MediaData TV, Red Bee Media Add to EIDR Use Cases

The Entertainment ID Registry’s (EIDR) new use case resource, detailing some of the organization’s top partnerships and advancements with media and entertainment content companies and vendors, continues to grow less than a month after its launch, with the addition of two new use cases.

MediaData TV. MediaData TV is a TV metadata provider specialized in Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets in the Americas and Europe regions, whose goal is to guarantee the metadata enrichment, accuracy and structures harmonization not only in global content but in all the local contents providers and services in each of its target markets integrating all partner services (pay TV operators, OTT services, broadcasters and FAST channel platforms) in a unique data base avoiding duplicates.

EIDR ID permits MediaData TV to homologate the availability of the content coming from local markets with global content providers making them easily reachable internationally and permitting a faster catalog ingestion projects.

Red Bee Media. Red Bee Media, a global media services provider, enables some of the world’s most recognized media brands, broadcasters, studios, and content creators, facilitating instantaneous connections with audiences worldwide, anytime, anywhere. With meticulous precision, Red Bee Media enriches both linear and on-demand content with essential metadata and captivating imagery, catering to the evolving tastes of discerning viewers. Whether through electronic programs guides or sophisticated interfaces, Red Bee Media empowers content to transcend boundaries, ensuring its reach extends to the widest audience possible, thereby amplifying consumption and viewer satisfaction.

Red Bee Media’s integration with EIDR provides a method to validate programming and link data from multiple providers and IDs. EIDR’s unique ID structure supports a variety of Red Bee services, including data migration and customer onboarding. Paired with Red Bee’s unique identifiers, the EIDR ID enables the highest level of data integrity and flexibility, that allows Red Bee to quickly manage updates from multiple sources and offer a globally recognized standard ID to customers. The EIDR mapping process that Red Bee employs has been integrated into various third-party data provider workflows to ensure that Red Bee’s program database is as complete and consistent as possible.

EIDR is inviting others in media and entertainment who have EIDR use cases to share to contact [email protected].