273B-B696-4
The Cloister’s Touch Short 1910 10.5240/82A4-3A86-5C4E-1003-7E1F-S
The Woman From Mellons Short 1910 10.5240/214C-EA13-67C1-18E0-419A-1
One Night, and Then Short 1910 10.5240/90CC-81A4-4150-C223-80A2-B
The Englishman and the Girl Short 1910 10.5240/F117-24E6-E8D0-0F75-95D5-4
Taming A Husband Short 1910 10.5240/FF0D-F6C3-91DB-ED6B-C7F6-J
The Thread of Destiny Short 1910 10.5240/A6A7-2B3A-474E-60A6-BCC9-I
In Old California Short 1910 10.5240/7CE5-F1A2-55ED-DCE3-7CF5-7
The Converts Short 1910 10.5240/0FC5-6A8F-0B5A-731B-3DC1-W
The Love of Lady Irma Short 1910 10.5240/BB73-7026-20CE-BFA4-9265-T
Faithful Short 1910 10.5240/5F65-905B-29E8-5232-C857-8
The Twisted Trail Short 1910 10.5240/0460-6735-C952-C632-5205-B
Gold Is Not All Short 1910 10.5240/AA90-C1EB-DC13-2AA8-007D-G
As It Is in Life Short 1910 10.5240/8579-3840-0A89-5476-0D4C-S
The Two Brothers Short 1910 10.5240/C8C2-0023-B59C-268E-726B-Q
A Rich Revenge Short 1910 10.5240/A4F2-43DD-1DE8-3BF7-F302-Y
The Way of the World Short 1910 10.5240/6BE2-B486-598A-F9E1-036C-7
Up A Tree Short 1910 10.5240/5BF6-BE2A-9240-B5B3-1808-6
The Gold Seekers Short 1910 10.5240/FAE2-1DF1-005B-6993-EC11-5
An Affair of Hearts Short 1910 10.5240/500B-D231-D77D-F9D7-E55E-D
Ramona Short 1910 10.5240/33A2-5E66-5191-2B32-E104-8
A Knot in the Plot Short 1910 10.5240/6124-079B-68B4-A86D-001B-3
In the Season of Buds Short 1910 10.5240/4F13-3B43-E975-B971-C3FB-J
A Victim of Jealousy Short 1910 10.5240/4BB5-F3CB-AC16-451E-C657-5
The Face at the Window Short 1910 10.5240/23FF-071B-421F-7B1D-D352-E
Never Again Short 1910 10.5240/64D9-E6EB-6393-5186-9F91-W
The Marked Time-Table Short 1910 10.5240/3289-6F25-34E0-8757-54E2-R
A Child’s Impulse Short 1910 10.5240/F13A-3E71-E2AE-F19B-FB77-E
The Purgation Short 1910 10.5240/BE77-B765-C067-6B0B-D946-R
A Midnight Cupid Short 1910 10.5240/F884-2DBC-E842-C772-FC41-E
A Child’s Faith Short 1910 10.5240/1CBF-02EE-1DF9-4B86-6B57-R
A Flash of Light Short 1910 10.5240/DCC1-F6A8-340A-A5DA-3F7E-8
As the Bells Rang Out! Short 1910 10.5240/0B20-7F9E-0527-8F2E-D9BF-W
Serious Sixteen Short 1910 10.5240/B42D-483F-CD67-D81D-E46B-W
The Call to Arms Short 1910 10.5240/2F44-6BD3-8223-7000-FD69-C
An Arcadian Maid Short 1910 10.5240/9F50-B799-661B-34A2-BD97-7
Her Father’s Pride Short 1910 10.5240/94A1-A30F-77C5-BC4B-09D5-X
The Usurer Short 1910 10.5240/D89C-65C0-A8F7-16AE-425E-U
When We Were in Our Teens Short 1910 10.5240/FBC3-C31A-3B0E-05C5-56EF-2
Wilful Peggy Short 1910 10.5240/1942-EC4C-B6D8-9019-7BD8-J
The Affair of an Egg Short 1910 10.5240/D120-5007-FAEF-33FF-9C69-7
A Summer Tragedy Short 1910 10.5240/FE8B-C342-BA45-8689-4AC1-L
A Gold Necklace Short 1910 10.5240/848E-FE35-5656-423C-025A-F
A Lucky Tootache Short 1910 10.5240/0AC9-0F30-A563-D202-9A04-7
The Broken Doll Short 1910 10.5240/731E-665F-5918-CD69-2B61-2
The Passing of A Grouch Short 1910 10.5240/EE73-D280-3C2E-3982-C614-5
Love in Quarantine Short 1910 10.5240/66F8-360A-F3CF-3FE2-D4D2-X
Not So Bad As He Seemed Short 1910 10.5240/E3DE-0572-BBD5-CDD5-32EE-Q
Effecting A Cure Short 1910 10.5240/450A-6F0A-B386-16F2-8383-G
Happy Jack, A Hero Short 1910 10.5240/0955-3932-7323-F60C-A676-J
His Wife’s Sweethearts Short 1910 10.5240/25E1-8EB2-FC15-F9E9-E3A1-B
His Trust Short 1911 10.5240/8302-0699-B69A-4F92-73E9-2
Fisher Folks Short 1911 10.5240/203C-1F2C-6A64-7276-DDD0-R
Comrades Short 1911 10.5240/1956-2BD3-25B5-1CB1-A806-U
The Lonedale Operator Short 1911 10.5240/EA0B-4DA9-C826-252C-3EB1-N
Cured Short 1911 10.5240/D303-1DEA-FF12-6544-0356-8
The Spanish Gypsy Short 1911 10.5240/302A-9C18-7A13-E1BF-037C-Z
Paradise Lost Short 1911 10.5240/5893-28D1-3BEB-0C75-FE9A-F
Misplaced Jealousy Short 1911 10.5240/DFFD-3E86-62E3-6A2D-DA10-A
The Country Lovers Short 1911 10.5240/C62D-4776-604D-370B-3095-K
The Manicure Lady Short 1911 10.5240/B741-290B-1711-C18C-F98A-J
Curiosity Short 1911 10.5240/F9B5-82D0-987E-040E-7F67-A
The Dutch Gold Mine Short 1911 10.5240/58DF-049F-C829-E1E4-9F68-P
Dave’s Love Affair Short 1911 10.5240/07FA-8D42-607C-5E80-D3A2-T
Their Fates Sealed Short 1911 10.5240/07B2-7678-8B9B-FAE6-6AE1-O
Bearded Youth Short 1911 10.5240/CBB1-269A-AAFF-3FDF-F32C-D
The Delayed Proposal Short 1911 10.5240/2462-6AC9-E025-2F9C-C9BC-1
Stubbs’ New Servants Short 1911 10.5240/AA5D-1E23-79EC-7080-8EE6-D
The Wonderful Eye Short 1911 10.5240/336D-EAAC-D3C1-DE99-7643-U
The Jealous Husband Short 1911 10.5240/0EE1-51C3-6499-E598-EFCD-7
Jinks Joins the Temperance Club Short 1911 10.5240/7606-8DB0-3359-9A0C-FAD8-H
The Ghost Short 1911 10.5240/57D2-9430-B76E-DA11-8D3F-K
Mr. Peck Goes Calling Short 1911 10.5240/C290-0EFA-DF3D-3484-695F-3
The Beautiful Voice Short 1911 10.5240/7886-0144-87E9-47CF-FED7-I
An Interrupted Game Short 1911 10.5240/9901-A018-43ED-9845-1CB6-M
That Dare Devil Short 1911 10.5240/7472-C846-23ED-CE70-B3A1-D
$500 Reward Short 1911 10.5240/08DF-B5F2-6FDD-379C-E6F2-1
The Diving Girl Short 1911 10.5240/78C2-A45B-3253-DA96-077A-J
The Baron Short 1911 10.5240/DAF6-3B2E-FAB3-5F17-0917-F
The Villain Foiled Short 1911 10.5240/EE84-D929-DE77-69A3-19D4-2
The Lucky Horseshoe Short 1911 10.5240/7002-0E94-351A-AEF9-1EAC-E
The Village Hero Short 1911 10.5240/6714-B966-1DAC-5E7B-CF08-4
A Convenient Burglar Short 1911 10.5240/64D0-CEBD-8BE1-12D3-A146-I
When Wifey Holds the Purse Strings Short 1911 10.5240/0FA8-BC1D-3C5F-B9FD-635E-1
Mr. Bragg, A Fugitive Short 1911 10.5240/15FF-B251-B70E-437C-12F3-Y
Too Many Burglars Short 1911 10.5240/C86B-D6BC-C80C-C8B7-A110-C
Josh’s Suicide Short 1911 10.5240/3861-3A5D-6882-6D8A-F33D-H
Trailing the Counterfeiter Short 1911 10.5240/5FAA-60A8-9303-FEFD-1333-W
The Inventor’s Secret Short 1911 10.5240/2F0A-AB30-A487-F312-E6AE-O
Through His Wife’s Picture Short 1911 10.5240/8BA3-E052-344F-B496-F6D3-2
A Victim of Circumstances Short 1911 10.5240/DF94-85D7-D523-B1D1-D47A-L
Their First Divorce Case Short 1911 10.5240/DAA0-F7EA-A5B3-8F54-6A80-Z
Her Mother Interferes Short 1911 10.5240/0098-0156-054B-F403-54CE-U
Dooley’s Scheme Short 1911 10.5240/960A-5722-CC9B-11DD-C1C9-Z
Won Through A Medium Short 1911 10.5240/E7C9-A5DF-39E9-645F-5831-V
Resourceful Lovers Short 1911 10.5240/6BA9-3CEE-8EF5-F893-FA58-O
Abe Gets Even with Father Short 1911 10.5240/1E09-A462-31B8-D622-D555-8
Why He Gave Up Short 1911 10.5240/E537-10B2-D2D1-C881-8196-E
Her Pet Short 1911 10.5240/9285-30A6-F25E-AF47-5C25-7
Taking His Medicine Short 1911 10.5240/EF16-E076-E746-3ECB-2062-3
A Mix-Up in Rain Coats Short 1911 10.5240/FC9F-D169-2ED9-C61A-8C78-3
Caught with the Goods Short 1911 10.5240/F2DD-FB17-56DB-D971-2CC6-3
The Cure That Failed Short 1912 10.5240/1F6E-0515-9B01-A39F-82D0-2
The Joke on the Joker Short 1912 10.5240/0DF2-1875-5D2A-6582-3CF0-B
Who Got the Reward? Short 1912 10.5240/3D65-BD4A-805E-C772-9404-O
The Engagement Ring Short 1912 10.5240/4FBB-5524-DDC2-0E34-D67C-1
Brave and Bold Short 1912 10.5240/0348-7E9E-8D5C-7B78-6E46-T
Did Mother Get Her Wish? Short 1912 10.5240/866A-71AC-0584-E517-B9EF-Q
Pants and Pansies Short 1912 10.5240/2630-5391-C269-D28C-63FA-B
With a Kodak Short 1912 10.5240/4A63-D340-265C-E641-C435-H
A Near-Tragedy Short 1912 10.5240/C256-9E63-253C-4FB9-83E9-O
Lily’s Lovers Short 1912 10.5240/C9B7-B816-67D7-451C-3CA0-P
Got A Match? Short 1912 10.5240/64FE-36B9-E80F-2236-6C2B-4
The Fatal Chocolate Short 1912 10.5240/8EF4-7B43-1305-3701-9FE9-5
A Message from the Moon Short 1912 10.5240/8F74-0211-DDA4-782A-03B6-I
A String of Pearls Short 1912 10.5240/C4D0-1E3B-B50B-F039-1371-O
A Spanish Dilemma Short 1912 10.5240/23F2-B3CC-6AE4-068C-285B-Z
A Voice from the Deep Short 1912 10.5240/52E1-42C5-FBC3-2A25-A0E8-T
Hot Stuff Short 1912 10.5240/37E5-0647-FB5D-F252-B243-7
Oh, Those Eyes Short 1912 10.5240/6A86-CCB7-25A2-7C1A-1321-1
Those Hicksville Boys Short 1912 10.5240/02B4-C7D7-106F-A5A3-2E06-6
Help! Help! Short 1912 10.5240/807D-6ACA-56E8-6A7A-94D3-N
Their First Kidnapping Case Short 1912 10.5240/9B84-9DA7-4160-4E0D-2A78-T
Won by a Fish Short 1912 10.5240/4AFA-FBA8-973A-DE9F-8AA1-0
The Brave Hunter Short 1912 10.5240/397E-7166-279A-92D9-E86B-U
The Fickle Spaniard Short 1912 10.5240/9336-1484-3D5A-41BA-1C16-F
The Leading Man Short 1912 10.5240/BB39-EA25-1DB8-8282-C2CA-4
When the Fire Bells Ring Short 1912 10.5240/3E0C-A195-1D43-353D-EC12-4
The Furs Short 1912 10.5240/A74D-CDAE-4145-BDD6-1A4A-F
A Close Call Short 1912 10.5240/5BF1-E922-5BC2-15AE-09E6-T
Helen’s Marriage Short 1912 10.5240/A8CD-EC6E-4A30-E6E2-6A69-C
Algy, the Watchman Short 1912 10.5240/FB5E-7199-1027-748F-0661-7
Tomboy Bessie Short 1912 10.5240/D3D7-368A-218A-2624-BFD6-C
Katchem Kate Short 1912 10.5240/9401-E996-293F-6FF8-E0B8-6
Neighbors Short 1912 10.5240/C7D4-827E-301D-4B56-B10F-J
A Dash Through the Clouds Short 1912 10.5240/4202-73CA-1D95-9F36-93E7-W
The New Baby Short 1912 10.5240/138C-2B47-9191-C70C-CF5C-U
One-Round O’Brien Short 1912 10.5240/05FD-2C72-1A16-B7A9-F1A5-D
Trying To Fool Uncle Short 1912 10.5240/13A6-68BB-2FBD-C565-DFB7-P
His Own Fault Short 1912 10.5240/1914-9B1C-EBE6-468E-80FA-0
The Speed Demon Short 1912 10.5240/C772-CF79-F826-B417-F0A0-V
Thw Would-Be Shriner Short 1912 10.5240/F400-43D8-2F7D-2060-4902-P
Willie Becomes an Artist Short 1912 10.5240/845B-6D8A-45C8-38B6-713F-D
The Tourists Short 1912 10.5240/AA65-3918-9A6E-100A-BC06-2
What the Doctor Ordered Short 1912 10.5240/5849-D70F-2E3C-20F1-CFA1-D
An Interrupted Elopement Short 1912 10.5240/AD08-B644-077B-7AA0-58C1-I
The Tragedy of A Dress Suit Short 1912 10.5240/1CE8-05F6-3F0F-265E-D110-E
He Must Have a Wife Short 1912 10.5240/64C1-D790-0113-84FD-407F-P
Stern Papa Short 1912 10.5240/1401-AFBD-74CA-DFAD-977C-G
Cohen Collects A Debt Short 1912 10.5240/7747-FE13-1459-3A2D-C960-X
The Water Nymph Short 1912 10.5240/6C96-5A27-9D12-EE3D-D50D-5
Riley and Schultze Short 1912 10.5240/396B-7A06-C99E-6F0E-CA1B-A
The New Neighbor Short 1912 10.5240/2694-620F-4102-4DE7-A9DD-3
Pedro’s Dilemma Short 1912 10.5240/57B9-F634-C6CA-DF4A-86EE-Q
The Beating He Needed Short 1912 10.5240/717A-D32F-884D-A9BB-CC8F-N
The Ambitious Butler Short 1912 10.5240/7D57-8672-FA8F-9879-47CF-T
The Flirting Husband Short 1912 10.5240/698F-BA91-0EF8-3E37-F4D9-I
Stolen Glory Short 1912 10.5240/BAF5-9526-59DA-AF57-6201-J
The Grocery Clerk’s Romance Short 1912 10.5240/9C04-F67E-A868-FBD6-EE2D-G
at Coney Island Short 1912 10.5240/6F7F-B2C3-EA6C-B95C-423A-2
At It Again Short 1912 10.5240/E801-FD13-EAF3-F35B-323D-Y
Mabel’s Lovers Short 1912 10.5240/A37C-032D-DEC8-5405-D29A-F
A Tempermental Husband Short 1912 10.5240/100D-5865-5DBC-3065-6D48-I
The Deacon’s Troubles Short 1912 10.5240/1DB3-8E68-C58A-CC68-FEBB-F
Mr. Fixit Short 1912 10.5240/9D00-8DD6-BC5D-2219-0283-3
The Rivals Short 1912 10.5240/D6EC-16C5-52F9-E720-BA57-V
A Bear Escape Short 1912 10.5240/9345-8E92-3248-7BC6-D9BA-K
A Desperate Lover Short 1912 10.5240/676F-98BD-2558-B321-ECB0-5
Brown’s Seance Short 1912 10.5240/94D6-F6E4-4DBA-2BB3-6A79-L
Pat’s Day Off Short 1912 10.5240/B4B4-39B3-0BCB-5D2E-50CE-4
A Family Mix-Up Short 1912 10.5240/2359-F4B9-676A-5272-E3A6-0
A Midnight Elopement Short 1912 10.5240/9B2F-1280-FF0A-35D9-9F55-S
Mable’s Adventures Short 1912 10.5240/322E-B2D9-059F-DFA7-BBC0-K
Useful Sheep Short 1912 10.5240/6C60-9F32-FB77-0F3E-35D6-E
Hoffmeyer’s Legacy Short 1912 10.5240/97B5-435E-CA9C-47D5-1273-W
The Drummer’s Vacation Short 1912 10.5240/C754-0482-49D3-7224-19B6-Y
Mabel’s Stratagem Short 1912 10.5240/93D6-9FA4-C932-7396-206C-P
The Duel Short 1912 10.5240/6A18-CED6-27D7-221E-2F30-C
A Double Wedding Short 1913 10.5240/8371-982C-2712-F469-5BF6-L
Saving Mabel’s Dad Short 1913 10.5240/86B5-A568-FB24-7419-8ED3-2
How Hiram Won Out Short 1913 10.5240/6778-C0DF-6135-ECBB-8E22-P
For Lizzie’s Sake Short 1913 10.5240/834A-2C28-B052-0064-67EA-N
Sir Thomas Lipton Out West Short 1913 10.5240/BE4D-C5A4-4C4D-D46B-BB6A-Q
The Deacon Outwitted Short 1913 10.5240/07CD-9FAB-0540-31F6-3EB5-X
The Mistaken Masher Short 1913 10.5240/8A04-8A2F-DB40-E611-2DD4-6
Just Brown’s Luck Short 1913 10.5240/8884-C2FE-E358-3709-6D21-C
The Elite Ball Short 1913 10.5240/9188-6A28-EA46-D846-742A-P
The Battle of Who Run Short 1913 10.5240/A83F-4A8D-A12B-100B-8F62-V
The Jealous Waiter Short 1913 10.5240/C67D-52B9-FC79-DBAE-9DFC-K
The Stolen Purse Short 1913 10.5240/B02B-AA51-4366-49B6-29D5-K
Her Birthday Present Short 1913 10.5240/6BEE-EB92-A17E-4B44-F573-3
Mabel’s Heroes Short 1913 10.5240/A3F0-28D7-C65A-6A30-9429-S
Heinze’s Resurrection Short 1913 10.5240/C1EE-186F-6203-91B2-EF5F-S
A landlord’s Troubles Short 1913 10.5240/FBC0-F9C6-C2F4-02CA-AB42-1
Forced Bravery Short 1913 10.5240/6B27-1B70-5A6E-543D-BF3E-X
A Tangled Affair Short 1913 10.5240/3D26-C79A-DE14-F486-E4F7-D
The Professor’s Daughter Short 1913 10.5240/F515-D4E3-8497-81F7-462E-V
A Doctored Affair Short 1913 10.5240/2E33-2E5F-FD59-6D23-A0F9-U
A Red Hot Romance Short 1913 10.5240/8BB2-B9C3-4E30-6CAC-A570-G
A Deaf Burglar Short 1913 10.5240/F8FF-804E-990D-33D9-4350-Q
The Sleuth’s Last Stand Short 1913 10.5240/ADAA-2750-B54A-58DA-32C8-4
A Rural Third Degree Short 1913 10.5240/D5B1-A298-67D3-0F9B-DB13-U
The Sleuths at the Floral Parade Short 1913 10.5240/3032-E74F-1BF8-6CB4-A257-7
A Strong Revenge Short 1913 10.5240/CD76-F9AF-FB3D-4DBD-98F8-V
Foiling Fickle Father Short 1913 10.5240/9585-796C-9130-374B-8EC5-J
The Two Widows Short 1913 10.5240/1E48-7D28-C864-E70D-5B73-I
Love and Pain Short 1913 10.5240/62C0-8139-51CB-4CB9-B390-H
The Man Next Door Short 1913 10.5240/0608-4B3F-3710-C289-DFF7-E
A Wife Wanted Short 1913 10.5240/5FE2-1A14-4AD9-FBAC-B851-J
The Rube and the Baron Short 1913 10.5240/AC75-7617-8169-E8FE-5FD5-D
Jenny’s Pearls Short 1913 10.5240/FEEF-344A-3AE6-29FE-7F89-N
The Chief’s Predicament Short 1913 10.5240/2ECC-1556-2921-D845-91F2-U
at Twelve O’clock Short 1913 10.5240/B2D6-73A8-F533-1055-496C-D
Her New Beau Short 1913 10.5240/BEDA-3538-9F0A-CDF0-48C3-V
On His Wedding Day Short 1913 10.5240/2EFB-2F7C-4860-EF00-85D5-J
Hide and Seek Short 1913 10.5240/40FF-9EF6-5A51-3778-3E9C-Z
The Land Salesman Short 1913 10.5240/0A8B-056D-DA05-2D16-4901-G
Those Good Old Days Short 1913 10.5240/AF95-9F8A-B7F3-1AC7-E9BA-Y
A Game of Poker Short 1913 10.5240/B853-D0CC-48B7-F8CD-BBFF-1
Father’s Choice Short 1913 10.5240/6AF3-3335-0037-1137-D622-C
A Life in the Balance Short 1913 10.5240/3957-2016-CFE1-86CF-23FD-X
A Dollar Did It Short 1913 10.5240/6CA7-BE0D-E69B-19AB-3C15-4
Murphy’s I.O.U. Short 1913 10.5240/B82A-0ECB-D4AA-A7AE-F55A-2
Cupid in a Dental Parlor Short 1913 10.5240/B74D-F3A7-57B3-4F1F-4113-1
Sealing Short 1913 10.5240/1385-7CD6-AC6E-F597-AFCC-7
A Fishy Affair Short 1913 10.5240/3302-34B8-12AF-5F01-C7D0-U
The Bangville Police Short 1913 10.5240/382B-B25D-69B6-1AFE-984B-T
His Chum, the Baron Short 1913 10.5240/1683-2264-E66C-FC62-AC74-I
The New Conductor Short 1913 10.5240/67CE-65AF-E85D-BA30-6FDC-C
The Band Short 1913 10.5240/3FD1-1D86-593F-69B4-1B80-K
Algy On the Force Short 1913 10.5240/2F1D-414C-0BD4-FDC9-0AC0-6
His Ups and Downs Short 1913 10.5240/548F-253F-721A-D901-DA68-2
A Little Hero Short 1913 10.5240/64E0-E520-CC24-34B7-B5CA-4
The Dark Town Belle Short 1913 10.5240/645D-DA92-8DE3-AD94-A61E-R
Mabel’s Awful Mistake Short 1913 10.5240/116B-1CA2-5812-74E6-B156-K
Their First Execution Short 1913 10.5240/FA17-ECA8-E84F-927D-4067-Z
Hubby’s Job Short 1913 10.5240/FC41-7B95-2AC9-97AA-9BD9-P
Twixt Love and Fire Short 1913 10.5240/E8D4-7BF7-1B3E-33F3-1469-N
The Foreman of the Jury Short 1913 10.5240/5BD2-C2D6-6DD7-AA48-40B8-D
Toplitsky & Co. Short 1913 10.5240/BCDF-6D55-A643-7BD7-427B-L
Gangsters Short 1913 10.5240/4C39-DF74-31AC-8B71-AAA6-7
Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life Short 1913 10.5240/6191-105B-8CF6-3315-060C-1
Help, Help, Hydrophobia! Short 1913 10.5240/65F3-68D7-D1C3-9B3A-3C01-T
Passions, He Had Three Short 1913 10.5240/E577-2EA1-B8E6-CE36-9BE0-L
Feeding Time Short 1913 10.5240/79B8-C309-7704-704F-134E-7
The Hansom Driver Short 1913 10.5240/CF24-F4EC-DF8F-DCD6-98AA-D
The Speed Queen Short 1913 10.5240/5138-2449-54BF-8F36-45BE-Q
The Waiter’s Picnic Short 1913 10.5240/AB5A-34E7-C0E9-4291-5C55-C
Out and In Short 1913 10.5240/0B46-0DFA-37A2-D01B-E0F3-L
The Tale of A Black Eye Short 1913 10.5240/06DE-8A80-4990-F148-33A7-5
A Bandit Short 1913 10.5240/70B1-5220-BE3C-ED69-82EA-N
Peeping Pete Short 1913 10.5240/F8B1-FC6D-0162-06FB-6FD9-G
His Crooked Career Short 1913 10.5240/8BCB-9043-C6EB-B5F9-E9B2-P
The Largest Boat Ever Launched Sideways Short 1913 10.5240/37A4-F129-0B03-7D21-353B-3
For the Love of Mabel Short 1913 10.5240/2001-0DFE-DC0C-79FB-F15F-Z
Rastus and the Game-Cock Short 1913 10.5240/5DAF-80A6-50E3-B78B-98B1-P
Safe in Jail Short 1913 10.5240/B5AC-59D4-3C42-06DA-B69E-F
The Telltale Light Short 1913 10.5240/7FF6-2AF9-964C-1A00-B8DC-K
Love and Rubbish Short 1913 10.5240/79D5-0B09-B147-8052-49A1-2
A Noise From the Deep Short 1913 10.5240/DFBD-9E10-C5E7-1B25-7413-7
Love and Courage Short 1913 10.5240/706A-1591-9C80-DF16-75C5-W
The Peddler Short 1913 10.5240/4900-61F8-8E71-18C0-03CB-D
Get Rich Quick Short 1913 10.5240/51D6-D280-71EE-6B5B-4172-N
Just Kids Short 1913 10.5240/15DA-18AA-E352-4203-BE87-R
Prof. Bean’s Removal Short 1913 10.5240/73FD-ECB4-80E5-FF25-39BF-4
Cohen’s Outing Short 1913 10.5240/7BF6-D051-D506-925A-3C45-M
A Game of Pool Short 1913 10.5240/6A45-D948-7296-B551-0AEB-D
The Latest in Life Saving Short 1913 10.5240/990F-E29F-1B35-1A69-821B-J
The Riot Short 1913 10.5240/BCAE-99AF-2085-C550-8C68-E
A Chip Off the Old Block Short 1913 10.5240/7702-40FF-B51B-5EB8-5A6B-2
The Firebugs Short 1913 10.5240/996C-8C2C-CAC5-2DD8-0399-T
Baby Day Short 1913 10.5240/2AE4-7E7F-4D3C-684E-068B-H
The Kelp Industry Short 1913 10.5240/E1E5-BE73-7C0E-160F-828D-1
Mabel’s New Hero Short 1913 10.5240/588E-772E-6748-EF52-3043-9
Fatty’s Day Off Short 1913 10.5240/F165-D9DB-A0A6-EBD9-13D7-N
Los Angeles Harbor Short 1913 10.5240/3610-0E2B-53AF-CFEC-C75F-Q
The New Baby Short 1913 10.5240/3905-97E6-B2B6-3CA2-D8C1-X
Mabel’s Dramatic Career Short 1913 10.5240/4440-5D7B-9886-42B2-E261-T
The Gypsy Queen Short 1913 10.5240/1C7C-5492-FCED-F991-7AFF-N
What Father Saw Short 1913 10.5240/BD8B-68B9-D860-C32D-477D-Q
Willie Minds the Dog Short 1913 10.5240/3697-6DB0-558D-CF78-D5C4-7
The Fatal Taxicab Short 1913 10.5240/C632-8737-1A63-5657-7FDE-V
When Dreams Come True Short 1913 10.5240/CD44-B9F8-F9C4-49A1-6ED6-5
Mother’s Boy Short 1913 10.5240/0A9E-08F5-D61F-0E71-587B-C
The Bowling Match Short 1913 10.5240/B837-522E-2154-F5B2-068D-D
Billy Dodges Bills Short 1913 10.5240/7559-C706-974E-E61F-B443-1
Across the Alley Short 1913 10.5240/58D5-5700-F385-A46F-0204-G
The Abalone Industry Short 1913 10.5240/17B9-B238-2926-E141-A92A-D
Schnitz, the Tailor Short 1913 10.5240/D5CA-4E1E-4894-8F48-1BF8-I
Their Husbands Short 1913 10.5240/C2E4-D533-F1A3-A245-ADD8-J
A Healthy Neighborhood Short 1913 10.5240/7724-ADE4-D6C1-53D1-88EC-F
Two Old Tars Short 1913 10.5240/923E-CF9F-1DE0-C38C-5802-6
A Quiet Little Wedding Short 1913 10.5240/89DC-CBF9-F2F6-3F46-F164-C
Making an Auto Tire Short 1913 10.5240/C6B3-C398-D98C-9A0D-8A91-A
The Janitor Short 1913 10.5240/A17D-7403-1BC6-32BB-B588-0
The Speed Kings Short 1913 10.5240/CDFC-BE78-7871-3F40-D24A-P
Fatty at San Diego Short 1913 10.5240/00A0-DF10-6E63-A4C0-0471-K
Love Sickness At Sea Short 1913 10.5240/F11B-39F2-DF57-2026-81DC-G
Small Town Act Short 1913 10.5240/898D-200D-28F6-A693-C111-6
The Milk We Drink Short 1913 10.5240/BDFD-FD1E-5F1D-425E-5935-J
Wine Short 1913 10.5240/C432-93D4-FD28-80E6-C00B-Y
Our Children Short 1913 10.5240/9662-4928-2316-61C8-4F05-S
A Muddy Romance Short 1913 10.5240/5771-D6A8-B600-11E4-4D1B-9
Fatty Joins the Force Short 1913 10.5240/9585-D0E4-AE80-A726-A9CB-4
Cohen Saves the Flag Short 1913 10.5240/3CE1-3831-7FB8-3B9A-9323-8
The Woman Haters Short 1913 10.5240/0427-7EB9-D245-EB01-B1BA-M
The Rogues’ Gallery Short 1913 10.5240/D73F-88E7-20C5-6597-78A4-X
The San Francisco Celebration Short 1913 10.5240/FBA4-1924-8EE7-87D8-3613-M
A Ride for a Bride Short 1913 10.5240/5FD2-46A1-BA67-A877-29A7-I
The Gusher Short 1913 10.5240/8A26-5E00-57E6-9964-296F-Y
Fatty’s Flirtation Short 1913 10.5240/424E-CFAE-8C58-DCC2-77A6-6
Protecting San Francisco From Fire Short 1913 10.5240/E05B-8991-509F-959C-D76E-E
His Sister’s Kids Short 1913 10.5240/CD19-6353-44F7-375F-7CC8-D
A Bad Game Short 1913 10.5240/7A82-2209-B45D-FB9C-6AAE-2
Zuzu the Band Leader Short 1913 10.5240/5CF5-E56F-B433-693E-CB31-P
Some Nerve Short 1913 10.5240/D1A0-F116-239A-9FD6-CEB2-R
The Champion Short 1913 10.5240/A500-6C22-FB99-43BC-1D29-U
He Would A Hunting Go Short 1913 10.5240/CB8A-5EED-9185-3A37-4188-4
A Glimpse of Los Angeles Short 1914 10.5240/F8AE-DC4A-CDD9-D30D-D75D-1
A Misplaced Foot Short 1914 10.5240/2626-5718-3858-4AD4-AB44-1
Love and Dynamite Short 1914 10.5240/B8E8-D8C1-420A-F57E-498C-3
Mabel’s Stormy Love Affair Short 1914 10.5240/4E98-7DE2-33F0-7F1E-300D-J
The Under-Sheriff Short 1914 10.5240/D3E8-4A10-DBC0-E84E-2571-6
A Flirt’s Mistake Short 1914 10.5240/63B6-4583-2738-345F-9CB3-U
Moscow and Its Environs Short 1914 10.5240/242E-DA03-AB33-20D0-137A-B
How Motion Pictures Are Made Short 1914 10.5240/78F9-5473-C60C-D0F3-7E5A-7
In the Clutches of the Gang Short 1914 10.5240/88C6-515D-B40E-322B-8F78-E
Too Many Brides Short 1914 10.5240/4FB4-E226-3777-AB4B-5624-6
Won in a Closet Short 1914 10.5240/229C-148C-0762-54E0-8C71-H
Rebecca’s Wedding Day Short 1914 10.5240/8B1E-F931-4035-7479-E138-H
Double Crossed Short 1914 10.5240/2F91-6F19-1EB4-063D-6BC4-P
Little Billy’s Triumph Short 1914 10.5240/9683-A17C-7F33-B076-52A9-G
Mabel’s Bear Escape Short 1914 10.5240/DE3E-4BEE-5876-555E-AF64-M
Making a Living Short 1914 10.5240/2C65-E7E9-207F-C553-B6C6-S
Little Billy’s Strategy Short 1914 10.5240/1233-89B2-BBFB-90EF-820E-W
Kid Auto Races at Venice Short 1914 10.5240/0129-74BA-9B67-407E-169E-Q
Olives and Their Oil Short 1914 10.5240/0770-A08F-E902-0DCA-B69B-9
Mabel’s Strange Predicament Short 1914 10.5240/C4A0-E459-A216-DD14-7C5B-D
A Robust Romeo Short 1914 10.5240/C33E-96FB-1D08-01A8-403C-F
Baffles, Gentleman Burglar Short 1914 10.5240/8B8E-B285-E318-9FA3-CCFE-H
A Thief Catcher Short 1914 10.5240/48A6-B367-FF52-2175-B252-0
Love and Gasoline Short 1914 10.5240/33BA-11E8-509E-62ED-EB14-F
‘twixt Love and Fire Short 1914 10.5240/912C-2F79-6624-68E8-FE00-Q
Little Billy’s City Cousin Short 1914 10.5240/D20C-4BB4-6724-BC81-C5B5-1
Between Showers Short 1914 10.5240/8025-2F21-E3F8-6FA8-AE73-F
A Film Johnnie Short 1914 10.5240/67BD-82D3-35CC-B8BF-64D8-D
A False Beauty Short 1914 10.5240/1DB8-1734-92FA-6225-FCAF-N
Kid Love Short 1914 10.5240/8986-7969-D7D2-168F-A711-3
Tango Tangles Short 1914 10.5240/28FC-A939-3B61-D7E3-7994-4
Washing Our Clothes Short 1914 10.5240/E47C-EDAE-6DB4-1CF9-8547-0
How Villains Are Made Short 1914 10.5240/BA30-7E55-517E-9EEA-D116-I
His Favorite Pastime Short 1914 10.5240/EBAF-B8D0-1CA1-0FFA-0455-6
A Rural Demon Short 1914 10.5240/1CA8-93DB-5B9D-A670-0F2E-6
San Francisco and Her Environs Short 1914 10.5240/038C-A7A0-2DB2-72A1-C53D-G
The Race Short 1914 10.5240/8FBB-B5D1-2685-2135-89BF-E
Across the Hall Short 1914 10.5240/91FA-024D-695E-FDFB-D69D-D
Cruel, Cruel Love Short 1914 10.5240/BF32-0BCE-F910-4764-6846-4
Barnyard Flirtations Short 1914 10.5240/A6B3-2335-C289-CF33-BBB0-0
A Back Yard Theatre Short 1914 10.5240/523F-241D-AA42-CC2D-7743-U
Chicken Chaser Short 1914 10.5240/218F-9F5D-08D0-C898-5670-Q
The Star Boarder Short 1914 10.5240/A243-E01C-027C-286E-4624-M
Mack At It Again Short 1914 10.5240/715D-46DD-A93D-90D7-FBE3-M
Fatal High C Short 1914 10.5240/01A5-5606-2FCE-87A9-742E-9
The Passing of Izzy Short 1914 10.5240/6803-0531-FA46-6149-D416-0
A Bath House Beauty Short 1914 10.5240/9DA1-6AAB-1666-6807-CE4F-2
Mabel at the Wheel Short 1914 10.5240/C7AF-2CA6-8E9B-776F-3E52-8
Twenty Minutes of Love Short 1914 10.5240/683D-4F78-B1D0-BF72-7EED-F
Where Hazel Met the Villain Short 1914 10.5240/2FB3-3FC6-5BC7-825C-BF93-5
Bowery Boys Short 1914 10.5240/80EA-2DB9-EF3A-75E4-6BD5-2
Caught in a Cabaret Short 1914 10.5240/140B-518B-5F6B-9B86-DBCA-R
When Villains Meet Short 1914 10.5240/299D-4DEC-EAB5-0763-3837-0
Caught in the Rain Short 1914 10.5240/FBE9-48AD-C5B9-4252-208B-B
A Busy Day Short 1914 10.5240/7E69-9DB1-525F-A09C-07BB-D
The Morning Papers Short 1914 10.5240/0F8A-A593-34DC-6FD6-DCC4-B
A Suspended Ordeal Short 1914 10.5240/D458-7372-D617-1F37-89A6-7
Finnegan’s Bomb Short 1914 10.5240/5629-4721-9EAC-A9B4-3381-V
Down on the Farm Short 1914 10.5240/0A5D-9C61-CB12-D1A2-FF54-T
Mabel’s Nerve Short 1914 10.5240/FE28-87DE-DDFA-99FE-21DA-M
A Water Dog Short 1914 10.5240/5223-7896-CDAC-ED4B-C0E7-O
When Ruben Fooled the Bandits Short 1914 10.5240/4455-9837-4CF5-F29D-D76B-4
Acres of Alfalfa Short 1914 10.5240/41D4-A8F0-B986-4362-7A3E-8
Our Largest Birds Short 1914 10.5240/8B22-2455-0A3E-FBC5-656B-O
Fatal Flirtation Short 1914 10.5240/5FD3-EB36-E391-B7A8-6229-R
The Alarm Short 1914 10.5240/BF6D-4894-E074-9A7D-4195-4
The Fatal Mallet Short 1914 10.5240/5CA9-1B70-2CED-9CE1-B8B3-1
Her Friend the Bandit Short 1914 10.5240/8EE6-6FAA-5276-13EF-3593-2
Our Country Cousin Short 1914 10.5240/EC3D-8C9A-D3D9-0DDE-8D9C-I
The Knockout Short 1914 10.5240/93A6-A59A-6B02-3399-C69F-C
Mabel’s Busy Day Short 1914 10.5240/4E2E-1DDB-7501-68CD-0F59-4
A Gambling Rube Short 1914 10.5240/54E4-F4AC-5CA6-CAB7-69FC-C
A Missing Bride Short 1914 10.5240/42F8-1F35-02F9-34DA-FB71-A
Mabel’s Married Life Short 1914 10.5240/6D71-1DB0-498E-E30F-256B-N
An Eavesdropper Short 1914 10.5240/7D96-91AE-BAA0-359E-60C9-M
Fatty and the Heiress Short 1914 10.5240/D062-DF4A-7DAE-71CF-88E9-L
Caught in Tights Short 1914 10.5240/6E9A-001F-A4E5-31B7-2521-X
Ten Million Honey Makers Short 1914 10.5240/5602-FE17-47F8-108A-2FB5-Z
Fatty’s Finish Short 1914 10.5240/7E60-6C52-BF92-0C64-D90D-8
Love and Bullets Short 1914 10.5240/A182-F347-89D9-3D92-C8B9-E
A Rowboat Romance Short 1914 10.5240/50A0-FA80-7D9E-42A8-6175-X
Laughing Gas Short 1914 10.5240/0D87-9966-C2B4-8848-9E8C-7
Love and Salt Water Short 1914 10.5240/6290-4E9D-E65F-52F6-0534-J
The World’s Oldest Living Thing Short 1914 10.5240/9E85-5D21-118D-8BF4-8F74-1
Mabel’s New Job Short 1914 10.5240/FF06-C8D6-EAFD-96E5-A905-S
A Sky Pirate Short 1914 10.5240/64F9-15A1-B35E-69D5-0CD9-6
The Fatal Sweet Tooth Short 1914 10.5240/2FA3-C11F-9F9D-6291-6515-X
Those Happy Days Short 1914 10.5240/52E1-91D2-CA13-C795-B57E-O
The Great Toe Mystery Short 1914 10.5240/AFFE-89E7-A3B7-1A9E-DE91-R
Soldiers of Misfortune Short 1914 10.5240/26BE-641E-888D-D74E-48BD-4
The Property Man Short 1914 10.5240/2BC6-6FEA-4147-426C-D846-I
A Brand New Hero Short 1914 10.5240/24CB-A4B5-E468-1D8F-9D86-8
A New York Girl Short 1914 10.5240/E4E3-2479-1816-87DE-468E-X
A Coat’s Tale Short 1914 10.5240/119D-0CAE-8170-278D-81CE-8
The Face on the Barroom Floor Short 1914 10.5240/37E0-F13B-8493-5FE1-F5D2-U
Recreation Short 1914 10.5240/F03B-B468-2468-D81B-5AE5-3
The Yosemite Short 1914 10.5240/8D0F-D179-86B4-7FCA-E572-E
Such A Cook Short 1914 10.5240/C1EB-32FB-91D0-2F86-5195-S
That Minstrel Man Short 1914 10.5240/B1D4-009C-8DB9-F69E-61E9-Z
Those Country Kids Short 1914 10.5240/652F-AFA5-95A7-30A2-1C46-R
Caught in A Flue Short 1914 10.5240/FABB-7761-5355-5B08-AC63-C
Fatty’s Gift Short 1914 10.5240/FF11-D50F-45CC-6066-2B8E-N
The Masquerader Short 1914 10.5240/A15D-6E57-82B7-973F-4B31-H
Her Last Chance Short 1914 10.5240/A9DB-B890-6C6F-C45D-F5E5-V
His New Profession Short 1914 10.5240/0ED3-E069-A6E3-6671-8523-A
The Baggage Smasher Short 1914 10.5240/575D-AEE7-6022-CC18-09F5-D
The Rounders Short 1914 10.5240/AD90-375A-2A77-755C-067A-X
Mabel’s Latest Prank Short 1914 10.5240/B2C1-DD65-D951-196B-CE48-1
Mabel’s Blunder Short 1914 10.5240/ED9B-91A3-3D5D-CFD2-DB6B-T
All at Sea Short 1914 10.5240/E2F0-740A-8F94-E912-DE27-0
Bombs and Bangs Short 1914 10.5240/2A88-4DC0-D1BA-873E-CAD7-Z
Lover’s Luck Short 1914 10.5240/C456-ECB3-6F80-C06C-C3AF-J
He Loved the Ladies Short 1914 10.5240/A58E-7262-E1AF-229B-5EB7-9
The New Janitor Short 1914 10.5240/21E2-ADC8-1537-6395-4CB7-B
Fatty’s Debut Short 1914 10.5240/3F9E-64FA-B1BB-DBAE-DC4F-C
Hard Cider Short 1914 10.5240/C2A8-3E10-97FB-D9D8-A3D4-U
Killing Horace Short 1914 10.5240/06C8-E102-B092-12D4-DED1-C
Fatty Again Short 1914 10.5240/4850-55FC-99ED-935B-B002-J
Their Ups and Downs Short 1914 10.5240/2ECE-A93F-2F1C-B7D1-5977-A
Hello Mabel Short 1914 10.5240/B458-A8B3-49FA-A09F-BE4D-C
Those Love Pangs Short 1914 10.5240/EE50-A03A-36B0-4145-305F-X
The Anglers Short 1914 10.5240/D21E-434D-A023-9EC0-C950-D
High Spots On Broadway Short 1914 10.5240/8692-EEC2-C5F0-E8F2-B91B-F
Zip the Dodger Short 1914 10.5240/6964-D6F2-6827-462F-2441-6
Dash, Love and Splash Short 1914 10.5240/B90D-9B0D-19CC-8502-8810-3
Santa Catalina Islands Short 1914 10.5240/EE12-A9B7-AEA6-393D-2BCA-M
The Love Thief Short 1914 10.5240/8ED3-8374-2104-BBBD-EA4C-9
Stout Heart But Weak Knees Short 1914 10.5240/E889-533E-5A63-E995-BB4C-8
Dough and Dynamite Short 1914 10.5240/9EC4-B644-C033-2ACB-BAD5-C
Shot in the Excitement Short 1914 10.5240/7B6D-4D4C-5498-ADEC-0159-T
Gentlemen of Nerve Short 1914 10.5240/BFD2-ACC5-97FF-3BE3-4B82-J
Cursed by His Beauty Short 1914 10.5240/8EF8-BCB1-8E2A-233D-31EC-B
Lovers’ Post Office Short 1914 10.5240/9E4D-1432-C60F-E22D-EC3F-Q
Curses! They Remarked Short 1914 10.5240/7F7F-E5E8-D572-F20D-BA94-1
His Musical Career Short 1914 10.5240/5057-B417-DF25-1F34-FFCE-A
His Talented Wife Short 1914 10.5240/424E-EAF4-6717-2614-9EC4-C
His Trysting Place Short 1914 10.5240/F28F-D626-7D13-764B-6F67-0
An Incompetent Hero Short 1914 10.5240/EF82-29FF-85C9-744D-2BDF-1
How Heroes Are Made Short 1914 10.5240/AA6D-2F7A-AEB5-2A53-E586-E
Fatty’s Jonah Day Short 1914 10.5240/D3FF-7201-C95E-7E12-FC04-G
The Noise of Bombs Short 1914 10.5240/B48A-09CE-A4B3-8A68-F4B1-Q
Fatty’s Wine Party Short 1914 10.5240/FF3B-FC46-FACD-6F92-B00F-2
His Taking Ways Short 1914 10.5240/56C9-8334-3253-F7EC-2A2B-Y
The Sea Nymphs Short 1914 10.5240/1A79-F99F-0148-6842-9E34-M
His Halted Career Short 1914 10.5240/1A7C-1BE5-0D44-2CD1-391C-1
Among the Mourners Short 1914 10.5240/69ED-4682-1743-79A1-2798-8
Leading Lizzie Astray Short 1914 10.5240/DCD9-6204-206B-05D5-A1C2-Q
Shotguns That Kick Short 1914 10.5240/66F8-49F2-BC15-1AD7-41A1-Y
Getting Acquainted Short 1914 10.5240/D72C-C2E7-70CA-C4D5-2400-8
His Prehistoric Past Short 1914 10.5240/FFE1-6AA5-233F-DBA8-18F3-C
Other People’s Business Short 1914 10.5240/9D3D-D3A7-B1AD-6F4E-8FF6-7
The Plumber Short 1914 10.5240/8C0F-3DA0-0BAB-F9EC-A589-C
Ambrose’s First Falsehood Short 1914 10.5240/7FBB-8295-9598-44F5-D89E-5
Fatty’s Magic Pants Short 1914 10.5240/A078-4154-DE7D-178E-6008-8
Hogan’s Annual Spree Short 1914 10.5240/7510-303D-D551-9773-7177-T
A Colored Girl’s Love Short 1914 10.5240/6150-963A-D0F9-95EE-0F6F-D
Fatty and Minnie He-Haw Short 1914 10.5240/8EEF-9FBE-C639-6340-6089-4
Tillie’s Punctured Romance Movie 1914 10.5240/F98B-7E6C-8847-8B73-9745-Y
Wild West Love Short 1914 10.5240/DDE1-5CD6-79D7-9658-97F2-H
Their Fatal Bumping Short 1914 10.5240/2E26-175B-C5C6-8573-554D-8
His Second Childhood Short 1914 10.5240/E6BF-B53B-BD6C-D752-795A-H
Gussle, the Golfer Short 1914 10.5240/7D71-B292-CAB2-010E-9BD4-8
A Steel Rolling Mill Short 1914 10.5240/5C3A-CF28-8ECC-A541-D762-N
Hogan’s Wild Oats Short 1914 10.5240/841C-C9D8-4AF2-1F36-4672-R
A Dark Lover’s Play Short 1915 10.5240/E8F1-6D9E-5E3F-F887-9C07-9
Her Winning Punch Short 1915 10.5240/B252-3931-DD6F-9935-CA9E-G
Hushing the Scandal Short 1915 10.5240/E93C-A241-7132-0FDF-07AE-S
With the U.S. Army At San Francisco Short 1915 10.5240/4DF5-B120-65DF-34EE-3EA6-J
Giddy, Gay and Ticklish Short 1915 10.5240/131C-832D-DA2F-C014-5CDA-4
Only A Farmer’s Daughter Short 1915 10.5240/7C90-3418-02B7-FED3-D820-K
Rum and Wall Paper Short 1915 10.5240/4580-A1A7-EF8A-F4EF-C673-4
Mabel and Fatty’s Wash Day Short 1915 10.5240/E030-BA51-CC0A-62F3-0F6C-9
Hash House Mashers Short 1915 10.5240/C0C1-5608-A5F9-C96E-3154-W
Fatty and Mabel’s Simple Life Short 1915 10.5240/663A-E13A-8644-B05B-A0F4-I
Love, Speed and Thrills Short 1915 10.5240/E5DC-6CB5-E9A9-A748-0E35-0
Hogan’s Mussy Job Short 1915 10.5240/99CD-CF6F-1A76-148A-300B-2
Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition Short 1915 10.5240/B0F6-C3F8-B8DB-3EF6-CDDE-Q
Colored Villainy Short 1915 10.5240/50EC-9086-63C2-43C7-7E70-U
Mabel, Fatty and the Law Short 1915 10.5240/CB65-A2FC-36A7-9A08-A782-4
Peanuts and Bullets Short 1915 10.5240/E133-151B-46C1-73E6-0005-H
Fatty’s New Role Short 1915 10.5240/4F24-923B-922B-C615-DDDC-S
The Home Breakers Short 1915 10.5240/2F51-E3CB-61C9-E673-019D-I
Hogan, the Porter Short 1915 10.5240/718C-40F4-2F05-E02C-E663-2
Caught in a Park Short 1915 10.5240/292C-40A8-A6BB-B66D-4F87-U
A Bird’s a Bird Short 1915 10.5240/D2A2-0F83-9DC5-D2F6-8D14-E
Mabel and Fatty’s Married Life Short 1915 10.5240/B5BE-5988-159C-FF46-F5C3-8
Hogan’s Romance Upset Short 1915 10.5240/2EFB-CE7B-488F-78CE-A201-R
Hogan’s Aristocratic Dream Short 1915 10.5240/CAC6-BA7F-266E-303C-0D0C-U
Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World’s Fair at San Francisco Short 1915 10.5240/BEE4-2FF4-28CF-500B-714F-W
A Glimpse of the San Diego Exposition Short 1915 10.5240/DD9A-1D91-D32B-2AD7-F3EA-0
Ye Olden Grafter Short 1915 10.5240/2599-03D2-CBCE-3CE1-1B7C-9
Hearts and Planets Short 1915 10.5240/5B62-AAD4-7B69-A930-5189-E
A Lucky Leap Short 1915 10.5240/C68C-08D7-3507-FFC5-79E5-L
That Springtime Feeling Short 1915 10.5240/3824-9AC0-66F1-81D5-91F1-Q
Hogan Out West Short 1915 10.5240/AA82-06F4-412F-C020-B0F2-F
Ambrose’s Sour Grapes Short 1915 10.5240/1BDC-2DF5-C507-2D6E-9DFF-N
Wilful Ambrose Short 1915 10.5240/EE56-1905-F063-D939-8608-J
Fatty’s Reckless Fling Short 1915 10.5240/2586-52D4-A537-A410-522C-K
From Patches to Plenty Short 1915 10.5240/E07B-5C49-0A65-45C2-310B-V
Fatty’s Chance Acquaintance Short 1915 10.5240/326C-CC45-08C9-D4D7-4032-8
Love in Armor Short 1915 10.5240/F844-B47A-96E6-910B-9702-G
Beating Hearts and Carpets Short 1915 10.5240/D6DA-A84E-0D42-2826-59F9-D
Ambrose’s Little Hatchet Short 1915 10.5240/2E81-56A8-AC84-B15F-7456-H
That Little Band of Gold Short 1915 10.5240/246A-7C76-03A1-8940-326E-J
His Luckless Love Short 1915 10.5240/A3F4-1BED-2FEF-B08F-FCA5-O
Fatty’s Faithful Fido Short 1915 10.5240/EE48-4AAE-598A-C70D-C81D-C
A One Night Stand Short 1915 10.5240/E5C7-6C03-6774-9D38-90C2-9
Ambrose’s Fury Short 1915 10.5240/6648-67C3-62DE-6F7E-52E2-5
Caught in the Act Short 1915 10.5240/2561-AE1E-F750-135C-E2D8-B
Gussle’s Day of Rest Short 1915 10.5240/CA1B-32C0-3148-8064-C665-2
Settled At the Seaside Short 1915 10.5240/CA27-874E-6A7C-16DA-D521-U
Viewing Sherman Institute for Indians At Riverside, Cal. Short 1915 10.5240/04ED-AEA0-057B-016B-A35D-M
When Love Took Wings Short 1915 10.5240/6EBB-42B6-E461-2847-F7ED-E
Ambrose’s Lofty Perch Short 1915 10.5240/B76E-B4A6-1F3A-E988-C416-P
Droppington’s Devilish Deed Short 1915 10.5240/3ADD-2F29-3D18-1850-19B2-1
The Rent Jumpers Short 1915 10.5240/86E3-E889-9C29-AA92-1230-H
Gussle’s Wayward Path Short 1915 10.5240/1A0A-F590-87AA-41A7-196B-I
Droppington’s Family Tree Short 1915 10.5240/6CC6-178F-A901-2442-5EF6-N
The Beauty Bunglers Short 1915 10.5240/D3F8-0BF6-2601-79F7-356D-8
Do-Re-Mi-Boom! Short 1915 10.5240/A541-1F7B-28B7-9EF9-3B00-7
Ambrose’s Nasty Temper Short 1915 10.5240/91EE-40F8-8A0E-F6CA-2965-Y
Wished on Mabel Short 1915 10.5240/90A8-6092-F477-266A-1A8F-M
Love, Loot and Crash Short 1915 10.5240/BFE4-83C6-82FC-127C-C168-M
Gussle Rivals Jonah Short 1915 10.5240/20D0-4B5A-917E-A5BB-CC3C-A
Their Social Splash Short 1915 10.5240/9732-A777-1711-FED9-BA02-1
A Bear Affair Short 1915 10.5240/E96A-2F00-AF6E-2CC5-8DB6-K
Mabel’s Wilful Way Short 1915 10.5240/E4D8-1CFE-9E44-5399-4528-2
Gussle’s Backward Way Short 1915 10.5240/4E20-7DE9-E136-1124-B73D-F
Gussle Tied To Trouble Short 1915 10.5240/777F-77ED-4B4D-732E-CA05-X
A Human Hound’s Triumph Short 1915 10.5240/F728-3961-E813-FE07-FCAE-B
Our Dare-Devil Chief Short 1915 10.5240/39D3-3B7B-11EF-0EFC-6EE4-6
Crossed Love and Swords Short 1915 10.5240/55B2-5CEC-D09A-4B3A-FB83-S
Miss Fatty’s seaside Lovers Short 1915 10.5240/34BA-408B-8733-B113-E162-T
He Wouldn’t Stay Down Short 1915 10.5240/0473-D4E1-DB14-AC6C-B8DA-3
For Better -But Worse Short 1915 10.5240/B8C6-8745-C78E-55E4-26D9-H
A Versatile Villian Short 1915 10.5240/8CA3-1977-3E68-EAB2-843C-J
Those College Girls Short 1915 10.5240/CC36-AB75-EC9A-011F-44B8-F
Mabel Lost and Won Short 1915 10.5240/070C-C595-742C-0888-DF06-K
Those Bitter Sweets Short 1915 10.5240/8260-1717-DFFC-ABB4-E75E-9
A Hash House Fraud Short 1915 10.5240/85CE-05DC-4950-E2EF-BB5D-5
Merely A Married Man Short 1915 10.5240/3BA5-BBC0-6193-FC5B-A24F-P
A Home Breaking Hound Short 1915 10.5240/1F08-E292-7955-3887-4323-J
The Cannon Ball Short 1915 10.5240/5714-8D87-C1E6-C4A0-AD71-S
The Little Teacher Short 1915 10.5240/A5B3-ABD7-90C0-BD37-BBC4-O
Fatty’s Plucky Pup Short 1915 10.5240/E150-F793-1472-A174-7866-1
Court House Crooks Short 1915 10.5240/7714-6431-3363-B65E-6541-R
When Ambrose Dared Walrus Short 1915 10.5240/3151-04D7-4B9C-7A9C-1277-6
Dirty Work in a Laundry Short 1915 10.5240/BC78-A6F1-A748-108B-3999-E
Fatty’s Tintype Tangle Short 1915 10.5240/3E48-A09D-AE88-5269-2A49-M
A Lover’s Lost Control Short 1915 10.5240/725A-226E-6BE0-9B63-6566-9
A Rascal’s Wolfish Way Short 1915 10.5240/99D5-3F44-F833-ADB8-CB82-E
The Battle of Ambrose and Walrus Short 1915 10.5240/A793-719C-7212-71D7-4C80-7
Only A Messenger Boy Short 1915 10.5240/5658-12A3-B945-5EDE-E390-7
No One To Guide Him Short 1915 10.5240/557A-B435-3979-F9EC-7E08-X
A Game Old Knight Short 1915 10.5240/5023-2E03-477F-819E-2D06-T
My Valet Movie 1915 10.5240/20EF-73D7-9767-506A-19A1-L
A Favorite Fool Short 1915 10.5240/C4DE-D7D7-C64D-0301-B98C-2
Fickle Fatty’s Fall Short 1915 10.5240/7E27-BA6D-8800-99FC-44E0-K
Her Painted Hero Short 1915 10.5240/C4ED-292F-F56E-B9D0-8AEB-M
Saved By Wireless Short 1915 10.5240/8DA1-734E-4C70-6F06-E10F-6
His Father’s Footsteps Short 1915 10.5240/B46F-9A40-B5CD-A23D-6501-V
The Stolen Magic Short 1915 10.5240/3E82-2F1D-AE4D-CE96-BE19-1
A Janitor’s Wife’s Temptation Short 1915 10.5240/6E15-2B1F-5F77-D19E-8463-T
The Best of Enemies Short 1915 10.5240/CE38-2051-A1D2-5D26-B276-8
The Great Vacuum Robbery Short 1915 10.5240/3F77-7E55-792F-A018-D94C-W
The Village Scandal Short 1915 10.5240/5D0F-CA2E-38EA-7361-E961-N
Crooked To the End Short 1915 10.5240/9CA4-ECD0-E8BF-9923-939E-W
Fatty and the Broadway Stars Short 1915 10.5240/E1A2-D00D-2736-B8DB-E832-R
A Submarine Pirate Short 1915 10.5240/7031-FC44-CAF2-76F7-6131-K
Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts Short 1915 10.5240/116A-49E1-6D82-84EB-7818-E
The Hunt Short 1915 10.5240/5C55-2118-948D-B18F-F064-A
The Worst of Friends Short 1916 10.5240/FDEE-E0BC-2130-8EDF-DA6E-R
Fatty and Mabel Adrift Short 1916 10.5240/ADAD-8A0C-621D-11CD-2D13-I
The Great Pearl Tangle Short 1916 10.5240/9264-E728-1452-0702-C0DA-G
A Modern Enoch Arden Short 1916 10.5240/6BE3-591E-275C-88F4-81A4-3
Because He Loved Her Short 1916 10.5240/7EEA-BFB6-6242-FBEF-40D3-P
A Movie Star Short 1916 10.5240/CB7D-CD6B-37CA-62D3-B734-E
Perils of the Park Short 1916 10.5240/393E-FA11-EAD6-0797-998A-H
He Did and He Didn’t Short 1916 10.5240/DA04-8152-A340-1985-FA53-X
Love Will Conquer Short 1916 10.5240/29D9-1F66-DCB5-112E-A1C2-8
His Hereafter Short 1916 10.5240/56A6-8735-ECB4-403F-AAEE-I
Better Late Than Never Short 1916 10.5240/15E2-0BFF-FAF7-DAF7-5882-F
Fido’s Fate Short 1916 10.5240/3E0D-8744-1A74-2B5A-CC0E-Q
His Auto Ruination Short 1916 10.5240/6BC8-752D-3EEE-BC0E-2419-O
The Bright Lights Short 1916 10.5240/7153-0E48-4748-7B35-7F5B-C
Cinders of Love Short 1916 10.5240/6411-31A3-A278-DDF7-254F-0
His Pride and Shame Short 1916 10.5240/4519-D677-FE35-2738-67BF-P
The Judge Short 1916 10.5240/D769-D25B-BD69-D129-509C-M
Wife and Auto Trouble Short 1916 10.5240/6358-B874-1BB8-344F-9F10-8
A Village Vampire Short 1916 10.5240/B6F9-3563-6B36-240E-CA16-M
The Village Blacksmith Short 1916 10.5240/CE35-28A7-BEA5-D803-A642-W
A Love Riot Short 1916 10.5240/6F9F-2E4F-DC77-9AA7-C263-M
Gypsy Joe Short 1916 10.5240/C8CD-F04C-7166-4897-75A5-X
An Oily Scoundrel Short 1916 10.5240/C133-7730-F583-E2FA-14EE-Q
By Stork Delivery Short 1916 10.5240/7B12-34C7-3BF2-9E40-7021-4
A Bath House Blunder Short 1916 10.5240/42C4-8E86-B468-0AC9-BF13-8
The Wrong Mr. Stout Short 1916 10.5240/FE74-C4B0-347C-E589-3227-8
His Last Laugh Short 1916 10.5240/BEF4-7A9D-9A51-3691-E902-3
Bucking Society Short 1916 10.5240/300E-BCC8-722E-3462-8787-O
His Bread and Butter Short 1916 10.5240/6837-4AA2-1186-3E17-290B-X
The Other Man Short 1916 10.5240/A63C-C495-2198-3195-58B9-3
The Snow Cure Short 1916 10.5240/3B9C-5A21-18F8-C6B0-A936-9
His Bitter Pill Short 1916 10.5240/C5CC-32ED-0DD5-C9B0-5B41-K
The Lion and the Girl Short 1916 10.5240/C8FB-C5DB-D4BB-8401-730C-5
A Dash of Courage Short 1916 10.5240/8C01-2E7A-CB3C-9356-ED58-T
Her Marble Heart Short 1916 10.5240/D213-377D-199C-7EAA-70F3-6
Bath Tub Perils Short 1916 10.5240/C302-D75D-F69F-B7E0-7502-0
The Moonshiners Short 1916 10.5240/F564-0F4A-3597-9B03-4A3F-J
The Love Comet Short 1916 10.5240/CB20-46ED-4DF3-CB6C-6E1C-H
Bubbles of Trouble Short 1916 10.5240/0ED7-00E4-D7D4-AFED-79D3-Y
Ambrose’s Cup of Woe Short 1916 10.5240/CB5B-8B2A-0DCF-4F4C-D07D-K
Hearts and Sparks Short 1916 10.5240/CF64-26E0-DDEB-DCA9-7419-1
His First False Step Short 1916 10.5240/38FD-017B-5ACF-0410-C434-Z
His Wild Oats Short 1916 10.5240/F359-6C90-90B5-6352-8932-1
The Waiter’s Ball Short 1916 10.5240/CF8B-8663-35F0-78A7-D013-8
Wings and Wheels Short 1916 10.5240/931D-67DA-7C05-ACBD-948B-8
The Surf Girl Short 1916 10.5240/C3C8-68C1-E727-920A-F3B2-0
A Social Cub Short 1916 10.5240/22D1-6A1A-C65D-4763-15B2-E
Madcap Ambrose Short 1916 10.5240/2CD1-1483-069A-1BA8-22F4-0
Pills of Peril Short 1916 10.5240/1682-E6A1-E705-CBBD-22E0-S
A La Cabaret Short 1916 10.5240/7873-9E3B-60F9-0AB5-CAEA-4
Her Feathered Nest Short 1916 10.5240/3284-5A13-169D-724F-A8D4-1
The Danger Girl Short 1916 10.5240/621D-1099-C1C1-9969-6E44-I
His Lying Heart Short 1916 10.5240/BE56-1DBB-6FA1-D947-B63D-8
The Winning Punch Short 1916 10.5240/741A-D0D6-CE74-BDC3-AE0A-U
Vampire Ambrose Short 1916 10.5240/8CDE-5693-9BFA-9AF1-BE1D-7
A Lover’s Might Short 1916 10.5240/1E07-AA8F-77A7-FB49-C379-3
Maid Mad Short 1916 10.5240/3C11-67A9-174E-5D25-7A26-2
Dollars and Sense Short 1916 10.5240/6D56-3270-37D0-D911-097F-8
She Loved A Sailor Short 1916 10.5240/2591-673A-B4F6-3CEF-FB41-X
A Scoundrel’s Toll Short 1916 10.5240/AA6B-E7CB-E05B-F55E-8806-1
Ambrose’s Rapid Rise Short 1916 10.5240/4D1A-7976-5A5F-6A12-EED6-2
His Busted Trust Short 1916 10.5240/BEE4-3D2B-4175-A7ED-D049-G
Haystacks and Steeples Short 1916 10.5240/4E9A-89F2-6F5F-2AB1-047F-P
A Tugboat Romeo Short 1916 10.5240/D94B-BAF9-22D9-B479-E38F-J
Bombs! Short 1916 10.5240/21BB-49D2-9CDB-3DA5-5D6E-G
Black Eyes and Blue Short 1916 10.5240/EEEB-5BFB-E783-DFAA-034B-3
His Last Scent Short 1916 10.5240/292F-CC55-6B2D-93D7-946D-U
Safety First Ambrose Short 1916 10.5240/A1C9-AA97-2328-ABC3-731D-E
Love Under Cover Short 1917 10.5240/4046-71A3-B67D-119F-1049-G
The Pipe of Discontent Short 1917 10.5240/8B55-7EF2-1228-8A0A-9C2F-E
A Noble Fraud Short 1917 10.5240/5F6F-FCE5-6425-5BFF-C6D1-H
Honest Thieves Short 1917 10.5240/4BB2-3225-A969-FEFF-E1F3-U
Heart Strategy Short 1917 10.5240/8E65-4A1C-C125-59E8-5F56-0
The Grab Bag Bride Short 1917 10.5240/1653-E34E-8BB3-177D-24E5-9
The Male Governess Short 1917 10.5240/71BD-14BA-A99E-1B8E-1CBB-U
The Road Agent Short 1917 10.5240/C304-0066-2F4E-E489-3C6E-T
His Deadly Undertaking Short 1917 10.5240/F1A7-1284-2FB2-3CB1-4648-W
The Nick of Time Baby Short 1917 10.5240/2D57-D37F-15F7-0A26-1FD3-I
Won By A Foot Short 1917 10.5240/3F2A-08B0-B950-E083-D4F1-D
Stars and Bars Short 1917 10.5240/6651-D7CE-2DD6-8057-69FB-A
The Telephone Belle Short 1917 10.5240/539C-C32E-7819-8EA9-862D-S
When Hearts Collide Short 1917 10.5240/D077-768B-527C-1686-02EA-S
A Bachelor’s Finish Short 1917 10.5240/6CD7-595D-27C3-87D6-4CA8-8
Done in Oil Short 1917 10.5240/B789-3816-ED5D-3790-88D2-M
Maggie’s First False Step Short 1917 10.5240/1301-E552-2CEC-7B38-5ACC-J
A Film Exposure Short 1917 10.5240/55AB-3950-63AB-210F-4257-D
The Stone Age Short 1917 10.5240/C96F-FA5F-778A-D7E1-02B8-A
Villa of the Movies Short 1917 10.5240/2054-26CB-9024-9DE4-A6C9-J
A Self-Made Hero Short 1917 10.5240/1610-69F6-1FC4-0389-7ECB-L
Caught with the Goods Short 1917 10.5240/643F-A904-CC50-4576-8453-S
Dodging His Doom Short 1917 10.5240/329B-0326-8A6D-DF14-E114-A
Hobbled Hearts Short 1917 10.5240/0DE3-3047-0F64-1AC9-A2D9-A
A Winning Loser Short 1917 10.5240/0B52-26C4-63DB-1EA9-094F-J
Her Circus Knight Short 1917 10.5240/B86D-63C1-3137-069C-E549-Y
His Rise and Tumble Short 1917 10.5240/6586-9AF2-4B27-A252-DE45-4
A Tuner of Note Short 1917 10.5240/2C71-239C-256C-3FB0-9641-U
Her Candy Kid Short 1917 10.5240/FA6B-A3F7-3C10-2066-77E0-K
Her Fame and Shame Short 1917 10.5240/C7E6-5981-EA48-9830-7CE4-8
A Finished Product Short 1917 10.5240/601D-C015-E214-C04A-8B4E-H
Innocent Sinners Short 1917 10.5240/287E-546B-5087-E5F1-A853-G
Pinched in the Finish Short 1917 10.5240/601C-3A1A-9BB3-E40D-2A47-Y
A Berth Scandal Short 1917 10.5240/45B1-DDB8-A4E0-7A15-220C-9
Her Nature Dance Short 1917 10.5240/1CCE-DB8A-DDB9-26AF-DAE0-Y
The Bookworm Turns Short 1917 10.5240/03FF-21AB-EBE4-27C2-45D7-K
Her Birthday Knight Short 1917 10.5240/0F1B-8F3B-6E0D-C5AA-F0EE-Y
Her Finishing Touch Short 1917 10.5240/2D49-FF03-90B9-DCE4-1BA0-2
Teddy at the Throttle Short 1917 10.5240/B54D-8E2C-1C75-004A-B263-4
His Parlor Zoo Short 1917 10.5240/05F2-419E-B849-609D-C77C-R
Petticoat Perils Short 1917 10.5240/0739-C994-8F86-CDE5-3521-D
Secrets of A Beauty Parlor Short 1917 10.5240/08AD-827F-2109-474A-75AA-1
A Dog’s Own Tale Short 1917 10.5240/6726-CC88-F802-9338-21F3-Z
A Maiden’s Trust Short 1917 10.5240/9854-5DC6-FB3B-26FD-3023-8
Skirt Strategy Short 1917 10.5240/7038-4AFB-1D9D-2925-AF27-3
A Dishonest Burglar Short 1917 10.5240/FF35-1CC7-271F-FFF8-60EC-V
His Criminal Career Short 1917 10.5240/0934-5ED8-8B2D-2653-55D1-9
His Naughty Thought Short 1917 10.5240/DD1D-A3BD-64FD-1CB5-1D1A-7
A Laundry Clean-Up Short 1917 10.5240/8321-53A3-B34E-015F-5848-J
Her Torpedoed Love Short 1917 10.5240/1768-1F48-61A2-6340-4F8D-U
His One Night Stand Short 1917 10.5240/FE2B-F9CC-C85A-30C9-3578-B
A Royal Rogue Short 1917 10.5240/1B19-102C-4C49-793C-D43B-3
The Camera Cure Short 1917 10.5240/B470-04CE-D91F-8A83-A370-2
Twin Troubles Short 1917 10.5240/44EC-D970-5D16-5DFD-F6FF-V
A Reckless Romeo Short 1917 10.5240/6BE4-9DBC-E667-3768-8881-T
His Social Rise Short 1917 10.5240/34BB-09C6-13BC-49AA-D156-Z
Love and Fish Short 1917 10.5240/7F89-26C4-1E48-B6A1-E0FC-V
Oriental Love Short 1917 10.5240/DC73-7B12-19A8-6D18-56B2-Z
Cactus Nell Short 1917 10.5240/FB5B-0EF2-D142-9C0B-5990-V
Perils of the Bakery Short 1917 10.5240/0D3A-A765-1439-8699-13D1-F
The Girl and the Ring Short 1917 10.5240/736A-42EF-3B85-5D12-8B9D-T
His Marriage Failure Short 1917 10.5240/0111-BBDC-BE3C-BD23-F84E-O
The Betrayal of Maggie Short 1917 10.5240/A180-B788-690D-91E2-AA25-Y
Wheels and Woe Short 1917 10.5240/46AD-8472-4BAF-3C66-4276-Z
Dad’s Downfall Short 1917 10.5240/BBA1-886C-3482-C6F8-950C-5
His Speedy Finish Short 1917 10.5240/2C5E-8574-CC12-2950-71AC-D
Skidding Hearts Short 1917 10.5240/5D0E-936E-5145-E6FF-D68F-3
Their Weak Moments Short 1917 10.5240/6982-0A4B-1824-C37E-0128-K
Dog Catcher’s Love Short 1917 10.5240/25F9-0723-041F-2295-150F-B
His Bitter Fate Short 1917 10.5240/213A-A30B-BE0D-CD7E-1C7D-W
A Janitor’s Vengeance Short 1917 10.5240/D912-CCAC-5A4E-60BE-5C17-V
Aired in Court Short 1917 10.5240/F7C2-763B-D377-ADFC-2BC7-U
A Toy of Fate Short 1917 10.5240/B8A0-9AC0-9BDE-4D07-2339-4
Dangers of A Bride Short 1917 10.5240/4C35-73AF-73B1-0356-646B-I
His Thankless Job Short 1917 10.5240/3B78-37F5-E94B-5589-A4D8-2
Whose Baby? Short 1917 10.5240/C9A0-2034-A3FA-E6F1-635F-M
Clever Dummy Short 1917 10.5240/1BE8-01D4-DC6C-4C90-8872-C
His Sudden Rival Short 1917 10.5240/804F-63A3-8B7B-ECD6-E51A-D
The House of Scandal Short 1917 10.5240/87D4-20B7-5AEA-1556-301B-B
An Innocent Villain Short 1917 10.5240/BED1-A458-447C-BD71-F5C2-B
His Fatal Move Short 1917 10.5240/4368-6DED-137C-F79F-8D17-R
She Needed A Doctor Short 1917 10.5240/0BAE-2E49-8374-A67E-E91F-7
His Widow’s Might Short 1917 10.5240/C282-A01F-5B2B-3A97-DDB8-V
Sole Mates Short 1917 10.5240/6114-A4EB-6FC3-6873-D7DD-8
Thirst Short 1917 10.5240/1ADE-8A70-9A22-821B-E89D-C
A Matrimonial Accident Short 1917 10.5240/42F3-BC2C-B1C4-1ECB-5592-5
His Perfect Day Short 1917 10.5240/9367-5215-6AEC-5E3E-298D-9
His Uncle Dudley Short 1917 10.5240/785C-658B-2FAC-54CB-6CE7-L
A Hotel Disgrace Short 1917 10.5240/86FC-27CA-5D83-FB8D-4712-M
His Cool Nerve Short 1917 10.5240/F50F-A796-B61E-B142-0535-B
Lost, A Cook Short 1917 10.5240/0873-C1FF-EFC5-2AA2-3D2F-0
A Love Case Short 1917 10.5240/690D-AD58-E3FC-93DF-E838-F
His Hidden Talent Short 1917 10.5240/2A48-9143-FB5E-3A71-856F-R
The Pawnbroker’s Heart Short 1917 10.5240/C592-D788-82A6-5A23-6AC7-B
Her Donkey Love Short 1917 10.5240/B413-879D-8A2D-972E-BEAE-W
Their Domestic Deception Short 1917 10.5240/FCAA-43F6-71BE-E8C9-2ED0-R
Two Crooks Short 1917 10.5240/8B64-7B77-A71C-98F8-74B2-E
A Fallen Star Short 1917 10.5240/24B5-9D07-FD85-9648-DF51-9
A Shanghaied Jonah Short 1917 10.5240/BE26-53EE-1362-E3D9-1C31-7
His Foot-Hill Folly Short 1917 10.5240/0511-378B-EADC-7E71-7C3B-S
A Dark Room Secret Short 1917 10.5240/39E6-E6E3-7AB5-8867-60A5-3
A Warm Reception Short 1917 10.5240/7D76-16E0-A116-F882-D812-O
His Precious Life Short 1917 10.5240/1383-2AE6-3DEE-316E-B3E1-W
His Baby Doll Short 1917 10.5240/B327-E3C1-317F-3D94-59D6-X
His Unconscious Conscience Short 1917 10.5240/D405-F9BF-CADC-A7AD-9177-Y
Hula-Hula Land Short 1917 10.5240/7097-A27B-8604-C9F5-99EB-V
Her Fickle Fortune Short 1917 10.5240/4B55-72D4-1D7C-4A5F-290B-M
His Taking Ways Short 1917 10.5240/2CB0-8E7A-F902-D437-CA82-E
The Late Lamented Short 1917 10.5240/6F3F-A967-640E-D424-B17E-X
Caught in the End Short 1917 10.5240/E58B-E141-441F-000F-289B-F
His Saving Grace Short 1917 10.5240/269C-537C-6CC1-FAB4-2125-P
The Sultan’s Wife Short 1917 10.5240/E691-7808-3CD9-C738-2031-B
A Bedroom Blunder Short 1917 10.5240/1B46-0BEA-9502-1564-A8A1-B
All at Sea Short 1917 10.5240/E2C6-B470-C410-62D0-B2CD-F
Half and Half Short 1917 10.5240/FA37-A5C9-8D44-C52E-C90D-8
A Prairie Heiress Short 1917 10.5240/3B12-6D90-ECDF-E384-8A0D-8
Their Love Lesson Short 1917 10.5240/AF29-1B13-3FBD-5EF4-D6EB-N
A Modern Sherlock Short 1917 10.5240/51B9-F414-5357-7A83-F5B7-C
His Busy Day Short 1917 10.5240/184B-3434-773A-1A34-483D-U
Roping Her Romeo Short 1917 10.5240/F5D5-A87F-5CDB-70B1-A7EA-V
Their Husband Short 1917 10.5240/8FE8-64BE-EF23-9CF3-1BD5-2
Are Waitresses Safe? Short 1917 10.5240/86AF-94F2-9569-3AFD-68F8-5
The Pullman Bride Short 1917 10.5240/E65F-A668-E3B7-BDBD-462A-R
An International Sneak Short 1917 10.5240/675A-A101-CC49-4B82-35C5-V
That Night Short 1917 10.5240/A5C2-A577-DED5-6EC5-7A39-5
Taming Target Center Short 1917 10.5240/7FFD-B8A2-D6C7-F208-57A1-G
The Kitchen Lady Short 1918 10.5240/2199-2326-76D3-5F33-E6BE-L
His Hidden Purpose Short 1918 10.5240/E8E3-5FBF-F8D9-96D6-DD5D-3
Watch Your Neighbor Short 1918 10.5240/33B0-1284-3CC5-8FC1-AA20-G
It Pays To Exercise Short 1918 10.5240/DBCD-B24E-CA49-3029-85F2-H
Sheriff Nell’s Tussle Short 1918 10.5240/9BE3-6CD9-F07C-217E-32BC-Y
Those Athletic Girls Short 1918 10.5240/53FD-8932-8D28-EC86-3DF0-O
Friend Husband Short 1918 10.5240/81E1-3CA4-DF10-99D9-01F5-D
Saucy Madeline Short 1918 10.5240/106E-BD91-9AC3-9FFB-9731-1
His Smothered Love Short 1918 10.5240/22A1-74C7-EB1B-D46B-0B17-A
The Battle Royal Short 1918 10.5240/6C8D-08FF-CCD3-2B55-32D2-P
Love Loops the Loop Short 1918 10.5240/14AC-7262-A847-DB93-B24B-T
Two Tough Tenderfeet Short 1918 10.5240/64D4-FDC6-B534-E274-3750-8
Her Screen Idol Short 1918 10.5240/64F6-7AD1-368F-4158-8310-S
Ladies First Short 1918 10.5240/468C-074F-4F18-1B9C-3121-M
Her Blighted Love Short 1918 10.5240/90AA-7EF2-25DA-1377-EC62-N
Mickey Movie 1918 10.5240/4E6E-48A2-5612-F1E2-03FA-7
She Loved Him Plenty Short 1918 10.5240/97B7-9948-C40C-7A36-F113-I
The Summer Girls Short 1918 10.5240/C705-1DBC-6459-6B2D-4C95-T
His Wife’s Friend Short 1918 10.5240/6FF5-CE07-BFA6-7955-C385-M
It’s a Cinch Short 1918 10.5240/5A11-1C20-0BB6-8F0D-1F54-B
Sleuths Short 1918 10.5240/7B85-2022-6BE8-5C17-2F5B-K
Beware of Boarders Short 1918 10.5240/BF17-3BFF-F94D-5777-B6BD-6
Whose Little Wife Are You? Short 1918 10.5240/9E77-DD5A-1E58-32B7-879E-L
Her First Mistake Short 1918 10.5240/9443-95A5-0258-9710-72EE-J
Hide and Seek, Detectives Short 1918 10.5240/976E-82A9-EB47-7EBA-ACC4-M
The Village Chestnut Short 1918 10.5240/D241-2926-B397-53CA-2215-U
Cupid’s Day Off Short 1919 10.5240/698E-C9CD-799E-6586-CD83-A
Never Too Old Short 1919 10.5240/2494-7D2A-B3EA-BEE7-1D64-V
Rip & Stitch -Tailors Short 1919 10.5240/61F9-BF2B-2756-A0DE-FF11-1
East Lynne With Variations Short 1919 10.5240/4A70-7044-FECB-E6DD-B45A-E
Yankee Doodle in Berlin Movie 1919 10.5240/B328-7594-FD46-F40C-E177-D
The Village Smithy Short 1919 10.5240/BF1D-BDDC-21A7-AF8C-5E3E-S
Reilly’s Wash Day Short 1919 10.5240/8B78-43C8-9739-70EC-784A-I
The Foolish Age Short 1919 10.5240/ABCA-A4ED-A10E-6AB2-2C83-M
The Little Widow Short 1919 10.5240/0FE8-3D86-8AA9-7BD9-3191-I
Why Beaches Are Popular Short 1919 10.5240/0AB6-3CA3-DA12-BE67-0336-A
When Love Is Blind Short 1919 10.5240/A854-4CCE-8C68-AC31-2C98-7
Love’s False Faces Short 1919 10.5240/4267-EBA2-30AA-164F-640D-B
No Mother To Guide Him Short 1919 10.5240/F0B6-CCB0-FFC8-917D-0568-I
Hearts and Flowers Short 1919 10.5240/1F0D-A875-E98F-DEE0-447A-Y
Trying To Get Along Short 1919 10.5240/C919-F27A-E5AA-5A28-6A60-Y
Among Those Present Short 1919 10.5240/93AE-0CF6-9E86-8179-2516-C
Treating ’em Rough Short 1919 10.5240/3FA0-8920-9412-787D-9EE4-P
The Dentist Short 1919 10.5240/9F95-2E7C-DAE3-CADB-E536-Q
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin Short 1919 10.5240/1E95-5D7E-A996-B280-6863-T
Back To the Kitchen Short 1919 10.5240/827F-3C89-DE83-5C00-780A-C
Up in Alf’s Place Short 1919 10.5240/F2CC-E4C9-6916-4926-4DEB-G
Salome Vs. Shenandoah Short 1919 10.5240/CDF8-C4F7-0F50-D348-780D-J
His Last False Step Short 1919 10.5240/1D16-89A8-DA7A-7997-0F26-T
A Lady’s Tailor Short 1919 10.5240/14F2-493B-91BC-0F9C-61D1-S
The Speakeasy Short 1919 10.5240/8CFF-0F48-C14F-C293-E9C0-L
Bungalow Troubles Short 1920 10.5240/188C-31DD-B478-6181-4215-L
On A Summer’s Day Short 1920 10.5240/13A6-8A02-C001-460C-33EC-F
The Star Boarder Short 1920 10.5240/96D2-8737-98AD-D752-7D27-5
Gee Whiz Short 1920 10.5240/7B67-57D4-6277-E32D-8FB7-C
Down on the Farm Movie 1920 10.5240/DB38-1FD1-F829-7D1D-C395-3
The Gingham Girl Short 1920 10.5240/DA0B-2726-2784-C741-FC6A-A
Fresh From the City Short 1920 10.5240/FC35-2DF4-E0BC-AAA3-2ED7-H
Let ‘er Go! Short 1920 10.5240/1D81-F0E2-BA1B-F0AA-417D-4
By Golly! Short 1920 10.5240/CE5E-457C-7137-384E-0CFF-M
Married Life Movie 1920 10.5240/6CE4-5066-B0D1-C814-DB1E-1
You Wouldn’t Believe It Short 1920 10.5240/8DD9-747D-FF54-3495-D3A2-F
The Quack Doctor Short 1920 10.5240/5A22-7335-8785-91E1-0771-O
Great Scott! Short 1920 10.5240/DFF2-8D2E-FD55-7ED4-EF60-7
Don’t Weaken! Short 1920 10.5240/806E-845D-E13D-5E88-F30B-R
It’s A Boy Short 1920 10.5240/67A9-C316-A433-5810-FABA-X
His Youthful Fancy Short 1920 10.5240/8F2D-C119-AA6A-514A-6C16-A
My Goodness Short 1920 10.5240/2CFB-EB5D-F212-B084-6431-A
Movie Fans Short 1920 10.5240/B26D-8159-7127-8A34-2C46-6
Fickle Fancy Short 1920 10.5240/5D0C-569A-6A3A-391E-11A9-C
Love, Honor and Behave Movie 1920 10.5240/6401-0509-FD58-44EC-86AA-B
A Fireside Brewer Short 1920 10.5240/659E-EF90-C414-5158-D6E2-X
Oh, Mabel Behave Movie 1921 10.5240/661B-3E4B-C2F6-A7FC-9DB7-S
Dabbling in Art Short 1921 10.5240/CF4A-2C9E-B0C5-7BB8-C93E-7
A Small Town Idol Movie 1921 10.5240/F109-C59F-4055-9B57-6C8E-S
The Unhappy Finish Short 1921 10.5240/418E-AF79-5CE6-E4A3-7F61-M
Made in the Kitchen Short 1921 10.5240/02E3-CBAB-6590-08BF-7BA7-Q
Wedding Bells Out of Tune Short 1921 10.5240/F3AE-0091-719D-7B22-FA4D-B
Sweetheart Days Short 1921 10.5240/A890-0E78-E1D6-37AC-EAD0-5
Officer Cupid Short 1921 10.5240/DD67-46A2-E08E-7B5C-0F7B-Q
Astray From the Steerage Short 1921 10.5240/9DB4-2352-0921-5FD2-24D2-N
She Sighed By the Seaside Short 1921 10.5240/D87D-F785-5C4A-19CD-83D1-Z
Home Talent Movie 1921 10.5240/5837-C945-6F13-0503-9E8A-S
Call a Cop Short 1921 10.5240/CB35-E249-77A9-99BA-9C52-8
Love’s Outcast Short 1921 10.5240/F55C-F5AA-ACDB-1679-C89A-4
Hard Knocks and Love Taps Short 1921 10.5240/9BA4-4121-6749-D5D3-ED89-V
Love and Doughnuts Short 1921 10.5240/1CE6-59D7-1D23-0713-5044-5
Be Reasonable Short 1921 10.5240/9411-8D10-CFA5-0E4E-0B45-B
Molly O’ Movie 1921 10.5240/BF89-1C18-9BD7-919B-4E2C-O
By Heck! Short 1921 10.5240/796B-EB8E-2E19-CF81-74A7-G
Bright Eyes Short 1921 10.5240/A61E-0B30-CAE3-486A-E5DF-4
The Duck Hunter Short 1922 10.5240/47F3-2C7F-E8BD-6CBF-17CF-U
On Patrol Short 1922 10.5240/1DEF-BAE0-FCA6-A863-0B10-A
Step Forward Short 1922 10.5240/49D8-BC62-D8B4-4C07-C449-Y
Gymnasium Jim Short 1922 10.5240/8E4D-F848-A036-9484-8929-L
Ma and Pa Short 1922 10.5240/31F6-EE48-5C61-0DDF-79C4-L
The Crossroads of New York Movie 1922 10.5240/F077-38F7-731B-2F58-6112-O
Homemade Movies Short 1922 10.5240/3BF0-E711-22D1-8EDE-F938-S
Bow Wow Short 1922 10.5240/AEE6-5DCC-FE51-CEBB-9D18-6
When Summer Comes Short 1922 10.5240/296A-602A-6108-3FC1-5C81-C
Suzanna Movie 1923 10.5240/B349-1094-8AE9-5171-68B5-5
The Shriek of Araby Movie 1923 10.5240/0BB7-788C-8FE6-29EF-D0CC-9
Where’s My Wandering Boy This Evening? Short 1923 10.5240/7BDE-27FA-3D31-FC30-916D-S
Nip and Tuck Short 1923 10.5240/5AE7-DE1D-ACBF-5021-F687-8
Pitfalls of a Big City Short 1923 10.5240/F1CB-4E0C-128C-61ED-A548-E
Skylarking Short 1923 10.5240/7BA8-FE77-75DD-78D2-05A3-M
Down To the Sea in Shoes Short 1923 10.5240/8849-E6B9-5FF3-7367-7936-Y
Asleep at the Switch Short 1923 10.5240/8066-A25F-FF8C-175E-E680-6
The Extra Girl Movie 1923 10.5240/9CCA-B342-0044-48F7-10E7-5
One Cylinder Love Short 1923 10.5240/B233-C4C1-3B46-C9EF-B3C6-M
The Daredevil Short 1923 10.5240/FE95-2377-F7F5-3C62-6D2C-V
Flip Flops Short 1923 10.5240/3D4C-AF3D-7068-C952-6BCE-B
Inbad the Sailor Short 1923 10.5240/4885-062C-88DC-CD4A-2D2A-E
Ten Dollars or Ten Days Short 1924 10.5240/260A-55A6-6E47-4C77-125F-T
Picking Peaches Short 1924 10.5240/E99C-F8B0-17E0-63E0-48A2-3
One Spooky Night Short 1924 10.5240/E7EF-13F8-C8C1-BD60-0E5A-G
Smile Please Short 1924 10.5240/683B-7E6F-E113-D145-0307-6
Scarem Much Short 1924 10.5240/C85F-F755-4742-163E-6BE5-Z
Shanghaied Lovers Short 1924 10.5240/16EF-93F9-448A-292B-5148-5
The Hollywood Kid Short 1924 10.5240/3F93-4329-B1A4-7E45-7997-X
Flickering Youth Short 1924 10.5240/CAC3-9F87-977E-E39E-6C1F-H
Black Oxfords Short 1924 10.5240/246B-9E66-259B-B52E-0BD4-7
The Cat’s Meow Short 1924 10.5240/39F1-3CEF-85E0-0467-4A81-B
Yukon Jake Short 1924 10.5240/17DC-77D1-3F16-3940-ADAE-B
The Lion and the Souse Short 1924 10.5240/2A61-E961-A1AF-569F-A483-F
His New Mamma Short 1924 10.5240/7E71-E83F-2094-E040-E375-2
Romeo and Juliet Short 1924 10.5240/1AB0-CE19-0692-C438-FB6F-V
Wall Street Blues Short 1924 10.5240/8AAD-E621-2FE6-06D6-DEA7-2
The First 100 Years Short 1924 10.5240/4B0F-92FE-0F48-4FB4-30E0-J
East of the Water Plug Short 1924 10.5240/127A-7271-2229-44CC-EC23-D
Lizzies of the Field Short 1924 10.5240/3187-C4EE-E0E5-A1A2-7786-7
The Luck o’ the Foolish Short 1924 10.5240/10A1-7350-6112-BA86-5C59-3
Three Foolish Weeks Short 1924 10.5240/31DB-320C-38BD-5A7F-730E-9
Little Robinson Corkscrew Short 1924 10.5240/C997-CC8C-7BA8-748B-83E0-E
Wandering Waistlines Short 1924 10.5240/0258-CC5A-1662-B69A-E0BB-0
The Hansom Cabman Short 1924 10.5240/CAFE-4D2D-4B81-F3D2-D66B-Z
Riders of the Purple Cows Short 1924 10.5240/5B31-4670-32FA-D6C4-FFE9-2
The Reel Virginian Short 1924 10.5240/0C37-1E7B-4FA6-5CF4-61B1-9
Galloping Bungalows Short 1924 10.5240/C8B0-DFD6-C4BC-E5E1-9D3C-7
All Night Long Short 1924 10.5240/C6D8-3A9D-4FB8-CEAC-8989-X
Love’s Sweet Piffle Short 1924 10.5240/4A51-EE01-CC6E-9D6E-D379-5
The Cannon Ball Express Short 1924 10.5240/AAA8-4431-8C59-DFCF-4093-3
Feet of Mud Short 1924 10.5240/3A2F-3174-E145-8BFF-087F-F
Off His Trolley Short 1924 10.5240/BB70-874B-C417-4B0C-E792-B
Bull and Sand Short 1924 10.5240/60E6-C84E-1AC7-7EC5-B72A-X
The Sea Squawk Short 1925 10.5240/8AC7-F928-650A-BE51-A978-9
The Plumber Short 1925 10.5240/A8E4-75B8-6825-A87C-D72A-M
A Wild Goose Chaser Short 1925 10.5240/6B7C-7C8F-7428-42DD-B68F-7
Honeymoon Hardships Short 1925 10.5240/3334-79EF-9A58-8663-2BC0-J
Boobs in the Wood Short 1925 10.5240/4CC9-659A-CD0E-264B-127E-R
The Beloved Bozo Short 1925 10.5240/9D48-7A95-7E5E-5856-71B0-R
Water Wagons Short 1925 10.5240/7F5D-682F-CF7B-9055-8FA4-1
His Marriage Wow Short 1925 10.5240/924D-7B44-5F09-E790-70B1-E
More Sinned Against Than Necessary Short 1925 10.5240/556A-36CE-3310-37B5-8C8A-T
Bashful Jim Short 1925 10.5240/BACE-D632-CB87-AB72-F29A-2
Giddap! Short 1925 10.5240/D2E4-5D3D-ACAD-8E2D-AB80-X
Wandering Willies Short 1925 10.5240/A1DB-D7EE-45AE-CCA0-F047-E
Plain Clothes Short 1925 10.5240/1284-2BA4-FE51-CCDE-A9C3-6
Breaking the Ice Short 1925 10.5240/492D-A9DF-E9A1-BFBA-71AA-3
The Marriage Circus Short 1925 10.5240/A8A7-F725-8679-8172-671B-K
Remember When? Short 1925 10.5240/A957-A87D-CFDF-1284-46E9-N
The Lion’s Whiskers Short 1925 10.5240/47B7-63F9-4D3D-9EB2-7B5E-D
He Who Gets Smacked Short 1925 10.5240/801C-A292-A763-6BAE-58DB-K
Skinners in Silk Short 1925 10.5240/5D67-4A72-420B-8F55-E647-T
Good Morning, Nurse! Short 1925 10.5240/C07B-A0B8-CAD9-A9AD-A851-5
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies Short 1925 10.5240/CD05-4833-A076-01EC-60C2-N
Sneezing Beezers! Short 1925 10.5240/1DBB-3C58-D141-E01B-CE58-2
Cupid’s Boots Short 1925 10.5240/249A-47BC-5724-0359-7FB9-E
Tee for Two Short 1925 10.5240/C840-4368-C2DC-06E6-946C-R
The Iron Nag Short 1925 10.5240/E2D6-B32F-B8DB-A61C-89D7-Q
Lucky Stars Short 1925 10.5240/683B-0D56-7806-3D56-7FF4-5
Don’t Tell Dad Short 1925 10.5240/0C29-63DC-B560-37A9-8CDE-S
Butter Fingers Short 1925 10.5240/44C3-DD64-BC0F-31FB-820E-A
Cold Turkey Short 1925 10.5240/CBCA-FA0A-9613-31A1-D404-P
A Rainy Knight Short 1925 10.5240/4578-124A-0C8B-1ADC-2790-G
Hurry, Doctor! Short 1925 10.5240/0118-AF96-93E1-805F-150C-2
Love and Kisses Short 1925 10.5240/205A-F371-5330-E045-FBE0-N
Over There-Abouts Short 1925 10.5240/6349-BA2E-C936-169F-6316-Z
Good Morning, Madam! Short 1925 10.5240/1653-5E0A-3DCD-6AC5-8517-0
A Sweet Pickle Short 1925 10.5240/4E8C-508F-3982-BFF7-7D56-H
Dangerous Curves Behind Short 1925 10.5240/9070-5C7D-1A11-7271-903B-X
Take Your Time! Short 1925 10.5240/2C08-0D1C-E5C1-BC45-B9E6-D
Isn’t Love Cuckoo? Short 1925 10.5240/7262-C4B9-E223-E172-FE73-O
The Soapsuds Lady Short 1925 10.5240/4A3F-F2C6-22E2-8601-6CD2-Q
There He Goes Short 1925 10.5240/CBDE-F850-EEF2-10E4-DAB9-P
From Rags To Britches Short 1925 10.5240/D564-EE7D-1154-F2F4-6EC2-B
The Window Dummy Short 1925 10.5240/4158-0C6A-A2BA-F73C-4C29-H
Hotsy Totsy Short 1925 10.5240/68E7-BE7C-D043-AAFB-4AE9-6
A Hollywood Hero Short 1926 10.5240/B714-81E1-590C-11FB-ADF7-3
Smith’s Baby Short 1926 10.5240/B304-B451-F53F-29BC-81D3-D
Smith’s Landlord Short 1926 10.5240/B3DE-6D29-DFAF-7544-7007-9
Smith’s Picnic Short 1926 10.5240/A759-BA13-A661-7014-38CC-J
Smith’s Uncle Short 1926 10.5240/2A52-AD77-650B-8F79-5E90-4
Smith’s Vacation Short 1926 10.5240/906A-FF27-5658-67F5-DD6F-L
Smith’s Visitor Short 1926 10.5240/BED2-2D0C-741F-1295-1216-T
The Gosh-Darn Mortgage Short 1926 10.5240/3FA4-79C9-D426-7102-58E4-W
Wide Open Faces Short 1926 10.5240/726E-8A87-0EC1-309A-672B-B
Hot Cakes for Two Short 1926 10.5240/0363-ABDA-F5B3-FDA1-6E30-F
Whispering Whiskers Short 1926 10.5240/79A5-E600-FCEF-BC3D-5915-G
Saturday Afternoon Short 1926 10.5240/EBF9-91C9-0073-A90D-80EC-F
Funnymooners Short 1926 10.5240/0769-791B-BFBE-0FEA-C16D-E
Goose-Land Short 1926 10.5240/D200-1349-FA1D-A7F4-5154-C
Trimmed in Gold Short 1926 10.5240/EFBB-7228-998E-5B6D-0005-A
Circus Today Short 1926 10.5240/909C-159F-D6E3-1B66-4061-P
Meet My Girl Short 1926 10.5240/2C28-A877-4149-929F-CFBA-S
Spanking Breezes Short 1926 10.5240/99B0-67B4-CB43-49A0-DD2F-N
Hooked At the Altar Short 1926 10.5240/2B75-73C4-F6CA-BDEB-A38C-N
A Love Sundae Short 1926 10.5240/7D2D-3BC6-8E4D-87AE-2FB4-5
Hayfoot, Strawfoot! Short 1926 10.5240/C82A-589D-4E86-1318-921D-Y
Fight Night Short 1926 10.5240/BD5F-AB3A-7A82-EAAD-E72B-X
The Ghost of Folly Short 1926 10.5240/3504-0E09-D97A-69B0-DA4B-L
A Yankee Doodle Duke Short 1926 10.5240/9E30-3833-47DB-8BD6-4F25-7
Muscle-Bound Music Short 1926 10.5240/EE6C-83AC-A97A-9042-EA80-S
Puppy Lovetime Short 1926 10.5240/FC94-8F07-822D-3382-6776-F
Ice Cold Cocos Short 1926 10.5240/0094-49D4-175D-66B8-CA1B-B
A Sea Dog’s Tale Short 1926 10.5240/2DA2-FDCB-3FC5-76D9-5DE9-N
Alice Be Good Short 1926 10.5240/8340-B3BE-E2A8-2771-31A9-V
Hubby’s Quiet Little Game Short 1926 10.5240/EE52-03FE-93BE-34B0-13E5-G
When A Man’s A Prince Short 1926 10.5240/4677-5038-78EE-1F0B-9F87-K
Her Actor Friend Short 1926 10.5240/FFAF-CD5D-1E1F-0B7B-7EB4-Y
Hoboken to Hollywood Short 1926 10.5240/55B3-A142-39A6-9D5A-9843-T
The Perils of Petersboro Short 1926 10.5240/EC10-DF89-6BED-9377-5089-N
The Prodigal Bridegroom Short 1926 10.5240/266A-2850-9089-534A-D0A7-W
Love’s Last Laugh Short 1926 10.5240/F5D0-7B72-90A5-12E1-CB10-6
Should Husbands Marry? Short 1926 10.5240/9F6E-F9B0-3B51-F3A9-16B5-O
Masked Mamas Short 1926 10.5240/963D-1E1A-8D2A-6493-9086-X
A Harem Knight Short 1926 10.5240/7B4F-E3B9-E286-BB85-FE02-9
Hesitating Horses Short 1926 10.5240/00F4-8FDA-66F5-5A12-7481-7
The Divorce Dodger Short 1926 10.5240/92C0-33BC-A058-C3CC-2530-A
A Blonde’s Revenge Short 1926 10.5240/1BC1-9185-0494-3FC7-B63A-B
Kitty From Killarney Short 1926 10.5240/C936-5FDA-BDCC-4A8E-ECAD-M
Flirty Four-Flushers Short 1926 10.5240/A749-422D-DE6B-6E32-AE97-F
Smith’s Candy Shop Short 1927 10.5240/E86F-C7BC-ADB7-FE69-9BBA-F
Smith’s Cook Short 1927 10.5240/0F92-BCDF-C0AD-4F82-7E28-H
Smith’s Cousin Short 1927 10.5240/E585-0ADB-1246-7B82-2D55-F
Smith’s Customer Short 1927 10.5240/7958-1E49-3F31-DA38-FCE1-L
Smith’s Fishing Trip Short 1927 10.5240/E29B-D640-07B9-18A7-800A-Z
Smith’s Kindergarten Short 1927 10.5240/8EC3-0405-0B31-153D-8A7F-B
Smith’s Modiste Shop Short 1927 10.5240/1664-1D29-DACB-DC1D-E551-T
Smith’s New Home Short 1927 10.5240/0561-3C7F-2A53-79E6-F836-Z
Smith’s Pets Short 1927 10.5240/BFDC-B5A3-B722-1993-D8ED-P
Smith’s Pony Short 1927 10.5240/2765-B449-F0F8-1B22-075C-V
Smith’s Surprise Short 1927 10.5240/E38A-80A0-A702-2298-D12C-M
Pass the Dumplings Short 1927 10.5240/FF97-D8F4-5914-344F-3E04-2
Bevan Golf Story Short 1927 10.5240/9AAC-94C7-0E1E-C192-1646-J
The Plumber’s Daughter Short 1927 10.5240/4129-2245-18EC-DC36-5AF5-C
Peaches and Plumbers Short 1927 10.5240/B822-8FBF-D934-25BF-2C0E-S
A Dozen Socks Short 1927 10.5240/5006-4191-9CAC-8074-96CA-H
The Jolly Jilter Short 1927 10.5240/BBA4-4174-AEFB-0502-AE97-S
A Small Town Princess Short 1927 10.5240/A527-472D-30A8-C73C-CBDD-1
Catalina, Here I Come Short 1927 10.5240/6C7E-84C3-0980-5E7A-0A16-4
Cured in the Excitement Short 1927 10.5240/5516-C733-1671-1F4F-8F9C-R
Broke in China Short 1927 10.5240/FAC6-40DE-AB70-B709-3342-W
His First Flame Movie 1927 10.5240/8E7D-8EF2-2617-13E7-5C57-H
Crazy to Act Short 1927 10.5240/B14D-65C7-12C9-4EE6-DCD2-U
The Pride of Pikeville Short 1927 10.5240/A96F-1CC9-E608-3943-73AA-0
The College Kiddo Short 1927 10.5240/B0CB-C51D-A5CC-A107-9BC1-K
Love’s Languid Lure Short 1927 10.5240/671D-703C-E113-D2A6-237C-U
The Golf Nut Short 1927 10.5240/BC98-076D-53B0-2616-9CE2-7
The Gold Digger of Weepah Short 1927 10.5240/108E-DF76-4893-4CF7-B56F-X
Daddyboy Short 1927 10.5240/B87D-07FA-A1A0-90D8-C649-W
For Sale a Bungalow Short 1927 10.5240/1997-438B-C731-3A35-BFC1-Z
Fiddlesticks Short 1927 10.5240/DC61-E8C0-5BEA-8321-E005-B
The Bull Fighter Short 1927 10.5240/A727-906C-7586-A9A5-24FF-K
The Girl from Everywhere Short 1927 10.5240/202B-E258-3B86-3822-CA84-Z
Love in A Police Station Short 1927 10.5240/130D-B24B-B6DB-C4A8-E441-K
A Jim Jam Janitor Short 1928 10.5240/F813-450A-58FB-733E-579B-K
A Taxi Scandal Short 1928 10.5240/6F97-8C58-2BD5-98D2-274B-F
Catalina Rowboat Races Short 1928 10.5240/01DA-D8F8-F9EA-3229-3E0B-9
Chicken Short 1928 10.5240/6256-7938-2881-3860-DC60-7
His New Stenographer Short 1928 10.5240/8565-A27A-6C23-D2FE-D1B8-9
Hubby’s Latest Alibi Short 1928 10.5240/D86B-D956-F92E-8C30-897B-5
Hubby’s Week-End Trip Short 1928 10.5240/9B63-A2F6-A25D-53E1-AB11-K
Love At First Flight Short 1928 10.5240/F743-A300-1C0B-3DC1-688A-M
Motorboat Mamas Short 1928 10.5240/E504-E679-106F-7E2C-878D-4
Smith’s Army Life Short 1928 10.5240/4502-D57C-BC08-9C4A-964A-7
Smith’s Farm Days Short 1928 10.5240/C785-5D1A-21F8-A86D-31A0-X
Smith’s Holiday Short 1928 10.5240/A26D-FCE1-E34E-7776-6CA7-F
Smith’s Restaurant Short 1928 10.5240/F5E2-AC3D-BFF9-37A8-18DB-F
Taxi Beauties Short 1928 10.5240/F5A5-F398-ECBD-AF09-45B1-0
The Bargain Hunt Short 1928 10.5240/077A-6A22-4797-8567-FBC3-8
The Bicycle Flirt Short 1928 10.5240/FB05-D7DE-DD68-DF01-4ADE-I
The Girl From Nowhere Short 1928 10.5240/A6AA-C816-770C-8B85-B1DC-W
The Good-Bye Kiss Movie 1928 10.5240/D1A2-1F58-946F-36A2-D06D-6
The Swim Princess Short 1928 10.5240/C169-0982-9944-29C5-F9EE-Z
Run, Girl, Run Short 1928 10.5240/AE51-EFEF-E158-5C43-15B1-D
The Beach Club Short 1928 10.5240/7BA8-083B-4F1B-843C-1801-V
The Best Man Short 1928 10.5240/8721-F0CC-3168-3CCC-E457-Q
His Unlucky Night Short 1928 10.5240/60F1-213E-5614-D21F-2BFD-B
Taxi for Two Short 1928 10.5240/C700-ED54-FD0F-A12E-16FB-H
Caught in the Kitchen Short 1928 10.5240/E1F9-337A-ED29-2FAD-AB7B-V
A Dumb Waiter Short 1928 10.5240/B5CE-5168-A07A-6A84-8A6E-0
The Campus Carmen Short 1928 10.5240/D010-4A75-0C72-416E-FD86-Q
Soldier Man Short 1928 10.5240/5902-C60E-E2A1-F7C9-A205-E
The Campus Vamp Short 1928 10.5240/8359-8CA3-8B98-AF91-E790-I
The Burglar Short 1928 10.5240/7948-FDF5-4B8E-8EE7-1A89-O
The Lion’s Roar Short 1928 10.5240/0C5D-FEBA-B0B3-678B-97A8-U
Baby’s Birthday Short 1929 10.5240/9F8F-7488-E960-49CC-78B0-2
Button My Back Short 1929 10.5240/B3DC-433D-8B17-1276-B594-2
Don’t Get Jealous Short 1929 10.5240/473E-8B16-64D3-4ECD-A1CB-H
Foolish Husbands Short 1929 10.5240/0A55-4098-FD5B-2E97-0CBD-7
Ladies Must Eat Short 1929 10.5240/324E-D9EC-A85C-0A7F-CA1C-P
Taxi Dolls Short 1929 10.5240/774E-A4D3-F48F-AD2C-FEBC-A
The Half-Back of Notre Dame Short 1929 10.5240/24D2-4C7B-C5CB-6426-D21B-K
The New Aunt Short 1929 10.5240/CF47-A932-BC63-3164-69C4-X
The Night Watchman’s Mistake Short 1929 10.5240/712E-97ED-29F6-1399-9C0A-X
The Rodeo Short 1929 10.5240/6A72-4E09-095E-D4D5-C2E2-F
Clunked on the Corner Short 1929 10.5240/D867-773B-3CA3-75D5-3C4C-F
The Bride’s Relations Short 1929 10.5240/D5FA-30B0-68AB-892B-6068-B
Uncle Tom Short 1929 10.5240/99A3-FF79-6815-550B-0B4B-5
Calling Hubby’s Bluff Short 1929 10.5240/1BA8-5BB5-A442-CFB7-5A32-T
The Old Barn Short 1929 10.5240/113A-7A5E-CB79-3425-22E6-Q
Taxi Spooks Short 1929 10.5240/C24F-A678-A1BF-FA7F-A3D8-4
Whirls and Girls Short 1929 10.5240/0E5E-A79C-7FAF-32F5-E8B9-G
Broadway Blues Short 1929 10.5240/8F6B-1FE5-440B-9D1A-1EDD-P
Matchmaking Mamma Short 1929 10.5240/8308-AEBF-31E1-89ED-23CD-6
The Bees’ Buzz Short 1929 10.5240/2BB3-374F-4E35-B911-47B8-K
Pink Pajamas Short 1929 10.5240/BCF9-93DF-8B47-4E95-5989-C
The Big Palooka Short 1929 10.5240/6E04-6E6C-0A10-1A3A-FB92-J
Caught in A Taxi Short 1929 10.5240/4386-707E-2CBB-A01A-E69E-T
Girl Crazy Short 1929 10.5240/ED4C-5A38-4D41-D913-3353-6
Motoring Mammas Short 1929 10.5240/2242-BCA7-A71E-FD1B-6E42-J
A Close Shave Short 1929 10.5240/22A6-F1AF-2DE8-F502-A923-6
Jazz Mammas Short 1929 10.5240/E5C0-DF9C-299B-E42D-FA93-S
The Barber’s Daughter Short 1929 10.5240/8036-240D-D997-1A0C-944A-8
The Constabule Short 1929 10.5240/4FF6-51A7-8495-B37E-CFC9-Q
The Lunkhead Short 1929 10.5240/4AB0-3882-C237-9250-B954-2
The Golfers Short 1929 10.5240/0EDA-F815-B933-52AE-EFEF-D
A Hollywood Star Short 1929 10.5240/D577-69C3-A07B-2F32-1D06-C
Clancy at the Bat Short 1929 10.5240/CB8F-8C3D-1100-4AEB-7289-L
The New Halfback Short 1929 10.5240/7A26-A55D-0520-780D-02FD-Z
“Uppercut” O’brien Short 1929 10.5240/60B2-FA0C-1B9F-EB13-0330-6
The Voice of Hollywood No. 3 Short 1930 10.5240/19AF-A914-9D24-3F2B-4051-4
Scotch Short 1930 10.5240/CF87-9FD2-DA1D-5701-9D9C-9
Sugar Plum Papa Short 1930 10.5240/4F42-3FBC-3C9F-FDA1-2653-U
Bulls and Bears Short 1930 10.5240/0409-65C2-DB70-FE30-6B48-4
Match Play Short 1930 10.5240/6784-A04B-40BE-1480-BFC3-X
He Trumped Her Ace Short 1930 10.5240/F22A-EEC0-9AED-B6C4-E568-6
Honeymoon Zeppelin Short 1930 10.5240/5170-1A19-F4A3-F706-65DD-F
The Voice of Hollywood No. 7 Short 1930 10.5240/6C8A-6C7A-989C-8A82-16E1-Z
Radio Kisses Short 1930 10.5240/996A-19C4-C207-760A-2B2C-1
Fat Wives for Thin Short 1930 10.5240/0519-B5BA-1233-97A3-9811-G
Campus Crushes Short 1930 10.5240/8D1E-9088-2643-484D-EAF1-3
The Chumps Short 1930 10.5240/4829-F7AF-1FBF-A825-2811-T
Good-Bye Legs Short 1930 10.5240/8010-82A5-9ED1-8024-EEB3-D
Hello Television Short 1930 10.5240/392D-B7DB-606B-07DC-4BEB-1
Average Husband Short 1930 10.5240/4140-088A-9679-5A56-905C-M
The Bluffer Short 1930 10.5240/9C24-5BE4-C764-DCB0-392C-L
Vacation Loves Short 1930 10.5240/7278-38DA-0430-ED51-8DF3-D
Midnight Daddies Movie 1930 10.5240/D5F6-AAF4-4A8C-B988-CC05-N
Grandma’s Girl Short 1930 10.5240/D263-AD25-7D56-8632-039B-W
Divorced Sweethearts Short 1930 10.5240/196C-DD85-7952-5DA8-8A5C-R
Take Your Medicine Short 1930 10.5240/CC94-09E9-7AEF-761C-8BC0-N
Don’t Bite Your Dentist Short 1930 10.5240/E43C-479B-F6F7-A17B-A015-0
Racket Cheers Short 1930 10.5240/3C6E-9C63-41DB-9E4F-1968-L
Strange Birds Short 1930 10.5240/2BA2-4FA1-8D54-DC2E-6D78-8
A Hollywood Theme Song Short 1930 10.5240/ADE5-B46E-E787-6433-A681-0
Rough Idea of Love Short 1930 10.5240/340B-92EC-AA7E-7A3F-EA99-P
Screen Snapshots: Series 10, No. 8 Short 1931 10.5240/6540-89E5-AFAE-DA6B-0950-C
A Poor Fish Short 1931 10.5240/316A-6E4C-1340-A8BF-14EB-S
No, No, Lady Short 1931 10.5240/7D07-029E-BBCD-92F5-B51A-3
Dance Hall Marge Short 1931 10.5240/1D89-4695-9FDD-FA80-9F09-0
One Yard To Go Short 1931 10.5240/BD4B-896D-2270-FD00-928E-G
The College Vamp Short 1931 10.5240/E019-DEDA-D6DE-27E3-A756-S
The Bride’s Mistake Short 1931 10.5240/2022-4B49-959C-D3BB-1753-S
The Dog Doctor Short 1931 10.5240/55B6-E696-48AB-00BF-98BE-7
Just A Bear Short 1931 10.5240/57D6-069B-BB8D-B9B5-1AAB-8
Ex-Sweeties Short 1931 10.5240/FDC8-2D4B-50B5-AEFC-0B5D-V
In Conference Short 1931 10.5240/AC29-1B04-AFF9-D94F-9931-U
Cowcatcher’s Daughter Short 1931 10.5240/E014-D70F-0CA6-74F2-97A1-L
Ghost Parade Short 1931 10.5240/C5B4-BFCE-CDF9-95EF-5286-P
Hold ‘er Sheriff Short 1931 10.5240/CBCB-519E-3A48-D401-E89A-X
Monkey Business in Africa Short 1931 10.5240/45B7-DBBB-2DC6-6219-891C-B
Movie-Town Short 1931 10.5240/2A29-705D-1B92-101B-7C14-N
Slide, Speedy, Slide Short 1931 10.5240/D0BA-74CE-73AC-ED06-FBD6-L
The Albany Branch Short 1931 10.5240/5D40-DB83-3609-D9F5-D136-7
The Fainting Lover Short 1931 10.5240/2C83-78F7-D609-3A85-4F82-D
Too Many Husbands Short 1931 10.5240/FA2F-E909-0825-E38A-B0ED-6
The Cannonball Short 1931 10.5240/5A0F-7C1A-572F-63B6-7357-3
The Trail of the Swordfish Short 1931 10.5240/1DFB-E237-EC25-3276-17BC-9
I Surrender Dear Short 1931 10.5240/B21B-3174-1DB0-C8AC-7BCE-S
Poker Widows Short 1931 10.5240/E9D5-3E8E-5A2A-AB3F-58A7-2
The World Flier Short 1931 10.5240/0B53-3D5B-A835-BB50-4777-1
Speed Short 1931 10.5240/9EAB-4485-0CB3-453A-8CD7-G
Who’s Who in the Zoo Short 1931 10.5240/61C0-F777-F306-605F-5906-0
Taxi Troubles Short 1931 10.5240/EE92-045C-16D6-571C-F433-Q
The Great Pie Mystery Short 1931 10.5240/0DD5-5074-4ABB-8DE5-1D61-0
Wrestling Swordfish Short 1931 10.5240/011B-418F-A166-BAA4-1C25-Z
One More Chance Short 1931 10.5240/DC58-E0AB-1F90-E379-70FC-M
The All-American Kickback Short 1931 10.5240/722F-119B-632A-9497-4885-G
Half Holiday Short 1931 10.5240/6975-0D79-3BB1-A632-3AE4-P
The Pottsville Palooka Short 1931 10.5240/9A60-0829-56B1-7988-2D40-4
Playgrounds of the Mammals Short 1932 10.5240/5904-420D-1A51-170B-929D-K
Dream House Short 1932 10.5240/21C3-C29F-E39C-BC89-3609-G
The Girl in the Tonneau Short 1932 10.5240/C31C-1A61-7945-A71F-0320-Z
Shopping With Wifie Short 1932 10.5240/DF37-50B1-A43C-3EA3-F5BB-7
Lady! Please! Short 1932 10.5240/02D6-6467-3EC5-2EC1-7762-L
Heavens! My Husband! Short 1932 10.5240/8FFE-7B79-14E6-614F-20AE-4
Billboard Girl Short 1932 10.5240/F7C2-97B3-ACD0-BCDB-E2EB-8
The Flirty Sleepwalker Short 1932 10.5240/5927-7AE9-5420-D737-60D1-0
Speed in the Gay Nineties Short 1932 10.5240/C631-6549-4CF8-BA36-33F2-Z
Man-Eating Sharks Short 1932 10.5240/E78E-8AD3-506F-CBD6-2BC7-X
Listening In Short 1932 10.5240/DB7F-A1ED-1A9A-DF45-FCDB-2
Lighthouse Love Short 1932 10.5240/590E-CEE5-5BB2-2CA4-98AE-G
The Spot On the Rug Short 1932 10.5240/F5B9-F2DA-9F5C-090D-01D5-W
Meet the Senator Short 1932 10.5240/E7B3-0F60-BE5E-1C1E-45A9-J
Divorce A La Mode Short 1932 10.5240/0736-614E-84F0-6E5A-D04C-1
Freaks of the Deep Short 1932 10.5240/F075-FF56-DA28-1CCC-C7D7-8
The Boudoir Butler Short 1932 10.5240/8C9E-8102-38D5-B567-D62F-3
Jimmy’s New Yacht Short 1932 10.5240/FCFD-C49C-E865-9255-8F5B-3
The Loud Mouth Short 1932 10.5240/3220-78D5-695B-5EE9-9E0E-Y
The Candid Camera Short 1932 10.5240/9A65-2F8B-A2B6-1CFC-DC24-0
Sea-Going Birds Short 1932 10.5240/50DC-8735-E3CD-310B-55A1-D
Hawkins and Watkins Inc. Short 1932 10.5240/28CB-A1CB-0376-82B5-CBB5-Z
Hatta Marri Short 1932 10.5240/0377-F1DC-2403-D484-438A-3
Alaska Love Short 1932 10.5240/F351-44B6-1EA7-1204-81BD-P
Up Popped the Ghost Short 1932 10.5240/63F4-33D4-CC2E-B35E-1399-T
For the Love of Ludwig Short 1932 10.5240/3CAC-4415-24A6-D1E5-66D3-Q
Neighbor Trouble Short 1932 10.5240/1643-FC8F-201E-FDA6-E4E4-Z
His Royal Shyness Short 1932 10.5240/5E82-A6D3-50DB-7B28-FC74-N
Young Onions Short 1932 10.5240/A14A-1EC6-9D5F-7ACE-BA02-Q
The Singing Plumber Short 1932 10.5240/69D8-84F6-B5E2-7322-6197-U
The Giddy Age Short 1932 10.5240/B941-BA79-5FB9-AD9A-3487-R
Ma’s Pride and Joy Short 1932 10.5240/5603-8535-4722-9D85-BB9D-E
Courting Trouble Short 1932 10.5240/3E0D-1EAB-6AF2-772A-8357-Z
False Impressions Short 1932 10.5240/6D7F-FADF-9C00-7479-458B-1
Bring ’em Back Sober Short 1932 10.5240/7EE2-AAA5-9920-8573-E8D1-V
The Dentist Short 1932 10.5240/386C-F691-03C6-FF20-AB0D-X
Doubling in the Quickies Short 1932 10.5240/3271-0D1E-C379-BBFB-6B91-E
The Lion and the House Short 1932 10.5240/2101-77B4-4D80-AA53-6E63-B
Hypnotized Movie 1932 10.5240/74CC-52C4-F360-7BBE-6D47-1
The Human Fish Short 1932 10.5240/8F8B-FA87-C991-DD9D-807E-P
Blue of the Night Short 1933 10.5240/8918-8A46-1078-FBD0-4B1E-O
Don’t Play Bridge With Your Wife Short 1933 10.5240/1C7B-104B-9E0B-800D-0819-C
A Wrestler’s Bride Short 1933 10.5240/EE2C-D4C4-D1F2-63CD-C29A-X
The Singing Boxer Short 1933 10.5240/A2BD-7957-7D81-F216-89C4-U
Too Many Highballs Short 1933 10.5240/D1AD-CE49-CBF4-C967-16A6-U
Easy on the Eyes Short 1933 10.5240/7E9F-B978-98A2-E964-E3E5-Q
The Fatal Glass of Beer Short 1933 10.5240/28E1-7BE6-41E2-D858-3B3A-Q
Caliente Love Short 1933 10.5240/2578-C65D-EBAD-857E-7AF2-4
Sing, Bing, Sing Short 1933 10.5240/793F-AE0B-55CC-C9A4-81B2-T
Plumber and the Lady Short 1933 10.5240/F8AF-1814-2B84-7FF6-C30E-D
Sweet Cookie Short 1933 10.5240/6C65-741B-9E3D-9473-C8CF-J
The Pharmacist Short 1933 10.5240/9D62-2066-E5BE-DED6-50EE-6
Uncle Jake Short 1933 10.5240/7EF7-2B6A-509F-55B3-2B71-O
Dream Stuff Short 1933 10.5240/9581-5B05-5A40-68D2-3734-1
Roadhouse Queen Short 1933 10.5240/74C9-B411-A661-5BAC-E895-9
See You Tonight Short 1933 10.5240/F7A8-994E-B4BF-0F6B-25FB-1
Daddy Knows Best Short 1933 10.5240/6007-DAA2-2CF1-A290-6DB6-S
Knockout Kisses Short 1933 10.5240/155B-3EC0-3A52-197D-ED43-Y
Husbands’ Reunion Short 1933 10.5240/98FB-A7AE-1AB5-FED9-01F2-K
Big Fibber Short 1933 10.5240/B667-6352-22C3-A82A-E18F-0
The Barber Shop Short 1933 10.5240/D39C-37EE-721D-B73B-1A5B-D
Any Day in Hollywood Short 1935 10.5240/328C-BA2F-008E-002B-0800-E
Ye Olde Saw Mill Short 1935 10.5240/036B-BC6E-AF3A-02A0-3EF7-X
Flicker Fever Short 1935 10.5240/DF0F-7425-B0B0-8A34-7670-E
Just Another Murder Short 1935 10.5240/53FD-7C92-A7FC-7F51-28BF-W
The Timid Young Man Short 1935 10.5240/28B5-A5F1-6A84-CD68-9E4F-4
Way Up Thar Short 1935 10.5240/EB59-54A2-E021-B95C-D2C8-G
Screen Snapshots: Series 17, No. 9 Short 1938 10.5240/2B9E-85B2-1A20-AC93-D2D5-G
The March of Time: The Movies Move On Short 1939 10.5240/52B3-A7D1-ACDC-E3B2-AFF5-T
Hollywood Cavalcade Movie 1939 10.5240/78B6-8D9B-E37C-3A07-CEF3-4
Meet the Stars #8: Stars Past and Present Short 1941 10.5240/F3B4-C568-832A-C718-B999-B
Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood No. 6 Short 1942 10.5240/3565-3D3C-C020-F350-D151-N
Happy Times and Jolly Moments Short 1943 10.5240/CB0B-A04B-18DB-EF2A-C8DF-J
Once Over Lightly Short 1944 10.5240/AF6A-6B35-9D40-02F2-837D-S
Gaslight Follies Movie 1945 10.5240/009D-481B-24C6-DF2C-CF50-3
Gold Old Corn Short 1945 10.5240/2270-58ED-282F-0704-3853-H
The Road to Hollywood Movie 1947 10.5240/6B3A-D5C6-2E65-D6D8-617F-K
Pie in the Eye Short 1948 10.5240/1F01-3E06-0BAF-993D-E282-P
Just for Fun Short 1949 10.5240/FFBF-5B8C-AB04-A556-532F-0
Slap Happy Short 1949 10.5240/B973-B210-0FC0-10BE-B4F1-A
Down Memory Lane Movie 1949 10.5240/BD98-E977-FE4E-7B15-C6E8-M
Paramount-Mutual News: Issue #35 Short 1949 10.5240/E8DA-CB59-1CB2-A8DF-606D-I
Animal Antics Short 1950 10.5240/2AC2-7F22-D5FA-5BC2-F9D5-Q
Episode Filmed May 1, 1950 TV 1950 10.5240/8A1C-305F-586B-3E60-63F2-Q
A Laugh A Day Short 1951 10.5240/EA8F-99E6-7639-7E19-E6D7-V
Hollywood Reel TV 1951 10.5240/382A-5F24-3C03-266A-B89E-Z
Mack Sennett TV 1954 10.5240/CA6A-498C-191F-FDC8-9272-9
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops Movie 1955 10.5240/3C80-4E3D-2C2C-43DB-E543-Q
Gloria Swanson TV 1957 10.5240/5688-A0B4-913A-6679-DA3F-0
The Golden Age of Comedy Movie 1957 10.5240/78CF-2C22-4452-B447-D484-Y
Comedy Capers Series 1960 10.5240/E99C-40C7-66E9-83C9-6DA6-D
Slapstick TV 1960 10.5240/11DB-BD5B-0D00-E69E-E3D6-O
The Clown Princes of Hollywood TV 1960 10.5240/2C97-EEC2-6F38-57E4-6400-U
The Fun Factory TV 1960 10.5240/17C6-E2FF-341A-6E9F-FAAB-W
The Funny Manns Series 1960 10.5240/3555-E688-FD49-A496-46D8-J
When Comedy Was King Movie 1960 10.5240/E306-BCD1-3774-32DE-23DF-Q
The Days of Thrills and Laughter Movie 1961 10.5240/AA42-BD9C-8FBC-BA77-999D-I
The Great Chase Movie 1962 10.5240/4A3F-D89E-E4C5-02B8-84D9-C
Fractured Flickers Series 1963 10.5240/6BFA-7232-CA82-00DB-EB06-7
30 Years of Fun Movie 1963 10.5240/CDBF-E3A4-311E-BDA3-2A62-5
The Sound of Laughter Movie 1963 10.5240/7549-EBD7-1A3F-FD5D-780F-8
The Funniest Man in the World Movie 1967 10.5240/B665-E948-B461-5BD5-D36E-W