EIDR Benefits

Unlimited ID Creation

API Automation

Alternate Identifiers

Using the EIDR API or website, you can register as many IDs as you need. Participation means unlimited content registration including titles, edits, and manifestations. EIDR requires a very small amount of data to register your content, which makes registration easy.

Automation is easy when there is no limit on calls to our API! Member companies can create, update, read records in the registry using the system you already own. Automation of digital supply chain workflows saves time and money for our community.

The EIDR ID is not just one ID, we have a vast and growing collection of alternate identifiers mapped to our IDs. If you get metadata from a service provider, the EIDR ID becomes the connective tissue between your records and theirs.

Bulk Registration



Already have a catalog? Not sure what is registered with EIDR and what isn’t? We have tools which can map your records to ours. If we don’t have an ID for your record, we can register in bulk for you. We can also identify records which are missing critical data.

You’ve got duplicates? EIDR can help deduplicate your catalog. You provide a copy of your catalog and we help you find, map, and eliminate duplicate titles in your list.

When you join EIDR, your entire company enjoys the benefits. Your companies become a member of a global Media and Entertainment community.