EIDR Benefits

Helps Increase Supply Chain Efficiencies

EIDR plays a crucial role in increasing supply chain efficiencies by:

  • Eliminating costly translations between proprietary ID systems.
  • Lowering risks of misidentification caused by duplication and lack of ID uniqueness.
  • Improving internal asset tracking.
  • Improving ability to match assets and metadata from different databases, service providers, or metadata suppliers.

Enables Value Added Services

EIDR provides a set of APIs for developers of third party applications and services, such as workflow integration, reporting, and linking to enhanced metadata.
Examples of such enhanced services include:

  • More granular and more accurate rights tracking and reporting down to the level of clips, composites and encodings.
  • Simplified universal search and discovery.
  • Detailed consumption metrics for individual assets.

Interoperability / Other Identifiers

Interoperability is a central focus for EIDR. Three key areas are:

  • Application‐appropriate representations of the EIDR ID
  • Extensible support for identifiers from other systems as first‐class metadata elements
  • Registration of EIDR content records based on metadata from other systems, including the very important case of standards‐based metadata.

Interoperability Documentation
EIDR Registrations From Other Systems (DRAFT)
EIDR DOI Mapping Table


Business Cases

EIDR is a cross industry, nonprofit association which has developed Universal Unique IDs for television and movie assets. The association’s practiced and proven benefit, when utilized in the entertainment supply chain, is regarded as the unique identifier for all television and movie assets. The registry has been developed to serve multiple actors and support all business models in that operate within the entertainment supply chain.

As EIDRs are widely deployed across the entertainment supply chain, the association’s technology provides the foundation for market convergence and supports innovative new cross-sector partnerships.

This section showcases a number of current implementations that can be leveraged when using EIDRs as the Universal Unique Identifier.  Use the jump links or browse all below:


Advertising Applications
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EIDR in Dynamic Ad Insertion
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Broadcast Television Supply Chain
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Business Intelligence
Greenlighting Films via Alternate IDs – Sony Pictures Entertainment
Media-Analytics – RSG Media Systems and IBM

Content Discovery & Second Screen Applications
Content ID and Media Synchronisation – DVB

Content Management
EIDR in Studio Cross Function Efficiency – Warner Bros
EIDR in Studio Cross Function Efficiency – Warner Bros (Presentation)

Digital Cinema
EIDR in Digital Cinema – EIDR

Digital Retail and Electronic Sell Through (EST)
EIDR Benefits in the Digital Supply Chain – Google
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Cost Savings in Digital Supply Chain – Warner Bros and Microsoft (Executive Summary)
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Master Data Management (MDM)
EIDR Connector – Riversand

Multichannel Service Providers
Content Discovery via EIDR – CableLabs
EIDR in VOD Distribution – SCTE (Technical Paper)
EIDR in VOD Distribution – SCTE (Presentation)
EIDR in the MVPD Workflow – EIDR

Rights Tracking – EIDR Integration in Commercial Products
StarCM – FilmTrack
Available – Rightsline
RightsLogic – RSG Media Systems

Viewership Measurement Applications
Cross-Platform Measurement – EIDR