Call to Action: EIDR Encourages Cloud Localization Blueprint Participation

Now that Fabric has announced a partnership with MESA and the Content Localisation Council to continue work on the Cloud Localization Blueprint, companies interested in participating in the development of the first-of-its-kind project are being asked to sign up during the next few weeks.

First announced as an IBC Accelerator project in 2022, the Cloud Localization Blueprint brings together predominant supply chain software companies, service providers and leading entertainment companies, to create a definitive blueprint for distributing entertainment content globally. The next class of participants will continue the path to increased visibility and automation in the content creation supply chain.

From licensing to localization and final delivery, the project wants involvement from industry leaders to contribute toward building a best practice cloud-based media supply chain. MESA’s Content Localisation Council, led by Caroline Baines, and its broader localization community that includes academic and other out-of-category participants, will begin driving the evolution and participants within the project.

Fabric will continue to support the backend functionality of the website which will now include their Authenticated Data Standard accelerator that was featured at this year’s IBC.

The output of the overall project will be shared at MESA’s ITS: Localisation event to be held in London at the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel on Feb. 29, 2024.

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