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How EIDR is Helping Companies Identify, Track Content

Content movement from platform to platform is at an all-time high now and audiences have an expectation to locate content regardless of its brand. That’s why the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) offers a non-proprietary ID for all public media content. Much like an ISBN or ... More

EIDR Annual Participant Meeting Goes All-Virtual Dec. 9

With daily COVID-19 cases resurging across Europe, the Smart Content Summit/EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) scheduled for Dec. 5 in Amsterdam as part of the IBC Show will instead be held Dec. 9 as an all-virtual event. The EIDR APM event will be held in conjunction with ... More

EIDR to Weigh in on AAIS Project Nov. 19

During a Nov. 19 webinar, EIDR’s Richard Kroon will be among the expert panelists weighing in on the importance of the Addressable Asset Identification Standard (AAIS) project for next-generation content distribution. AAIS seeks to resolve issues around content replacement ... More

How to Automate EIDR Registration

An automated EIDR integration is possible, even if you have multiple title management systems. You will need your tech team to build or piggyback onto existing technology. Here’s what they need to know. You want: An API that will allow your title management system(s) to... More

The King of the Double Feature

American International Pictures (AIP)[1] was the king of the American double feature in the post-Studio era, operating from the mid-1950s until the early 1980s.[2] It specialized in producing and distributing B-movies, exploitation films of various sorts, and dubbed foreign impor... More

Experts Turn the Spotlight on Biggest M&E Industry Data Challenges

One upside from the global COVID-19 pandemic is that many media and entertainment companies took the time to seriously address their data structures and strategies. But several data challenges still remain for the industry, according to experts who spoke Oct. 21 during the LMT... More

EIDR, Ad-ID and LMT Tout Importance of M&E Data Standards

Ad-ID, the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) and the Language Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group highlighted the importance of media and entertainment industry standards and accurate metadata across every part of the M&E chain on Oct. 21 at the Introducing the MESAvers... More

EIDR Annual Participant Meeting Set for Dec. 5 in Amsterdam

Following an all-virtual edition due to the pandemic, the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) returns Dec. 5, this time in Amsterdam as part of the in-person IBC Show, with viewers worldwide also able to watch live online, marking the first-ever hybrid in-person and live digita... More

Solving the Genre Classification Conundrum

“Genre” is one of the most-used terms in the entertainment business. But pinning down exactly what we need by genre is challenging. Is an “animated adventure” an “animated” movie or an “adventure” movie? Is a “sci-fi thriller” science fiction, thriller, or bot... More

The (Un)Predictability of SVOD Performance

Streaming services are a mystery. Complete and accurate theatrical box office, television audience ratings, and home video rental performance have generally been available throughout their respective histories, but comparable streaming data are much harder to find. Subscrip... More