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Title Registrar: New APIs Make EIDR Integration Much Easier

EIDR enterprise integration has, until now, required significant preparation and investment by organizations but the new JSON-based application programming interfaces (APIs) from EIDR and The Title Registrar make the process far easier, according to Sylvester Lan, web services ar... More

EIDR Board Outlines its Strategic Vision for 2021

EIDR’s board of directors kicked off the 11th annual EIDR meeting on April 13 with an outline of EIDR’s strategic vision for 2021. The opening panel session “Setting the Stage for EIDR’s Annual Participant Meeting (and Beyond)” that was part of the EIDR Annual Parti... More

EIDR Power User Group: ‘More is Better’ When it Comes to Metadata

The accuracy of metadata and the amount that content providers can provide plays a key role in how useful it will be, according to Jorge Boada, manager of metadata management at Showtime, which was an early EIDR adopter, and a member of the EIDR Power User Group. “More is be... More

How EIDR’s Universal IDs Help Whip Media Provide TV, Movie Insights

Whip Media provides insights and intelligence to media and entertainment companies that help them figure out how their movies and TV shows will perform before they are made available to the public. And EIDR’s universal identifiers play a significant role in helping Whip achieve... More

BB-Media CEO Touts Metadata Benefits at EIDR Annual Participant Meeting

Finding something to watch used to be pretty simple. A limited number of channels, a limited number of shows (all airing at predetermined times) and simple, hand-held paper guides to plan out your viewing schedule. Yeah, things have changed a little. “Now we have hundreds... More

MetaBroadcast CEO Looks to Increase UK EIDR Adoption

Toby Gordon, CEO of automated metadata solutions firm MetaBroadcast, is a big fan of EIDR and how the use of its IDs can benefit every corner of media and entertainment. He’s also confused as to why it’s not more popular in the UK. “Frankly, we’ve been surprised by the... More

EIDR Celebrates Milestones, Sets 2021 Roadmap

The pandemic may have shut down Hollywood productions and pushed new theatrical releases back a year and more, but it didn’t slow down EIDR and its advancements one bit. At the April 13 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting, Richard Kroon, technical operations director for EIDR, a... More

A List to Remember

On April 14, 1912 at 11:40 p.m., the RMS Titanic[1] famously hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic while on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. An estimated 1,517 of the 2,228 passengers and crew aboard the Titanic[2] died that night, making it the deadli... More

EIDR’s Welch, Kroon Nominated for DEG Technology, Operations Awards

EIDR executive director Kip Welch and Richard Kroon, technical operations director, have been nominated in separate categories of the inaugural Technology & Operations Awards , being presented April 28 by DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group. Welch is a finalist for the T... More

EIDR, News-Press & Gazette Talk Dynamic Content Switching at SCS

In order to maximize AVOD revenue, streaming companies can look to tailor the viewing experience to the viewer’s interests with both the content and the platform, leading to better personalization, more views and better ad revenues. Dubbed dynamic content switching, it’s c... More