The Engineer’s Room: Try to Remember… September

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.[1]

Many people only know Jerry Orbach as Detective Lennie Briscoe from his 12 years on the TV series Law & Order and its several spin-offs. What they may not know is that Orbach was also a Tony Award-winning actor who first came to fame in musical theater. He got his start on Broadway where he originated the roles of Billy Flynn in Chicago, Julian Marsh in 42nd Street, Chuck Baxter in Promises, Promises, and El Gallo in The Fantasticks, which opened with him singing the American standard “Try to Remember.”

If you only knew Jerry Orbach as a dramatic actor, you’re not alone. According to Orbach:

When I first began in this business I was doing a lot of musical theater but the problem was that people wouldn’t hire me outside of that. I wasn’t being taken seriously as an actor so I started taking more dramatic roles and serious acting jobs and eventually it got to the point where people were saying, “I really like his stuff. Does he sing?”

Disney must have known he could both act and sing because even as he was starting his association with the Law & Order franchise (first cast as defense attorney Frank Lehrman) he was tapped to provide the voice of Lumiere, the butler-cum-candelabra in Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast (1991).

In recognition of his many years of stage work, Orbach was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 1999. He was also named a New York City “living landmark” by the New York Landmarks Conservancy in 2002. During his life, he held records for portraying the longest running character in American primetime live-action television and for the most musical stage performances of any living actor. On December 29, 2004, the day after Orbach’s death at 69 following a decade-long battle with prostate cancer, the lights of Broadway were dimmed in his honor.

Over the course of his career, Jerry Orbach amassed an impressive filmography covering some 173 different film, television, and video game projects – all of which we’re happy to say are identified within the EIDR Content ID Registry.

Jerry Orbach’s Filmography

Title Type Year EIDR ID
10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards TV 2004 10.5240/E29F-1000-DDDD-B06E-5F64-O
11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards TV 2005 10.5240/7A7D-ADD6-01B8-2A5E-C53C-T
1995 Miss North America Pageant TV 1995 10.5240/84A1-124F-2043-5ECD-3D77-Y
4th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards TV 1998 10.5240/EF90-685A-1270-1106-E67F-J
5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards TV 1999 10.5240/FE49-7FEB-434C-004B-724E-G
A Different Look at ‘Law & Order’ Supp. 2006 10.5240/322B-3BE4-1D2B-DC09-C215-W
A Fan’s Notes Movie 1972 10.5240/85EB-8673-E447-D6B6-0CFF-6
A Gnome Named Gnorm Movie 1990 10.5240/79B9-5AF8-AFAF-D991-1905-E
Aladdin and the King of Thieves TV 1996 10.5240/0083-5D37-F387-0E67-DD2D-9
Alex and the Doberman Gang TV 1980 10.5240/E491-8324-FDAE-B916-D142-N
American Experience Series 1988 10.5240/7B3D-8865-5AB3-3B00-FAC3-C
America’s Top Sleuths TV 2006 10.5240/E6DF-7594-3ED1-7338-E91F-S
An Invasion of Privacy TV 1983 10.5240/61E3-CD73-9A7B-6A49-1D96-Q
Annie Get Your Gun TV 1967 10.5240/8DE1-724C-FD0A-E0DA-F532-Y
Badge of Courage: Police Officer of the Year TV 2000 10.5240/80FA-A524-282A-7531-8965-N
Beauty and the Beast Movie 1991 10.5240/5FBC-710D-032C-675C-C432-R
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas TV 1997 10.5240/B139-26E5-3A3F-67C2-EC6F-G
Belle’s Magical World TV 1997 10.5240/2FC3-0889-F13A-959F-50AB-5
Belle’s Tales of Friendship TV 1999 10.5240/2BD3-7398-4897-6FA0-266B-6
Biography Series 1987 10.5240/3F6C-2476-3987-6190-7E2D-V
Black Death TV 1992 10.5240/D8FB-B5B9-9DCB-79F7-E2B7-A
Brewster’s Millions Movie 1985 10.5240/591A-D856-8B47-940D-54B8-0
Broadway Bound TV 1992 10.5240/860F-FF2D-FBC5-B44A-3B2C-C
Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age TV 2018 10.5240/E2D5-F647-5F67-D914-0F0A-E
Broadway: The American Musical Series 2004–2004 10.5240/F18C-B228-351A-181F-3644-3
Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There TV 2004 10.5240/6166-3008-86F3-4637-D489-N
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Series 1979–1981 10.5240/2917-D97A-3B70-388D-9325-Q
Bye Bye Birdie Movie 1963 10.5240/ED79-5219-84C5-D7B1-D395-5
California Casanova Movie 1991 10.5240/31DC-E312-298D-BAED-8306-9
Camera Three Series 1956–1979 10.5240/26AF-84A2-A3BF-7550-46FA-N
Chinese Coffee Movie 2000 10.5240/F05D-7F8F-3981-8306-EB9A-J
Cop Hater Movie 1958 10.5240/F793-5E17-FF49-D562-D302-N
Crimes and Misdemeanors Movie 1989 10.5240/C570-3B3A-F665-8EDB-8ECA-Q
Dead Women in Lingerie Movie 1991 10.5240/9598-CD7A-2DDC-3A3F-0DFF-R
Deadly Nightmares Series 1983 10.5240/4D5A-633C-5D08-6F54-808D-A
Delirious Movie 1991 10.5240/DDF6-53DB-5FAC-47F1-7827-X
Delusion Movie 1991 10.5240/0F07-EBA7-4C4B-EF56-9038-G
Diana Series 1973–1974 10.5240/C589-C43A-867C-0FD4-62B2-Y
Dirty Dancing Movie 1987 10.5240/D6FC-3C2D-4ECA-3E60-53C8-E
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Be Our Guest TV 1992 10.5240/274D-603A-E8B3-0EB1-23B9-O
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Friend Like Me TV 1993 10.5240/8661-33C2-813F-09C6-F986-V
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs TV 1988 10.5240/9FE5-19DF-5E0B-0506-53D1-J
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Magical Ballroom Game 2000 10.5240/0749-82C1-FBF1-8DDE-F44D-T
Dream West Series 1986 10.5240/F406-8F32-FC47-7B68-5F8B-A
E! True Hollywood Story Series 1996 10.5240/935A-D783-8F40-7476-F572-W
Empty Nest Series 1988–1995 10.5240/6EC4-5206-7F3F-C119-8DD6-9
Encounters with the Unexplained Series 2000–2002 10.5240/0F60-5D3C-AC89-DEAB-6708-G
Exiled TV 1998 10.5240/74F8-AB27-014C-6FEA-2508-H
F/X Movie 1986 10.5240/E0E0-8B61-2C86-E5B5-185F-9
Foreplay Movie 1975 10.5240/6C16-2EAD-4812-C43D-F63F-3
Fox and Friends Series 1998 10.5240/E168-D8BA-F152-3532-CAA9-3
Frasier Series 1993–2004 10.5240/8D06-C49C-719B-E47D-EE0C-Q
From Stage to Screen: The History of Chicago TV 2005 10.5240/43C9-9BB6-CFAD-7E61-076E-K
Great Performances Series 1972 10.5240/9219-D8A2-7E01-D3C9-6DED-M
Greenwich Village: A World Apart Short 2015 10.5240/3B1A-840F-5F2E-8AA8-8D14-6
Homicide: Life on the Street Series 1993–1999 10.5240/161B-EFA4-4038-9BF8-8A18-3
House of Mouse Series 2001 10.5240/480A-EA7B-875A-C044-783F-6
Hunter Series 1984–1991 10.5240/D6F7-4BF7-88FD-E1DA-23BA-X
I Love N.Y. Movie 1987 10.5240/7621-405A-673E-8626-8702-G
In Defense of a Married Man TV 1990 10.5240/942E-7A97-54FA-C8E4-399A-V
In Performance at the White House: A Salute to Broadway – The Shows TV 1988 10.5240/6C03-9D21-CF31-2CC3-7322-Y
Irving Berlin’s 100th Birthday Celebration TV 1988 10.5240/B39E-4749-DA7B-8AA5-FF75-Y
Jeopardy! Series 1984 10.5240/0EAC-1D09-09B6-75D7-86C1-P
Jerry Orbach Tribute Supp. 2005 10.5240/92E8-0E23-F16B-EA20-D45E-B
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! Movie 1964 10.5240/800D-91A7-6045-1048-C38F-X
Kojak Series 1973–1978 10.5240/591F-4433-65BC-6C24-428F-U
Kojak: None So Blind TV 1990 10.5240/E40E-5D25-E004-8DC4-A68A-N
Larry King Live Series 1985–2010 10.5240/9D86-2610-95E2-BB46-B4E3-F
Last Exit to Brooklyn Movie 1990 10.5240/80B6-D716-3FB3-0337-AF97-7
Late Night with Conan O’Brien Series 1993–2009 10.5240/C385-A13D-4012-C5A3-0816-I
Late Night with Conan O’Brien: 10th Anniversary Special TV 2003 10.5240/0FFE-60B0-1078-A593-61CB-W
Later with Bob Costas Series 1988–1994 10.5240/65A8-ABC9-1E9A-288C-E6E8-N
Law & Order Series 1990–2010 10.5240/B270-AFE2-581F-6684-975B-5
Law & Order II: Double or Nothing Game 2003 10.5240/15BC-CE9B-DD30-5D2A-CCF5-I
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Series 2001 10.5240/8C9E-4AA3-0A85-F81B-9CB4-F
Law & Order: Dead on the Money Game 2002 10.5240/B51A-63FB-F1A3-E995-C642-8
Law & Order: Justice Is Served Game 2004 10.5240/86B2-421E-A036-A3C6-A336-M
Law & Order: Set Tour with Jerry Orbach Supp. 2004 10.5240/4291-144A-5E95-FE6B-E9AD-S
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Series 1999 10.5240/04BC-E052-52C8-5131-7B5F-J
Law & Order: The First 3 Years TV 2004 10.5240/A8CF-8E40-5034-2CE3-06FA-V
Law & Order: Trial by Jury Series 2005–2006 10.5240/DDD6-5AD4-7CEC-D462-9472-F
Love Among Thieves TV 1987 10.5240/BCDA-7124-2322-5C2F-47A5-8
Love, American Style Series 1969 10.5240/6FC2-80F6-D67F-791A-D452-Q
Macy’s 54th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade TV 1980 10.5240/DA1C-5A3E-0AC4-EEA9-07D2-V
Mad Dog Coll Movie 1961 10.5240/5FFB-5C94-9590-D199-A69A-Y
Manna from Heaven Movie 2002 10.5240/44D5-1F8D-3B29-C13E-AAC3-E
Mastergate TV 1992 10.5240/1D6D-1374-B825-B083-FFA1-1
Medical Center Series 1969 10.5240/8363-3176-3A07-67AA-7B87-R
Mickey’s PhilharMagic Short 2003 10.5240/19C8-243A-DFEC-DD91-B282-F
Mitzi… A Tribute to the American Housewife TV 1974 10.5240/801B-3D9D-E422-1F5C-98D5-L
Mr. Saturday Night Movie 1992 10.5240/3FA2-58E6-08C1-12F4-4E4C-U
Murder, She Wrote Series 1984–1996 10.5240/FA26-74E4-6C72-65D4-651D-7
Night of 100 Stars TV 1982 10.5240/B5D2-37AA-1482-0C50-7EDF-A
Night of 100 Stars II TV 1985 10.5240/CD8B-62E7-A423-6A39-25BF-Y
One Life to Live Series 1968 10.5240/E5C0-6BF8-A0B4-5F4A-A54D-3
Our Family Honor Series 1985 10.5240/ABBD-1452-4255-D8B5-C467-Q
Out for Justice Movie 1991 10.5240/DD92-D08A-AF7D-8E28-63D6-3
Out on a Limb Series 1987 10.5240/5012-694C-0A66-97F4-BBB8-T
Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder TV 1989 10.5240/CE0A-29E2-F033-CE21-A498-Y
Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter TV 1991 10.5240/87DD-52C9-5779-0092-13E8-M
Plaza Suite TV 1982 10.5240/87F6-0C64-5F25-D40E-7736-F
Prince of Central Park Movie 2000 10.5240/4EAE-E75C-6135-091F-AE6C-G
Prince of the City Movie 1981 10.5240/F1B0-B774-1F33-5881-056D-5
Prince of the City: The Real Story TV 2007 10.5240/F37F-710F-7D7C-25D1-D7B8-2
Protesters TV 2004 10.5240/A804-52E2-747A-AE15-C817-6
Reading Rainbow Series 1983 10.5240/8ADD-9F6E-DA6C-F677-B63F-E
Ryan’s Hope Series 1975–1989 10.5240/2976-9C6C-0815-2B8D-2A3E-F
Sally Jessy Raphael Series 1983 10.5240/A713-9C4A-25D2-37FF-5646-G
Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind TV 1999 10.5240/48AB-8896-773F-1261-A9F6-C
Showbiz Today Series 1984–2002 10.5240/5302-6251-80E8-6619-3F29-0
Simon & Simon Series 1981 10.5240/FF57-F356-9570-95D7-5600-V
Someone to Watch Over Me Movie 1987 10.5240/8C04-6064-E3C3-F22A-3256-C
Straight Talk Movie 1992 10.5240/1B07-C913-78D4-D265-FFAF-U
Super Password Series 1984–2014 10.5240/5908-0D8C-5A2A-653E-0171-6
Tale as Old as Time: The Making of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Supp. 1991 10.5240/8E5F-5AB5-1269-2944-781A-M
Tales from the Darkside Series 1984 10.5240/73AD-C8EF-452A-8745-D093-9
Temps Movie 1999 10.5240/AAFD-456B-4C20-05A9-3102-Q
The 23rd Annual Tony Awards TV 1969 10.5240/D2E3-604C-EEDC-3138-DF16-4
The 27th Annual Tony Awards TV 1973 10.5240/7308-2A67-F305-5C93-E8D1-R
The 30th Annual Tony Awards TV 1976 10.5240/EDA3-F824-74BC-4BF9-8F58-H
The 35th Annual Tony Awards TV 1981 10.5240/4832-4EC5-958E-82F3-15FC-W
The 37th Annual Tony Awards TV 1983 10.5240/55C0-5EC9-B76C-B6A4-AEDE-M
The 44th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards TV 1992 10.5240/3792-62BB-E080-814D-28C0-4
The 45th Annual Directors Guild Awards TV 1993 10.5240/CF8D-990D-0FA9-9EEA-9891-9
The 45th Annual Golden Globe Awards TV 1988 10.5240/2A6B-B2B0-7532-0B95-7B6F-2
The 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards TV 2002 10.5240/4658-F7B7-B86A-F3DB-DC8A-C
The 56th Annual Tony Awards TV 2002 10.5240/1B48-9B79-E858-0814-3DF6-3
The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards TV 2005 10.5240/49ED-3B1D-5681-CB21-D9D9-R
The 64th Annual Academy Awards TV 1992 10.5240/43EA-C52C-5C5E-114D-3839-O
The 77th Annual Academy Awards TV 2005 10.5240/C20D-40A9-249C-1442-1CE8-P
The Acting Class Movie 2000 10.5240/AAB7-73C0-A767-47B9-521D-J
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Series 1986 10.5240/CABE-7DD1-0F47-DC6C-B2F5-6
The Best of Everything TV 1983 10.5240/2EBB-9CCE-0948-602B-31DE-H
The Bob Braun Show Series 1967–1984 10.5240/14B2-0685-61A0-A384-FD88-U
The Cemetery Club Movie 1993 10.5240/DB4E-FA0A-D10C-B2A6-D34F-U
The David Frost Show Series 1969–1972 10.5240/8D65-0673-173B-BE43-487B-2
The Defenders Series 1961–1965 10.5240/D0B1-3DE0-D94E-8CCB-5ED8-T
The Ed Sullivan Show Series 1948–1971 10.5240/1AE2-1545-E59E-FF05-4382-Q
The Flamingo Kid TV 1989 10.5240/37B4-80E9-0D19-9572-8200-Q
The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight Movie 1971 10.5240/6F81-B3BF-8441-5474-DA27-O
The Golden Girls Series 1985–1992 10.5240/A1F2-F3E8-974D-53B2-8C72-T
The Howard Stern Radio Show Series 1998–2001 10.5240/2309-4CC4-18E2-3550-7CF9-K
The Hunt TV 2001 10.5240/4DB2-6D4F-C05F-AAC2-3909-4
The Hustler: The Inside Story Supp. 2002 10.5240/B1D9-FB94-B403-EA45-3D78-D
The Imagemaker Movie 1986 10.5240/76B2-468F-734D-B586-790D-2
The Kraft Music Hall Series 1967–1971 10.5240/868D-566A-D87F-3521-09DD-H
The Law and Harry McGraw Series 1987 10.5240/AF5F-1140-D2B8-E109-1B06-B
The Les Crane Show Series 1964–1965 10.5240/896C-9812-9BDC-AEFE-697C-S
The Lynne Gordon Show Series 1977–1979 10.5240/DAEE-E861-3D76-2B22-9386-C
The Making of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Supp. 1991 10.5240/7746-3479-3877-B720-49DB-X
The Merv Griffin Show Series 1965 10.5240/8292-C5CF-A965-EDC5-1772-Q
The Mike Douglas Show Series 1961–1982 10.5240/794F-A4E3-8A7E-23B9-4EF0-9
The Nurses Series 1962–1965 10.5240/B51C-DA76-F8FB-B832-478A-O
The Paul Ryan Show Series 1977–1992 10.5240/A09E-319A-7C0B-51D3-BA5A-C
The Sentinel Movie 1977 10.5240/7F68-5A1B-4376-7EB2-3803-R
The Shari Lewis Show Series 1960–1963 10.5240/1EFF-D977-25A8-95DF-7EF5-8
The Special Magic of Herself the Elf Short 1983 10.5240/78DA-F1C2-C003-D997-B31B-3
The Streets TV 1984 10.5240/B983-4760-547A-E995-F08B-X
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Series 1962–1992 10.5240/B4D9-8CF3-4E69-6315-78BA-G
The Way They Were TV 1981 10.5240/2FC1-584E-8DBD-D194-E991-9
Tonight Starring Jack Paar Series 1957–1962 10.5240/7914-98C0-FD7F-14A3-0CFF-0
Toy Soldiers Movie 1991 10.5240/A0AA-7F33-B0E8-8B1E-DBED-7
Trapper John, M.D. Series 1979–1986 10.5240/A4B8-5D8B-ED1D-77B2-A94B-L
Try to Remember: The Fantasticks TV 2003 10.5240/E001-AB8C-77C8-C384-E60B-A
TV Guide’s 50 Best Shows of All Time: A 50th Anniversary Celebration TV 2002 10.5240/B9A3-16A0-41DA-E173-1BB2-A
Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman’s Life TV 1961 10.5240/C3CD-3C5D-4D1E-2202-D091-2
Underground Aces Movie 1980 10.5240/4699-B008-3F2F-BE3A-9341-Z
Universal Soldier Movie 1992 10.5240/D866-D4A8-D026-EFD5-0A71-D
VH-1 Where Are They Now? Series 1999–2004 10.5240/22E4-7519-851E-C18B-7770-5
What’s My Line? Series 1968–1975 10.5240/84C6-ED5F-FCEE-32F1-E0B9-9
Who’s the Boss? Series 1984 10.5240/96D2-4277-A513-E05A-F1E3-L
Working in the Theatre Series 1976 10.5240/8C3E-A4F8-F34E-6B78-32C1-4
You Be the Judge Series 1999 10.5240/C89A-4FA8-267E-1E89-B38F-R



[1] Lyrics by Tom Jones. “Try to Remember” from the musical play The Fantasticks.