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British HITS Panel: AWS Provides a Tour of the Tech Behind ‘The CLB’

Amazon Web Services (AWS) tech experts provided a tour of the technology and companies behind the Cloud Localisation Blueprint (“The CLB”), with an emphasis on automation, scalability and collaboration, during the panel session “Behind the Scenes: The Technology of The CLB... More

British HITS Panel: Why The Cloud Localisation Blueprint Matters

Launched during IBC’s Accelerator Program in September and involving more than 10 companies across the localization supply chain, The Cloud Localisation Blueprint (“The CLB”) pioneered a streamlined, cloud-based workflow approach to increase efficiencies and transparency am... More

EIDR Board Members Tout ID Benefits at British HITS Event

It was just a few years ago that Hollywood’s major studios began aggressively using the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) unique identifier system for film titles. Today, it would be abnormal for a studio not to. That was the message EIDR board members, from content, ... More

Turkiye Day

November is all about Thanksgiving in the United States,[1] and Thanksgiving is all about the turkey[2] – it’s even known as Turkey Day. According to the National Turkey Federation,[3] Americans prepare some 40 million whole turkeys each Thanksgiving,[4] accompanied by mashed... More

EIDR APM Begins to Take Shape at Nov. 15 British HITS

On Nov. 15, the Hollywood Innovation & Transformation Summit (HITS) debuts to a new audience in London, bringing together hundreds of senior studio and vendor technology leaders for the latest reality check on the key trends that are transforming the way the industry’s con... More

EIDR Welcomes Andrew Wahlquist to Board

The Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) is welcoming Andrew Wahlquist, Director of Total Quality Management for Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, to its board of directors. At Disney, Wahlquist leads a team responsible for quality management within the studio’s global ... More

EIDR Power Users Group to Hold Nov. 29 Vote

On Nov. 29, the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) will be holding a vote of Promoter members in to make the following changes to the EIDR Registry, which may be impactful to some members: Implement rate limiting on un-authenticated API transactions Prevent registration o... More

Engineer’s Room: Bollywood

RRR (2022) is something of a cultural phenomenon, likened to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) by John Powers, pop culture critic for NPR’s Fresh Air, for the level of audience participation. Even though the film is now available for streaming, it still plays to theatrical a... More

EIDR Hits 5 Million Alternate IDs

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR), the nonprofit industry association meeting the crucial need across the entertainment supply chain for universal identifiers for audio visual objects, reached a milestone Sept. 23 with the registration of its 5 millionth Al... More

Cloud Localization Blueprint Aims to Streamline Processes

At the IBC Accelerator Kickstarter event in London earlier this year, film and TV content metadata platform Fabric made a pitch: it’s possible to streamline the localization process with a unified data architecture, removing bottlenecks and improving supply chain interoperabi... More