Expand, Connect with EIDR Community at May 7 APM

The Annual Participant Meeting (APM), being held May 7 at Sony Pictures,  is where EIDR users, technologists, and evangelists, converge in an intimate setting to discuss the global integration of the registry.

Learn more about how EIDR impacts content authenticity and use cases around enterprise integration and automation with EIDR. Join to discuss the future of EIDR in the data-driven media and entertainment ecosystem.

Running from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. PT, the event will feature the following sessions:

  • “Aligned and Informed: The Evolution of Media in the Digital Age.” This opening session sets the stage for the days conversations by introducing the 2024 EIDR Board of Directors. Our panelists explore their vision for the organization’s future internationally as part of an evolving ecosystem of connected applications. The Board will share their focus on authenticity and provenance as well as work toward data standardization across the industry.
  • “PBS’s Metadata Makeover: Harnessing EIDR for Quality Content Delivery.” With continued partnership, PBS has embraced EIDR’s robust metadata model, seamlessly integrating it into internal metadata management. PBS is excited to showcase a selection of case studies highlighting EIDR’s profound impact on internal workflows. These studies underscore how EIDR has significantly enhanced the data quality of PBS shows, ensuring they meet the highest standards before reaching PBS audiences.
  • “Navigating the Future: Implementing MovieLabs 2030 in Entertainment.” Industry experts explore the practical application of MovieLabs 2030 vision in the entertainment sector. Discover how these forward-looking strategies can drive innovation and thought leadership, reshaping content creation, distribution, and audience engagement practices. Gain actionable insights to effectively implement MovieLabs 2030 principles and position your organization as a leader in industry evolution.
  • “Increasing Utility of EIDR IDs within Gracenote Services.” Gracenote is the content data business unit of Nielsen, providing entertainment metadata that enables advanced content navigation and discovery capabilities to the TV shows, movies, music and sports that viewers love. Gracenote will share and discuss its initial explorations and plans to increase utilization of EIDR IDs within Gracenote services.
  • “Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workforce.” Discover actionable insights and strategies for creating inclusive environments that harness the unique strengths of all employees, driving innovation and fostering belonging. Gain valuable perspectives on championing diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organization.

To register for the EIDR APM, click here.