What is EIDR?

The emergence of digital technologies has transformed every aspect of the professional audiovisual supply chain from content creation and post-production to distribution and consumption and created new opportunities for all stakeholders.  With these opportunities also come challenges, such as more complex value chain interactions and an explosion in the number of assets relevant to commerce.

Effective monetization of these assets through an increasing number of distribution channels requires a widely adopted industry standard universal identifier registry that supports the full range of asset types and relationships between assets.  The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) is established to provide this foundational service to all industry participants at low cost.

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) is a nonprofit industry association which supplies the entertainment supply chain with universal identifiers for a broad array of audio visual objects. For more information, please visit www.eidr.org.

How EIDR Works

The Registry receives and processes registration requests from registrants. Users and applications can look-up and search the Registry. Registrants and lookup users can use the web user interface or web services API to interact with the Registry.

Registrants Submit Assets to the Registry

A registrant submits objects for registration along with core metadata and information such as the type of object and relationship to other objects. The registrant could be a content owner, an aggregator, post-production house or any other entity authorized to register objects. The Registry requires minimal metadata required to guarantee uniqueness for the full range of asset types.

Registry Assigns EIDR After Verifying Uniqueness

EIDR uses a sophisticated deduplication system to insure that the object submitted to the Registry has not already been registered while allowing the registration of similar and related objects. The centralized registry structure guarantees the uniqueness of objects being registered. If no duplicate object exists, the Registry generates an EIDR for the object and stores the new EIDR and the corresponding metadata in the Registry.

EIDR for an object consists of a standard registry pre-fix, the unique suffix for each asset and a check digit.

EIDR is purely functional without any implication of ownership, making it persistent enough to remain the same despite any change in control or ownership of the underlying asset.


Registry User Interface

General search allows one to search by EIDR Lookup, or a full search of required EIDR fields. When the search icon is selected on the User Interface a search screen will appear with two tabs; content and parties. A search can be completed by inputting fields relating to the content or party name of a record. Input as few as one of the fields to complete a search and refine a search by completing additional fields.

To search by EIDR ID, use the EIDR Lookup field located at the top right of the User Interface. The Lookup field will accept a full EIDR ID and provide back record details on registered assets.

Search the registry using the User Interface