Vice Media Joins the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR), the source of universal unique identifiers for digital distribution of movies and television assets announced today that VICE Media, the world’s preeminent youth media company and content creation studio, has become an EIDR member.

Operating in more than 30 countries, VICE Media and its counterparts distribute programming to viewers across digital, linear, mobile, film and social networks. VICE’s production of video content is designed to provide the option to play-out, air or re-use across platforms, creating a unique challenge for title management and precise version identification. VICE’s implementation of EIDR’s unique content identifiers and elegant taxonomy will bring order and structure to their network’s cross-platform catalog of both long and short-form video content.

“We are excited to implement EIDR’s unique identifiers throughout our platforms and are confident it will streamline and automate our workflow internally, while providing better reporting for our partner companies,” says Brian Glover, Director of Media Engineering. “Partnering with EIDR enables us to more easily manage our entire process, with added confidence in providing timely and accurate distribution, metrics and reporting.”

EIDR’s globally unique identifiers provide the media and entertainment industry with a reliable way to automate the matching of content for internal workflows. With a database of nearly 2 million title IDs, identifiers can easily be placed (as metadata) within audio-visual objects from top level titles, and edits – to online streaming clips, encodings and mash-ups. As more entities begin implementing EIDR IDs, users and the entertainment industry as a whole will benefit from its ability to provide fast, accurate, low-cost automated distribution, measurement and data exchange.

“Welcoming VICE Media to the EIDR community reiterates the growing significance EIDR identifiers have throughout our ecosystem,” says Will Kreth, Executive Director of EIDR. “As VICE begins registering their content, and aligning their internal processes with EIDR, we look forward to working together to address their video supply-chain challenges across a variety of platforms and distribution methods.”

About EIDR

EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) is a universal identifier system for movie and television assets built to enable the automation of entertainment commerce and to increase the availability of quality data for analytics and business intelligence. EIDR provides a highly curated database that addresses commercial workflows by uniquely identifying assets ranging from top level titles to edits, digital encodings and franchises. EIDR IDs are already in commercial use in various reporting and cross-platform measurement applications. For more information about EIDR, please visit


About VICE Media

VICE is the world’s preeminent youth media company and content creation studio. Launched in 1994, VICE now operates in over 30 countries and distributes its programming to viewers across digital, linear, mobile, film and socials. VICE includes an international network of digital channels; a weekly and daily news programming partnership with HBO; a television and feature film production studio; a magazine; and an in-house creative services agency.