MetaBroadcast CEO Looks to Increase UK EIDR Adoption

Toby Gordon, CEO of automated metadata solutions firm MetaBroadcast, is a big fan of EIDR and how the use of its IDs can benefit every corner of media and entertainment. He’s also confused as to why it’s not more popular in the UK.

“Frankly, we’ve been surprised by the lack of EIDR adoption in the UK to date, and we don’t understand why, given the compelling reasons for using EIDR,” he said April 13 during a presentation at the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting.

Gordon and MetaBroadcast are looking to change that.

MetaBroadcast currently processes metadata for more than 70 UK broadcasters, and the linear and on demand content of 280 channels. This also includes providing API integrations with leading broadcasters, with MetaBroadcast supporting and increasing the adoption and use of EIDR in the UK, using their existing matching processes and content database to auto-register EIDR IDs.

The company’s user interface provides access to MetaBroadcast’s database, including the EIDR registry, available for the broadcaster’s content acquisition and distribution teams, and broadcasters can also use the company to register content for EIDR if no ID is found. MetaBroadcast automates EIDR registrations, as quickly as within three days of broadcast date or availability on a VOD platform.

“We’re well-placed to automate the adoption of EIDR IDs for UK broadcasters,” Gordon said, due to his company’s place in the audience measurement ecosystem, its API integrations with many broadcasters, and its built-in ability to identify whether content is unique and in need of EIDR registration.

Gordon added that he sees broadcasters changing their tune around EIDR adoption “given all the benefits that accrue from using EIDR IDs.”

“If our hypothesis is correct, then we believe proof-of-concept will show this will be a low-cost route for deploying EIDR IDs, increasing their use in the UK,” he said.