The EIDR coalition is organized as an industry nonprofit that is governed by a Board of Directors, and comprises of key stakeholders from content owners, video post-production houses, content distributors, retailers, entertainment services and technology provider companies. The EIDR Board sets overall policy for the operations of EIDR.

The registry welcomes participation of stakeholders in the international movie and TV digital distribution ecosystem.

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Levels of EIDR Membership

Industry Promoter

The Industry Promoter membership is intended for industry leaders wishing to actively participate in the development and governance of the registry. Promoters get a seat on the advisory board, the ability to chair working groups, participation in marketing activities of the organization, eligibility for board membership, voting rights and all the benefits of a Basic User at the highest tier.  All Industry Promoters pay the same annual fee and sign a Participation Agreement agreeing to the IPR and other policies of EIDR.


The Contributor membership is for organizations that wish to participate in the working groups and technical planning of the registry, but do not have voting rights.  Contributors take part in advisory board meetings and other working group meetings, participate in marketing activities of the organization, and have all the benefits of a Basic User, but do not have voting rights and do not participate in board elections.  Contributors pay graduated fees based on the annual revenues of the organization, with smaller organizations eligible for lower rates.  As with Promoters, Contributors sign a Participation Agreement agreeing to the IPR and other policies of EIDR.


Development of the registry is guided by a Technical Advisory Work Group consisting of representatives from members of the coalition. Future development to meet new industry ID requirements also will be guided by participating companies.

Nothing in any of EIDR’s websites or any of its documents that refer to persons associated with it as “Members” shall be construed as meaning members within the meaning of Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Law. There are no members of the corporation under this law, and no such reference shall make anyone a member within the meaning of ORS 65.001(28)