The Engineer’s Room: New, For Christmas

There are various debates as to when the Christmas season officially begins. In the US, traditionalists and other right-thinking individuals put it on the Friday after Thanksgiving, introduced by the appearance of Santa Claus at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (For those in countries where “color” has an extra vowel, this all takes place on the Friday after the fourth Thursday in November – let’s just say it’s “late November” to make things easy). The Christmas season then runs until Epiphany Eve (the night before the Feast of the Epiphany), better known as 12th Night, from which we get the 12 days of Christmas.[1] (Christmas’ twelve days don’t build up to Christmas, but actually start with Christmas on December 25th and run through January 5th.)[2] On religious calendars, the period before Christmas is Advent, which runs from the fourth Sunday before Christmas through Christmas Eve.[3]

All of this is by way of background, because if you’re a television executive, the Christmas season began at 12:01am on October 25 when Lifetime kicked off their 2019 Christmas programming by airing Dear Santa (2011), the first of 125 Christmas movies they will play this year. All told, Lifetime will present 1,000 hours of holiday programming including 30 new Christmas movie premiers. Not to be outdone, Hallmark also started their Christmas programming on October 25 with the premiere of A Merry Christmas Match, the first of 40 new Christmas movies they’ll be presenting this year split between the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. They also have several new Christmas specials, including A Very Happy & Friends Yule Log – three hours of Happy Cat and Happy Dog on Christmas Eve in front of (what one presumes will be) a Happy Fire.

Netflix and UPtv enter the hunt for your holiday binge watching attention with at least nine new Christmas programs each, including Let It Snow, which features the most inclusive Christmas pageant since Love, Actually. And, of course, there are several new Christmas movies playing in theaters this year, led by Last Christmas, which features Emilia Clarke in her most un-Khaleesi role since Game of Thrones, playing a department store elf in a Christmas romantic comedy. Rounding out the pack are OWN with three entries, Freeform with two, and ABC, Disney+, ION, and TVOne with one new Christmas movie each.

So, if you’re the sort who can’t get enough Christmas, we invite you to check our list of 2019’s Christmas originals and challenge you to see how many you can see this year.

2019’s Original Christmas Shows

Title Service EIDR ID
A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/C33A-2A9A-3CDC-79AA-7959-A
A Cheerful Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/FE0E-C6DC-5EF5-81D4-7A0D-N
A Christmas Duet Hallmark 10.5240/C47F-E87E-670E-249E-576E-H
A Christmas Miracle Hallmark 10.5240/D6A5-F82E-E099-22A5-193B-U
A Christmas Movie Christmas UPtv 10.5240/6678-F7C8-5186-2D07-B402-9
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Netflix 10.5240/319C-8FC2-7518-E3F9-3E58-L
A Christmas Princess ION 10.5240/6646-69F1-0D6C-46BA-F593-V
A Christmas Recipe for Romance UPtv 10.5240/C818-492A-B10C-6995-4249-H
A Christmas Winter Song Lifetime 10.5240/BCC8-9290-62BD-6E35-71C7-D
A Christmas Wish Lifetime 10.5240/7B77-8A43-B0BE-785D-915B-Z
A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish Netflix 10.5240/F9BD-B9AF-29D5-5F7B-B2E4-P
A Date by Christmas Eve Lifetime 10.5240/5E0D-B4DF-E4FD-A23F-6B38-H
A Family Christmas Gift Hallmark 10.5240/719C-7637-997B-927C-BDD0-X
A Family Reunion Christmas Netflix 10.5240/8986-0311-6B79-8484-FF5D-D
A Godwink Christmas: Meant For Love Hallmark 10.5240/EA71-ABAA-5700-B997-F7D6-T
A Homecoming for the Holidays Hallmark 10.5240/3492-7F44-BEDA-A73D-B6CD-W
A Kitten Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/2574-D222-F488-76BD-9DAD-3
A Merry Christmas Match Hallmark 10.5240/A372-4F4C-1991-5282-5325-A
A Puppy Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/0E67-CF39-C51B-6A81-BFA3-9
A Storybook Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/184A-62F6-8F86-34B1-8577-0
A Sweet Christmas Romance Lifetime 10.5240/AD0D-90A6-A31E-355F-72E2-K
A Very Happy & Friends Yule Log Hallmark 10.5240/3621-9148-27D0-7165-975A-H
A Very Vintage Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/8ECA-7542-A09D-B362-81F4-J
Alice in Christmasland Hallmark 10.5240/9626-A2F2-F3EC-03C3-D285-X
Always and Forever Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/BF0C-7FB7-D828-BDDA-EB6C-E
Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday Hallmark 10.5240/12C2-A788-CFEC-C9D7-C3D2-E
Baby in a Manger UPtv 10.5240/D25A-5E4D-09A0-BD65-4C89-4
Baking Christmas OWN 10.5240/0023-FD3A-45D9-9486-B9BA-7
Black Christmas Theatrical 10.5240/3F51-C460-1C86-E00B-2772-Q
Carole’s Christmas OWN 10.5240/57DC-5B0E-5823-7F5D-4CF3-1
Check Inn to Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/E5A1-FCF6-A7E4-4425-74D6-O
Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 Hallmark 10.5240/299E-0577-8445-99BE-4137-8
Christmas 9 to 5 Lifetime 10.5240/880D-F6D0-69CF-0531-0A3E-C
Christmas A La Mode Lifetime 10.5240/0760-637B-4A7F-FFCF-E00B-Q
Christmas at Dollywood Hallmark 10.5240/F9DB-A196-5D3C-B566-87E9-N
Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays Hallmark 10.5240/9D10-424D-5710-F262-18E3-Y
Christmas at the Plaza Hallmark 10.5240/7806-7B36-A19C-E36A-4022-X
Christmas Chalet UPtv 10.5240/F850-F333-1AF1-5E67-7872-L
Christmas In Evergreen: Tidings of Joy Hallmark 10.5240/721D-32E3-0CE7-7FD4-7039-L
Christmas in Louisiana Lifetime 10.5240/1C99-BF4A-9428-0599-9202-O
Christmas in Montana Hallmark 10.5240/BC50-CAD0-D59D-F0D7-2F28-D
Christmas in Paris UPtv 10.5240/6FF4-6B62-E641-2423-4BDD-V
Christmas In Rome Hallmark 10.5240/4520-C00B-2648-B985-FF8C-7
Christmas Love Letter Lifetime 10.5240/4B13-0058-7143-6A97-E471-U
Christmas on Chestnut Street Hallmark 10.5240/B19C-03A3-2523-A1C5-53DE-3
Christmas On My Mind Hallmark 10.5240/7C88-0B74-11BA-2103-B3D1-D
Christmas Reservations Lifetime 10.5240/8653-9E17-6359-3AB1-9D6B-V
Christmas Scavenger Hunt Hallmark 10.5240/CC45-11A9-ABB3-73A5-5A2F-J
Christmas Stars Lifetime 10.5240/1531-0B62-FFCB-E418-4DED-W
Christmas Town Hallmark 10.5240/E5B8-0366-C7C3-A4A4-A9E4-K
Christmas Under the Stars Hallmark 10.5240/DFD8-DDCB-CFD6-406E-9035-W
Christmas Unleashed Lifetime 10.5240/AECD-7846-56F1-6EF3-9CCA-0
Christmas Wedding Runaway UPtv 10.5240/FFC2-1F2F-E46F-1F6B-8F57-6
Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses Hallmark 10.5240/C06C-402A-ED70-C112-A93F-0
Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal UPtv 10.5240/9D8C-12F1-CF6B-17D4-1319-L
Dear Santa, I Need a Date TVOne 10.5240/7F96-609C-80BE-1EE4-AA0B-V
Double Holiday Hallmark 10.5240/0D62-2F5F-5CA8-EE91-3812-T
Feast of the Seven Fishes Theatrical 10.5240/B5D5-28FC-19EF-95A6-734A-6
Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas Freeform 10.5240/0AC1-9263-F09B-E4C5-8045-P
Grounded for Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/8FC7-1277-72CA-7CCF-DB32-A
Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Concert Hallmark 10.5240/38C0-0AD9-9C0D-E2BC-186E-T
Holiday Date Hallmark 10.5240/1783-E740-1DC7-1ADB-921A-1
Holiday for Heroes Hallmark 10.5240/0A70-F990-39F8-2426-7F60-C
Holiday Hearts Hallmark 10.5240/28CC-EF07-2656-57C2-153C-N
Holiday in the Wild Netflix 10.5240/E7FA-20E0-9D39-5DE6-9FA5-M
Holiday Rush Netflix 10.5240/E6B5-56D2-5781-2BBE-AE83-O
Holly’s Holiday Hallmark 10.5240/3081-0C5A-DA21-EDD3-3A4C-4
Hollywood Christmas Parade Hallmark 10.5240/681D-4305-F0A0-C736-362C-I
Home for Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/D1D9-F4A7-91CA-4276-19C3-Q
How Sarah Got Her Wings Hallmark 10.5240/CDED-A1D5-CC47-87E2-843F-C
It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/DA4B-4E86-9978-7ACC-659E-K
Klaus Netflix 10.5240/4837-928C-F13D-AEB0-2C13-A
Last Christmas Theatrical 10.5240/0931-C9BE-79EC-E101-0E09-R
Let it Snow Netflix 10.5240/2931-D549-7687-1D68-B861-T
Matchmaker Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/F58B-9794-513C-D2AD-78BF-E
Merry & Bright Hallmark 10.5240/FE04-80C9-91F3-FDA7-8EFE-M
Merry Happy Whatever Netflix 10.5240/B42F-57F3-7B9B-FC69-A662-Z
Merry Kissmas Hallmark 10.5240/FD20-439E-99B1-B817-127E-3
Merry Liddle Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/9CED-82CD-C910-AE58-0BF3-K
Mistletoe & Menorahs Lifetime 10.5240/42C1-8067-E294-38B5-ACF7-S
My One Christmas Wish Hallmark 10.5240/125D-F62B-5B92-FF62-9CD9-3
New Year, New Me Hallmark 10.5240/A7B2-2387-A93E-7818-6ADE-B
No Time Like Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/BBC4-71D8-4783-C98A-7E88-W
Noelle Disney+ 10.5240/DD61-B077-9BF4-3B9E-93B3-2
Nostalgic Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/BE11-96E7-E446-210B-1831-X
One Fine Christmas OWN 10.5240/7BE7-1D1E-9C9E-16C7-07E9-Y
Our Christmas Love Song Hallmark 10.5240/7647-A008-A996-E82E-7C07-8
Picture a Perfect Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/C2DD-9048-DF27-911A-31C2-4
Project Christmas Joy Hallmark 10.5240/A963-896F-B77D-7DD9-121C-E
Radio Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/D24D-F8D6-72A0-66BA-62FF-3
Random Acts of Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/0C19-41A2-134A-08A4-6BD2-T
Rediscovering Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/B823-398B-3228-F569-6A4F-I
Rock N’ Roll Christmas UPtv 10.5240/EDD9-5B0F-0944-613C-618D-M
Same Time, Next Christmas ABC 10.5240/AA31-CFE8-B6DE-3E55-C9A4-K
Santa Girl Netflix 10.5240/48C8-E995-73D4-DEAD-D915-D
Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen Hallmark 10.5240/B7EA-19A0-FC9D-88F0-3F5B-7
Snowbound for Christmas UPtv 10.5240/CE56-3994-543F-9F2A-429E-E
Staging Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/1C72-0B7D-C315-B886-F52F-9
Sweet Mountain Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/12D3-5F37-05C8-7346-7DF1-L
The Christmas Club Hallmark 10.5240/6EA5-0ED2-C268-319E-2D3F-8
The Christmas Hotel Lifetime 10.5240/94BC-CBDE-92A5-6A4C-110B-3
The Christmas Song Hallmark 10.5240/ACAD-37B1-E148-83BB-F3C5-I
The Christmas Temp Lifetime 10.5240/D50E-CDA8-F15F-9FAF-A9C8-Z
The Knight Before Christmas Netflix 10.5240/1AB8-AEE3-BEFC-2EBD-8DBD-W
The Magical Christmas Shoes Lifetime 10.5240/22D9-70F4-30AB-DDB3-2AEC-4
The Mistletoe Secret Hallmark 10.5240/F47C-6E2A-F914-B50F-1AEF-E
The Road Home for Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/A53E-0638-C122-DBC0-714E-Y
Time for You to Come Home for Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/63A7-05B3-3735-213B-A2D5-4
Turkey Drop Freeform 10.5240/60F4-F726-5577-ADE2-7E0B-Y
Twinkle All the Way Lifetime 10.5240/99EA-FFDF-283B-8D2A-352F-Z
Two Turtle Doves Hallmark 10.5240/E5E8-8DAB-3DA9-CBC1-E2FE-T
Write Before Christmas Hallmark 10.5240/B92C-E228-AB02-D63E-9859-G
You Light Up My Christmas Lifetime 10.5240/CB20-BD7F-0332-4B00-4A4F-P


[1] Since 1984, PNC has calculated the cost of giving the “12 gifts of Christmas” as referenced in the traditional Christmas carol. For 2019, it will set you back $38,993.59 US to buy all the referenced gifts at brick-and-mortar retail outlets – or $42,259.91 US if you buy them online due to the added costs of shipping.

[2] Some think that 12 Night is January 6, but they’re just wrong.

[3] This means Advent has a variable number of days each year – to simplify things, the makers of Advent calendars use a fixed number of days counting from December 1st. The exact number of days varies between 24 and 24, depending on if you count Christmas Day itself.