The King of the Double Feature

American International Pictures (AIP)[1] was the king of the American double feature in the post-Studio era, operating from the mid-1950s until the early 1980s.[2] It specialized in producing and distributing B-movies, exploitation films of various sorts, and dubbed foreign imports (particularly from Italy and Mexico).[3] To keep things interesting, its television distribution arm, AIP-TV, licensed a surprising number of children’s programs and “prestige” pictures to round out the AIP catalog of 818 feature films.[4]

AIP was the first studio to use focus groups to refine its marketing and inform its production and acquisition slates, surveying both audiences and exhibitors to determine what would sell best. AIP was famous for first creating the movie’s title, then commissioning a one-sheet poster inspired by the title, and, once they had sufficient interest in the show, writing a script to match the poster and shooting it all on the tightest possible budget. A typical 1961 AIP double-bill featured The Brain that Wouldn’t Die and Invasion of the Star Creatures while a 1971 quadruple-feature (billed as “The Doomsday Show”) included The Conqueror Worm, Horror House, Cat Girl, and Color Me Dead.

To support multi-feature presentations, many AIP theatrical releases were quite short – as short as 50 minutes, while averaging just 88 minutes overall. Foreign imports were regularly cut down to shorter runtimes, often at the expense of an intelligible plot. Thankfully, plot wasn’t what the typical AIP theatrical double-feature was all about.

The AIP success formula was once explained as:

  1. A younger child will watch anything an older child will watch;
  2. An older child will not watch anything a younger child will watch;
  3. A girl will watch anything a boy will watch;
  4. A boy will not watch anything a girl will watch; therefore:

To catch your greatest audience, you zero in on the 19-year-old male.

AIP’s most successful series of films paired Roger Corman, Vincent Price, and Edgar Allen Poe to produce a series of eight “Poe” films[5] from 1960-1964. Before creating his own studio, Corman was AIP’s most prolific director, with 30 AIP titles to his name. Other notable directors in the API cannon include Ralph Bakshi, Peter Bogdanovich, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg, Frances Ford Copola, Fritz Lang, John Milius, Ray Milland, Otto Preminger, and Raoul Walsh. Notable works in the AIP distribution catalog include:

AIP-TV often ignored the AIP theatrical teen-focused formula, adding serious dramas and children’s programs to the AIP distribution catalog, creating a rather eclectic mix of genres from 1964-1974.

In 2020, MGM revived the AIP brand, adding four more films to the AIP catalog, the first since the early 1980s. With Amazon’s 2021 acquisition of MGM, AIP’s future is uncertain. Regardless of where it goes from here, it will always have its proud traditional of low-budget horror and exploitation films and its lasting legacy as a major player in the American double-feature market.

All 818 “AIP classic” releases and the 4 more recent “AIP 2.0” releases are recorded in the EIDR registry, along with more than 12,000 alternate IDs, linking to third party data sources for more information on these fine motion pictures.

[1] Formed in 1954 as American Releasing Corporation (ARC) by James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff.

[2] AIP ceased to be a going concern shortly after its acquisition by Filmways in 1979. Filmways was, in turn, purchased by Orion in 1982. Orion was then sold to MGM in 1997, making AIP an imprint of MGM.

[3] See American International Pictures: A Comprehensive Filmography by Bob Craig.

[4] AIP also release films through a collection of associated/subsidiary distributors, including Trans-American Films, United Producers Releasing Corporation, Phase II Films, and Saturn Film Productions. They also distributed films from other companies through the AIP film exchange, including Commonwealth United Entertainment, Cinerama Releasing, and Hallmark Releasing. (The latter was definitely no relation to the contemporary Hallmark Channel. For example, Hallmark Releasing was known to offer vomit bags to its movie patrons.)

[5] The Haunted Palace (1963) is included in the Poe cycle, even though it was based on the H.P. Lovecraft novella “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.” This didn’t fit AIP’s Poe formula, so they borrowed the title of a little-known Edgar Allan Poe poem, which had no connection to the Lovecraft story, and marketed it as the sixth of eight AIP Poe films.

The AIP Theatrical & Television Catalog

Title Year EIDR ID
Abby 1977 10.5240/B381-530D-47FE-BDE6-D00E-E
The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971 10.5240/D17D-CC1F-0E57-B209-E4C8-O
Act of Vengeance 1974 10.5240/12FA-7B10-6B33-3317-7CDF-R
Adam and Eve 1957 10.5240/37A9-1F75-71B1-A73A-C086-U
Adventures in Indochina 1958 10.5240/D3F6-05AA-1B97-A11C-C6FE-D
Africa Uncensored 1971 10.5240/BF35-23B1-8B1A-3D3B-683B-3
Agent of Doom 1963 10.5240/7520-02E6-7829-F810-9B69-Q
Alkazam the Great 1960 10.5240/4523-9F8A-3F7A-C069-0987-B
Ali Baba and the Seven Saracens 1964 10.5240/8037-DB18-D94C-66FB-D42F-R
The Amazing Colossal Man 1957 10.5240/9AB0-9E43-444B-0FC5-B5B2-6
The Amazing Dr. G 1965 10.5240/5571-79C8-B77D-F5D0-25C4-T
The Amazing Transparent Man 1960 10.5240/56CE-1FFC-2048-D04B-8DD4-V
The Amityville Horror 1979 10.5240/1CA7-C532-C4C3-0755-C585-T
And Now the Screaming Starts! 1973 10.5240/9BA5-C900-94E6-B66B-9B3C-C
Angel, Angel, Down We Go 1969 10.5240/5F8A-030C-EB69-AE77-5453-4
Angel Unchained 1970 10.5240/1BF9-6C15-B282-056D-CE45-U
Angels from Hell 1968 10.5240/5D71-7832-BAEA-4476-8B3D-D
The Angry Red Planet 1960 10.5240/470D-EDD1-E03F-3F7A-FA8F-I
Annie: The True Story of Annie Belle 1976 10.5240/B245-3087-F496-74BA-7144-7
Apache Woman 1955 10.5240/8D7E-1AFF-2E65-1AA0-4E85-6
Apartment on the 13th Floor 1973 10.5240/93BA-D3FE-9F22-8769-795D-5
Ape Man of the Jungle 1964 10.5240/1391-FDF1-B1CC-19C1-82FC-0
Assignment: Outer Space 1960 10.5240/7E24-9557-E86A-71F4-A77C-K
Assignment Terror 1969 10.5240/1992-463D-69CE-263E-AC9A-E
The Astounding She-Monster 1958 10.5240/9714-8557-6536-21FD-38D1-F
The Astro-Zombies 1968 10.5240/BCFF-2FD0-6C56-F62C-B39E-U
Asylum 1972 10.5240/8201-89DC-E894-B84A-D31B-W
At the Earth’s Core 1976 10.5240/C550-B281-1D7D-CBC5-7175-3
Atomic Agent 1959 10.5240/E3E6-845A-C2C3-0A34-0C1E-V
Atragon 1963 10.5240/D5BA-0199-0A17-05A8-54F5-J
Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959 10.5240/3E7C-8A11-B053-7992-9331-F
Attack of the Monsters 1969 10.5240/2B72-4721-D07C-092B-E286-B
Attack of the Moors 1959 10.5240/BD8C-6859-D10B-A5EA-6836-Z
Attack of the Mushroom People 1963 10.5240/6CBC-1DDA-7834-5E73-66F5-M
Attack of the Normans 1962 10.5240/E434-96A0-A4AE-7F3D-42C6-T
Attack of the Puppet People 1958 10.5240/85F1-D2C7-20A0-28B9-9BA1-L
Attack of the Robots 1966 10.5240/F8C0-398A-8AFE-951D-D34F-5
Avenger of the Seven Seas 1962 10.5240/9690-F278-45B7-D8EB-CF03-9
Bamboo Gods and Iron Men 1974 10.5240/D714-D01D-B912-7EC2-E18F-F
Bang, Bang, You’re Dead 1966 10.5240/2738-61EF-413C-7F93-4097-Z
Baron Blood 1972 10.5240/CCA4-69AD-229A-9B15-D280-T
The Bat People 1974 10.5240/AEC3-6F06-16D1-7C9F-9F9B-7
Battle Beyond the Sun 1959 10.5240/C71A-7B12-94CC-E145-679E-A
The Battle of Neretva 1969 10.5240/5096-8DBB-1371-DAF7-D7B2-C
Battle of the Amazons 1973 10.5240/E020-3164-79B6-6676-5A4D-6
Battle of the Commandos 1969 10.5240/5354-19F1-40D0-D283-1B0D-A
Beach Blanket Bingo 1965 10.5240/2DEE-2063-6573-F4FA-6DD7-E
Beach Casanova 1962 10.5240/47D6-11DC-FEC7-8458-0BDA-N
Beach Party 1963 10.5240/E016-78A8-C156-3BAC-F8A0-J
The Beast Must Die 1974 10.5240/F1FF-6CAF-17C0-3124-62E6-Q
Beast of Morocco 1967 10.5240/E37B-7242-18A8-4E96-3231-F
The Beast with a Million Eyes 1955 10.5240/1582-E28B-ACD3-69CE-C1D8-7
Ben 1972 10.5240/6CBE-F539-5F1D-DD1D-C45A-O
Beware My Brethren 1972 10.5240/E1F4-DFD4-C12A-0368-3529-W
Beware of Children 1961 10.5240/0A48-EDD1-84EA-5DD8-281F-6
Beyond the Time Barrier 1960 10.5240/4EDA-EBFB-0910-342F-32C8-L
The Big Bad Wolf 1957 10.5240/CFD8-0D84-3FF6-83E5-4440-Z
The Big T.N.T. Show 1966 10.5240/0A50-69EB-3897-D7BA-FE31-2
Bikini Beach 1964 10.5240/E193-30F0-1CD6-0635-F5EF-0
Black Caesar 1973 10.5240/94C0-1B7B-A712-FC2B-3C35-3
The Black Corsair 1976 10.5240/5D54-A223-E85A-57B8-A0F0-0
Black Girl 1972 10.5240/4458-0544-B32D-AC30-93FD-H
The Black Invaders 1962 10.5240/0ED5-2B12-6D55-E140-3659-X
Black Mama, White Mama 1973 10.5240/874A-D2A7-0B57-4430-0342-8
The Black Monocle 1961 10.5240/2986-DEAC-3CD0-60EE-C0C7-T
Black Rodeo 1972 10.5240/145A-8592-1B70-C1AD-85BC-B
Black Sabbath 1963 10.5240/6D72-DE5F-ACE6-2F99-4DA7-N
Black Sunday 1960 10.5240/3D21-47C0-854A-C2E2-8C01-V
Blacula 1972 10.5240/EBEA-54D7-4E76-A582-2A3D-M
The Blancheville Monster 1963 10.5240/B387-624F-5098-F76F-BAE6-0
The Blind Dead 1972 10.5240/394F-A20C-6E4B-AAD8-8A73-D
Blood and Lace 1971 10.5240/CDC9-E947-F465-01B9-5F14-7
Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb 1972 10.5240/CDEF-6033-E08E-BF2F-341B-M
Blood of Dracula 1957 10.5240/9688-22F3-F39C-5544-9D72-J
The Blood of Nontradamus 1959 10.5240/0693-0AD3-6DF6-D587-4BA0-X
Blood on the Sun 1945 10.5240/4E0A-494C-883C-5F9F-9248-E
Blood Suckers 1970 10.5240/B994-11AE-1263-AB3C-ABF9-I
Bloody Mama 1970 10.5240/F001-EC8D-0F6C-FE61-5C03-I
Bloody Sea 1965 10.5240/B014-D645-C529-49D1-ABB7-P
The Bloody Vampire 1962 10.5240/EA51-0F75-12AE-2779-7AC7-D
Blowing Wild 1953 10.5240/7F56-C9A8-6BB8-5865-824B-3
Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw 1976 10.5240/0DE6-6195-A5CB-22B3-5E9C-5
The Bonnie Parker Story 1958 10.5240/D422-FCE5-9296-ED46-0D0A-M
Bora Bora 1968 10.5240/E63C-E642-11DD-EC14-D2D4-I
Born Black 1969 10.5240/4F4C-C9CA-5E6C-8622-794A-L
The Born Losers 1967 10.5240/5198-9F2D-B440-C2E8-8D84-Y
Born Wild 1968 10.5240/BD5E-3184-5410-FB05-6B93-C
Boxcar Bertha 1972 10.5240/977D-E4E9-B5AB-6F10-C84B-P
The Brain Eaters 1958 10.5240/B7E1-FF97-2422-9D58-8A3A-6
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 1962 10.5240/4EF1-11B2-C61E-7D08-8256-K
The Brainiac 1961 10.5240/2BF8-E7DC-94A9-FB45-697F-B
Breaker! Breaker! 1977 10.5240/1E72-6D40-365C-AEFD-3522-E
Breaking News in Yuba County 2021 10.5240/C814-3C10-B7AA-C992-EB7E-A
The Bremen Town Musicians 1959 10.5240/59B4-53DC-F461-40F1-2398-4
Brennus, Enemy of Rome 1963 10.5240/9D7B-9679-BBBA-11EC-88A0-R
Bring Me the Vampire 1961 10.5240/79CD-A378-B444-FB8A-C8C4-O
The Brute and the Beast 1966 10.5240/FBE7-79EC-CD1A-F169-4A9A-7
A Bucket of Blood 1959 10.5240/C48E-7898-524D-93C1-071A-9
Bucktown 1975 10.5240/7449-5709-B9F2-63C0-16AE-8
Bugles in the Afternoon 1952 10.5240/E474-F47D-FF02-927E-E3ED-L
A Bullet for Pretty Boy 1970 10.5240/363F-8AF9-69A8-854D-698B-I
Bunny O’Hare 1971 10.5240/6923-CC64-D955-949E-7E48-A
Burn, Witch, Burn 1962 10.5240/D26F-6FFD-6070-12B0-F107-W
The Burning of Rome 1963 10.5240/15D9-0FDC-D6C5-E3E0-B6A2-L
The Butcher 1970 10.5240/B4EA-1099-D605-DC7E-B18C-6
California 1963 10.5240/8574-FE65-AFDB-9A3C-88B7-9
California Dreaming 1979 10.5240/44B0-2958-3D51-5007-E1CB-3
Candy 1968 10.5240/B245-90E1-0017-8B41-34AD-E
Cannibal Girls 1973 10.5240/4DF0-7485-0A71-0CD6-C883-6
Carry On Camping 1972 10.5240/5FF7-40B7-0F31-0FD4-FEC0-G
Carry On Doctor 1972 10.5240/5FF7-40B7-0F31-0FD4-FEC0-G
Carry On Henry VIII 1972 10.5240/CB64-4D04-4DDC-D5AB-7686-Z
The Castle of the Living Dead 1964 10.5240/3B5D-6608-DA55-2890-2AC2-T
Cat Girl 1957 10.5240/74FD-0CDF-0EA3-6A39-03BA-5
Cervantes 1969 10.5240/D87C-7FEA-A4C2-2F8E-B53F-A
Change of Mind 1969 10.5240/014D-1B5F-8AF6-B23A-A733-H
Changes 1969 10.5240/D45B-1AA9-0EEB-726C-7C99-5
Chastity 1969 10.5240/C61A-EB24-4066-E6B1-FA7A-H
Chatterbox 1977 10.5240/70F5-863C-BD83-15A7-4985-Z
C.H.O.M.P.S. 1979 10.5240/1E61-2A4A-95FC-E6BF-2DAA-3
The Chosen 1978 10.5240/83B0-5BA2-64AD-EBB6-8281-T
Chrome and Hot Leather 1971 10.5240/4CC0-0516-C1DE-160F-20A2-M
Cinderella 1955 10.5240/1199-6C26-517C-EE82-C354-B
Circus of Horrors 1960 10.5240/DDFF-D913-9218-DB1A-44B0-G
Cloak and Dagger 1946 10.5240/E3B3-A260-79BF-2B0F-E3B3-E
Cobra 1967 10.5240/A8D0-AC1C-36F9-E47F-2383-C
Coffy 1973 10.5240/4C3C-68E0-8B73-AC88-29ED-M
Color Me Dead 1969 10.5240/2946-7CC8-AF03-CDA9-CBD5-Z
Colossus and the Amazon Queen 1960 10.5240/9EEE-C897-42F3-3714-8CBC-8
Colossus and the Gladiator 1965 10.5240/3940-4481-DC39-B1C5-3EC6-Z
Colossus and the Headhunters 1963 10.5240/774C-98E4-20F9-F2FB-D8AF-W
Colossus and the Huns 1962 10.5240/29FD-1AA5-F724-FAD7-D4FC-M
Colossus of the Arena 1962 10.5240/A4FF-CA82-0A72-F280-AAA1-3
The Comedy of Terrors 1964 10.5240/CA14-558B-2E72-17A4-8862-X
Commando 1962 10.5240/5E5E-AC85-D335-1CA5-9022-F
Conquered City 1962 10.5240/4EC5-0FC2-EAB0-30FC-DBC3-T
The Conqueror Worm 1968 10.5240/7266-11B0-9314-4EB8-A191-6
The Cool and the Crazy 1958 10.5240/091F-461C-30AB-7F6F-6D70-B
Cooley High 1975 10.5240/FA4B-AA19-45C6-E14A-D4A0-N
Cornbread, Earl and Me 1975 10.5240/B5A7-01F7-C98D-3ED0-70C0-K
Count Dracula 1970 10.5240/78F2-A199-B9BE-5052-9645-C
Count Yorga, Vampire 1970 10.5240/7E51-1779-BD81-B213-D92C-O
The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955 10.5240/DE60-3C80-36D2-D208-A602-Q
Cracking Up 1978 10.5240/7EA2-A76B-006E-E7E9-2A27-3
The Crawling Hand 1963 10.5240/D737-1B5B-4035-38D8-F6E5-5
Creature of Destruction 1967 10.5240/DCEA-5EBA-AC5F-EB66-AE0B-M
Creature with the Blue Hand 1967 10.5240/B0D8-2F62-5F78-4F73-A3A3-4
Crime and Passion 1976 10.5240/0CD7-6226-913C-960E-6A59-K
The Crimson Cult 1970 10.5240/2CAF-58C4-C687-6B49-B5B7-2
Cry of Banshee 1970 10.5240/CF10-CFD1-4197-ED8E-3780-9
Cry of the Bewitched 1957 10.5240/06EE-AF8D-9D2D-6B1C-0919-S
The Curse of Nostradamus 1959 10.5240/C9C7-8647-D252-09C2-A440-0
The Curse of the Aztec Mummy 1957 10.5240/3CA6-542B-90AA-53BC-45C3-4
The Curse of the Crying Woman 1961 10.5240/F3C7-0924-D0BD-702A-516B-E
The Curse of the Doll People 1961 10.5240/ADF9-5AEC-26E0-9DF6-941E-2
Curse of the Swamp Creature 1965 10.5240/798A-638F-FD20-691F-EF6D-T
The Cycle Savages 1970 10.5240/45EB-2340-1107-C011-AB80-V
Daddy-O 1959 10.5240/9128-C1C1-1287-9D75-73C2-2
Dagmar’s Hot Pants Inc. 1971 10.5240/DB17-5403-4004-9F42-A800-E
Dagora, the Space Monster 1964 10.5240/C260-0620-E9BB-668C-E57A-X
Dan Candy’s Law 1965 10.5240/2A94-A629-1D6D-1281-F8E5-2
Danger in the Middle East 1960 10.5240/FD81-BCF1-55DB-C6C7-420E-C
Dangerous Agent 1953 10.5240/636F-2672-615F-729D-63B7-6
Dark Places 1974 10.5240/31C3-EF19-68E4-83C8-73DB-S
The Day That Shook the World 1975 10.5240/E1F8-D397-46F4-0B6C-108F-7
The Day the Earth Froze 1959 10.5240/1BCD-E16D-F9D7-234C-0608-1
The Day the Hot Line Got Hot 1968 10.5240/71E6-A1EF-96AA-76ED-DF00-L
Day the World Ended 1955 10.5240/DDBE-BC0E-4909-9053-64F3-Z
De Sade 1969 10.5240/5E27-049B-29F9-EA5D-5F20-L
Deadly Weapons 1974 10.5240/4384-87CC-79B7-1D32-C916-U
Death is a Woman 1966 10.5240/1D08-83AE-977B-AC78-0E19-E
Death Pays in Dollars 1966 10.5240/5439-42B1-922A-95DC-B029-Y
The Deathmaster 1972 10.5240/5CD1-CE43-1EC2-74D4-37C0-3
Deep Thrust – The Hand of Death 1972 10.5240/9111-F666-9BAC-3C67-DA45-D
Defiance 1980 10.5240/176A-4C3A-07E8-6516-157C-U
Dementia 13 1963 10.5240/691F-C5F6-B4A8-6B71-2C06-U
Deranged 1974 10.5240/79DD-3793-5667-875F-7F4A-X
Derby 1971 10.5240/4616-886C-3C0F-E267-32AE-B
Desert Fighters 1954 10.5240/C348-0C8B-C2E0-BBDF-4D6B-I
Desert Raiders 1964 10.5240/95CC-E27A-25B8-C82F-00A2-1
Desert War 1962 10.5240/AF9C-4991-993F-7ED5-9A9F-Q
The Desperate Ones 1968 10.5240/0F2A-ACA3-4BAF-03A8-17E4-E
Destination Fury 1961 10.5240/0A43-0C35-2542-D5C1-6668-Q
Destroy All Monsters 1968 10.5240/A851-8DFB-4961-4C32-B441-U
Destroy All Planets 1968 10.5240/095B-9EC4-0572-854E-DE88-R
The Destructors 1974 10.5240/0014-6FAD-C938-B924-7B02-1
The Devil Within Her 1976 10.5240/0CC5-2A24-8813-F166-09E5-Z
Devil’s Angels 1967 10.5240/2579-45C8-3AF9-2FF2-480A-M
The Devil’s Blast 1959 10.5240/761A-8C0B-BE7E-DC28-8B39-A
The Devil’s 8 1969 10.5240/F13E-EAE8-373E-84BF-4D73-U
The Devil’s Widow 1970 10.5240/CBD9-136E-A9FD-C7C8-D633-E
The Diabolical Dr. Z 1966 10.5240/3809-5A6E-A860-3075-8F9B-5
Diary of a Bachelor 1964 10.5240/5AE7-65FC-BE86-DC67-96E8-H
The Diary of a High School Bride 1959 10.5240/B123-62AD-5423-A688-DA89-B
Die, Monster, Die! 1965 10.5240/B8E8-3E60-8E8B-699B-AFB4-N
Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World 1974 10.5240/9285-81F5-65F5-14F8-1BB3-F
Dillinger 1973 10.5240/EE4C-C773-7065-60CC-5075-A
The Dirt Gang 1972 10.5240/6D0C-F6FC-A99B-3CF3-1B29-J
The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met 1972 10.5240/2C53-CA0D-8A51-D84A-2C95-2
The Dirty Game 1965 10.5240/6F32-C051-9792-AF3C-0176-Y
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 1974 10.5240/D1CD-FCF6-FFAA-7AF9-A5BA-X
Dirty O’Neil 1974 10.5240/7C9C-FC24-4CDF-FFF4-5FAB-7
Distant Drums 1951 10.5240/8CDA-2EA1-82D0-A4C1-BF5C-S
Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls 1973 10.5240/F919-6CA9-3029-FFEA-E046-3
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine 1965 10.5240/0A99-BD93-4FD4-280E-E5DA-U
Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs 1966 10.5240/BA16-F079-2D23-5CAB-3FCF-7
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde 1972 10.5240/5EB4-75FD-F033-4D10-3E28-2
Doctor of Doom 1962 10.5240/FD94-D514-7221-E83A-80DE-6
Dr. Orloff’s Monster 1964 10.5240/94C2-A9EF-09CE-955E-AB8B-G
Dr. Phibes Rises Again 1972 10.5240/A6C2-D41F-F16F-71BC-8397-W
La dolce vita 1960 10.5240/E4DC-A189-F2B4-203F-C4EA-P
Don’t Look in the Basement 1973 10.5240/086D-A466-2FC9-AF24-5713-T
Don’t Open the Window 1974 10.5240/E69C-3C9B-3847-7FF0-0D91-M
Door to Door Maniac 1966 10.5240/2420-D685-59BF-835A-13EC-X
Dorian Gray 1970 10.5240/42C0-59BD-C44B-2A76-8493-R
Dracula vs. Frankenstein 1971 10.5240/4362-E280-C3EC-53D4-763A-K
Dragstrip Girl 1957 10.5240/FF4B-761A-43EB-3D60-3CFF-W
Dragstrip Riot 1958 10.5240/E9D0-47C3-9AC4-FEDB-5642-Z
Dress to Kill 1980 10.5240/76C9-F8FB-32DF-D5D4-D1C9-T
Duel of Fire 1962 10.5240/4D62-E39F-15F5-B05B-679F-E
The Dunwich Horror 1970 10.5240/5D2B-D8AB-39A5-9DCD-03E9-L
The Earthling 1980 10.5240/01A1-C5BC-659D-0E97-9B39-Z
Ecco 1964 10.5240/9FD1-F56D-4CBE-6CF5-190B-E
The Eleanor Roosevelt Story 1965 10.5240/E836-7820-A315-C4CB-71FF-Y
Empire of the Ants 1977 10.5240/8011-DAD4-7337-898E-0045-E
The Enforcer 1950 10.5240/9145-AB76-A70D-3B61-4EA8-H
Equinox 1970 10.5240/A74A-461C-24F6-F895-3D0F-V
Erik the Conqueror 1961 10.5240/93D9-C90F-A344-FE13-9171-E
Escapade 1957 10.5240/2C46-34B8-EC72-E2B0-4206-D
Escape from Saigon 1963 10.5240/D7E1-B5AA-EC10-1389-A07C-I
An Evening of Edgar Allen Poe 1970 10.5240/1FED-1CAC-BFE6-08FD-3CC2-Z
The Evictors 1979 10.5240/3616-D626-BF59-460E-F29F-X
Evil Eye 1963 10.5240/2C33-6426-F85D-F3A9-070C-8
Explosion 1970 10.5240/BB7F-8676-5686-AE1A-FAA9-E
The Eye Creatures 1965 10.5240/5220-06B2-1408-3FEF-566B-J
Eyes of the Sahara 1957 10.5240/BA41-F071-011E-A517-09EE-A
Face of Terror 1962 10.5240/1093-1315-B8EC-CB7A-7BD2-D
The False Prince 1957 10.5240/7FCA-07E9-70CE-B0A6-B7AB-O
The Fast and the Furious 1954 10.5240/E393-FC5E-ED44-D3DE-9FDD-J
Fearless Frank 1969 10.5240/7C81-CA2C-14F0-9399-B1FF-B
Female Jungle 1956 10.5240/8A68-E66B-4434-E638-D3E4-H
The Female Response 1973 10.5240/60A6-E30C-ED43-A1D3-C1C0-X
The Female Trap 1968 10.5240/530A-E7D5-2C7A-A4EF-836C-6
The Final Terror 1983 10.5240/E1E9-A70B-32E6-1123-48FC-6
Fire Over Rome 1965 10.5240/D3DC-37BF-14EE-0787-FE0F-U
Fireball 500 1966 10.5240/816D-FE19-78FC-708C-EBC8-L
Five Guns West 1955 10.5240/C30D-052E-7A3E-4A31-D99F-Q
Flesh and the Spur 1957 10.5240/214A-1BB6-ECD7-2824-5B8A-W
Flight of the Lost Balloon 1961 10.5240/2F54-6369-2039-4800-F630-W
Follow Me 1969 10.5240/A24A-0B1D-1B61-7482-8362-H
The Food of the Gods 1976 10.5240/5357-5E82-FC53-7C81-2E62-1
The Fool Killer 1965 10.5240/3B70-78BC-C4DF-9C3B-392F-G
Force 10 from Navarone 1978 10.5240/A01C-0D84-5B5F-4833-B101-7
Fortuna 1966 10.5240/4AE1-2616-BDBF-062C-17E6-M
Foxy Brown 1974 10.5240/C24F-8E44-5A38-6FC8-B98A-9
Frankenstein Conquers the World 1965 10.5240/38F8-8AAE-8AD8-E7EE-55A3-C
Frankenstein, the Vampire and Company 1961 10.5240/6964-C1EA-669D-F358-5E02-Q
Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror 1968 10.5240/C7E9-D5B4-3B39-CA0E-26C3-6
Free, White and 21 1963 10.5240/3212-B351-E937-3B34-B93B-W
Friday Foster 1975 10.5240/B4FA-89C0-C894-F1EA-C1A5-C
Fritz the Cat 1972 10.5240/4105-BF29-E787-4E1E-9700-M
Frogs 1972 10.5240/0045-8A94-DE73-90D0-D65F-D
From Istanbul, Orders to Kill 1965 10.5240/C881-DB5F-8314-30CB-47AC-H
FTA 1972 10.5240/151E-A7F0-2F87-2B3E-0863-A
Fury of Achilles 1962 10.5240/BB16-3665-AE28-FA48-BF4D-B
The Fury of the Apaches 1964 10.5240/86FF-BB92-C374-B1D2-9862-2
Futureworld 1976 10.5240/A991-F274-3296-BE63-1C3E-V
Gamera vs. Monster X 1970 10.5240/09AE-74BB-AF1B-6EF3-6A78-M
Gas! 1970 10.5240/BA1A-F40E-A23A-94C5-70C0-5
The Genie of Darkness 1959 10.5240/2546-1167-776A-C5FE-E42A-P
Georgia, Georgia 1972 10.5240/0A70-AEC5-ACBF-8887-CE11-3
Giant of the Evil Island 1964 10.5240/470F-A600-2989-E65A-6FB0-S
The Giant’s Three Golden Hairs 1955 10.5240/C259-44F1-5BF5-DD3F-F24D-D
The Girl-Getters 1964 10.5240/6923-416E-7C1E-750C-95A2-Q
Girl in Room 13 1960 10.5240/4417-2C2B-D2F0-B22C-B073-A
Girls in Prison 1956 10.5240/7121-1433-A377-3621-D4EA-7
Girly 1970 10.5240/30F8-9D4E-9DC4-D598-8024-T
The Glass Sphinx 1967 10.5240/ECA5-17C7-0D72-51F8-8905-C
The Glory Stompers 1967 10.5240/226E-929F-6F82-1730-5E1E-G
Go Go Mania 1964 10.5240/942F-ACF9-CEBC-D8A9-54F7-G
God Forgives, I Don’t 1967 10.5240/EFED-B0AF-5467-0D74-F008-T
Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster 1971 10.5240/5B6F-F790-51DE-02CF-1F54-E
Godzilla vs. The Thing 1964 10.5240/B55F-8D68-D637-3FE6-CF08-U
Golden Needles 1974 10.5240/B0AA-FA16-4E31-0DAE-5C09-U
Goliath and the Barbarians 1959 10.5240/D61F-56AF-0A0B-DF64-EA7B-0
Goliath and the Dragon 1960 10.5240/DE68-C1F4-8A30-87CC-F6F4-G
Goliath and the Sins of Babylon 1963 10.5240/5501-E3A1-C39B-1415-C586-K
Goliath and the Vampires 1961 10.5240/5929-CDCA-F5CD-310C-57F1-O
Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus 1964 10.5240/9CF9-F1B3-A5E5-D9A5-56F7-P
Goodbye Gemini 1970 10.5240/98AB-1E10-B65B-6E58-D229-M
GORP 1980 10.5240/929B-E0A2-ADCA-B30F-54CA-S
Graveyard of Horror 1971 10.5240/C9A3-4E08-6609-480C-B8A9-F
Grayeagle 1977 10.5240/5A6C-6CF5-80EF-D81D-1AAD-X
The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday 1976 10.5240/A065-9557-6FCF-B1CE-E45A-K
The Great Secret 1961 10.5240/7152-AC25-999A-CD35-9F52-A
The Great Spy Chase 1964 10.5240/6C14-0EA0-8018-A7F9-D230-C
Guns of the Black Witch 1961 10.5240/B964-2F51-838A-4066-A82E-B
Gunslinger 1956 10.5240/C7B5-2B2C-823A-2DBB-768F-Q
Hallucination Generation 1966 10.5240/0E52-64F0-5184-2880-DCC0-F
Hammersmith Is Out 1973 10.5240/F43E-A02A-B485-8EE9-DE9C-F
The Hand 1961 10.5240/218A-D1C6-DA4A-2CF4-ED8D-D
Hansel & Gretel 1954 10.5240/2075-5611-2A91-179C-82EC-R
The Hard Ride 1971 10.5240/09B9-4D25-BB2C-DA11-E777-W
The Harrad Experiment 1973 10.5240/7C30-9253-9CF0-F3D3-70D4-E
The Haunted Palace 1963 10.5240/4E22-0D73-0120-3B9C-5B24-7
Headhunters of the Amazon 1965 10.5240/1D92-A61F-C4C9-FC39-EAB3-7
The Headless Ghost 1959 10.5240/EC20-DBC4-34AA-94E8-4C06-Y
Headlines of Destruction 1955 10.5240/B5E7-2EA5-B41E-557C-82D0-R
The Heart of Variety 1969 10.5240/9848-CEA0-A97E-0762-4695-3
Heavy Traffic 1973 10.5240/9888-D273-EB8F-E6E2-F338-P
Helga 1967 10.5240/8DE5-711A-566A-3960-7432-7
Hell Raiders 1968 10.5240/E5C7-54EF-5211-99EC-2E73-K
Hell Squad 1958 10.5240/4EB7-6863-938F-EAFC-17EA-F
Hell Up in Harlem 1973 10.5240/6D66-9A8D-051A-F524-B567-P
Hellhole 1985 10.5240/04B7-C466-2B9F-0A94-8BC0-E
Hell’s Angels on Wheels 1967 10.5240/6226-36DB-3D51-6189-481F-D
Hell’s Angels ’69 1969 10.5240/14A6-8EF1-A98D-9708-2203-B
Hell’s Belles 1969 10.5240/2F39-2120-D642-4BE4-2176-Q
Hennessy 1975 10.5240/51AB-41E7-B6F2-461F-D68E-3
Hercules Against Rome 1964 10.5240/0E9A-00C2-6EB6-5962-6F32-F
Hercules Against the Barbarians 1964 10.5240/16D7-820A-785D-DF36-A298-7
Hercules Against the Mongols 1963 10.5240/718B-11C0-F11B-C12D-041D-Y
Hercules Against the Tyrants of Babylon 1964 10.5240/A0B6-B5EB-160C-DFDC-5ED8-Z
Hercules and the Black Pirate 1964 10.5240/3AFD-6D96-9C6B-914C-3B25-J
Hercules and the Masked Rider 1963 10.5240/CDAF-24F8-306C-CE2F-12B0-1
Hercules of the Desert 1964 10.5240/2DCC-7081-753D-2076-9CEC-5
Hercules, Prisoner of Evil 1964 10.5240/BCC5-131E-B368-DBD9-39F9-P
Here Come the Tigers 1978 10.5240/6F90-EE7B-6670-C598-2183-K
High-Ballin’ 1978 10.5240/1039-71AA-095D-DFF7-F13C-Q
High School Hellcats 1958 10.5240/DB2B-9509-CE4C-100D-A616-3
High, Wild and Free 1968 10.5240/9709-DC45-03CD-F72B-6423-8
The Honeymoon Killers 1970 10.5240/3319-87DB-70C1-ADC2-E3E1-J
Honeymoons Will Kill You 1966 10.5240/C094-B3F8-F283-65B5-519A-D
The Hong Kong Cat 1973 10.5240/D617-D3F3-C476-A1A3-6D7E-S
Horror Hospital 1973 10.5240/9493-8802-0727-48F3-E72D-V
Horror House 1969 10.5240/4453-DD0B-463F-4F26-558A-P
Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 10.5240/4BFE-06BE-9B5C-0D46-6BF1-Y
Hot Rod Action 1969 10.5240/654C-A142-B93F-A0C1-74EE-N
Hot Rod Gang 1958 10.5240/E0D5-E2C7-1170-6DC0-FECB-B
Hot Rod Girl 1956 10.5240/F693-5715-26CD-3B7C-53C7-B
The House by the Lake 1976 10.5240/646F-05DA-709B-A538-9E5D-X
House of a Thousand Dolls 1967 10.5240/2D8A-83E8-DCA5-CF45-E3B7-C
House of Fright 1961 10.5240/DB88-9050-0660-5D97-0050-V
House of Usher 1960 10.5240/24EF-B60C-C440-7C09-535F-F
House of Whipcord 1974 10.5240/1AA0-0EFA-3DA8-6FCE-2634-I
The House That Dripped Blood 1971 10.5240/3BF4-E938-FFD5-6FE6-2B2C-O
The House That Screamed 1969 10.5240/7379-7F24-256B-B6BB-CF06-X
The House That Vanished 1973 10.5240/22CA-11C2-82B4-A604-2A00-1
How it Ends 2021 10.5240/AF57-41EA-F321-7248-B77C-Y
How to Beat the High Cost of Living 1980 10.5240/E407-808B-90DB-759A-FB3C-H
How to Make a Monster 1958 10.5240/3089-FA12-0838-6DB7-5B51-B
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini 1965 10.5240/512B-71BC-47CB-7A82-4615-W
The Humanoid 1979 10.5240/23BF-A85B-6C86-AFB3-AD80-H
The Hunt 1953 10.5240/6F58-BC64-7050-BCBC-942F-Z
Hunter of the Unknown 1966 10.5240/5F66-D4E1-10E9-D92B-072E-4
I Am a Groupie 1970 10.5240/C2D9-D93A-CC6D-8A28-6CE0-C
I Want What I Want 1972 10.5240/8437-C2E3-1E50-1703-F2B6-G
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein 1957 10.5240/274D-0FCB-144B-0598-56A7-U
I Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957 10.5240/C80F-CCA3-4B46-4DA0-3464-1
If He Hollers, Let Him Go! 1968 10.5240/422F-DE61-72F7-50FC-0428-1
Incident in Saigon 1963 10.5240/4D1F-6653-7940-9427-3594-M
The Incredible Melting Man 1977 10.5240/807E-0E5A-3CBC-E2E8-CE81-K
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant 1971 10.5240/3C57-6A84-7A6D-56C1-DA6E-V
Invasion 1966 10.5240/A136-CF6A-F704-4BE2-E931-P
Invasion of the Saucer Men 1957 10.5240/B860-E969-5226-6489-1DFA-A
Invasion of the Star Creatures 1962 10.5240/80CF-D338-8A0E-8506-4B5D-0
The Invasion of the Vampires 1963 10.5240/7A1C-66A0-6526-F21C-C774-6
Invisible Creature 1960 10.5240/8EF9-C369-A2F9-7313-34DC-M
Island Affair 1962 10.5240/A53E-164E-CA0F-A1FE-2594-R
The Island of Dr. Moreau 1977 10.5240/227A-6927-1E2B-4931-5428-F
Island of the Damned 1975 10.5240/251E-940B-F784-A0E9-974A-G
It Conquered the World 1956 10.5240/99AD-A233-2E6C-6F9C-504F-P
The Italian Connection 1972 10.5240/A2F0-CFB8-C37D-3F91-2F92-A
It’s a Bikini World 1967 10.5240/45C7-CF91-0055-72F1-9C2B-Q
It’s Alive! 1968 10.5240/134B-EDB1-DED5-D82A-3CF1-X
It’s Your Move 1968 10.5240/12B9-C91A-7337-ED11-CBB0-D
Jack and the Witch 1967 10.5240/4E2F-5A5B-B242-D7CE-1DE6-S
Jaguar Lives! 1979 10.5240/5A70-25A2-D854-B086-EE7B-R
The Jailbreakers 1960 10.5240/9A80-11AC-C641-B1E0-D085-J
JD’s Revenge 1976 10.5240/0F29-8BDC-1258-A28D-9AC1-W
Jennifer 1978 10.5240/A16F-8F11-029E-490C-5B21-N
Jet Attack 1958 10.5240/1216-F7D7-7BC9-3B31-9395-B
Johnny Come Lately 1943 10.5240/BB0F-0D19-7D1F-7B20-C912-J
Journey to the Lost City 1959 10.5240/AA4B-EBEB-9556-F309-19EF-P
Journey to the Seventh Planet 1962 10.5240/040A-EDC8-7F75-FE5D-0ECB-G
Joyride 1977 10.5240/722D-0E18-DF65-22AB-DE9C-N
Julius Caesar 1971 10.5240/0032-A0A7-CCBB-B824-DB01-X
Justine 1968 10.5240/6F9D-24FD-9FBC-B799-3E77-F
Kama Sutra 1969 10.5240/E9FF-91E4-6EA0-8FF7-687A-0
Katmandu 1969 10.5240/3364-6337-F15B-E883-C417-S
Kenya: Country of Treasure 1967 10.5240/20DA-790E-8A93-281B-81D3-0
Kidnapped 1971 10.5240/8873-B54E-5000-3C16-C25B-S
Kill, Baby … Kill! 1966 10.5240/DA81-1BD2-5335-D0CA-66A8-1
Killer Force 1976 10.5240/911E-E053-44AF-4D03-1F57-4
The Killer Shrews 1959 10.5240/2E5C-41B1-8DFB-2B6B-275A-0
Killer Spy 1965 10.5240/5899-85F9-08E3-EA06-0D62-I
Killers are Challenged 1966 10.5240/9E1B-1F0C-9E9E-2957-9769-T
Killers Three 1968 10.5240/D093-E375-67FD-A9B4-CEEB-O
King and Country 1964 10.5240/0A89-CF3F-2FC2-F1A3-47AD-G
King of the Mongols 1959 10.5240/5FA2-AB4D-5334-CA2F-9DC7-F
King of the Vikings 1960 10.5240/1F99-E69C-1F4F-03BF-3B9E-9
Kiss & Kill 1968 10.5240/5D3F-F952-86A7-80C2-48D9-4
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950 10.5240/1CFA-FED4-A8B2-8F84-4AE1-S
Konga 1961 10.5240/09D6-DE79-EA52-3E78-76E4-Q
The Land That Time Forgot 1975 10.5240/51D0-1C1C-1249-1E3C-BEEF-X
Last House on the Left 1972 10.5240/1128-A5B6-9F9F-D81C-514D-N
The Last Man on Earth 1964 10.5240/8C44-63CE-485C-404F-7E23-T
The Last Survivor 1977 10.5240/A32F-95CF-350B-8124-8190-F
The Legend of Hell House 1973 10.5240/E988-803A-A045-6D9D-8C97-L
Life Upside Down 1964 10.5240/B1DE-B633-F433-5E09-271A-6
Little Angel 1958 10.5240/285B-0F39-34F9-6AC7-2CC2-A
Little Boy Blue and Pancho 1962 10.5240/E385-BA40-D6DF-1615-E7D0-R
Little Cigars 1973 10.5240/58C7-22F8-C371-7A69-7A5D-T
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane 1976 10.5240/CB3B-85C2-F4BE-3BF8-46F8-5
Little Norse Prince 1968 10.5240/6EE1-E8CE-3A60-207C-1669-H
Little Red Riding Hood 1960 10.5240/5F06-240C-5390-D747-1FC1-F
Little Red Riding Hood and Her Friends 1961 10.5240/2613-8D8C-D42C-9BC7-5039-9
Live a Little, Steal a Lot 1975 10.5240/D7CF-0C20-99D1-0B7E-E9CF-W
The Living Coffin 1958 10.5240/AB81-C9E8-DD1D-1FB4-7DCC-4
The Living Hand 1963 10.5240/E477-1D51-9E88-3805-7323-N
Lola 1970 10.5240/E7BB-E2B3-D727-B1E7-65C1-I
Long Day’s Journey into Night 1962 10.5240/A33F-DF04-8482-7441-FE6A-D
A Long Ride from Hell 1968 10.5240/E9FD-2DC0-5F52-4E45-AF07-K
Lost Battalion 1961 10.5240/10AB-E41D-4F4D-05AB-9CAF-Y
Lost Treasure of the Aztecs 1964 10.5240/624B-6BDE-6360-6000-4F22-R
The Lost World of Sinbad 1964 10.5240/5145-F63C-098E-F6E6-F21A-P
Love at First Bite 1979 10.5240/0F6F-68FF-7003-B358-08C1-8
Love, Hate and Dishonor 1965 10.5240/2052-8734-7641-8FB3-1158-6
Macabro 1966 10.5240/1BFF-047F-7115-E899-A2ED-O
Machine-Gun Kelly 1958 10.5240/8326-69C5-732F-ABA8-CD62-O
The Mack 1973 10.5240/51B8-AF71-C962-8B94-CFD1-N
Macon County Line 1974 10.5240/B63A-AD69-9FC9-7A5F-A87F-Z
Mad Doctor of Blood Island 1969 10.5240/CC90-C229-C2BF-A388-3B21-N
Mad Max 1979 10.5240/BDDA-6CEF-00DB-DDB6-7B58-A
Madam Kitty 1976 10.5240/8CCA-FAA7-2FB7-352E-B0B3-F
Madhouse 1974 10.5240/E2AC-DE27-51EF-073F-5559-7
Madigan’s Millions 1967 10.5240/4D95-D79A-A692-96ED-793C-I
Mafia 1968 10.5240/3C81-C390-F405-32F3-20B1-9
The Magic Christian 1969 10.5240/0EBF-1F0D-DD28-D96F-6F98-I
Magic Serpent 1966 10.5240/EB6C-A996-6DA1-93D1-9D88-J
Majin, the Monster of Terror 1966 10.5240/869A-A46F-ED94-0B2B-35E5-1
The Man and the Monster 1958 10.5240/7F36-8D44-10B1-E774-6068-V
The Man from Cocody 1965 10.5240/B256-96AD-7A37-D228-6663-X
Man in Outer Space 1962 10.5240/EE9C-D8BC-943C-30B5-FC89-U
Maneater of Hydra 1967 10.5240/DC7B-1FD6-2E2C-774E-E758-A
Manson 1973 10.5240/9C71-EC2E-AD57-4D93-E059-N
Marco Polo 1962 10.5240/2E7B-AB34-B5B3-3E9E-CC73-W
Marjorie Morningstar 1958 10.5240/C08A-6C7D-68B2-BCCD-C471-K
Mark of the Devil 1970 10.5240/1A7B-F986-A7CF-4D30-2DA4-O
Mark of the Devil II 1973 10.5240/D0E9-2BF7-A92C-CF22-A458-U
Mars Needs Women 1967 10.5240/ECAF-05CB-4F0A-577B-DBCD-X
Maryjane 1968 10.5240/17F8-659A-030D-BF14-BAAC-H
Mask of the Musketeers 1963 10.5240/EF16-C62D-D6D5-B357-7A5F-M
The Masked Conqueror 1962 10.5240/4C68-8D45-7AAD-79FA-0876-G
The Masque of the Red Death 1964 10.5240/D79A-D976-5D50-38D6-AACA-N
Master of the World 1961 10.5240/00CE-C94B-054A-E220-EC40-7
Matilda 1978 10.5240/2DE0-97DC-38C9-014E-9FD8-6
A Matter of Time 1976 10.5240/05A7-FF80-E35C-E41E-93BB-M
The McCullochs 1975 10.5240/DD73-089D-4242-8173-1C23-5
Mean Dog Blues 1978 10.5240/3B6B-9B22-A66D-24FB-241C-5
Melvin Purvis, G-Man 1974 10.5240/B84E-96AA-33DF-466B-6389-4
Messalina 1960 10.5240/7048-C5E4-8EAC-A219-08CC-W
Meteor 1979 10.5240/BF62-4988-9EE8-50D0-123D-C
Michael and Helga 1968 10.5240/0610-5A1D-E613-AECE-6203-P
Midas Run 1969 10.5240/352F-15AA-10A0-DF92-B22A-B
The Million Eyes of Su-Muru 1967 10.5240/48A9-048F-83E9-1902-AC9A-5
Minamata 2020 10.5240/830B-AC50-36C4-3FAA-6D7F-L
The Mind Benders 1963 10.5240/662C-38D1-FAA8-06B2-9C31-Q
The Mind Snatchers 1972 10.5240/9CA3-9C0B-F191-F2E4-D238-Y
The Mini-Skirt Mob 1968 10.5240/34D8-07ED-C2D7-A9B0-D695-Y
Mischief in Wonderland 1957 10.5240/8C0D-2EDA-D09B-5752-F379-X
Mission Stardust 1967 10.5240/887D-140B-3F87-E152-250A-P
Mission to Morocco 1959 10.5240/7EAA-4EA1-678B-BBA9-EA74-7
MMM 83 1966 10.5240/7DEA-2E51-2120-271A-13AF-I
Mondo-Teeno 1967 10.5240/E7C1-D2F2-5FB6-0A59-BCDD-I
The Monitors 1969 10.5240/62EC-CD56-B6F7-906C-E6E2-Q
The Monkey Hu$tle 1976 10.5240/FE35-B30B-D283-0C4B-14CF-A
Monsieur Gangster 1963 10.5240/7853-3CCD-57B6-481E-965B-B
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet 1967 10.5240/9500-471A-503F-1A6E-F8B8-X
Monster from the Surf 1965 10.5240/DFDF-4534-6389-1ADB-FD16-V
The Monsters Demolisher 1959 10.5240/9FE7-0204-35FE-0EEF-9CD5-T
Mother Holly 1954 10.5240/DA45-1191-194A-88D0-3B23-N
Mothers of America 1969 10.5240/209E-B095-09A7-A4A0-DDE8-9
Motorcycle Gang 1957 10.5240/AEB0-747D-2144-B84A-43C3-M
Murders in the Rue Morgue 1971 10.5240/37C5-B3A1-DAB0-CE59-F628-T
Muscle Beach Party 1964 10.5240/631D-1864-2936-76A8-91B7-M
Musketeers of the Sea 1962 10.5240/4053-3D56-E384-3DCB-F0AF-Y
My Girl Tisa 1948 10.5240/2F6C-E641-C04F-71B7-836F-4
My Old Man’s Place 1971 10.5240/A9A5-BA9C-629F-867E-42E7-0
Naked Africa 1957 10.5240/1B96-CD99-7774-6F15-F0C4-S
Naked Paradise 1957 10.5240/B010-F3A1-463E-7B1D-D530-C
Nashville Rebel 1966 10.5240/71C0-2B35-50A4-0B42-0DE5-T
Navajo Run 1964 10.5240/B53C-9BF3-DED1-8B81-E65A-N
Necromancy 1972 10.5240/2406-F945-CF98-E730-BEA0-9
Nest of Spies 1956 10.5240/4EAE-14FF-D618-1F9F-0CF0-D
The Never Never Preincess 1957 10.5240/5F15-27C7-94F2-1BC0-AE02-7
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave 1971 10.5240/20A8-DC55-E29B-4FF5-B9A5-U
Night of the Blood Beast 1958 10.5240/0723-BC49-C2D9-E529-CA40-P
Night of the Blood Monster 1970 10.5240/0EE9-622A-62CC-7BA8-1202-D
Night of the Witches 1970 10.5240/E297-58EA-005A-7B75-B106-4
Night Tide 1963 10.5240/DE91-BD90-2AA9-4045-260F-F
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat 1974 10.5240/05E6-484F-B8B8-880F-453F-L
Ninety Degrees in the Shade 1965 10.5240/66A4-675F-A884-ED92-A2CA-O
99 Women 1968 10.5240/0877-5180-6374-6022-4524-I
No Drums, No Bugles 1971 10.5240/7EC2-8F63-EF67-180E-CCD9-S
The Norseman 1978 10.5240/4CCB-20DA-171D-D446-552A-X
Nothing Personal 1980 10.5240/F2C0-0CAC-97A1-B511-4B3E-M
The Oblong Box 1969 10.5240/F2CB-98F5-5C0D-3DE3-073F-O
The Oklahoma Woman 1956 10.5240/0F88-D87D-9B4F-923E-FFFA-0
Old Dracula 1975 10.5240/B674-77E2-B537-B912-D605-K
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 1970 10.5240/AD86-53E8-A48E-ABF4-4BEA-J
100 Cries of Terror 1964 10.5240/8D12-FA3E-4DA3-6DCB-6EB1-0
One Summer Love 1976 10.5240/4E3E-286E-5300-DCFB-9284-M
1000 Conficts and a Woman! 1971 10.5240/CABD-F9A0-0B79-CA6B-22BC-R
Only the Valiant 1951 10.5240/6BF7-3C6E-8438-3515-018F-Q
Operation Abduction 1958 10.5240/8120-DDFA-D25D-D9DA-EA1C-6
Operation Atlantis 1965 10.5240/769F-13D9-74E6-41EE-B53F-G
Operation Bikini 1963 10.5240/5866-8BD0-7154-35ED-DAE8-S
Operation Camel 1960 10.5240/D796-14A7-00ED-82D5-5DE0-J
Operation Caviar 1961 10.5240/0CBC-0E70-26E6-DC32-2231-H
Operation Counter-Spy 1965 10.5240/80C7-8FE3-E605-2D49-61CB-H
Operation Dames 1959 10.5240/8EFE-E041-D3A1-F8ED-53A5-P
Operation Diplomatic Passport 1961 10.5240/5FBD-FF10-9E84-B44F-47B1-F
Operation Gold Ingot 1962 10.5240/F6A6-E1E5-41D1-067E-935F-O
Operation Malaya 1955 10.5240/A94E-C278-2373-8AEA-6BFF-J
Operation Snafu 1961 10.5240/3161-49CB-B42F-7C6B-CCEC-0
Our Winning Season 1978 10.5240/42EB-17AE-7C1C-5CB3-A5B1-Y
Outlaw Treasure 1955 10.5240/F374-BABA-79E4-2287-2613-E
Outpost Indochina 1963 10.5240/47EA-3FBE-2458-3E38-B554-S
Pacific Vibrations 1971 10.5240/EB16-EE25-F106-A665-CE85-J
Pajama Party 1964 10.5240/8FD4-4B8A-6FD4-B431-8210-B
Panic in Year Zero! 1962 10.5240/0F7E-198D-67B4-726D-7188-F
Paranoia 1969 10.5240/471D-C258-36B0-5CD1-9D55-0
Paratroop Command 1959 10.5240/917D-D2CF-1919-B0F7-F97E-I
The Pawnbroker 1965 10.5240/F4D0-D60B-DDBA-6666-55C9-G
Payday 1973 10.5240/D5DA-C5FB-3341-B6B4-83E9-M
The People That Time Forgot 1977 10.5240/335D-B79E-8E20-31BF-95FA-8
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues 1956 10.5240/49E9-1969-60E6-753F-27ED-7
The Phantom in the Red House 1954 10.5240/0423-BE85-1D41-4A8E-3E8E-P
The Phantom Planet 1962 10.5240/3C04-AD17-E538-255F-ABCE-X
Pickup on 101 1972 10.5240/B4CA-6296-AAF5-0804-7FA1-Z
The Pit and the Pendulum 1961 10.5240/380F-D9AE-AF60-9596-A06E-M
Planet of the Vampires 1965 10.5240/B7A4-14A9-AF94-C52A-F5B0-L
Portrait in Terror 1963 10.5240/886D-1A27-F41D-974F-0F37-B
Portrait of a Sinner 1961 10.5240/2DF8-8242-8A31-3659-1A95-W
Pray TV 1981 10.5240/6238-F677-38EB-034A-C4C5-7
The Premature Burial 1962 10.5240/8153-7EF5-156E-9325-8BD3-4
Prison Girls 1973 10.5240/DE09-7C1E-B092-DD14-1AA4-6
Prisoner of the Iron Mask 1961 10.5240/35D5-44DD-7384-7558-CAD1-R
Prisoners of the Jungle 1960 10.5240/D5B8-7129-8295-995D-992A-T
The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover 1977 10.5240/56C5-B884-3B43-95AD-0700-4
The Promise 1969 10.5240/691B-B6C1-0A31-668E-1085-R
Psych-Out 1968 10.5240/D8D1-346A-A268-F56A-7165-H
Psycho Circus 1967 10.5240/578F-3234-9E55-C5FD-122C-H
Puppet on a Chain 1971 10.5240/2449-EE17-9F81-0601-F00E-8
Pursued 1947 10.5240/B2A5-805C-26E8-A8EC-8F1D-X
Puss n’ Boots 1961 10.5240/1AFD-BDBC-7D1B-4A3F-046E-P
Puss n’ Boots 1955 10.5240/8ACB-31F9-9260-0DD9-30C4-O
Pyro 1963 10.5240/FD00-BC7A-57A7-52CE-75B4-0
The Pyx 1973 10.5240/10F3-FE21-6E7B-E5A0-DBCF-R
Q: The Qinged Serpent 1982 10.5240/5502-FE38-2227-EDAE-1B71-Y
Queen of Blood 1966 10.5240/482A-DBAA-BA47-638A-F770-W
Queen of the Seas 1961 10.5240/A6F1-0B92-2B0D-6D24-8707-B
The Queen’s Swordsman 1961 10.5240/115C-D2FF-FC59-6E89-096A-C
The Quick and the Dead 1963 10.5240/9866-0BE5-D0A5-6152-88DE-8
The Raven 1963 10.5240/1697-EBCA-B115-F66D-07F0-Q
Raw Meat 1973 10.5240/08B1-5C35-0728-48D4-EE32-H
Rebus 1969 10.5240/F223-825D-C156-E3B7-3FE8-4
Record City 1978 10.5240/43F7-6CEE-C49B-800D-CFC0-9
Reform School Girl 1957 10.5240/1F2A-E798-D294-ED3A-D2B6-0
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud 1975 10.5240/D1C0-2F36-7C1C-F93A-0101-2
Reptilicus 1962 10.5240/6911-4E77-597E-FF64-569F-9
Retreat, Hell! 1951 10.5240/6B70-D77D-409A-B7A0-8C8E-9
The Return of Count Yorga 1971 10.5240/6224-336A-D61B-D9C7-1ADA-C
The Return of Giant Majin 1966 10.5240/8B80-0827-A157-B1E2-103E-M
Return of the Giant Monsters 1967 10.5240/FDDB-C300-A5B2-7663-6163-Y
Return to Macon Country 1975 10.5240/39BA-4263-B6F2-6542-2D62-V
The Revenge of the Barbarians 1960 10.5240/0E4D-2065-A087-7F73-96D4-A
Revenge of the Conquered 1961 10.5240/45B6-868B-31D5-FAA8-AC09-J
Revenge of the Gladiators 1964 10.5240/7F40-0AA7-0437-DE9C-9334-O
Revenge of the Musketeers 1964 10.5240/CA04-3C30-42EE-8697-5FD2-Q
Riot on Sunset Strip 1967 10.5240/9647-2E3E-7F34-4B5B-BE30-R
The Road Hustlers 1968 10.5240/2632-24E9-085C-0571-AA6A-T
Roadracers 1959 10.5240/B3CC-E594-5064-19FE-5C1B-L
The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy 1958 10.5240/29E0-8A08-6077-1A26-2FB6-7
Rocco and His Brothers 1960 10.5240/EC63-3D31-FD5A-53CB-33C5-K
Rock All Night 1957 10.5240/5C00-F98C-3570-3844-7C96-V
Rock Around the World 1957 10.5240/9945-D425-B20D-E767-587B-T
Rolling Thunder 1977 10.5240/4C93-1AFA-16C9-F545-5116-0
Rome, 1585 1961 10.5240/5F53-A22F-7925-3959-7552-J
Rope Around the Neck 1965 10.5240/F232-27E8-C5FB-5DEC-9D3A-0
Run, Psycho, Run 1966 10.5240/9D8E-5175-C4BB-C014-F9D4-3
Runaway Daughters 1956 10.5240/CCA2-768F-CDC0-2310-3957-2
Sadismo 1967 10.5240/0CEC-B845-4A54-B542-698E-8
Sallah 1964 10.5240/3A0D-AE42-9078-7826-6B40-M
Samson and the Sea Beasts 1963 10.5240/AAF3-25CA-0EA9-CBDD-01B3-O
Samson and the 7 Miracles of the World 1961 10.5240/6B1C-8425-40F5-F50B-3517-D
Samson and the Slave Queen 1963 10.5240/3462-3F5A-CFBD-43CD-1F92-1
Samson in the Wax Museum 1963 10.5240/184D-25A9-6ECC-E9C9-26E8-1
Samson vs. the Vampire Women 1962 10.5240/0BD1-F80F-7610-215F-ED33-S
The Sands of Beersheba 1966 10.5240/A18B-54F6-5EB3-95F4-2DF7-Z
Santa Claus 1959 10.5240/49E9-29D9-04EB-EBDB-E39B-5
The Saracens 1963 10.5240/A72A-6DE9-D53F-057E-7D49-I
Savage Gringo 1966 10.5240/DB04-0B31-8526-28D9-5D7B-H
The Savage Orient 1959 10.5240/B4CD-2D63-3678-BB68-A5BE-X
The Savage Seven 1968 10.5240/3EBF-0DDD-C8AD-07FE-710B-3
Savage Sisters 1974 10.5240/CB52-2A9E-2D3B-A9AA-7AEB-S
The Savage Wild 1970 10.5240/6A8C-1F1C-04FC-75E6-832F-H
Say Hello to Yesterday 1971 10.5240/B111-CA7A-5A49-B29F-B7D3-7
The Scarlet Baroness 1959 10.5240/C323-6ABB-AB75-438F-4601-E
Schizoid 1971 10.5240/0CF0-BCC5-B3C5-BBD8-38D8-L
School for Unclaimed Girls 1973 10.5240/B820-FE4E-2B6D-12D0-4A13-A
Scorchy 1976 10.5240/2AAC-B594-B7E5-324E-0E6B-Z
Scream and Scream Again 1970 10.5240/821C-7FFE-7A42-6BBA-DDCD-3
Scream Blacula Screan 1973 10.5240/18DE-5281-2595-04DC-622A-Y
The Screaming Skull 1958 10.5240/088C-2AB3-C817-F9D4-265B-R
The Screaming Tiger 1973 10.5240/7864-270B-E496-5101-95FA-K
Sea Fighters 1961 10.5240/7808-76C4-0EAF-73C4-E50D-N
Secret Agent Fireball 1965 10.5240/0415-1EDB-FB22-E327-2AED-U
Secret File 1413 1962 10.5240/DF2C-E79C-C94D-28D9-6D96-G
The Secret Life of a Schoolgirl Wife 1970 10.5240/0587-3B46-41C8-DEAC-2387-X
Seizure 1974 10.5240/0970-B954-F33E-3F4C-D646-Z
Sergeant Dead Head 1965 10.5240/DD3F-5B31-EA2F-6461-302D-U
Sergeant X of the Foreign Legion 1960 10.5240/B924-C831-403E-08F2-FAF3-5
The Servant 1964 10.5240/3407-79BA-7326-8350-2D94-9
Seven 1979 10.5240/D787-275F-4470-B2D5-67CC-A
The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue 1951 10.5240/C275-8C82-1CB9-2C04-CA0F-V
79 A.D. 1960 10.5240/8444-97D1-4483-1EB2-DD5C-3
Sexy Magico 1963 10.5240/255D-12D4-7C16-1471-A4FB-M
Shake, Rattle & Rock! 1956 10.5240/18EC-9A5B-B7A3-6272-B40D-L
The Shanghai Killers 1971 10.5240/FB23-A0FB-7A25-C24C-6D15-M
The She-Creature 1956 10.5240/20B1-1EE5-DAC8-E17A-A9B3-U
She Gods of Shark Reef 1958 10.5240/BE01-65A4-742A-270D-BBDD-B
Sheba, Baby 1975 10.5240/68D2-F19C-7954-6508-30DE-Y
Shout at the Devil 1976 10.5240/D150-ECB8-D277-FD4D-39E2-W
Sign of the Gladiator 1959 10.5240/075B-92BA-6CD1-02C5-86A2-V
Sisters 1973 10.5240/F8D5-6D5C-118B-F395-30E3-7
Sixpack Annie 1975 10.5240/84F7-16FA-AA92-FDB3-3173-A
Ski Party 1965 10.5240/1B91-1BCD-2969-15F0-AE57-C
Slaughter 1972 10.5240/64AA-56B6-8531-6575-7400-S
Slaughter Hotel 1971 10.5240/D0AA-1E25-14F9-7324-BE75-7
Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off 1973 10.5240/C522-A4B5-BD76-E0CA-A24A-L
The Slave Girls of Sheba 1963 10.5240/D6CB-E920-E743-7690-D5B6-U
Slave Queen of Babylon 1963 10.5240/248E-50EF-3761-6EE3-6FAD-A
Sleeping Beauty 1955 10.5240/8E8B-8818-6D8A-9ADF-8F0C-1
A Small Town in Texas 1976 10.5240/6674-6BB6-8C4A-34F0-D89D-Q
Snow White 1955 10.5240/66A2-3A78-105C-D188-0197-P
Snow Whtie and Rose Red 1955 10.5240/DAC5-47FD-9AD5-FD12-58E2-E
Some of My Best Friends Are… 1971 10.5240/86E5-D9E9-F1AC-0D7A-8AF8-K
Some People 1962 10.5240/5281-F8B7-C277-68B6-9A04-D
Something Short of Paradise 1979 10.5240/ED88-71B8-FB7C-9DF9-6721-7
Sorority Girl 1957 10.5240/6755-0DDD-6FAC-E498-DDF6-Q
Soul to Soul 1971 10.5240/37A6-6065-B1AD-EF1F-482A-9
South of St. Louis 1948 10.5240/35F5-1083-2D1A-C7C7-B416-X
South of Tana River 1963 10.5240/4DD5-D453-8F0C-F130-69E7-V
Space Monster 1965 10.5240/0076-46F6-5E5A-D492-C0AA-8
Special Correspondent 1966 10.5240/6E42-10AC-C16C-5DD9-D832-S
Special Delivery 1976 10.5240/4A0B-3814-CBB1-6C8E-C43B-W
The Spider 1958 10.5240/B6A3-1835-61B1-F7D1-80B2-Y
Spiritism 1961 10.5240/FBA5-7E51-EB6A-C27A-19CB-Z
Spirits of the Dead 1969 10.5240/970F-2BC7-F44B-831B-175F-V
Spree 1967 10.5240/EC2D-557D-0310-9D1A-6454-B
Spy in Your Eye 1965 10.5240/0381-617F-6BAA-50E6-6E2E-R
Squirm 1976 10.5240/5AFE-6515-FB40-692A-24E0-Q
Starcrash 1979 10.5240/2F9D-AB18-1FA6-4EF3-3B92-R
The Statue 1971 10.5240/FEE4-F014-25F6-92AC-1049-T
A Story of David 1960 10.5240/0176-6AEE-830E-ED92-221D-O
Strange Shadows in an Empty Room 1976 10.5240/2505-1ED6-E2B2-58A9-2B3A-6
Stranger from Hong-Kong 1963 10.5240/82DA-1F38-7A5F-11B6-24DA-F
Street People 1976 10.5240/C2C3-D2AE-EF6A-F4CC-D1D4-P
The Stud 1979 10.5240/0E70-3998-073A-9325-1E43-R
Sumbarine Seahawk 1959 10.5240/37F5-C916-16AA-545C-2B6D-N
Succubus 1968 10.5240/95C2-E320-A521-7A45-3FC3-S
Sugar Hill 1974 10.5240/CBA3-05C9-25B8-2700-7C25-P
Suicide Battalion 1958 10.5240/8DA6-3667-27B9-D6D8-AE43-3
Summer Days, Summer Nights 2021 10.5240/1545-6552-FC99-EBBE-99F2-E
Summer Holiday 1963 10.5240/9B10-2BF0-2867-42F0-0D7B-Q
Sunday in the Country 1974 10.5240/56F9-19EA-E8E2-11A1-2EA7-E
Sunnyside 1979 10.5240/10D8-AF34-B2CB-DF97-AF84-F
Super Stooges vs. The Wonder Women 1974 10.5240/036F-9329-EC27-FCDA-EF55-O
The Swamp of the Lost Monsters 1956 10.5240/95B3-440D-D747-2087-CE0F-B
Swedish Fly Girls 1970 10.5240/0C28-EFA8-D9E4-3E40-5098-1
Swedish Wife Exchange Club 1969 10.5240/B655-95CC-AB98-DB72-2675-F
The Swindle 1955 10.5240/6D88-2752-FBAF-67F4-728D-0
Swinger’s Paradise 1965 10.5240/4807-9347-FF41-0FD7-4744-L
Sword of Damascus 1964 10.5240/BCE2-7B29-F8DC-C36F-7ACA-V
Sword of the Empire 1964 10.5240/A253-F108-477B-7B07-9918-6
Table, Donkey and Stick 1956 10.5240/CCE5-8A7A-09B8-80E2-954F-M
Taboos of the World 1963 10.5240/9937-1305-54CA-52BB-EAE2-3
Tales from the Crypt 1972 10.5240/95D6-A118-B859-BFB0-6971-W
Tales of Terror 1962 10.5240/50B9-C99B-06D9-19F1-897A-1
The T.A.M.I. Show 1964 10.5240/8A99-28B2-55FE-41C6-ED16-Y
Tank Battalion 1959 10.5240/EEAB-69F4-80A9-18D6-402D-M
Tank Commando 1959 10.5240/AACF-E159-ED6C-209C-1394-L
Target Earth 1954 10.5240/F202-257E-62E6-476A-ABA1-V
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold 1966 10.5240/607F-B8F5-107E-7513-25C4-L
Taur the Mighty 1963 10.5240/4AF3-7953-9838-2F16-84E5-P
Teenage Cave Man 1958 10.5240/1B21-5C98-CB2B-066B-9618-X
Temple of the White Elephant 1964 10.5240/2818-B5EB-6211-E07C-3014-S
TheTen Gladiators 1963 10.5240/D877-6CEE-E019-4594-34B7-3
Tentacles 1977 10.5240/2EF0-9765-CA86-1829-FDD6-T
TheTerror 1963 10.5240/6E39-5DDC-D32D-EC96-26D8-X
Terror from the Year 5000 1958 10.5240/21CF-69CC-6F87-64BC-BD01-1
Terror in the Crypt 1964 10.5240/6E53-801A-C76E-944B-093A-O
Terror in the Woods 1972 10.5240/21E9-51EF-2633-481A-498E-T
That Cold Day in the Park 1969 10.5240/C5EE-8D10-8289-B6E6-7879-O
That Woman from Peking 1968 10.5240/BFD5-EAD2-7918-AFAB-EC19-4
They Came from Within 1975 10.5240/4D96-A57B-18EE-A25E-2D70-H
The Thing with Two Heads 1972 10.5240/073B-56B4-9114-7F3D-C21D-2
Thor and the Amazon Women 1963 10.5240/977E-7930-E55F-3B87-5411-W
Those Fantastic Flying Fools 1967 10.5240/F43E-8B7E-D171-BA32-B8AB-S
Three in the Attic 1968 10.5240/7E7D-5E1E-59AF-D815-D97B-O
Three Secrets 1949 10.5240/9345-61AF-5D82-8F4A-E70E-X
The Three Sisters 1966 10.5240/61E1-3FC3-8E9E-DB54-84C6-T
Thriller: A Cruel Picture 1973 10.5240/8658-7B3E-D23A-7135-D9D3-J
Thunder Alley 1967 10.5240/9859-F793-743E-BA24-9B46-L
Tiger by the Tail 1970 10.5240/BA14-6A42-DB60-F544-9774-H
Tiki-Tiki 1967 10.5240/ADC1-3387-64BD-F2FE-A698-3
The Time Travelers 1964 10.5240/341D-3DA2-2759-71F8-40B9-O
To Catch a Spy 1957 10.5240/7CC8-7BA1-0B38-1CC9-C89A-O
Today We Kill … Tomorrow We Die! 1968 10.5240/DA48-A58C-55AC-985C-86AF-B
Together 1972 10.5240/1841-DA9F-4955-23CD-7D1F-Q
Tokyo Bath Harem 1968 10.5240/2F35-2346-073E-7E8C-0D65-0
Tokyo Olympiad 1965 10.5240/901D-FB09-6282-9E80-5BC4-I
Tom Thumb 1957 10.5240/D016-938B-4338-5225-CA07-C
Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood 1962 10.5240/A5B6-D17E-0A35-954E-579E-B
The Tomb of Ligeia 1965 10.5240/A14B-0B50-5082-4216-A6C7-3
Torpedo Bay 1963 10.5240/F878-229C-A357-5862-B254-G
The Town that Dreaded Sundown 1977 10.5240/80F7-268B-1F83-4FD0-A18C-U
Track of the Vampire 1966 10.5240/8E16-76E0-8D20-7893-F795-X
Trans-Europ-Express 1966 10.5240/B16B-E963-861A-118A-AA1B-G
Trapped by Fear 1960 10.5240/F7D2-1FF3-694B-52E8-694E-O
Treasure Island 1971 10.5240/800E-9A3D-A6A4-A58C-329A-K
The Trial 1963 10.5240/DA70-9388-3256-5F34-A3F7-P
The Trip 1967 10.5240/E714-48FA-C71E-6202-DC21-Z
The Trojan Women 1971 10.5240/BDC1-EBA5-29E7-9103-B69B-J
Truck Stop Women 1974 10.5240/58CF-3D0A-6861-4CA5-88AE-1
Truck Turner 1974 10.5240/D277-967E-1AC4-B419-41DA-Y
Trunk to Cairo 1966 10.5240/443A-C422-FF7E-C28A-0EFC-I
24-Hour Lover 1968 10.5240/D112-8B0E-45A6-EB42-3CBD-4
Twist All Night 1962 10.5240/782B-C9E5-9219-001A-EDA7-S
Twitch of the Death Nerve 1971 10.5240/34A3-DD91-0E38-924E-B812-A
Two Gentlemen Sharing 1969 10.5240/49E2-CE63-90F5-D86F-DCBD-3
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1964 10.5240/0B05-E129-A40E-ECC5-5ACC-Y
The Undead 1957 10.5240/BAA1-123C-F48E-3117-6A62-O
Under Age 1964 10.5240/CB03-350A-26EF-059C-1B8C-0
Underground Aces 1981 10.5240/4699-B008-3F2F-BE3A-9341-Z
Unearthly Stranger 1964 10.5240/A6B6-AEB9-BE78-4E0B-C2E5-Y
The Unholy Rollers 1972 10.5240/DD67-8548-B1A2-11D0-DBC2-S
Up in the Cellar 1970 10.5240/469F-E747-F13A-11DD-B268-0
Up the Creek 1984 10.5240/6517-F3CB-9E02-1A34-17F6-S
Valley of the Doomed 1960 10.5240/4EC1-475D-C543-7A17-363E-7
The Vampire 1957 10.5240/BFFD-C12C-9BB6-C84B-EB8D-N
The Vampire Lovers 1970 10.5240/054E-000F-BB85-62F2-4630-0
The Vampire’s Coffin 1957 10.5240/9541-C96B-0269-0EE0-46A4-Y
Venus in Furs 1969 10.5240/B693-E1E1-C172-EBDD-4333-T
Viking Women and the Sea Serpent 1958 10.5240/632B-9A86-A1BB-F0C9-D5ED-A
The Visitor 1979 10.5240/F386-D1CC-2872-3F40-7010-P
Viva Max 1969 10.5240/D566-D89A-EC1C-BA6A-246B-P
Voodoo Woman 1957 10.5240/74BA-0E8F-A40C-384C-C4D3-2
Voyage into Space 1970 10.5240/36A4-EC55-D927-3D24-42BF-2
Voyage to the End of the Universe 1963 10.5240/75D0-B76A-4612-6A1C-3978-N
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women 1967 10.5240/73E8-89F2-4620-65C8-DA88-M
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 1965 10.5240/A87D-E98C-27D3-230F-881F-E
Walking Tall 1973 10.5240/10B1-4DBC-A802-BCAC-B071-4
Walking Tall: Part 2 1975 10.5240/EA78-3B91-2418-2CD4-6C0B-W
Walking Tall: The Final Chapter 1977 10.5240/9EAE-03F3-B5AF-AF52-FD93-8
Walls of Fear 1962 10.5240/146F-5377-8CA5-ABD5-BA3E-N
War Goddess 1973 10.5240/1AAC-08D1-3062-FDBE-20BE-K
War Gods of Babylon 1962 10.5240/2052-241C-6903-BC9E-760F-L
War-Gods of the Deep 1965 10.5240/6713-2581-CFC3-4299-791A-N
War Italian Style 1965 10.5240/2AC8-684E-AA45-24BC-3107-N
War of the Colossal Beast 1958 10.5240/8844-E0E5-51F1-2538-E12C-B
War of the Monsters 1966 10.5240/2C82-2596-3C5C-0C69-AFC1-V
War of the Zombies 1964 10.5240/EAD0-2F19-FD05-2135-0AB4-I
Warning from Space 1956 10.5240/0326-9262-60D1-266F-B0B7-N
Warriors Five 1960 10.5240/469E-865B-6FFA-2D29-0F27-5
Web of Violence 1966 10.5240/789D-087E-3F3C-8300-879E-G
Wedding Night 1970 10.5240/67A2-9935-11EB-3EF3-FA2B-W
Werewolves on Wheels 1971 10.5240/7BD5-7F7C-6B08-A353-5477-N
What’s Up Tiger Lily? 1965 10.5240/CA5A-FDFE-97BD-9695-C121-U
When Eight Bells Toll 1971 10.5240/1D58-92B3-C161-80CE-8446-0
Where Does It Hurt? 1972 10.5240/F15F-4F39-167C-ECD2-59E4-F
Whereabouts Unknown 1957 10.5240/2A43-E3A4-622B-8F52-DB2F-1
The White Huntress 1954 10.5240/4765-9FF0-B2F6-8525-64F6-P
White Slave Ship 1961 10.5240/C8CE-2A18-2ED8-7B6C-BF53-X
Who Slew Auntie Roo? 1971 10.5240/021D-2056-E03E-8D99-A41F-T
Why Must I Die? 1960 10.5240/F872-7D50-5052-E898-751E-9
The Wife Swappers 1970 10.5240/1D04-C1C5-5EF9-39A5-5838-M
The Wild Angels 1966 10.5240/AF99-51B6-82D6-23A6-A6BA-2
Wild Cats on the Beach 1959 10.5240/12FC-DB1C-032D-C4DB-26F8-C
The Wild Eye 1967 10.5240/F7A6-F1EC-0FF7-3411-535C-K
Wild in the Sky 1972 10.5240/884A-790C-2489-FEA8-CAFD-8
Wild in the Streets 1968 10.5240/EBE9-D358-B354-7954-86BC-S
The Wild Pack 1972 10.5240/C79B-0C49-CFBD-CBCF-19C6-J
The Wild Party 1975 10.5240/491F-5F65-CB51-9F49-3193-N
The Wild Racers 1968 10.5240/9C96-CEF2-0F38-7B6A-E0D1-E
The Wild Weird Wonderful Italians 1963 10.5240/57E4-0581-0A0F-31E7-036D-W
Willard 1971 10.5240/3159-C062-6B8E-CE6E-E070-F
Witch Doctor in Tails 1966 10.5240/AA59-98DC-31F3-5F02-F0FF-C
Witchcraft ’70 1970 10.5240/C683-80E7-7678-83FE-0684-4
The Witch’s Mirror 1960 10.5240/392F-F010-3C24-654A-4079-H
Wolves of the Deep 1959 10.5240/7D09-BBAC-F555-36E3-1E96-P
Womaneater 1958 10.5240/9121-D7D9-9480-17BA-0FEE-0
Women of Devil’s Island 1962 10.5240/5A0E-A97A-838A-0697-36C8-L
The Wonderful World of Puss ‘n’ Boots 1969 10.5240/1913-8DE6-AE0B-E8F9-EF1D-S
The World of the Vampires 1960 10.5240/46BA-2C32-FBCA-A85C-0DB6-7
The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy 1964 10.5240/9C18-C8F8-6DC9-C7E2-9BE3-K
Wuthering Heights 1970 10.5240/B29E-0F21-C26E-5E69-E83E-G
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes 1963 10.5240/0E48-430F-833A-92BD-E80A-P
The X from Outer Space 1967 10.5240/D076-4249-9672-2B3F-8C0A-J
X-Ray of a Killer 1965 10.5240/3D05-9AE9-2034-67BA-F4D1-F
The Year of the Cannibals 1970 10.5240/11B7-8C22-17A4-9118-17A8-X
Year 2889 1968 10.5240/C94D-5708-C795-163E-43AC-M
Yog, Monster from Space 1970 10.5240/5A14-8DC6-D24E-A455-DD0F-T
Yongary, Monster from the Deep 1967 10.5240/9C6F-9F77-ED16-DA8F-EBA6-C
The Young Racers 1963 10.5240/D0D5-FAE7-4025-442A-B85A-U
The Young, the Evil and the Savage 1968 10.5240/4AD6-BEA0-655D-6CED-0760-I
Youngblood 1978 10.5240/81A7-9D9C-F807-072F-8587-I
Your Three Minutes Are Up 1973 10.5240/D2C7-8CD1-4F2F-D9AA-8249-H
Zontar, the Thing from Venus 1966 10.5240/79FF-04F6-B339-EE60-8196-W