EIDR and V2Solutions promote Universal ID adoption


EIDR seeding ecosystem of professional services companies to support member deployment of its Universal ID, B2B Registry

Palo Alto, CA; November 16, 2012.  Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) and V2Solutions have unveiled a cooperative effort to facilitate large-scale universal ID adoption for EIDR member organizations.  To support ongoing registration of member content in the EIDR registry, V2Solutions will offer integrated solutions for Title Matching, Data Clean-Up and Research, API Integration and Registration.

Speaking about the agreement, Don Dulchinos, Executive Director of EIDR, said “As EIDR continues to gain significant momentum and global penetration, service providers like V2Solutions, who focus on operational standardization within enterprises and across the media industry, are invaluable.”  EIDR has a growing developer support community – other EIDR member companies who are actively involved in providing specialized services to the EIDR community may be found at www.eidr.org/technology.

V2Solutions’ range of professional tactical services for EIDR, covering the United States and global territories, includes working with registrants to identify sample POC datasets, ensuring compliance with EIDR data requirements and formats, correcting or adding for missing data, mapping EIDR IDs with registrant’s internal systems (alternate IDs), data escalations and issue resolution, assisting members with API integration, development of workflow tools, and registration of EIDR ID’s.

Dr. Davinder Luthra, who leads the Media business for V2 noted, “We’re committed to adding a highly integrated EIDR solution for the Fortune 500 Media clients we serve. This reinforces our company’s mission to advance the digital supply chain where universal product ID and metadata are the prerequisites for consumer search and content monetization in the Media & Entertainment eco-system.”

About EIDR:
The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) is a nonprofit industry association that was founded by Movielabs, CableLabs, Comcast and Rovi to meet a crucial need across the entertainment supply chain for universal identifiers for a broad array of audio visual objects. For more information please visit www.eidr.org.

About V2Solutions:
A content and technology workhorse for the Digital era, V2Solutions helps the world’s most innovative media and entertainment companies manage global digital assets through content creation, product setup, distribution and monetization via the new connected media landscape.

Davinder Luthra, SVP, [email protected]
Don Dulchinos, Executive Director, [email protected]