H.P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born on August 20, 1890, in Providence, Rhode Island. While not a particularly successful writer in his own lifetime, he is now considered one of the most influential American horror writers and a key figure in the development of “cosmic horror”.[1] Today, Lovecraft is often compared to Edgar Allan Poe[2] for their respective impacts on American fiction.[3] The fact that both of Lovecraft’s parents were institutionalized[4]certainly shaped his world view and may offer insights into his own mental stability.[5]

Lovecraft could read by the time he was three years old and began writing at the age of seven. He would later work as a journalist and editor before turning to fiction writing, publishing his first short story in 1915. Lovecraft was a popular writer within his genre, but never broke out to wider success and failed to earn enough from writing to support himself. His greatest literary output was as a letter-writer, having produced an estimated 100,000 letters over his lifetime, which was not all that long. Lovecraft died young at 47 on March 15, 1937, still in Providence.[6]

As with the Old Ones he often wrote about,[7] Lovecraft’s stories refused to die. The American publisher Arkham House[8] was established by Lovecraft’s close friends to help ensure that his works remained in print, starting in 1939 with the anthology The Outsider and Others. Over the years, Lovecraft’s work has had a far-reaching effect. According to The Atlantic, “people who’ve never read a page of his work will still know who Cthulhu is for years to come,[9] and his legacy lives on in the work of Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro, and Neil Gaiman,” along with John Carpenter, Roger Corman, and H.R. Giger (creature designer for Alien). There are now well over 300 features, shorts, television programs, podcasts, and games based on, or in some way inspired by, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. There is even a “Lovecraftian” horror sub-genre. For comparison, IMDb lists 91 works attributed to the stories of Ernest Hemingway and only 73 for F. Scott Fitzgerald, including the movie scripts Fitzgerald wrote himself.[10] The majority of Lovecraft’s published writings are short stories, so it follows that many of the related audiovisual works are short films. In turn, many of those received their premiere at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon, established in 1995 and dedicated to “the works of H.P. Lovecraft, literary horror, and weird tales.”

With so many Lovecraft programs to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. For advice, we turned to the Internets where we found Paste magazine’s “10 Essential Movies Based on H.P. Lovecraft Works[11] and “20 of the Best Lovecraftian Horror Movies,” Movieweb’s “The Best H.P. Lovecraft Movie Adaptations,” and Screenrant’s “10 Best H.P. Lovecraft Movie Adaptations.” Their collective recommendations appear in bold in the list of Lovecraft-inspired shows presented below along with their EIDR IDs.

[1] Defined as, “The idea that the universe is an alien and dangerous place, incomprehensible to most sane people,” as demonstrated in Lovecraft’s stories filled with “protagonists who encounter horrible beings from outside our world, resulting in horror, insanity, and death.”

[2] Both Lovecraft and Poe followed a similar path – they lived mostly in obscurity, died in poverty, and now enjoy considerable posthumous literary fame.

[3] During his lifetime, Lovecraft was published mostly in pulp magazines, which limited his exposure to the literary community. Scholarly review of Lovecraft’s writing did not begin until the 1970s.

[4] His father in 1893 and his mother in 1919. His father’s insanity may have been caused by late-stage syphilis.

[5] Lovecraft suffered from numerous “near breakdowns” or “nervous collapse,” as he called them.

[6] He spent a few years in New York City, but hated it. He hated many things. He was a rather ardent racist and antisemite.

[7] Including Cthulhu (pronounced kuhTHOOloo).

[8] Which took its name from Lovecraft’s fictional town of Arkham Massachusetts. The famed Arkham Asylum in Batman’s Gotham City also takes its name from Lovecraft.

[9] And the Necronomicon, Lovecraft’s fictional grimoire (book of magic) that made its first appearance in the short story “The Hound” in 1922. According to Lovecraft’s “History of the Necronomicon” (published posthumously in 1938), the book was originally written c. 739 in Arabic by Abdul Alhazred of Damascus(when it was called Al Azif). In 950 it was translated into Greek by Theodorus Philetas of Constantinople (and retitled Necronomicon). In 1228, the Danish scholar Olaus Wormius translated the book into Latin. The Patriarch Michael of Constantinople (an historical figure of early Christianity) tried and failed to destroy all copies of the book in 1050. The original Arabic version is now lost. At least one failed attempt was made to translate it into English, while various fragments and several complete copies of the Greek and Latin versions surface from time to time in Lovecraft’s stories and in the works of numerous other authors since.

[10] Poe beats them all with 439 IMDb writing credit citations to Lovecraft’s 242, though that does not count works inspired by (but not directly adapted from) Lovecraft’s stories and amateur productions that run a bit fast and loose with their credits citations.

[11] Focused on works presented at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon.

H.P. Lovecraft Filmography

Title Year EIDR ID
The Maze  1954 10.5240/14E3-B9E7-6081-2286-8A6B-L
Quatermass Xperiment  1956 10.5240/CE0C-BB98-FCB6-E05A-67C9-E
Enemy from Space 1957 10.5240/0003-1892-207B-1789-6669-7
Horror Hotel  1958 10.5240/EB28-96DE-4E76-12D8-6BA1-A
The Crawling Eye 1958 10.5240/E1FD-2F2D-8966-0649-1EC8-X
Caltiki, the Immortal Monster 1959 10.5240/3568-E317-213B-8F30-EDB7-3
The Slime People  1962 10.5240/A2B8-51ED-4290-D58F-1758-8
The Haunted Palace 1963 10.5240/4E22-0D73-0120-3B9C-5B24-7
Dark Intruder 1964 10.5240/C081-4B7A-6353-EF18-818F-Z
Die, Monster, Die! 1965 10.5240/B8E8-3E60-8E8B-699B-AFB4-N
War-Gods of the Deep  1965 10.5240/6713-2581-CFC3-4299-791A-N
The Sound of Horror  1966 10.5240/71D6-F57C-DC4E-5A12-B545-V
The Shuttered Room 1967 10.5240/BC3E-3991-E9D8-EE01-4732-H
Five Million Years to Earth  1968 10.5240/4882-5E94-B895-7799-DB16-C
The Crimson Cult 1968 10.5240/2CAF-58C4-C687-6B49-B5B7-2
Equinox 1970 10.5240/A74A-461C-24F6-F895-3D0F-V
The Dunwich Horror 1970 10.5240/5D2B-D8AB-39A5-9DCD-03E9-L
Octaman  1971 10.5240/134F-5E7D-E107-4FFF-2663-5
“Cool Air” 1972 10.5240/001B-BFA7-93DD-D172-CCCD-Q
“Pickman’s Model” 1972 10.5240/8371-2E63-1B5B-5FFE-845C-T
Asylum  1972 10.5240/8201-89DC-E894-B84A-D31B-W
Simon Winston 1974 10.5240/5129-27CE-E039-15E8-0942-W
H.P. Lovecraft: Schatten aus der Zeit 1975 10.5240/0593-E854-C6EC-BFFC-2F04-W
Twin Tarts  1976 10.5240/A1BA-82FF-E04C-FD83-12F4-X
The Last Wave  1977 10.5240/D11A-0F05-B714-2379-86DB-P
The Manitou 1978 10.5240/5F7E-3E73-D08B-E4BD-7723-T
Alien  1979 10.5240/55AD-7242-833C-F4AA-9776-7
Kadath 1979 10.5240/E546-F958-3A50-174A-BBD5-B
The Island of the Fishmen 1979 10.5240/8AFA-D475-0D37-C9F4-A7BF-X
City of the Living Dead 1980 10.5240/F349-046B-D05C-0472-D233-J
Gates of Hell  1980 10.5240/F349-046B-D05C-0472-D233-J
Quatermass Conclusion  1980 10.5240/F719-BDEB-09E8-E0E0-735E-4
The Music of Erich Zann 1980 10.5240/9C17-CA19-22E9-3CE5-2298-L
Artemis 81  1981 10.5240/C357-B694-6E17-B541-1B88-E
Pickman’s Model 1981 10.5240/BDBF-85CE-B8D9-A74E-3712-C
Seven Doors to Death  1981 10.5240/FB67-7900-AFC6-5DD4-A9AE-T
The Beyond 1981 10.5240/FB67-7900-AFC6-5DD4-A9AE-T
The Evil Dead 1981 10.5240/D1D7-E826-A860-7BCB-3BB4-C
The House by the Cemetery 1981 10.5240/B609-4160-DA0B-44B5-5B9A-4
The Intruder Within  1981 10.5240/4CFC-2C28-2123-77B2-BDC6-5
“La cosa sulla soglia” 1982 10.5240/42D0-473F-9422-E382-567C-L
Creepshow  1982 10.5240/400B-ED06-72B3-533E-35D5-X
La chiave d’argento 1982 10.5240/42B8-F066-EE87-DF6D-6455-4
The Beast Within  1982 10.5240/87BB-4FF8-B598-5C5E-954B-A
The Thing  1982 10.5240/F71D-B8B7-B0DC-976A-5397-P
The Keep  1983 10.5240/D2A4-2C49-5656-DB76-8864-Z
Blue Ice  1985 10.5240/C639-1F36-ADD5-E1AE-6913-L
Re-Animator 1985 10.5240/B61A-0C97-0F0F-D48C-5102-1
Aliens  1986 10.5240/52D5-69C2-9DCD-AF72-E8CD-S
From Beyond 1986 10.5240/E730-363E-329B-2028-9FA9-5
From Beyond 1986 10.5240/E730-363E-329B-2028-9FA9-5
Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn 1987 10.5240/78A9-FAAC-1C10-BDE7-84D2-U
Forever Evil 1987 10.5240/7B15-3B33-BF6B-03D5-5317-W
The Collect Call of Cathulhu 1987 10.5240/4628-3832-8946-4B28-7DD2-P
The Curse 1987 10.5240/8747-0086-676D-3E36-2370-G
The Testimony of Randolph Carter 1987 10.5240/B47F-5A13-B66E-32EE-BE41-T
Epikindyni zoni 1988 10.5240/7216-9EB1-ECB1-5329-A61A-V
Pulse Pounders 1988 10.5240/67F0-A7CA-47BB-B578-D23F-0
The Curse 1988 10.5240/8747-0086-676D-3E36-2370-G
The Spider Labyrinth 1988 10.5240/F714-3171-7B24-3E75-D01A-P
The Unnamable 1988 10.5240/37E8-8876-AC32-35E3-3B88-3
Beyond Dream’s Door  1989 10.5240/2A00-48B2-CB4E-F29A-965D-1
Dark Heritage 1989 10.5240/C390-10DA-B984-3E56-5368-F
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti 1989 10.5240/E26C-0C98-4CB6-F5E2-5A4E-K
The Music of Erich Zann 1989 10.5240/9C17-CA19-22E9-3CE5-2298-L
Bride of Re-Animator 1990 10.5240/4B58-A9FD-4855-9C29-63EB-J
Cthulhu Mansion 1990 10.5240/DF96-E0FC-A8A8-EEC8-F4F3-H
La Setta  1990 10.5240/C68F-E5E1-53DE-8F52-0EA7-V
Army of Darkness 1991 10.5240/40DB-0A54-275D-B1F1-1BBE-I
Cast a Deadly Spell 1991 10.5240/41CA-DB3B-5323-C4CF-69DC-1
The Resurrected 1991 10.5240/5C63-5D3F-F146-FF95-A4C9-1
Alien3  1992 10.5240/28C3-3A0B-BC4B-CBA4-7F83-Y
Insumasu o oou Kage 1992 10.5240/A0AA-B778-831F-1BB1-B5E7-8
La mansión de los Cthulhu 1992 10.5240/DF96-E0FC-A8A8-EEC8-F4F3-H
Splatterhouse 2 1992 10.5240/8614-616F-91D4-8BD8-3233-S
The Unnamable II: The Testament of Randolph Carter 1992 10.5240/BC35-5494-31F2-636A-C01D-Q
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet 1993 10.5240/CE89-10CC-4D28-1A44-E186-C
Necronomicon: Book of Dead 1993 10.5240/07F6-FB07-4D53-2A71-77F4-0
Splatterhouse 3 1993 10.5240/B2F0-2125-454A-4552-7A9C-3
The Outsider 1993 10.5240/4E56-C538-6D48-F59B-0B58-3
Lurking Fear 1994 10.5240/34A4-3B3A-C669-65E0-A0F3-Z
Necronomicon 1994 10.5240/07F6-FB07-4D53-2A71-77F4-0
The Outsider 1994 10.5240/CBEB-28BC-CCB6-6614-B34D-W
Witch Hunt 1994 10.5240/339F-FE97-7D99-7A74-1CC0-J
Castle Freak 1995 10.5240/3524-28EC-47A0-2CF9-8ABA-K
Castle Freak 1995 10.5240/3524-28EC-47A0-2CF9-8ABA-K
Frostbiter, Wrath of the Wendigo  1995 10.5240/5D1C-C7F0-C2F3-1AA4-B58E-I
In the Mouth of Madness 1995 10.5240/CF69-4B23-E76D-3D7B-F5A0-L
My Necronomicon 1995 10.5240/9315-3416-A300-59CB-E873-K
The Outsider 1995 10.5240/CBEB-28BC-CCB6-6614-B34D-W
Calls for Cthulhu 1996 10.5240/924B-CEDF-DC8E-7578-B877-G
Cthulhu Wore Tennis Shoes 1996 10.5240/4447-CF4A-CC33-6379-3E65-9
Alien Resurrection  1997 10.5240/BF99-1430-F64B-0C1D-4453-B
Bleeders 1997 10.5240/FDC5-1137-0014-137D-CFD9-Q
Event Horizon 1997 10.5240/3E4E-34AB-CE0B-6E12-BC27-9
From Beyond 1997 10.5240/0939-1315-21AE-CED0-EE43-D
McLaren 1997 10.5240/E853-4DC3-48B4-81EF-2C02-A
Smilla’s Sense of Snow  1997 10.5240/93A1-9B02-AEE9-5B4F-9886-Q
The Hound 1997 10.5240/C12E-E17F-25F8-9CB0-A1BC-C
The Relic  1997 10.5240/455E-31EA-1325-BBD6-4906-J
Deep Rising  1998 10.5240/D52B-AFAC-9E98-53D8-7411-B
L’Altrove 1998 10.5240/94C4-43B0-7C38-F6CB-2E19-I
Out of Mind 1998 10.5240/9E7B-7B22-CF98-9551-1D41-8
Phantoms 1998 10.5240/209D-8507-B64E-CD4B-FF3A-K
The Outsider 1998 10.5240/9367-D97D-3189-03EA-B986-P
Cool Air 1999 10.5240/4CA0-DFC1-07FB-6A4D-DA42-6
H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond 1999 10.5240/98A5-BD0F-817F-AC5A-CCDD-S
Mystery of the Necronomicon: Book of the Dead 1999 10.5240/7553-B1F3-6742-0DBD-4E8D-R
Return to Innsmouth 1999 10.5240/0895-CE86-0AF2-7D49-1F74-B
Witchouse  1999 10.5240/8FBF-E936-5C90-D9BB-C2C6-Q
Chilean Gothic 2000 10.5240/351B-3294-672C-A553-3E34-Q
Cthulhu 2000 10.5240/1DDE-EE3B-F4C0-7D40-CE59-L
L’Altrove 2000 10.5240/A86B-FEC1-040F-3FD7-23D2-P
Octopus  2000 10.5240/BCC6-00EB-9B28-E7A3-AEA0-U
Rough Magik 2000 10.5240/642A-668B-B7F9-0E99-80B4-6
Corpse-O-Rama 2001 10.5240/FAA5-3760-D4A2-6787-7F6A-H
Dagon 2001 10.5240/E0C4-977E-52A6-6CB3-6992-R
Le peuple ancien 2001 10.5240/F50E-197F-1474-47B8-EE64-Y
Nyarlathotep 2001 10.5240/5D31-F665-8EA8-245A-2765-J
The Terrible Old Man 2001 10.5240/B63C-64B2-C39E-C9BA-003A-G
Unknown Beyond 2001 10.5240/0617-C9DF-AD29-7E90-A755-J
The Music of Erica Zann 2002 10.5240/7B25-0827-5C4D-236A-206C-0
“The Terror Beyond: Part 1” 2003 10.5240/E1B6-3803-4DE2-0CB3-5F4B-K
“The Terror Beyond: Part 2” 2003 10.5240/5FB1-5B91-03C9-9A2A-89ED-G
An Imperfect Solution: A Tale of the Re-Animator 2003 10.5240/3DE3-058B-0EDC-0D69-1972-D
Beyond Re-Animator 2003 10.5240/5928-A01D-947D-9E2E-6DB2-T
Pickman’s Model 2003 10.5240/094A-6155-4554-4A31-804F-T
Pickman’s Model 2003 10.5240/EA9D-E70F-A131-A912-5B1D-Q
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath 2003 10.5240/8E77-A068-BE32-6242-A765-S
The Picture in the House 2003 10.5240/D150-98D1-747F-0459-C773-1
The Shunned House 2003 10.5240/FF63-DDBC-15CD-2B28-8EE2-B
The Thing on the Doorstep 2003 10.5240/B528-4BEA-4F0C-242D-0913-M
13:de mars 1941 2004 10.5240/8DA4-DACB-7D31-7F73-E671-L
Angry and Moist: An Undead Chronicle 2004 10.5240/7724-B58C-ED7C-F428-0A97-9
Innsmouth Legacy 2004 10.5240/EBD1-6AD4-5E68-C146-ABB8-Z
The Halfway House 2004 10.5240/EF10-10E2-FDA9-09F5-73A0-8
Tomb of Terror 2004 10.5240/9F93-715A-A91E-8EF0-69D6-W
“Dreams in the Witch-House “ 2005 10.5240/252B-C3A1-72F5-C83F-45D2-U
Asleep in the Deep 2005 10.5240/AECD-B180-66BE-0E2E-4C2C-2
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth 2005 10.5240/179C-C3A6-6EF9-536C-7CA9-6
Die Musik des Erich Zann 2005 10.5240/7924-5153-668A-6E61-7F00-N
In The Mouth Of Madness 2005 10.5240/CF69-4B23-E76D-3D7B-F5A0-L
ReCreation 2005 10.5240/E83B-B1C5-C304-566C-E185-Y
Strange Aeons: The Thing on the Doorstep 2005 10.5240/9D0E-2E2D-21CA-9749-2EC8-E
The Call of Cthulhu 2005 10.5240/BE18-48A5-58ED-6F5F-2387-G
The Statement of Randolph Carter 2005 10.5240/831D-00A8-0A9F-E8FD-15E1-6
Beyond the Wall of Sleep 2006 10.5240/1046-B81C-D2E6-7FBF-4A51-H
Cool Air 2006 10.5240/D647-15B3-8FF8-2479-2086-U
Dunwich 2006 10.5240/C15C-3FE3-4055-86C8-1360-Q
From Beyond 2006 10.5240/B114-DA6C-5E69-04FE-F6D1-V
Nobody 2006 10.5240/5904-ABD5-1D2E-4FD0-E4DD-J
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened 2006 10.5240/1420-3F53-9151-A2BC-98E5-T
The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft 2006 10.5240/8AAC-6405-DD2B-97F8-D72D-4
The Mountains of Madness 2006 10.5240/F096-9C4C-5282-3625-B0EA-F
The Other Gods 2006 10.5240/230E-A26E-04FD-E5D7-B229-E
The Rats in the Walls 2006 10.5240/1357-5908-FBB1-890A-6D05-T
Beyond Lovesauce 2007 10.5240/2337-F7A2-900E-C39C-D529-I
Chill 2007 10.5240/E7D9-7746-36F7-9041-C869-D
Cthulhu 2007 10.5240/5ADC-573D-03FE-58D1-D701-Z
H. P. Lovecraft’s the Dunwich Horror and Other Stories 2007 10.5240/9813-247C-AFAF-C916-E48F-9
H.P. Lovecraft’s the Terrible Old Man 2007 10.5240/39FC-06A1-C20D-A495-48A4-3
Kammaren 2007 10.5240/82B3-3F98-1E3D-D233-79CB-4
The Statement 2007 10.5240/2D82-9E62-8444-FC4B-F1D7-C
The Tomb 2007 10.5240/BBE4-2BB5-E291-A7A3-D629-6
The Whisperer in Darkness 2007 10.5240/722D-8030-693B-4A27-5D4E-Y
AM 1200 2008 10.5240/F38E-55EB-1F9B-F797-7E8D-M
Beyond the Dunwich Horror 2008 10.5240/F76A-D7F3-3EB9-058E-640F-Y
Colour from the Dark 2008 10.5240/CE83-835D-B647-22C3-6569-L
Doug Bradley’s Spine Chillers: The Outsider 2008 10.5240/8EB8-0C26-08C7-A5EF-91B7-6
Pickman’s Model 2008 10.5240/1C17-42D8-08DB-CEB5-808E-0
Re-Animator: 1942 2008 10.5240/CCD4-8F5A-4F73-B532-8C78-9
The Book 2008 10.5240/1118-5AFD-58C1-033E-683F-6
The Dunwich Horror 2008 10.5240/4793-2FB3-9C99-1482-090A-V
The Statement of Randolph Carter 2008 10.5240/DAD3-8D5D-2102-9F53-1A09-O
Ex Oblivione 2009 10.5240/D35E-6296-3495-3C65-1F06-B
From the Dark 2009 10.5240/D7FD-4AFC-6E9D-A338-0F00-G
The Horror Vault 2 2009 10.5240/5901-95B4-5831-B521-3A5C-C
The Music of Erich Zann 2009 10.5240/6306-7C56-5F98-8A89-4C16-G
The Music of Erich Zann 2009 10.5240/8C62-4AB0-614D-1DD9-F9B5-9
The Picture in the House 2009 10.5240/16F8-AF77-6BD7-E0BC-9602-K
Fyren 2010 10.5240/6E61-FDF2-8258-5E2D-206A-K
Innsbay 2010 10.5240/5F4B-B139-160F-B79F-239D-I
Mr. Noyes 2010 10.5240/164A-A69D-DA68-C965-7FA8-H
Nekromania 2010 10.5240/32F3-1F25-188B-A793-9306-R
Pickman’s Muse 2010 10.5240/0BCE-76CA-0719-C50A-1C53-I
Tähdet ovat väärin 2010 10.5240/7C4A-FF4D-D651-CAAC-0305-A
The Color Out of Space 2010 10.5240/4E6E-3D10-B63D-C1D8-ADE1-D
The Horror Vault 3 2010 10.5240/A9EA-55AF-25E4-6E1E-F70C-R
The Music of Erich Zann 2010 10.5240/125B-3293-2E7D-500B-C050-5
The Music of Erich Zann 2010 10.5240/E6A7-5563-C695-6F49-B95D-K
The Picture in the House 2010 10.5240/538E-653A-38C9-5560-1A4C-B
The Silver Key 2010 10.5240/2855-7F38-FDAD-28C5-0732-2
The Valdemar Legacy 2010 10.5240/E0F0-2701-8DC1-AFCC-E7AA-M
The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow 2010 10.5240/A6BB-3BCF-CBCF-E8DA-1BDD-H
Three Shadows 2010 10.5240/D3AB-8FFD-5049-A82E-4E03-6
Vigor Mortis 2010 10.5240/06AF-2237-F421-C3BC-922F-1
H.P. Lovecraft’s the Silver Key 2011 10.5240/138D-7975-A513-313E-A9F5-B
Hunters of the Dark 2011 10.5240/8004-CAFD-CBAA-F2EF-0E88-E
Shadow Beyond Time 2011 10.5240/7493-DE3D-E43A-B85F-4154-R
Shadow of the Unnamable 2011 10.5240/CA58-FBF4-1D23-DDB4-2ABE-Z
The Curse of Yig 2011 10.5240/CCAB-C657-0A0A-1261-2012-O
The Evil Clergymen 2011 10.5240/F45F-D9A5-3517-6108-DE66-3
The Music of Erich Zann 2011 10.5240/ACCE-9DCA-9160-C41F-E7F7-1
The Whisperer in Darkness 2011 10.5240/8C69-636C-1F1D-6C5B-C905-4
In Between 2012 10.5240/DAC1-306F-1C5F-25F9-1F27-5
Muerte cerebral 2012 10.5240/8364-5F37-D72D-1DF5-9CE9-P
Night Gaunts 2012 10.5240/EB35-DD8A-41A6-DAF0-D04D-E
Pickman’s Model 2012 10.5240/A3CD-881D-97D4-9906-8C87-G
The Evil Clergyman 2012 10.5240/EA12-7D18-BFA2-E6CD-5494-6
The Music of Jo Hyeja 2012 10.5240/7E4C-35F9-62C4-16F3-39E6-Z
The Shadow Out of Time 2012 10.5240/87EB-882F-A15C-829E-1810-0
The Terrible Old Man 2012 10.5240/746F-C64A-DF4B-6135-66BD-O
Banshee Chapter 2013 10.5240/D312-49C7-1C9A-A314-C73C-U
Marquis: Into the Murky Depths 2013 10.5240/8B93-DE42-B03B-673A-B77D-I
Mictlantecuhtli 2013 10.5240/DB07-3408-3A21-5102-990A-M
Subb Niggurath 2013 10.5240/292E-84BC-114C-C6E4-D994-4
The Deep Ones 2013 10.5240/3632-A3F6-D965-3D81-3B2A-L
The Picture in the House 2013 10.5240/989F-88ED-C4F7-3CE2-D4F5-2
Call Girl of Cthulhu 2014 10.5240/85F3-7FCF-72F3-8DC5-6CB0-W
El modelo de Pickman 2014 10.5240/2AE1-3B81-6A89-A811-FF59-A
From Beyond 2014 10.5240/19CC-A96D-54F5-9A27-9F38-D
Memory 2014 10.5240/8284-0BC9-D9F3-2BBF-2CDD-I
Miskatonic University 2014 10.5240/0B25-D1C3-80C9-4D9E-588F-P
Spring 2014 10.5240/4ECC-2C17-8A6C-D588-18B6-S
Strange Aeons 2014 10.5240/2194-5BA6-1350-FAB7-2417-U
The Deep End 2014 10.5240/4103-DEB8-7059-B9BB-8DA9-E
The Music of Erich Zann 2014 10.5240/5BFB-6B78-F12B-361C-1FBF-P
The Terrible Old Man 2014 10.5240/3975-D803-BE35-1AD0-2376-G
13 Weird Stories 2015 10.5240/4832-138E-282B-FE2A-87AF-8
Innsmouth 2015 10.5240/1684-2483-ED8E-94F4-4F0F-Y
La noche del océano 2015 10.5240/EBC4-BE73-B6BD-1F3E-E71F-2
L’Appel de Cthulhu 2015 10.5240/B826-FDAE-9D86-C1B4-A86C-5
Pickman’s Model 2015 10.5240/A090-E48B-1826-EAFB-8EEB-P
Portal to Hell!!! 2015 10.5240/5EE9-BBF6-A121-CAB6-C04F-A
The Craft: Based on the Life & Work of H.P. Lovecraft 2015 10.5240/12A8-5A4F-C0C0-6AC9-BAD3-4
The Haunter of the Dark 2015 10.5240/5ACF-5879-E0A1-7C50-B282-E
The Last Case of August T. Harrison 2015 10.5240/CDA1-E129-6B54-3EE3-937E-R
The Miskatonic Files 2015 10.5240/71C1-762C-0F87-6D6C-2E36-Y
The Picture in the House 2015 10.5240/8844-9A2F-5C54-309F-920E-N
The Stranger Who Came from the Deep 2015 10.5240/4876-1114-A920-B8D8-3F50-6
The Terrible Old Man 2015 10.5240/574C-FC18-E00B-FEBD-E708-T
“The Unnamable” 2016 10.5240/D4AA-B300-BA0F-07F3-F566-A
At the Mountains of Madness 2016 10.5240/5A60-2DC5-5C64-D7FC-733A-7
Azathoth 2016 10.5240/B8E1-B6E7-CC1B-3911-A93E-U
Blasted Heath 2016 10.5240/68D3-BE0F-7149-3F23-3ABE-9
Dead Tongues 2016 10.5240/4218-DBE1-989F-3267-0CDF-O
H.P. Lovecraft’s the Beast in the Cave 2016 10.5240/03E5-FBD0-4AA3-17AE-071C-A
Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom 2016 10.5240/73CC-BD03-C21C-D144-E9B0-F
Hypnos 2016 10.5240/0073-A3D7-A35E-EFE2-A4A0-Z
Return to Providence 2016 10.5240/6809-2D31-5A33-D11E-7647-1
Sandra Munt’s Adventure 2016 10.5240/B0DD-0A24-1684-A7B9-2E9A-A
The Music of Erich Zann 2016 10.5240/85EF-D9A2-BC57-0AA8-66C9-Z
The Strange Case of Lucio Belmonte 2016 10.5240/33A6-E18E-02A4-DEC7-82C1-V
The Void 2016 10.5240/554C-7B27-E6C0-8FD7-A678-W
“The Book by H.P. Lovecraft” 2017 10.5240/C706-DE22-36DD-AD97-0F42-W
H.P. Lovecraft’s the Terrible Old Man 2017 10.5240/FFC5-34C5-9A58-5A4F-AC97-8
Herbert West: Re-Animator 2017 10.5240/5ECC-14D0-1DEE-972F-4CFF-8
Howard Lovecraft & the Undersea Kingdom 2017 10.5240/67F8-00AB-644A-36ED-E5D4-R
Josephine 2017 10.5240/33CC-89D4-E684-9B9C-327A-C
Lake Vostok: At the Mountains of Madness 2017 10.5240/E06A-F2AD-7717-F9A5-09D0-E
L’Appel de Cthulhu: L’île 2017 10.5240/B826-FDAE-9D86-C1B4-A86C-5
Les Aliénés de Cthulhu 2017 10.5240/E6ED-CFD0-2EB7-AE0A-FF69-S
Pyos 2017 10.5240/1C70-8AB1-8726-AB33-30A4-G
Skuggan över Innfyr 2017 10.5240/52F5-C885-2412-6857-AD73-F
Sound from the Deep 2017 10.5240/8615-9AB2-E244-A097-A0B4-7
The Colour Out of Space 2017 10.5240/32E3-F43C-0085-AE45-F5D3-M
The Colour Out of Space 2017 10.5240/4C0C-426D-0F61-5105-1B5B-2
The Haunter of the Dark II 2017 10.5240/FBD4-434C-E691-21B6-3E9E-0
The Music of Erich Zann 2017 10.5240/EAE7-AA31-C5C7-D3FD-8811-T
The Ritual 2017 10.5240/9C6A-2EBD-42BE-37A3-2DBE-7
The Transition of Juan Romero 2017 10.5240/12D8-986F-0732-773B-05E6-A
Vägen till Necronomicon 2017 10.5240/639E-4224-DBB7-4711-EBF4-C
A estranha casa na bruma 2018 10.5240/FCD6-0E6F-01FA-BFBF-D76C-3
At the Mountains of Madness 2018 10.5240/7B9D-AB12-4A00-10A0-25D2-S
Behind 2018 10.5240/EC90-3B3B-3DCC-B56A-4261-7
Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game 2018 10.5240/4A6F-FB70-2919-B382-E5AA-O
Cthulhu Aventures 2018 10.5240/CDBD-F455-9986-F1F1-AD76-I
Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness 2018 10.5240/1449-610B-D572-4BAE-7E32-9
Miskatonic 1927 2018 10.5240/CB5A-8910-E14B-0272-66E9-O
Psychopompos 2018 10.5240/836F-847E-B4D3-0560-1CD6-C
“H.P. Lovecraft” 2019 10.5240/A24B-C0B5-4D53-AACE-78CD-I
“Pickman’s Model” 2019 10.5240/4760-73F3-0844-A227-85BA-C
Backwoods 2019 10.5240/C80D-E3D1-9FD2-3879-8655-G
Color Out of Space 2019 10.5240/A55D-3854-B2B6-FF4E-17BE-3
Curious Matter Anthology 2019 10.5240/3EC0-E313-0209-78BE-4A1B-J
Innsmouth x 2019 10.5240/F8EF-55C9-4C28-D234-3B5D-V
La maison de la sorcière 2019 10.5240/7A88-E376-1433-CD5A-87E9-B
The Garden 2019 10.5240/BAE9-9D55-1B10-7290-7067-N
The Music of Erich Zann 2019 10.5240/C3D1-749A-8E69-85D7-65E1-O
The Outsider 2019 10.5240/4D15-950F-9EF4-B14F-8BD4-4
The Picture in the House 2019 10.5240/F245-68E5-4C5E-4683-2AFA-C
The Statement of Randolph Carter 2019 10.5240/1A9A-9752-3386-EFDD-EDB6-0
The Terrible Old Man 2019 10.5240/65E5-EB2F-37B7-065F-8973-5
The Terror at Blue John Gap 2019 10.5240/9AB7-E28A-5180-0244-7FDC-R
Underwater 2019 10.5240/0749-B081-6880-24EB-C299-F
“H.P Lovecraft POWER HOUR” 2020 10.5240/0520-06D1-7902-4A39-9CE2-L
“Horror polar” 2020 10.5240/B30A-7B41-3498-3844-663F-R
“Música y horror” 2020 10.5240/04AB-86E4-31D0-E512-2F04-2
Black Goat 2020 10.5240/E489-7A3C-958D-2D81-D99C-8
Castle Freak 2020 10.5240/C676-82C7-A41C-B8D6-1E2C-A
Chaos from the Old World. Part II 2020 10.5240/654C-7D2D-8CD6-1354-F0D6-C
Lovecraft Country 2020 10.5240/CC6D-1705-8A4F-2B20-1D68-9
Markham 2020 10.5240/AE08-928B-C8E0-809C-E78B-2
Sacrifice 2020 10.5240/88E9-AD7F-3B40-5DA5-1224-U
Tales from the Grave: The Movie 2020 10.5240/B2A5-B726-7A72-6CE4-A1BB-F
The Black Tome of Alsophocus 2020 10.5240/EBA5-EF8B-179D-03CA-8253-3
The Deep Ones 2020 10.5240/BF4C-E0A1-1340-D680-4E2E-D
The Ghost Writer Show – The Call of Cthulhu 2020 10.5240/DFD0-1C98-0343-1138-1814-R
The Haunter of the Dark III 2020 10.5240/1069-098E-E059-D3B3-0560-Z
Till A’ the Seas 2020 10.5240/A3D3-9748-2A52-E217-C15E-L
“El Extraño” 2021 10.5240/51C8-13B7-7A29-5DDB-9581-W
“El Libro” 2021 10.5240/C3FB-BB8A-68CE-0314-DF37-X
“Lo sobrenatural” 2021 10.5240/4395-7258-CD8E-6642-482A-8
“Los sueños” 2021 10.5240/24F0-0C18-8C9F-A235-C56D-B
At the Mountains of Madness 2021 10.5240/BCB4-BF9A-1A5D-3B15-96BA-3
Beyond the Wall of Sleep 2021 10.5240/7506-F9AB-7C0B-63E5-EE8B-N
Ctulhu 2. Battle for the future 2021 10.5240/ED11-81A3-D507-C97F-C16B-3
Ctulhu. Rise from the sea 2021 10.5240/B356-6AF5-AF68-A81B-7C04-0
Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft 2021 10.5240/7776-BF3F-6C80-AF9E-32BB-Y
El Extraño 2021 10.5240/51C8-13B7-7A29-5DDB-9581-W
Scary Stories Around the Fire 2021 10.5240/08A8-77C7-4126-C1FC-426F-K
The Abyss of the Soul 2021 10.5240/67D1-2BF8-3EAD-56D3-641D-Q
The Chilling Tales of Yuletide 2021 10.5240/D3E8-E3ED-99E7-188D-79C0-S
“Dreams in the Witch House” 2022 10.5240/C5ED-9391-E5AD-C211-8B10-M
“Pickman’s Model” 2022 10.5240/B727-C1AB-5980-2EF5-2BE1-O
“The Cats of Ulthar” 2022 10.5240/6B3A-461A-40B9-F84C-A483-F
Alle Montagne Della Follia 2022 10.5240/87C3-3943-EAC5-ED9A-AFE0-N
At the Mountains of Madness 2022 10.5240/3CC7-D543-291B-E311-5715-K
Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities 2022 10.5240/38F1-CCFD-BA8C-109E-8454-R
Kalyazin. City of the Ctulhu 2022 10.5240/8561-46D3-C9F1-2AD3-4220-X
Pickman’s Model 2022 10.5240/AF4E-5160-0DF7-7CA4-2F72-D
The Colour Out of Space 2022 10.5240/EDB6-E86D-CA03-E53B-3467-E
The Estate 2022 10.5240/BFA9-0E05-07D9-EF6B-5411-4
The Hound 2022 10.5240/BA16-072D-657C-B3D0-49F6-0
The Nameless City by H.P. Lovecraft 2022 10.5240/B4C9-62D7-AE2C-236A-7412-O
The Terrible Old Man by H.P. Lovecraft 2022 10.5240/ECCD-5EE5-590A-D877-A6A0-L
When the Earth Gives Up the Dead 2022 10.5240/EDA2-9599-0E64-9D5B-CA41-S
Ancient Lore 2023 10.5240/F9AE-DAA8-7EA4-CE45-5E2C-W
Dissociation 2023 10.5240/EBD5-B5F3-3F0D-CCB9-3FB0-9
Ex Oblivione 2023 10.5240/D896-6B73-B536-93F2-16D4-5
H.P. Lovecraft’s Celephaïs 2023 10.5240/7B50-E17E-2416-F0CD-F9AC-K
Suitable Flesh 2023 10.5240/D0B6-63C3-0DF7-D5FB-CCCD-3