EIDR Registers 3 Millionth ID

Less than five years after it launched, the EIDR registry added its one millionth record in September 2016. January 2019 saw the two millionth recorded.

To close out 2023, EIDR reached its three millionth, entered by British broadcaster ITV, with the first episode of season one for “Pompeii: The Last Mysteries Revealed” earning the milestone (EIDR ID: 10.5240/C8BF-84EE-C215-4079-B797-N).

The record was registered on Dec. 19 as part of an episodic catalog project, part of an overall effort to provide EIDR IDs for ITV’s full catalog, and comes closely on the heels of EIDR registering its 2.5 millionth ID.

“In late 2022, we registered our 2.5 millionth record,” said EIDR managing director Hollie Choi. “I am encouraged by the speed at which EIDR is hitting these milestones. In 2023, we welcomed Gracenote, ITV, Globo, BBC Studios, Lionsgate, Sinclair Broadcast, CJ ENM Olive Networks, and many others as EIDR board members, promoters, and contributors.

“Thanks to all our participating companies, we’re advancing EIDR’s mission to catalog the world’s content, amplifying its discoverability across the globe. Together, we’re shaping a more connected digital landscape.”