Variety Business Intelligence Joins EIDR

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR), the source of universal identifiers for digital distribution of movies and television assets announced today that Variety Business Intelligence, a leader in the entertainment industry providing desktop solutions, API access and metadata globally, has become an EIDR member.

Variety Business Intelligence and its various service offerings provide verified, timely, and accurate metadata around people, projects, and companies globally within the media and entertainment industry.

EIDR’s unique identifiers will enable Variety Business Intelligence and its counterparts to ensure precise matching of content across datasets, and mitigate title matching inefficiencies for its clients.

“Unique ID’s allow the global entertainment industry and its partners to have greater confidence in combining an array of datasets to improve business and consumer experience. Variety Business Intelligence is happy to partner with EIDR to help make streamlined and simplified data integration a reality,” said Mark Hoebich, President of Variety Business Intelligence.

EIDR’s highly curated database of nearly 2 million title IDs provides member companies with a reliable way to automate the matching of content for internal data sets. Individual identifiers can be placed within audio-visual objects from top level titles, and edits – to online streaming clips, encodings and mash-ups. As EIDR ID’s become more universal, companies and industry leaders will benefit from its ability to provide fast, accurate, low-cost automated distribution, measurement and data exchange.

“We’ve felt for some time that EIDR IDs would be beneficial to data analytics companies looking to dig deep into the performance metrics of commercially-available film and television titles,” says Will Kreth, Executive Director of EIDR. “The persistent nature of the EIDR IDs provides Variety Business Intelligence with a more reliable, automated way to match content with the wide variety of datasets they leverage across their client network.”