An EIDR 2.5 Statistical Wrap After Launch

The April 25 launch of the latest significant stack improvement to EIDR, EIDR 2.5, is in the books, and with it comes both reliability and resilience for both registry and de-duplication, 100% compatibility with the current installed base, and significant performance improvement.

EIDR Technical Director Richard Kroon shared the following stats around the EIDR 2.5 launch:

  • The registry is now processing automated transactions 5-10 times faster than 2.1
  • This applies to Match, Synchronous Register, and the automated portion of Asynchronous Register (we maintain our existing one business day SLA for manual reviews of transactional records).
  • The registry can accept twice as many simultaneous connections without generating timeout errors .
  • We’ve verified 100% 2.1 compatibility via the Web UI, command line tools, Java SDK, and .NET SDK (the public API remains unchanged).
  • We’ve verified the ability to perform off-hours manual review approvals, when necessary.